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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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my mom bought dogs because she was home and bored during the corona virus lockdowns


ive never taken a dna test
>the applicant supplies a completed genealogy with supporting legal documents such as birth certificates, showing their descent, through one or both birth parents, from an enrolled Indian or an Indian listed in a base roll such as the Dawes Rolls.
so you have to manually trace back your ancestry and prove you have a link to some official indian dude who was on some census in 1887, something like that. my dad did everything though, it was a complete surprise. for the longest time no one has known who my dad's parents were but i guess he hired people or something, i have no idea


File: 1637562973234.jpg (94.48 KB, 890x820, 89:82, l-tremain-butter-bell-retr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've had a butter bell for about 2 years now. I do enjoy it but it does require you to replace the water at least once every 3 days to keep the butter fresh. Not entirely sure if it is worth it since you could just store a fraction of a stick of butter on the counter for spreading. The butter bell does prevent a weird film from developing on the surface of the butter, but that really doesn't even matter.


>the perfect spreading consistency
first world problems again, who honestly gives a shit about something so irrelevant, or "a weird film," yeah we can't eat the butter now cuz gravity pulled down some of the molecules on top, oooh my delicate palate rejects this abomination, btw reminded me there's a box of butter in my closet from february that I need to eat


Why make your life harder and less decadent if you do not need to? If you can improve upon a small part of your life, why wouldn't you?


Deep down he doesn't feel he deserves it.


>wet butter
ew. You're supposed to use 1cm of butter per 1cm of bread anyway.


or you could just get a can of cooking oil and spray that on your bread so you dont have to waste time with ancient methods of keeping your bread oil safe to eat.


I don't see how life is made harder by my butter not meeting some ponce food channel standard, or improved by meeting it


It isn't. Humanity needs a good catastrophe or war to weed out all the lily livers who get nightmares over their bread not being perfectly buttered.


File: 1637622529976.jpg (821.57 KB, 2519x3563, 2519:3563, v. cool planes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im so happy im so happy im exploding from happiness. i know im annoying and not welcome but when im very happy i like to talk. if happiness is subjective im the happiest person on the planet. im in love with programming. im dropping everything, ill never again use my private tracker accounts and let them be deactivated, play a game, listen to music, off my own accord, i think imagination and thinking abstractly and having good character and that sort of thing are the most important things in humans and i think i have a lot of that, dont mean to brag but im not twice exceptional im many many times exceptional, my mind is very vast and has a lot of strengths and weaknesses but when im on my own and do things my style and when i dont try to be like everyone else i can bring out all the strengths and the weaknesses become strengths too. i dont know i think i will be in a league of my own. very far ahead of everyone else. im very proud of myself. im very happy. im very lucky to be myself. i wish i had another life so i could have started programming when i was 4. i dont know im so happy. sometimes i start crying because im happy. im not suicidal anymore. i dont have negative thoughts anymore. i dont feel distracted. i feel in control of every cell of my body. its so great. i think i have free will and can choose to see how i see things. i think i choose to see things the good way or the correct way and it doesnt matter what exactly that is for so long as i can constantly improve and seek to be better. i dont know. i thank god for creating maths and programming because ill be able to show what kind of thing i am and i just want to be useful and helpful to other people. i love other people very much, i think everything can turn into gold. sometimes i laugh a lot out of the blue because im so glad to be alive. im so positive it seems to be infecting my mom. im very afraid, everyone says things will get much worse in the next years, especially for people like me, if thats true then ill die like i never existed. i hope i can have enough time as a neet to study everything i want to learn which should take several years at least. dozens of programming languages, so much about linux, tens if not hundreds of textbooks. you might not believe me but i can spend several days and nights awake in my room completely focused on studying and then sleep only for like 10 hours. i feel like a fountain of energy, not a sink. my brain is electric maybe like no one else's. i think its unique. i dont know. i know im weird but i think the point of communication is to express things you want to let others know. and i want you to know i think youre a very nice person and i like you very much and i want to be competent enough to be helpful and i want you to know i have potential to do things for you you cant even imagine yet so please wait. and i think i might not make it due to circumstances beyond my own reach. but regardless i feel awesome and will try. i dont know i just wanted to say i feel super super.


Give me an invite to one of these private trackers. Is it BakaBT? Animebytes? Gimme


I made a plan with my parents today on dog training, my dad smiled at me with enthusiasm like he was happy to follow through, well time comes to put it to action and he tries to sneak the dog out, I confront him, he turns into a big whiny baby so I just tell him it’s fine as long as he bring the dog back for night, guess what he didn’t bring the dog back, I am really pissed and I don’t know why my dad is being such a baby, I have completely zero mysteries in my mind now of the reason why I’m fucked up, these people can not raise a dog properly let alone a human, it makes me angry that they just abuse these dogs with kisses and treats and they call any type of training “abuse”, fucking nuts, unbelievable


>why I fucked up
so you admit that the whole "I'm a 26 year old boy" trip is unhealthy


Whole wheat bread tastes so fucking bad. I hate that it is the norm in stores now.


I like it, and it has always been right next to the white bread and normal to have stocked.

Do you live in some 3rd world country that only can have one kind of bread at a time?


the whole reason white bread took off is because people became middle class and got conceited and didn't want the taint of eating dark peasant bread like wheat is, same reason they were obsessed in the early years with having everything bleached or painted white, we middle class now


Riiiiiight…. The class struggle… is why white bread… is used for sandwiches? What?


dunno about a class "struggle," only why most 1st world people are snobs about wheat bread


the chest pressure sensation sounds like sleep paralysis, but im surprised you could move to get up and turn the lights on


Why is that so surprising?


File: 1637679381361.jpg (1.18 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20211123_095502.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

floor fixer people came

i had bowls of piss sitting around in my room

holy fuck the embarassment lmao

just kill me


they keep reorganizing shit and moving stuff and more things are being discovered

this fucking sucks god damm



they finished

man it was so bad, they physically unhinged my door and just started rooting through all my shit making room to rip up the flooring. i felt violated and embarassed. like being treated like a kid almost where no one gives you privacy

god damn i need time to recover from this


I know you're probably a NEET with no money to spare, but consider a storage unit. Best way to hide shit, and keep it safe.


File: 1637692764193.jpg (99.98 KB, 614x774, 307:387, FClTlP0XMAcTDQt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Youtube as a tool is no longer viable, as you can't tell what videos are helpful or not anymore because they removed the dislike counter.

I can't tell what videos are scams or not, what programs will fuck up my computer or not.

It's just so stupid.


File: 1637693213516.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You can download a plugin to enable the dislikes counter on youtube. It's that simple.


I hate that I know what he looks like naked.


Picture looks fake, sports and entertainment? Posh mid class people were still going to the opera back then (they also thought it will continue well into the future).



I never used or looked at the dislike feature in my life. Probably watched over 100,000 videos on youtube. I don't get the hullabaloo!


same, if I don't like a video I just stop watching it, the only time I bother with the buttons is if I really like a video I give it a like


File: 1637719235268.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why log into account in the first place?


it also tastes delicious


same, though i actually had it adblocked because i didnt like the visual clutter


So that I can save my videos I like and make playlists and get recommendations for things I may be interested in as well as get notifications when certain channels upload


there is an old man youtuber, i think hs is british. each video he takes apart small consumer devices and talks about the circuits and how the thing works. i cant remember his channel name

so this is what 'subscribe' is for…


ha bigclive

the power of the mind! i have remembered


I've started using paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups. Why didn't I do this before? No more dirty dishes.


I check for videos manually by bookmarking channels, or using search engine for the ones i visit rarely. To each their own.
Been watching him since 2017, can't do 3rd grade maths so obviously im there just for the flashing lights.


I just eat foods that you can eat with hands like frozen pizzas, sandwiches, cheese + crackers and stuff like that


you probably linked one of his vids, thats how i originally started watching him, someone posted videos here


WWE chairman Vince McMahon doesn't eat any food with his hands. He says "sandwiches don't count" and that when he eats pizza he "folds it over and doesn't eat the part that he touched".


>Why didn't I do this before?
Maybe money?

I converted over to paper everything when I started living alone. It's great. Fuck doing dishes.


think I'd rather just wash a plate and rinse a glass out than be wasting money and space in the garbage bag, how lazy can you be



I'm happy you're happy. I just hope one day I and other wizzies can become as happy as you. I'm sure I'll get there with the way I'm going. In the meantime, sending good vibes.


most people are not "monsters". most people are selfish and only about themselves, but they aren't out to get you. in fact, they don't even care at all about you or noticec you exist.


exactly. boomers are so stupid they come in and be like "Hey youngster help me out here I didnt do any research but i need a new phone" whereas any normal person researches what they want before going in.


those peasants are basically retarded anyway. they would check my receipt for like 10 minutes like i'm stealing something even though i'm a normal looking white man obvciously not stealing $20 worth of shit.


File: 1638064498197.jpg (156.01 KB, 850x1212, 425:606, __charlotte_e_yeager_world….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

free free free happy happy happy. sorry very euphoric again. fulfilled. road forks, story becomes my own. live in a world of code, of maths and physics. never again music, talking, games, nothing, just programming and maths. so happy, sets my mind free. vigor. gamma waves at rest. spend days awake, rest only when sleeping, feel awesome. indomable. want to learn and program forever. all is well that ends well. sorry. meep meep.

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