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Is there any insect that can make use of wax? I have this half-burned candle, the little string is too burried to relight it.

Wondering if there are insects that could make use of candlewax. Maybe some ants would appreciate it and carry it in their structures. Maybe there are some insects that build something like a honey comb but they can't create the material and are dependant on the outside to find building material.

I can imagine melting the candle into 50 little pellets and scattering them somewhere but i wouldn't want to do it if all that did was ruin the place i scattered it.


You can twist some string so that a bit sticks up, like a spike, and use that to relight the candle. That's what I do.


Most candles are made from perifin.
To my knowledge there are no insects that can "use" perifin, including bees.

If you want to recycle the candle, melt it down and use the wax for something else, like another smaller candle.




Maybe i can find something i could use as a string. I could take the candle out of the aluminum tray to just have the wax disk. Then poke a hole right in the middle of the disk to excavate the old string and make room for a new one.

i could collect them on the string i would later burn it and once it is big enough or i want a candle i could simply cut the string and light the liddle stacked disk candle.


You could just buy some string.


You can melt paraffin to waterproof canvas and other fabrics that don't see a lot of folding. You can also get a personal seal and seal envelopes with melted wax. IFAIK postal workers are obligated to treat wax sealed letters with extra care


>postal workers are obligated to treat wax sealed letters with extra care
100 years ago


Yep! ^_^ and on in to today's times, too!


>today's times
in a small town in france or something


Nope! All around the developed world!


Also most of the developing world.

That said, it is sort of like putting fragile on a box.
They are technically supposed to treat it with greater care, but in reality they don't. That shit gets beat to hell same as any other package, so it's best to put things with wax seals into secondary protective packaging like a bubble mailer or a mailing tube.


you have to pay extra for that in the us with usps


USPS is a private business. While it takes on significant amounts of government contracts, they could charge extra based on the color of the envelope used if they so wish.


No you don't.
It cost exactly the same by weight as any other first class mail.
Again, exactly like a packages labeled fragile.
Don't make shit up dude.


i handled my sisters wedding invitations years ago, the local post office wouldn't process the wax sealed letters without additional surcharge. it wasn't much even from sending 80 or so invites, but yeah i did pay extra


Are you sure it wasn't the bulk mail processing fee because I have sent shit with wax seals without additional charges which is why I call bullshit.
Can't even find shit on their website saying it cost extra ether so there hasn't been a policy change.


I literally have a string (for sewing or a 'lanyard' type of thing) and i punch a hole down through the candle with something like a butter knife, or a scissor blade, then I I the string down. Works like a normal candle wick


That's why private business should be illegal.


i don't know, i just remember being asked if i wanted the wax seals to be intact, and they said i needed something that was an additional surcharge. in the end it's random workers who uphold these policies, it might have been an error. quick googling shows similar things have happened to other people trying to mail wax seals

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