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In this thread we discuss tips and tricks plus experiences good or bad with our skin.
>What type of skin do you have and what prob;ems do you have with it? has anything worked?
>What is your skin care regiment?
>shaving tips as well since we are men and that is skin care

I am allergic to every moisturizer in existence and it drives me up the wall because I will be dry and apply product only to find it irritating days later. Anyone have any tips?
I tried to use sunscreen as a moisturizer because I read online it can be a good choice for those of us with sensitive skin and I am waiting to see if it helps at all.

My skincare routine is to wash my face with a cleanser (soap free) and then use an every day exfoliation cream and try to limit how often I wash my face. I have OCD so I wash myself very often and it makes my skin so dry and red it is really a nightmare.


you should try using cum on your face, it's suppose to be good for the skin.


I have heard about this and even tried it myself before but I can't get comfortable with going through the day with my ejaculation on my face. This is a good idea though a bit of trial and error so I could try this every night and log my results in the thread when I can confirm if this helps.


I spray some moisturizer all over from time to time and occasionally use a file to scrape dead skin and calluses off but thats it. Oh and rub lotion on hands when they get cracked


Samewiz here just updating to say I won't be doing this as I just tried it and my parents came into my room after to ask something trivial and now I am concerned they could tell.
do you mean just water or some spray moisturier?


Spray moisturizer


another thinly veiled tranny bait thread


it took me until late 20s to realise that the only thing that works for me like magic is retinol. it is usually marketed as anti-aging but it gets rid of acne. seems like some conspiracy that it is not more well-known


>seems like some conspiracy that it is not more well-known
It's overly expensive for the demographic that consumes the most acne products.
It also has a much shorter track record and less studies showing it's use as a effective treatment for acne (or much of anything really but whatever).

Basically the spending power of vain middle aged succubi is far greater as a demographic then the spending power of a bunch of pimply teens.


Does anyone else find stress makes their skin very dry?
Accutane or whatever sounds great but I have heard from people that it ruined their life.


>What type of skin do you have
>what probems do you have with it? has anything worked?
I used to get mild acne + occasional cystic acne, but now that I got a routine down my skin is basically perfect. I use tretinoin cream at night after washing my face with a foaming face wash, in the morning I use the same face wash and cocoa butter lotion after, if I have to go outside (usually never) I use 55spf oil-free sunscreen. I don't shave but I epilate my hair. For body-skin I just use the same cocoa butter lotion, this is the only lotion that I can tolerate.

>I tried to use sunscreen as a moisturizer

That is stupid, if you use it too much it will clog your pores and it is just lotion with sun reflecting chemicals in it.


it killed my acne for good when i was fifteen after years of unsuccessful treatments. the list of side effects terrified me but nothing bad ever came out of it.
couldn't care less about skin care though.


what do you fellow wizards use to shave your legs.


Females aren't allowed on this site.


Womans razors are the best for shaving your legs because they are designed for leg shaving.


Okay, so a major problem with skin is that soap washes away a lot of the natural oils and stuff that your body uses to protect its skin. All the commercial products are expensive soaps that damage your skin *less* or expensive lotions that "repair" the damage. Same goes for hair products. If I didn't have to interface with normies, I would use very little soap. Fortunately, there are cost-effective skin-care products known to the ancients that have been suppressed by modern commercial interests. Basically, the best way to protect your skin and hair is to oil up after you wash. There are many different oils that can serve this purpose, but only a few key characteristics that they should possess: cheap, non-irritating, odorless, and it must not degrade with time, temperature, oxygen or moisture. Mineral oil and coconut oil seem to be good options, but lard can be obtained more cheaply. Plus, lard does have historical precedent for use as a hair product. It should be fine on sensitive skin.

Also, shaving is unwizardly.


>Mineral oil and coconut oil seem to be good options, but lard can be obtained more cheaply. Plus, lard does have historical precedent for use as a hair product. It should be fine on sensitive skin.
everyone's skin is different, I can't tolerate coconut oil it will cause me to almost instantly break out in acne where ever I applied it and turns my hair into a greasy mess. I personally live in an environment that my genetics are not adapted for (I am basically 100% nordic living in a tropical area) so I need to dry my skin out and use very light lotions in liberal amounts on specific areas. I think most skin/hair issues stem from genetic incompatibility with your environment though, when I lived in the north I never got any acne or had any issues with greasy hair


I wash my face with an acne wash in the morning and occasionally in the evening
I apply 10% benzoil to my forehead after I wash it because I get a few zits there
Then I apply a mix of hyaluronic acid and water that I make myself to my face
Then I apply an oil free moisturizer

My face skin is better than its ever been
When I was a kid I had really bad acne but there aren't any scars now


Exfoliate + moisturize, you can half-ass plenty of things but always remember these two.
Safety razors help prevent razor burn if used properly.

Sage because tranny+femoid magnet.


What's exfoliate?


cleaning the pores on your skin


Removing dead skin using abrasives.


Mostly dead sea soap


Using acid on your face to melt external layer of skin.


I took roaccutane for a couple years but was still having minor acne problems until i made a point to use an exfoliating face wash in the shower every single day.
It really does seem to make a difference. Moisterize as well obv.


Coming soon…
>wiz /sk/incare
>wiz /fa/shion
>wiz /da/ting


File: 1636582567309.gif (4.43 MB, 320x320, 1:1, soap.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Soap dries out your face. It's generally not recommended to use soaps on your face, nor salicylic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is ok though.


this whole entire site is literally being subverted by 1 deranged tranny.


How do you equate skincare with tranniness? No, really.
I just want to know how your mind operates. It's a weird conclusion.


Real men don't have skin.


Feminine behavior in inappropriate locations is pretty typical of trannies.
A actually female would rightly assume that a site exclusively for men who aren't chasing romantic relationships would not be interested in in-depth discussions on topics like skincare, makeup, and other feminine interest.
Only a tranny or autist, or tranny with autism would not be able to tell such a topic would be inappropriate here. But you know that full well. You are just a sad troll who doesn't have anything better to do and no life to live.
Annoying the users here is probably the only way you even feel anything anymore.


Gender roles hurt men, too. Roles about how you can't take care of your skin or you can't want to look beautiful if you're a man. Assuming only a trans person would want these things is just conforming to gender roles.

You want things to improve for men, don't you? Stop pushing normie standards on them.


OP is a guy known as ccposter because he came from crystal cafe and posts there and he is used to femalepost on /b/ and talk about female stuff all the time. Just [-] his threads, he does it to attentionwhore.


Is it even possible to live without skincare? I struggled with it ever since I was 13 years old, as do most teenage boys. You just wake up bleeding pus everyday or what? Does that make you feel manly? Masculinity bullshit is for normalfags trying to impress succs


File: 1636595721447.jpg (42.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000323322220-o2qy….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Masculinity bullshit is for normalfags
trying to subvert this male only site?


lifting weights with your bros to improve your appearance is all great then, I suppose, crabanon?


lifting weights is fine, yeah. pussy boy


File: 1636598299097.png (433.18 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

My goal in life is to be beautiful like an anime bishounen. My dad kept me down the first 20 years of my life telling me what's "appropriate" for males to do, and now I dont care. I do what makes me happy not what gets me approval from some normalfags. People will tell me I need to get a job, look like a piece of shit, and marry some cunt, I choose not to do that


lifting weights is always good lil bitch


Unoriginal concern trolling.
No one is falling for your bullshit in this day and age. You are even in the shadow of being sincere.

Given the context of the thread it's totally reasonable to doubt your motives as well as the truth of your tales.
Or in other words I think you are full of shit and just want to troll.


Do you even lift?


You don't need to defend yourself. Don't give that piece of shit any more attention, he's one of those people.


Did you just reply to yourself?


My skin is kind of red and I have been using face mask, moisturizer and lotion I only started recently.My skin is already starting to feel better and smoother.


I drink a lot of water(2,5l), and wash my face if it feels/look oily.
I heard that skin care products damage your skin and makes you look older, is that true?


my moisturizer makes my skin feel oily a bit…


who let the schizos out


I use a face scrub, I apply a face mask every couple of days and use moisturizer.I feel amazing afterwards. I need to get eye cream for my dark circles.


>I need to get eye cream for my dark circles.
Do you know any products good for that? Everything I tried irritates the skin around my eyes really bad, I've only been able to hide them with concealer


I dont think anything actually works for dark circles. I researched it before because i have it very bad and concluded that you may as well just use a good moisturiser same as the rest of your face


I use cocoa butter lotion but it hasn't seemed to help any


The only thing that made mine a bit lighter was vitamin c serum, but I’m too lazy to keep it up. It’s mostly genetic and the only permanent fix is basically getting fat injected there.


Did my treatment again I use like three different products for skincare.I want to know what other wizzies use every day.Anything you could recommend.Also still need help with my dark circles im thinking about getting eye cream when I get more money how effective is it?


>taking care of your skin makes you a tranny
I'm just gonna say I think that people trooning out is partially the fault of people like you


a large portion of guys think washing anything that isn't completely necessary is gay, I overheard a guy at a local mental shelter that said "only succubi use soap"


Soap isn't exactly good for the skin anyway.


There's hygiene and then there's this shit. You know exactly why this thread sets off the tranny alarms.


being a wiz is not the same as being some macho-man, wizzies have feelings and follow skin care routines. Some are self conscious about their looks. Just because some don't fit into your preconceived notion of hetero masculinity that doesn't mean they're trans. Wizzie you need to be more tolerant.


Yet those guys get nothing and go on mgtow tirades about how much succubi suck, while those who buy skin serums, work out, are hygienic and style their hair to look and smell presentable get tons of one night stands with succubi or Tinder matches.

Funny how that works, who's the actual gay in that situation?

I… I just don't understand retarded normie logic sometimes. I'm glad I'm not part of it.

The average normie is just so smelly and insentient its headache inducing.


File: 1637635464292.png (2.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think you even care that you aren't fooling anyone.
You just want to annoy.


They are low IQ, it's all it boils down to. I mean, most of these "soap is gay" types are borderline homeless or vagabonds anyway with severe mental illnesses.

But if they want to spin that lack of showering and hygiene into some kind of machoness, that's their way of coping.

I don't mean to imply all homeless are dumb, I mean the 'soap is gay' types often end up in that situation.


>another doing something feminine = tranny delusion


No please elaborate how it is "tranny" to care about appearance and not smelling like shit. Make a compelling case and I'll 100% agree with you.

Convince me of the benefits of smelling like shit and looking like shit.


He is some immature insecure boy who wants to maintain his fragile masculinity by calling other posters "trans" or "gay".
he doesn't have an argument.


It is beneficial to take care of your appearance if you are a wizard with social issues. If you take proper care of yourself you will look younger and cleaner and it is more likely that people will feel more empathy towards you which is super important when you don't communicate well. There is nothing "tranny" about it, it is just a free passive increase of people's immediate attitude towards you.


Fine, I will break it down and explain it to you on every level that comes to mind.
>caring about appearance
Caring about appearance is an immediate admission that you care about what others think of you and in some way desire their attention or approval. Not only is this unwizardly but it is seen as feminine because females inherently care about (their own) appearance more than men. succubi being the more social sex need to gauge other's desires and influence them in indirect ways. Men are typically expected to earn approval from others via their deeds and value as a member of society, where as succubi use their appearance to influence others and attain status or other valuable things. Men who desire to be succubi change their "social mode" to try and be more physically attractive, as they are attempting to be succubi. This is why your and OP's fixation on appearance makes you seem like transexuals or other effeminate groups like homosexuals and succubi.

No it is not unreasonable to care about your skin on a physical level as the skin is the largest organ, and having healthy skin will make for a more comfortable life. Most people however, so long as they shower or otherwise clean themselves on a regular basis, will have skin that is healthy and clean enough to be of no discomfort. This is also why men who take extra care of their skin are seen negatively, as it creates a vain or overindulgent appearance.


>This is also why men who take extra care of their skin are seen negatively, as it creates a vain or overindulgent appearance.

But those guys get significantly more action from succubi than the unwashed rednecks who couldn't care less how rough their skin is or when they last had a haircut.

So even as a wizard I have to ask - how does that make them tranny or gay?

Wouldn't the opposite be the true?

I'm fat and uncouth, btw. I have no horse in this race. I really don't care how people or succubi perceive me, because I just want to be left alone.

This discussion just makes no sense from a logical standpoint, when the straightest guys who get the most free pussy are the ones who make considerable strides towards looking better.
Not just hygiene wise, those buggers spend hours a week torturing themselves at gyms and such too.


I hate reddit but sometimes I wish I could upvote a post here, yours would deserve one.

Looking more presentable literally makes normie monsters less monstrous towards you. It lowers your cortisol and stress levels as a result.


>Caring about appearance is an immediate admission that you care about what others think of you and in some way desire their attention or approval Not only is this unwizardly
This isn't bad or unwizardly it's common sense to want to look normal in the eyes of society. Hobos are bullied and discriminated for their looks. It's no surprise wizards want to appear normal and save themselves from random attacks.


I explained this to you.
>when the straightest guys who get the most free pussy are the ones who make considerable strides towards looking better.
This isn't true. reproductive success for men is determined far more by wealth and status. Skin care specifically is not a wealth indicator. Wealthy men wear expensive suits and have their hair cut by a professional. Successful men are expected to be hard workers or physically strong.and a weathered appearance is indicative of this. Men with soft skin that is well cared for are seen as being weak and passive.


>Hobos are bullied and discriminated for their looks. It's no surprise wizards want to appear normal and save themselves from random attacks.

You can say that again, fellow wiz.

I nearly got beaten to death and was also robbed because some teens thought I was a hobo due to my appearance.

Appearance is not vainness, it is armor in this shitty world. Average looking people have normal protection, good looking people get good treatment, ugly people get shunned or even treated with violence.

Nobody at this point can convince me I shouldn't at least have clean clothes, shoes and comb my hair before going out.
I don't even look good (I'm ugly), it just makes me presentable.


>for men is determined far more by wealth and status

No you are describing marriage. These men are basically buying off their wife.

Young fertile succubi aren't attracted to an ugly bald fat guy sexually even if he is Jeff Bezos.
They bang 'chads' their own age well into their thirties until they marry that cuck in the suit.

Look at the kind of guys young succubi are fawning over on platforms like TikTok. It's all exceptionally good looking young guys.
Not a single fertile young succubus is fawning over some ugly 47 year old man in a suit with millions of dollars.

Just another reason why I laugh at hypocritical normie life.


This goes back to the indulgent part. As long as you wash with soap every once in a while you will be clean enough to avoid negative attention. A skin care routine is unnecessary.


Young people don't need a skin care routine. They aren't old enough to start developing dry and sun damaged skin. Some may need to invest in pimple creams, but beyond that teenagers have naturally fair skin.


Soap is not enough to pass as normal anymore. Clothes, posture, haircut, body-weight, etc. It is good for wizards to care about their appearance.


>Soap is not enough to pass as normal anymore.
What kind of yuppie shit hole do you live in?


You still have nothing to say about why a wizard caring for his appearance and having a skin routine comes off as "tranny".


Meh. I was homeless for 2 years and despite being 22 years old I look like I'm 40.

I had to go to a dermatologist and dentist to look normal. As in, for kids and teens not to kick me like a trash can when I walk outside for looking like a hobo.

Young people can absolutely have shitty skin.


"pimple creams" are just a quick patch for poor skin care habits, young people can have horrible skin, I know I did as a teen and it is much better now that I take care


He probably lives in a rural area where nobody cares and has no idea how lookist cities have become.

I live in a bigger city and even the homeless get haircuts and dress decent now.

If you go out looking like a weirdo scarecrow who never showers or takes care of his skin/hair people are just going to cross to the other side of the pavement and assume you have severe mental illness.

It's not optional to look normal, you need it to avoid complete social ostracization.
And I don't have the luxury of "neetbucks", I'm forced to work and be accepted by the community to survive.


Oh, and if you still look like a "weirdo scarecrow" after taking care of your skin and hair, then you're just fucked.

If you don't have the proper configuration of facial features then normalfags will suffer a psychic assault just by looking at you.


Painfully aware of that. One of the reasons I became a wizard.

No matter how much I groom I just look like shit. I'm also 5'2 and get bullied for being small.


I didn't know that wizchan had females


The thread is about skin care. all men practice skin care in some form unless they live in their septic tank.


I bathe in perchloric acid it keeps me so fresh


Does anyone know how to get rid of dark spots faster? A pimple last like a day and the dark spot after takes months, it’s annoying to see it there constantly, right now it’s my right cheek and left back jaw


Medical honey (purified, not the food grade) completely fades them within a month or so.

I also had a mole removal scar I applied medical honey on and it faded within 3 weeks.
Another removal spot on my back is still bright red because I couldn't be bothered to do anything about it.

So it's not just placebo, skincare products actually do something.


File: 1637914379036.png (9.65 KB, 727x153, 727:153, op.png) ImgOps iqdb

The OP >>279221 wants succubi posting on Wizchan.
He created this thread with female lurkers in mind.


Sooo, does anyone else have a love hate relationship with their skin? I love that when my skin is not being a bitch and going red or being dry it is very nice and makes me look much much more youthful than I am.

I seriously cannot tell if it is all in my head though and I am being overly critical when looking in the mirror losing my mind over the slightest blemish.
/my skin care routine/
I try to avoid washing my face so much as it caused me problems and just wash it properly the day before I have to go outside.

Does anyone have any tips for reducing scarring in facial area? I have some slight scars even though I never really had acne.. I hatet his os much.


cover it with makeup


I have never really used make up before. Can you link some resources that will explain how to use make up.

I have tried bio oil but had a eally bad reaction to it smh


This thread reminds me of Calhoun's mice experiment. Long-term wizchan users will already know about it, but anyway:

>Other young mice growing into adulthood exhibited an even different type of behavior. Dr. Calhoun called these individuals “the beautiful ones.” Their time was devoted solely to grooming, eating and sleeping. They never involved themselves with others, engaged in sex, nor would they fight. All appeared [outwardly] as a beautiful exhibit of the species with keen, alert eyes and a healthy, well-kept body.



File: 1637929339030.png (381.59 KB, 641x360, 641:360, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Mud bath while digging holes for me


File: 1637932409443.png (762.23 KB, 864x1026, 16:19, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Steam rooms / sauna keep your skin pretty clean


Calhoun environments are overpopulated, that kind of behavior is normal when you stuff too many of the same species in a cramped space.


Do humans have similar abnormal behavior in overpopulated environments?


Pretty body and shallow personality is a real combo?


A good question would be if the internet has a similar effect since you can feel as if you are surrounded by thousands of people by just being on the internet and using social media.


Well, just speaking for myself, I don't feel the same when I'm online as when I'm in a crowd. I expect the psychological effects to be quite different in the two cases. Might still have a strong affect, but a different one. I don't know a whole lot of psychology, but I'd bet it has been investigated.

Oh wait, this is the skincare thread. Um, lotion or whatever.


I wonder if there are many wizards in rural locations. Of course just by demographics, most wizards will live in unnatural overpopulated environments like cities and suburbs


Japan is the closest example we have of overcrowded human settlements - and the answer is yes.

>Herbivore men or grass-eater men (草食(系)男子, Sōshoku(-kei) danshi) is a term used in Japan to describe straight young men who express little interest in getting married or being in relationships with succubi.[1]

>The term came to be associated with irresponsible men who cared too much about their appearances rather than marriage or finding a stable job

It's staggering how similar the result was to the rat experiment.


I think this describes me well, maybe it is just starting to become a thing in the west now, it feels like a sort of awkward time where people like us are viewed as strange, like a new frontier


The difference to succubi is succubi lie about maximizing their looks, they really don't do it for themselves, they do with a hidden golddiggerish motive to attract mates to pay for their life.

Whereas those Japanese men genuinely don't care about dating succubi (or men).
They just maximize their looks to improve their own happiness and dopamine levels & disregard others.


you have 5-8 years left to achieve that goal before your body inevitably starts decaying though. Good luck


I shower everyday but it makes my skin quite dry, especially during winter. I have to lather my extremities in moisturizer.


Has anyone talked to the doctor about prescription products to help their skin?
I dont mean acne products either but strong moisturizer or something.


moisturizers are not controlled substances, you don't need a doctor to give them to you


I haven't taken a bath in 6 months. Actually it may be more than that, I never really counted but its at least been 6 months. I don't smell at all. Whatever scent that I have smells good, it is the natural scent of mine and I prefer it to the smell of soap after a bath. I won't take a bath any time soon. My breeder says that I stink every time I leave my room and yells at me to take a bath, but she said the same thing in the past in times when I actually did bath, so I don't believe her anymore. I cum all over myself and let it dry and I think it smells good, like a pheromone in the hentai anime.


>I haven't taken a bath in 6 months
>My mom says that I stink
>I don't believe her
lad, you smell like rancid shit from 20 feet away, don't be delusional


This. I once knew a family of hoarders that lived in cat piss and dog shit and they thought that was normal smell too. If you are full hikki then it doesnt matter I guess


Try not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, they turn your skin to leather and age you faster


you know that's fucking disgusting man, but my cum scarf also smells good. it's probably because of all the oranges i eat, it literally smells like a citrus perfume or something

i'm 100% certain you still smell like shit from sweat odor and actual butt-shit odor though


alcohol and other naughty substances are my elixir of youth.
Quality shitpost. I hope this is a shitpost.


Adjacent to this asinine thread, invisible, rests a graveyard of my shitposts.


I started having an allergic reaction to my prescription skin cream that is supposed to help with my skin. i cant win.. anyone else?


Retinol is good but you should be using retinOID, something like Tretinoin you cna get from a dermatologist, which shouldn't be too bad if you have insurance.
It's essentially just an even more effective retinol.


I got tretinoin it is good, some reason my shit insurance doesn’t pay for meds I need but it completely pays for tretinoin so it is free


do you buy snails to rub on your face? what kind and where do you get them?




How to clear the skin and remove eye circles??


set in the sun 15 minutes a day


Typo makes that sentence very funny.


>skincare routine
Wizardchan 2022.


>green text
wizchan 2033


Some of us care about our appearances. I use moisturizer,clay masks, moisturizers every day my face feels amazing skincare is important.


I don't even care about my appearance, but washing my face properly, using a good moisturizing cream, and exfoliating 2-3 times a week, makes it feel so nice and soft. I wonder if that's how a succubus's skin feels. Maybe it's just that they tend to take care of it more regularly.

I used to have an AM and PM routine and my skin was perfect, like porcelain. That was before going full NEET and destroying any semblance of a regular routine in my life. Now I only shower every 2-3 days, that's when I do my mini routine.

I've never really used any kind of masks and my routine has always been very simple and inexpensive. I wash with CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser, moisturize with CeraVe moisturizing cream, and exfoliate with exfoliating gloves. I don't believe in exfoliating scrubs.

I recommend everyone use a moisturizing cream after showering at the very least. It'll make your skin feel very smooth and soft.


File: 1643965403554.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, 16:9, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't even care about my appearance


I'm 5'3, skinny fat, and have rather ugly facial features. But I already accepted it awhile ago. I rarely leave the house, or even my room, so my appearance is pretty much irrelevant.


I feel like my skin has rapidly started to wrinkle, I'm 26, before this there were no signs at all, it's not enough to show in pictures I just see it up close, anyone else have this happen?


I'm also 26, but this hasn't happened to me yet. I'm planning on using something with copper peptides to stimulate collagen when I hit 30 but maybe you should try it now if you're seeing wrinkles.


Does anyone have any decent recommendations for a sunscreen? Been getting bored of nighttime walks lately but if I want to go out during the day I'll need to protect myself from the UV jew. Trouble is, most mineral sunscreens seem to leave a white cast, making you look like a ghost (I'm not dark-skinned but the random one my mom has that I tried still made it look like I had semen smeared all over my face), and I don't know if I like the idea of chemical sunscreens because from what I heard they can get absorbed into your bloodstream and it's not clear yet if there are any negative effects from that. I'd also want something relatively cheap since I'm a NEET and have little money. Is there anything out there that would work for me?


Is the brim on your wizard hat not wide enough to shade you or are you one of those goofy brimless mickey mouse cultists?

No UV-Blocking chemical is good for the skin, ever. No amount of aloe infusion or cucumber buttering is going to do you any good in the long run. Red light is vital for health and White skin does well to gel sunlight red before it reaches our subdermals. The odd burn is much less damaging than the toxins in sunscreen. UV Jew? UV is holy light, the only truly free thing. Actual pharma Jew has told you otherwise to maximize profits. Go out and feel the burn, or if you appreciate keeping your white skin, then block the sun before its direct rays can even reach your body, while you still benefit from the scattered light.


>odd burn is much less damaging than the toxins in sunscreen. UV Jew? UV is holy light, the only truly free thing.

Brown hands typed this post


Why the fuck are femoids allowed to post here?


>its your fauly invade and shill your boards
No it isnt tranny, its your fault. Now fuck off you goddman faggot.


how does taking care of your skin make you a female?


Because a man's skin does not need care. succubi's skin is weaker


It does, you absolute moron


In 30 years I have done nothing to my skin besides washing it in the shower and I have zero issues. I have nice skin without jumping through stupid hoops so skin care is gay


sorry not everyone is a genetic ubermensch like you. Im 30 too and every since teenage years if I miss one day of skincare i get pus coming out my face


>man's skin does not need care
you sound like the idiot I met at the hospital that thought guys didn't need to use soap
>I have nice skin
maybe you don't have acne, but I am most definitely sure your skin is not "nice" unless you have perfect genetics


My fucking eyelids are getting chapped and sore. This has never happened to me before. What do you guys recommend? I’ve tried baby oil and chapstick cause it’s what I have on hand and between the two chapstick is working better but it still stings for some reason.


Get some oral vitamin C to help with collagen synthesis. I don't recommend applying a vitamin C serum on an irritated skin as it can increase the itch due to ph difference.
Also add in the normals advice to drink water. Avoid the sun for now (if you can) or use sunglasses.

If you can afford it, buy a hyaluronic acid solution or cream and apply it on your eyelids. It should give you enough local hydration to reduce the chapped aspect and hopefully soreness.

Next you gonna ask what do clothes do you buy to your gfs ?
Females out.


Would just eating citrus work?


Yes, i guess. Just eat big portions.


weak skinned little succubi. my skin is indestructible. you are weak little succubi


so weak so pitiful with your kleenex skin. my skin takes care of itself. haha yes


I am so tough I clean off dead skin with rocks, and keep my skin smooth using baby diamonds mixed with mud.
Exfoliation is super manly in the right frame of mind.


youre not tough girlskin. heehee your dermis isn't even immortal teehee


Just eat more pineapple, it gives it a better consistancy


if you keep eating milk, red meats and bakeries… your skin will probably keep a crappy aspect whatever you do with it


Yeah my skin always turns to shit when I eat a bunch of bakeries. I should eat a farmers market or a few farms or something to balance it out.
That way I can have good skin that can block tank rounds and helicopter missiles my next rampage.


lmao it's the sugar face meme isnt it? have some self respect you pussies


I don't know what you are talking about.
I was just making fun of a grammar mistake with a rampage/Kaiju joke.

Is it a meme to rub your face with sugar or something?


it's some dumb succubus belief that consuming sugar has an immediately noticeable effect on your look or sth to that effect. i first heard about it here of all places. some posters believe and regurgitate that crap like middle aged housewives on facebook.


Nice one, haha


Sugar and salt will dehydrate your skin, and therefore bloat it almost immediately, but unless you check your face in the mirror every few hours who cares?

Why would a wizard care if they're bloated?


Being ugly is bad in and of itself regardless of sex. People can be beautiful like waterfalls, valuable objects, etc. doesn’t have to be related to sex


Itchy, dry, greasy, infected skin feels uncomfortable. It’s not about how it looks.


Jesus. I didn't realize wizchan was an actual leper colony


Imagine being this privileged to not realize some people have naturally horribly oily, cystic acne blasted skin or ultra dry itchy skin. If you had either of these issues you'd understand skincare isn't just some vain homo activity.


relating basic personal healthcare and hygiene to vaginas is fucking pathetic and reflects the crab state of your brain.


My skin was never worse then the time I didn't eat animal products for 3 weeks.
Take your bullshit propaganda and shove it straight up your grass stained ass.


>people have naturally horribly oily, cystic acne blasted skin or ultra dry itchy skin

no they don't, they eat shit fast food and drink 5 Pepsis a day. literally cutting out junk food or sugar will clear up your skin. cerave will solve most of your skin problems, if not see a fucking dermatologist. it's not hard to wash your face and slap some on.


Skin is very puzzling. Never noticed any relation between what I eat and my skin, though some people can definitely have breakouts when they eat specific items they're sensitive to, don't know how it works.

I have rosacea. My cheeks, chin, and forehead are always blushed. When I scratch (even very gently) any part of it, that bit stays red for like a minute or two. It's not painful and I don't notice it unless I were to see my reflection, but if I scratch any part of my face people will always ask, "Why is this bit of your face so red?"

I have very oily skin and even during the periods where I'd do my routine twice a day I had to constantly wipe my face with a napkin every couple of hours because it would get so greasy (kinda like how that pedo streamer Vaush always looks). My face would then look completely red for a minute or two and if I did it around others I'd get stares and people would ask why I was blushing.

Now I only shower, and therefore wash my face, about once a week, twice at most. As the week goes by it gets oilier and rougher, but when I finally shower it feels and looks perfectly silky smooth for about two days. I have to scrap so much dead skin. Writing it down I realize it sounds rather disgusting, but doing it feels satisfying and fun, and my skin feels so smooth afterwards.


Oh, shit, forgot to add. During the periods where I've starved myself only eating a couple food items per day it would get very dry and rough while still being very oily, though I would also shower less frequently during those times.

So in my case I think very oily skin is definitely my genetics. Perhaps a dermatologist could have some useful treatment, but I'm not too inconvenienced and I'm pretty sure rosacea can't be cured anyway (was diagnosed as a teen).


>knows that qualified specialist doctors called dermatologists exist as a respected and highly paid scientific career
>claims that skin conditions are so simple that you just stop eating fast food and drinking pepsi
severe mental deficiency


>trusting doctors


i always used to think that wizchan consists of really run down neets with long beards and interesting but extremely niche and strange hobbies
nah turns out its a bunch of trannies


stinky neckbeards that are averse to basic hygiene do seem to be a significant percentage of the userbase but maybe not the majority


You probably weren't here for the masculinity threads but yeah, there is a very vocal minority here who are very feminine and have issues with masculinity, dislike anything typical of men, and dislike males in general.
Usually gay but hate men so that is why they don't have sex despite horny posting on /b/ all the time kind of people.


Im a red head with a huge beard, I use sunscreen because I am unable to leave the house otherwise

Sorry you’re not white being tan sucks


cant you use your freckles to deflect the evil sun


Not very surprising when masculinity has been used as a weapon to bully and shame many wizards for being failures according to its standards.

I'm not feminine or anti-masculinity in any way, but you also have to recognize that a lot of what passes for masculinity is either harmful (like not taking proper precautions at work) or arbitrary nonsense.


>Not very surprising when masculinity has been used as a weapon to bully and shame many wizards for being failures according to its standards.
It was the opicet for me.
Since school was so female mindset focused as was every other institution that dealt with kids, I was constantly shamed, demonized, and overall just treated as defective for normal masculine behavor or having normal masculine interest as a young energetic boy.
The gold standard for behavor and interest was always to act more like the succubi. To think the way succubi think, to emote how they emoted.
If you know anything about the hypermasculization theory of autism, and I tell you that I am a high functioning autistic who can't be socially coerced into going totally against my nature, and you can probably extrapolate that I didn't get on very well in my grade school years specifically because of my masculinity.

I think you would also realize how much damage and resentment is caused by trying to force little boys to behave like little succubi while culture and society demonized everything masculine besides being directly useful to succubi.

You could also see why someone who is tired of gynocentric bullshit would gravitate to a all male space like wizchan if they qualify as a wizard.


For the most part these negative experiences of male behavior were of the "male-not-masculine" behaviors and activities for me. Masculinity is the resounding shaming mark of the 'manchild,' the male who refuses to abandon male behaviors permissible but frowned upon at some phase in life for socially respectable masculine behaviors.
Physical energy - male. Wants to expend that physical energy in the playground, climbing trees, in the exploration of 3d physical space, and does not want to spend it in controlled athletics or competitive sports doing pre-specified and pre-approved activities? Not masculine. Teachers didn't have problems with boys who exhausted themselves playing soccer. Climbing the monkey bars incorrectly or too many times though and you bet you'd get whistled at.
Adult behaviors - masturbation? Male, certainly. Masculine, noooooo, coooooomer. Science fiction. Male, yes. Masculine? No, though no longer actively stigmatized. Electronics collections. Software hobbyism/open source. Comic books. Showering regularly (surprising but true, succubi shower less than half as often as males). All male, all immasculine, all lead to immediate accusations of eunuch trannyist tendency. Drinking? Sport? Car? Muscle? Money? That Which Is Approved Of And Of Interest And Benefit To Succubi? TRVE MASCULINE.


So you are just playing the no true Scotsman game to construct a very specific narrative to justify shitting on masculinity.
Got it.


Name 1 person who identifies Comic Book Guy as being a highly masculine Simpsons character, since his appearance and behavior are 100% based on highly male traits and tendencies. I'll wait.


File: 1648010428896.png (442.06 KB, 960x412, 240:103, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't engage with shit arguments unless I am bored and have nothing better to do.

I'll wait until you have a real argument while you scramble to justify why you hate men and masculinity but use this site.
Until then I will treat my feet to a nice Epsom salt bath while playing video games.


Do you actually believe that no one would do what >>286802 says and use the cultural conception of masculinity to "bully and shame many wizards," or perhaps that late in life virginity must be masculine since it is more or less exclusively male?


File: 1648011652546.png (740.24 KB, 634x431, 634:431, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>please choose between these two strawmen arguments

I choose to exfoliate the now loosened skin on my feet and watch videos explaining how the fuck to get passed the part I got stuck on in the game.

Still waiting on that real argument.


You guys also seem to forget that one of the most important and valued masculine traits is having a ton of sex with as many attractive sluts as possible. From the perspective of masculinity it's hard to be any more of a loser or failure than a wizard, shy of straight-up taking female hormones.

And yet, despite being a 5'3 23-yo virgin, I am still a male whose body produces testosterone. Naturally, masculinity has been invoked many times to mock and bully me, but I am not against masculinity in itself or any masculine behaviors. I naturally gravitate towards masculine things and I don't think there's anything feminine about me besides maybe sometimes appreciating cute girly anime/manga/VN (and even then I think it comes from a masculine perspective since succs have accused my tastes of being sexist and objectifying of succubi). I don't choose to go after the things I like, that's just how I am.

But I still and always remain suspicious of the use of the concept masculinity to get men to be different than they are when they are already "simply" men, especially when this is something they can't control and just have to live with, or when it involves doing something dangerous that is advantageous to the other person, like a boss pushing his workers to overwork or not take proper precautions.


i struggle with my skin i have always been so sensitive i use e45 cream that's about it on my arms


my skins terrible and unclear and marked with tiny bumps and moisturizer does nothing


File: 1651085391502.jpg (107.42 KB, 722x1107, 722:1107, lich_king_by_davesrightmin….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Skin wot skin?


Ivory makes your skin smell like metal


that sounds cool


I guess it sounds cool but I dont like it


Read about it: acne conditions often from 3 sources: cereals, dairy and sugars, all of them forming crusts of pure filth in you colon while mixed with trophologically incompatible food due dietetic ignorance.

Also personal metabolism conditions are to be acknowledged, but know that this upsurge of toxins can precisely be the sign you just needed to know that your body starts pulling toxins away when you just take minimal changes in your diet.
Beware of being liike those ones who felt the effects of fasting the first time they tried and then they thought it was a bad thing when reality was that their body was actually starting to cleanse itself from depth.

support your statement, you denier. It's commonlu known that sugar has nocive effects (as a general rule)


forgot to dump your pdf, grain brain schizo

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