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File: 1634541367823.jpg (81.13 KB, 850x516, 425:258, n1xi7q8a9t.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How can i convince my mom to let me not work and just live in some peace and quiet in my cave? How did you convince your parents to let you live with them without working anons? i have been a NEET since i was 12 because i refused to go to school after moving to some basketball american infested rat hole and being severely bullied. i snapped and quit going to school and even after moving upstate i only went to class for a season at most as a freshman and never went back for obvious reasons of not handling being around others.

My mom was patient with me and let me stay at home at first because i was getting some treatment for my anxiety PTSD and depression,not that zoloft and talking to some old succubus every week helped. i kept my mom off my back by saying i would get my GED and go to college but i never did anything obviously and she kept pressuring me to :look for work" by taking the internet away and long story short i started some job and did it for about 3 weeks and stopped going in until i got fired a month ago. The problem is my mom still wants me to work or study and i flat out refuse but have not told her yet. How can i tell her i don't want to work and to just let me live at home like i have been for years. i don't know if she would even let me try for SSI and what is the point when i probably wont get it but i can worry about all that later.

What i need to know is how the hell did you all become NEET with impunity? did you tell your parents you just wont work and they let you or something because i think my mom will let me stay NEET for a while longer and kick me out in a ear most or something despite loving me because she is a wagecuck and wants me to slave as well and be a normalfag.


Sounds like you need to get qualified with a disability to get an income from the government. Mental illness, not physical. Definitely going to need some trips to a therapist for that.


>i don't know if she would even let me try for SSI and what is the point when i probably wont get it but i can worry about all that later.

Are you over 18? If so its not her damn decision and you need to apply anyway. Are you actually mental? Read the unk remus guide, get committed, etc. Otherwise she is right and you'll eventually have to work or skool. If u are legitimately sick in the head u always got a shot at the bux but judgung by your OP i think u should probably just prepare yourself mentally for waging


in my culture it's unthinkable to kick your family out on the street. i didn't have to do anything


Pretty much. I've noticed that "kicking out NEETs" thing is mainly an anglo-germanic cultural obsession. It makes sense when you think anglo culture is based on work, narcissistic individualism and subjectivism (Protestantism, in a nutshell). Anyway, OP, you should try getting NEETbux as the wizzies said. In any case, eventually she'll give up.


it's also a very middle class "rising expectations" thing regardless of the culture, people expect their offspring to do better than them and to be able to afford a home of their own as soon as possible.
look at italy or spain where this is common, even successful normals have to go back to their parents home because their income is so low, and housing so expensive.


Do any of you older NEET regret becoming a NEET and throwing away the opportunity to wage slave for extra dimes and rising the social hierarchy? i know this is stupid to ask here of all places but i get uncertain thoughts that i may look back and think i made a mistake. thanks for the replies and for the blog post anons i know this is a slower website. i hope the thread can become a thread others can find helpful as well. thanks anons

i have paper work but no time in the nut house and think i could get a claim if i work the process but the problem is mom thinks i am lazy and that is true but it is much more than that thanks anon.
i'm over 18 so it is not up to her but i don't know if she would approve. Things can get stick anon and thanks for the guide i found it.


no one gets kicked out for being a neet, people willingly choose wageslave over neeting because they actually don't like being a neet


the truth is even most wizards can't handle neeting and will go wageslave eventually, this site is 90% wageslave now who "grew out" being neets aka they were never real neets in the first place, due to influx of fakers and zoomers i only count someone as NEET if he willingly chooses to do so and is over 23, everyone else may as well be a larper


if you held a job before there is no way that you can convince anyone


File: 1634567817861.jpg (80.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NoTrue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


real NEET reporting in who sometimes wonders if he would enjoy life if he could work but is actually unable to function.
What i think of as a fake NEET is some cornoafaggot that is out of work or someone who has not been a NEET for years.

There really should be no prestige for working or NEETing aside from gatekeeping NEETchans like this from normos.


>NEETchans like this

uhhh buddy this is a nofucker chan, not "whatsa a job application" niggerchan


You are welcome. Thst guide is accurate for the most part. I wrote that reply to you in a sleep depeived state but I feel like I may have something worth posting oncr I getta lil sleep. Sage


>Do not disparage or otherwise show contempt for the NEET lifestyle


Depends how liberal she is, if she voted Trump you don't have a chance in hell


A lot of people don't have the mental fortitude to be a long term neet. Can't blame them, we're the broken ones after all


Unfortunately I don't think those exist anymore. Especially now that every wageslave who lost his comfy office job after the pandemic calls himself a NEET. The term has been appropriated and lost all meaning.


NEET.moe exists and is very slow and fairly uneventful but is for NEET.

NEET have no home we just drift around I guess… reddit has a NEET sub that is all about being positive and getting a job. Normalfaggots oh how I hate them


I got tired of going to school both physically and mentally so I stopped going around 10th grade and have never truly regretted it.

Since I knew I would never have a family of my own why bother becoming another cog in the ZOG machine and wage cucking?

That and a sense of identity are usually the only things most people do it for and I correctly realized I didn’t need to learn more Jew bullshit or work because my parents money plus later NEETbux combined would sustain me well enough until the end of my days.

My parents were both good people but I had to engage in a lot of pointless fighting and back and forth bickering with them in my youth about typical subjects related to our kind.

Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

I don’t fucking know but if you’re forcing me to guess its a combination of things ie for one I’m not a salesman and am not going to go out in the world and debase myself by trying to sell myself to some stupid cunt.

She should come to me and not the other way around.

Also perhaps it’s because I’m not a thug maxxed wigger/nigger aspiring rapper?

So I had to endure this stupid bullshit line of questioning often.

Also my old man would try and bully me to school in the morning by ridiculously thunking my light switch on and off and or threatening me with violence.

Eventually by resisting enough I fortunately was able to wear both parents down and get them to leave me the fuck alone finally to mostly LDAR in peace.

I know my dad was a good man who only wanted the best for me as did my mother but they simply did not understand that their shitty genetics set me up to become a Wizard and not a normie orva Chad.

In other words it wasn’t simply over for me since birth it actually never truly began.

So a few more years and my dad sadly found out he had cancer and died two years after the discovery.

And since he had such a high paying job and signed up long before he ever got sick with some huge payout plan his workplace offered guys to sign up for should they ever get sick and die and need their family provided for with tons of money
my mother and I have been living happily ever after as NEETS ever since.

I suspect had my father not gotten cancer and died he’d eventually begin whining at me about school, wage cucking and succubi again and eventually threaten to kick me out.

I’m glad this never happened as if it did I very just may well of killed him myself since I’d view it as the very last and worst insult of all this fucked up world had ever given me and one which I was not willing to tolerate.

So fortunately god (if it exists) or fate saved me from having to go that sorrowful route.

As my dad smart as he was, would be too stupid to see that he was not helping me at all and if he ever did want to help me that ship sailed long ago after he nutted in my mother to conceive me.

Should of kept his pants on and saved us both a boat load of unnecessary pain.

I even had younger twin sisters that came prematurely and died days after birth because my parents genetics are such shit.


Yeah I've been on there but I don't like how you can't delete your posts, or maybe I haven't figured out how yet.
>NEET sub
I remember the good days when that sub was actually decent.


Weird there seems to be no alternative to the current NEET sub and I summise this may be the case of meddling by reddit. The hikikomori sub was always rather low quality but now it is as bad as the NEET sub nearly. I think redit does not want the toxic element of the NEET culture on the site and try hard to control it.

uboachan has the /hikki/ board but it is very slow. Most NEET seem to have found each other and talk online now off forums.


The internet is a joke now so it's unsurprising that the millennial NEETs decided to leave. Now it's mostly just zoomers on those sites. I'm not going to hate on them but after you get into your 30s, it feels like you're talking to a bunch of kids. It's enough to make you feel uncomfortable. Also I've noticed that the new generation doesn't last too long in this lifestyle and are pressured into college or finding a job by society or their parents.


Are most of us older NEET just mentally ill? It seems like maybe people who are functional NEET until mid 20s and "grow up" and start working. Older NEET are always mentally ill or something.
> Now it's mostly just zoomers on those sites
Do you mean chans in general or those subs? I ran one of the NEET type subs on reddit and banned "memes" and did other things to improve it and people cried and ended up getting my account banned. Reddit is too shit for anything beyond a superficial community feel imo.
>feels like you're talking to a bunch of kids.
I can't tell if this is because of aging for me personally or the quality of chans dropping so far. To be honest chans are rarely even good for anything but hanging out on as much as I hate reddit if you have an actual question it is much easier to search the reddit archive by literally googling something and adding reddit.
It really is the culture that for me is the entire reason I use chans and stay away from reddit. I cannot stand 4chan and do not use it because it does feel like talking to immature people constantly.

> Also I've noticed that the new generation doesn't last too long in this lifestyle and are pressured into college or finding a job by society or their parents.

I thought parents would be more tolerant to NEET kids? Being a straight NEET seemed harder to become because boomers are less likely to let you do nothing even if you have mental health problems that make you a NEET.


>Are most of us older NEET just mentally ill?
We're not mentally ill at all. Nobody in their right mind would choose wageslavery over being NEET. Normans like to say stuff like "working is good for you" or "you should enjoy working" but it's just a way to cope with their own forced attachment to their jobs. If anything the mentally ill ones are those who actually believe the toxic work-until-you-die mentality and other lies that were fed to them their entire lives.
>Do you mean chans in general or those subs?
Chans, subs, online forums etc.
>I can't tell if this is because of aging […] or the quality of chans dropping […]
Very likely both. It's the extinction of the preference for individuality. Now everyone wants to fit in with the crowd and will drag down those who don't wish to do the same. I know it sounds stupid these days but I value the freedom to be myself, ie not like other people, much more than anything I can think of.


Well of course people can be sane and not want to work because it is insane to slave away for a decade and save all that money just to need a loan in order to buy a place to live and own it.
I personally cannot actually function so work is out of the question and many of the NEET I have come across in my years that were older are the same for the most part.
>It's the extinction of the preference for individuality
Young people now seem to just shop for an individuality because for them it means being a gamer, being a faggot or a polfag. back 6 or so years ago I remember people saying zoomers will rebel against this conformity culture and it does not seem to be the case.

very sad. internet is dying anyway.


My advice to the OP is to do household chores and get bux to pay rent. If you make yourself useful to have around, even if it's only an hour every other day, people will tolerate you a lot more.


There's NEET discords, too. I know people don't like Discord but it's alright if you find the right servers.


i already cook dinner for my mom and clean the house constantly but it is not enough because she is telling me i have to do team sports.
What could i possibly gain from NEET discords or any discord but drama? i have a few friends online i game with already and better things to do than talking aimlessly in some clique echo chamber. i may be way off point and ignorant so correct me if i am wrong but what could NEE discord help me with? i tried in the past to talk in these groups and they were not even NEET half the time and as soon as a succubi or "succubi" and even fe(male) joins everyone starts flirting and simping hard.


Discord is too social, unlike imageboards where you only post every once in a while. Best thing for an older NEET is to keep to your hobbies and do your own thing.


Just keep trying to be a normalfaggot, then having mental breakdowns until they realize you're not gonna be normal and they give up. Might take a few cycles but it should work.


Be financially independent


Tell your moma that she is responsible for how you turned out and you don't owe her a thing.
If she doesn't like it she is free to put you up on a rope with her own two hands.


>Treat your parents nice and maintain a positive attitude, smiling everyday, DON'T behave like an hostile asshole or a depressed piece of shit who makes miserable everyone around him
>Help them around the house, clean you room AND do all the house chores including groceries and such
>Learn DIY so you can fix shit without them having to call someone else when something stops working; not just electronics, everything from
>Shower everyday, brush your teeth and floss and dress properly, get a decent haircut, shave and groom: the more attractive you are, the more people aren't going to mind having you around living with them


If you do that, they wont understand why you cant work


this basically but not that much, just do basic chores, bathe, and be friendly, also talk to them about your feelings sometimes so they don’t make up any alternate reality in their head


This. It would take exceptionally educated and high IQ parents to understand why their well groomed model boy simply can't work due to autism for example.

This idea is doomed to fail with redneck parents like mine or in general with any retarded parents.

I don't pay any extra attention to grooming, clothes, hair etc. because my family doesn't either. There would be no point or benefit.


I think the only way she gave me a little breathing room was…letting her know she could lose me for good if she didn't accept it


You will regret it later. NEETing is comfortable only for those who landed bucks and state sponsored flat or had inheritance.

In the long run, majority of NEETs are likely headed towards homelessness. It really is life in hard mode. Judging from your blogpost, you would not last long in the street.

You seriously should consider your options.


In my case it was my suicide attempt that did the trick. I got to spend one week in psychiatry and then my parents were all kind with me and started to tolerate my shit. I made them understand that I'm not normal. PERIOD. Now they are chill with it, been NEETing for 5 years now, at most my father jokingly says I should look for a comfy job sometimes or something but they aren't that violent about the whole thing. They know I'm not made for this world. Not killing myself is enough for them…for now.

If he had other options he would have done them already, don't you think? Yes, NEETing is only temporary but still, for some of us it is the best way to exist. When I will be forced to work or whatever I will deal with it THEN. But now, I just enjoy life until I still can. Afterwards, who cares? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe there won't even be a bridge to cross because WWIII will become reality or I will die before that day comes via accident or what the fuck. People should learn to enjoy the present moment, that is all we have.


I moved out and get state bucks, also I have an official assesment of my abilities: I can only work around 4 hours a day. I think that's possible if they force me to.
But having these dumb discussions with my parents, I remember. I still have them via telephone, but they get way less annoying, since I'm many, many miles away from them with nearly no fast possibility for visits.

It's not good, I too lazy for cooking and whatever, but waking up with no worries about parents nagging me, it's very helpful.
I can heal. Maybe even do some work, fuck it. But everything is better than being under constant surveillance by normie parents. If you can't get state bucks and an own right away, maybe apply for some help, even in restrictive countries things are possible. Yes, it will be the state nagging you. But who cares if some state robot wants something from you.
Emotional dependence is kill. Move the hell out.


Thanks for the update wizzie. You're just an anon among other anons, but i'm genuinely happy for you.

Congratz on making one step towards independence. Although I would say be nice to your parents, they didn't nag you because they hated you but probably it stemmed from genuine concern.

Out of curiosity, are the bucks enough to pay for rent or you also got a state sponsored housing ? Did you get the autism diagnosis ?


If i had a kid i wouldn't kick them out but i would want them to work and gain some world experience. at least try their hand


>A lot of people don't have the mental fortitude to be a long term neet.
aka dont have parents who will let them leech off them


>suicide attempt that did the trick.
"Try it" again, you have no choice to make it clear for them


>parents who will let them leech off them
If they didn't want that, then why did they bother creating the leech in the first place?


>>A lot of people don't have the mental fortitude to be a long term neet.
>aka dont have parents who will let them leech off them
It depends entirely on your family situation. Imagine if your family had a successful farm, or was relatively wealthy, and they'd support you, there would be no problem. Instead usually neets are stuck in a tiny home with an emotionally abusive parent that raised them as a subhuman and that's why they are maladjusted, miserable, incapable of working etc.


seems you are in trouble if you have to ask, my parents are incredibly passive to the point it's a wonder they did not become NEETs themselves, especially my father, but somehow they have a need to fit in and that makes them able to be functional when needed.


Honestly being a NEET is quite difficult (unless you're fortunate enough to have very special parents with massive income)

I found out that the best way to be NEET is to not be, yeah you heard that right, the secret is to become as close to being a NEET without being one.

For me that was being in school forever, courses, bootcamps, university (luckily here is very cheap or free) and so on, the pressure is way less than having a proper job, and you still have pretty of time to goof around, also it's way better when people asks, you just say you're studying to be X shit instead of being NEET and people will respect you more, like some kind of academic guy that is always studying.

I know that this is probably not what you want to hear, but it's the best option for everyone here I think.


Also I forgot to say that/if when you have to work s lot of school shit look way better than blank space.

Honestly it's the best choice IMO


File: 1656998861825.jpg (47.71 KB, 750x501, 250:167, livingdead1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is the ugly truth, but I would argue that being a pure NEET is outright inferior to just barely being in the workforce. My life improved a lot once I got a PART TIME job, the key being part time. I work maybe 3 hours a day 5 days a week. Mom loves that she can say her son works even if its so little, I kick her some bucks bi weekly and no longer have to ask for money, and I can buy dumb shit like swords and old ps2 games.

Working part time while living with parents is truly the best of both worlds.


There is no such thing as being barely in the workforce. You either are or aren't.
This is some "week end neet" tier nonsense.


File: 1657024934414.jpg (438.49 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, max-siedentopf-sticks-02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Your mom is up your ass about your three hour a day job, bud. Better get back to work


Just do it

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