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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


reposting from last thread:
Had a weird feeling last night of being "watched" and being under some kind of pressure as I was sleeping/half awake, like something was literally on my chest. It spooked me to the point of turning the desk lamp on to get back to sleep.

Sorry for the crappy description, has anyone experienced something resembling this? I kinda wish it would happen again.


File: 1634748915242.jpg (4.59 MB, 3013x2442, 3013:2442, John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Ni….JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, it looks like you had a night terror episode.


I think I have developed a paradoxical reaction. I spent my whole life in front of my pc, it's the only thing that relaxed and interested me. But now what happens is I can feel the stress and anxiety actually build up if i do what i've been doing these past years, that is browsing the net and such…I think I guilt-tripped myself into thinking that I have to do something useful all the time instead of wasting all my time, and I can't relax anymore. Well, my mental state is completely fucked now. Gonna go to a mental hospital soon actually, i'm on benzo meds and still barely holding together with anxiety and depression. Even though life always sucked, I already miss the days where I could pass the time doing nothing and feeling decent…seems like I'm past my limit.


It was me. Was just checking on you bro.


Isn't it weird that the west value individualism so much yet need to do everything in groups? Apparently eating alone in restaurants is a big taboo. Also they demand to eat in groups in a Japanese ramen store originally intended for singles who unfortunately have catered to them


The West can and should get more individualistic than it currently is, I think.


the obsession with individuality in culture is bad. Because when individuality is spread as an ideal, those who are not individual minded will attempt and fail to be their own person. Individual minded people will be individuals whether society told them to or not.


I'm a misanthrope. I think a lot of wizards are misanthrope. But I'm tired of this, I'd like to learn how to not hate people. Has anyone experienced something similar?


it was never individualistic nor prized those who are, that stuff was just part of the founding myth of a certain retarded country, nothing more, they still invoke it though to peddle iphone covers


>Isn't it weird that the west value individualism so much yet need to do everything in groups?
I think you are missunderstanding what individualism actually is if you think there is a conflict between being individualistic and doing things in groups. Individualism is not synonymous with being alone or a loner. Just like being collectivist doesn't mean always being around people or being a extrovert.
>Apparently eating alone in restaurants is a big taboo
It isn't.
Actually go outside and stop believing trolls on the internet. The truth is no one cares, rarely notices, and most people have or semi-regularly do it.
>Also they demand to eat in groups in a Japanese ramen store originally intended for singles who unfortunately have catered to them
Never heard that or seen evidence and honestly don't care.

tl;dr individualism isn't what you seem to think it is, and no one cares if you eat out alone.


>Apparently eating alone in restaurants is a big taboo

It's most definitely not. I've eaten in hundreds of different shitty buffets over the years and there's always a lot of people eating alone in those places at all times. Nobody cares. I mean nobody. It's not even an unusual occurrence, it's in fact quite common.


I'm a disappointed idealist. Think many bitter and cynical people are.


Wouldn't call it idealism myself though. More like having standards. Don't have to be an angel or anything.

Assholes prefer to call decent human behavior idealism though, because why not try to paint it as naive while we're at it.


Back when I was young and still dealing with the effects of "unpleasant interactions", social and physical isolation due to changing schooling from public to home schooling, and having my incorrect expectations violated when it came to the behavor of authorities in a crisis. I hated most of humanity on a personal level. Plus I was becoming more aware of global issues like that injustus was common, the true horrors of war and that it isn't like the action movies, and the general shitty state of the world due to human vice and stupidity.

On reflection, I hated people because they didn't match the expectations I was taught to expect as a child.
How my hatred faded was as I grew to understand people as they actually are and why people do the things they do, rather then how I wanted them to be or how others wishfully say they are. Hate comes from anger, and as the stoics accurately put it, anger comes from violated expectations. As I got rid of my expectations of people my anger faded. Without that anger there was nothing to fuel the fires of hate.

So my two tips for not being a misanthrope is to get rid of your expectations of people, and to learn and accept how people actually are as well as understand why they behave how they behave, rather then how you would like them to be.
It probably won't make you actually like humanity, but you likely won't hate them if you do those two things.


Have fun "accepting" the person who robs and maims you on your way from the grocery store.


It is impressive how far you missed the point.

Like you came to the exact opposite of the point that I made.

Also I CC so…


Most people are monsters, whatever mental gymnastics you attempt to make yourself "hate less" is not going to make them any nicer towards you.


Come on. Are you saying you'd rather live in the collectivistic USSR or medieval theocratic Europe? Because that's basically what you're gonna get if you get rid of individualism.
Well, I learned to hate people less when I met people that treated me well and stopped doing things that made me miserable. Any misanthropic hangups sorta felt less important to me.


are you implying that individualism is given by capitalist democracy? lol


i wish software logs displayed good stuff more. it seems like it's just a log for bad things. sometimes i would like to check the logs and see my computer saying it's happy and doing great


Run a quick scan on windows defender, it will tell you it's doing great even if it isn't.



Is anyone else here sensitive to caffeine? I got a new tea brand recently and it has way too much caffeine in it, makes me feel awful, what a waste of money


Again, you have totally and completely missed the point and are 180 degrees from what the post meant.

You are in your own league of "special".


>Is anyone else here sensitive to caffeine?
Normally tea isn't too much, but I only drink about 6-8 oz cup at a time.

Anyway, to not waste money you could try to do what I do to the free coffee at work. I water it down and use tiny cups.
So in the small cup I fill it maybe a third with coffee(or in your case overly strong tea) then add water for the other two thirds and stir.
Probably leads to a very light tasting tea but with coffee it seems to work fine.


coffee has no effect on me


I would rather live in a collectivist country like Finland than an individualist one like the US where you're thrown on the street for not being a successful normie. I can see why most billionaires prefer the land of the free though.


Why treat it like those are the only options? Saudi Arabia is pretty collectivist and I'd prefer living in the US over Saudi Arabia, myself.


used to get fucked up on a can of cola, now I can't feel anything short of a dose that would kill a kid


You're the one who made medieval gulags the only other option.
Go ahead and tell me about the great welfare system of Saudi Arabia. Personally I think the sheiks are at least as fond of individualism as you are.


Not really. I used to drink that instant 3-in-1 coffee just for the taste or black tea before bed and never had any problems.

Then I started drinking 3 cups of turkish black coffee a day and for the first time I understood the caffeine meme. I could sleep 3 hours the night before and just feel really buzzed and focused, but then the headaches started when I didn't get my fix so I just quit it entirely. There's always a price to pay with substances but for a second there I was really into it and even bought 5-6 brands of coffee at the store to try out.


I love the taste of black coffee, it just makes me incredibly anxious and jittery though, even just a small amount, it's kind of upsetting I cant drink something I think tastes good


>I cant drink something I think tastes good
black… decaf coffee?


decaf still has some caffeine in it for some reason


Very little, like about the same as a bar of dark chocolate.


yeah, it still effects me though, pretty annoying, the caffeine in coffee products is more potent than tea at the same mg levels I found for some reason, unless the amount they list is just made up or approximations


I'm disgusted by the fact I hate people. The disgust I feel for myself is a magnification of the very same disgust I feel for others.

Here's a personal example. I spent a long time together with my stepbrother in one house, like 5 years. I left for college. In 4 years he called me once or twice. I hate him for being distant. Now I do realize this lack of being able to open up is his own personal problem, but I still hate him for it.

But I hate myself way more. I hate myself for hating my family. I tell myself that I love my family and I believe that to some extent I do, but I also hate them.

This is breaking me. A contradictory position like this is unstable. I'm going to learn how to love people.


wish humans evolved from cats

you never heard cats whining about "tfw alone" or shooting themselves on the holidays


Are you a furry? When I was a kid I thought that several human features look off, like ears or feet. These look better on most animals. despite that I'm quite comfortable in my body I just think that if anthros were real they'd be pretty.


Not him but I agree, animals are just so much more aesthetically pleasing.


I'm just saying humans wouldn't be so annoying with cat instincts, and definitely more advanced
I doubt they'd be pretty


>more advanced
Probably not.


any anthro species would be more advanced than whiny sex obsessed apes


I really don't like where this conversation is going.


Why not? Most things are or can be beautiful


because like everyone I've seen enough movies to have a good idea what an actual anthro would look like and it wouldn't be pretty


I’ve watched movies and think they’d look good so fuck you


bet you thought the tank succubus kangaroos were hot too


> the tank succubus kangaroos were hot too
The what?



I still haven't gotten around to reading the comic.


Wizchan was in the news again


Probably the 1st time I've seen it mentioned by name in actual printed publication


> an online community premised on earning wisdom and magic through celibacy.
honestly one of the biggest "not bad" descriptions they could have used


Not as bad as I thought.
Was just a time waster fluff piece rather than a ideological driven hit piece.
And wizchan was barely in it, with the quick reference being unemotional and informational for a change.


>And wizchan was barely in it, with the quick reference being unemotional and informational for a change
Yeah but if you click on the words after Wizardchan it takes you to their whole article about Wizardchan


um its not "their" article. A prestigious publication founded in 1857 isn't going to devote a whole article to wizchan


>um its not "their" article. A prestigious publication founded in 1857 isn't going to devote a whole article to wizchan


Still blatantly wrong though There is nothing deep about this site, it is just a place where one can get away from sex having normalfags.


Then why is it called Wizard?


It's a literal meme. Same reason places like /r9k/ refer to robots, instead of calling it /sadlonelyfaggots/.


If you only saw the plastic flowers at the store, you would think that flowers are ugly too. Face the music, most things are pretty.


File: 1635066299299.jpg (388.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Apples and oranges comparison. When you're talking about animals (this includes humans) there's a whole lot more that can go wrong in the aesthetics department and usually does. Just look at how ugly the average human is compared to art. Flesh and blood cat anthros would probably be no exception and look like monsters rather than the drawings you fap to. Especially if evolution decided to get rid of their fur.


Shut up Alaskan


was baking some fresh catnip I harvested, the aroma filled the house and my mom's bengal cat went apeshit for an hour, I guess catnip molecules are aerosolized by baking the fresh leaves, I've never seen a cat react that much to the physical nip itself so it must have been an extreme amount of molecules


I am guessing you have no clue how catnip works or why cats react to it.

The smell mimics certain cat pheromones. So yeah filling the house with the strong smell of catnip is understandably overwhelming to any cat with a functional nose.
Why the hell were you baking catnip anyway?


he’s makin magic brownies


>I'm guessing
now maybe you can try reading, because someone talking about catnip molecules should tip you off that he knows how it affects cats
>why were you baking catnip
why does one dry herbs and dehydrate foods


>dry herbs and dehydrate foods
To preserve it for longer. Not everything can be vacuum sealed.


Fuck off Alaskan


Baking and dehydrating are two different thing, with the only similarities being that heat is applied.
If you are baking herbs to dehydrate them you are doing it wrong.


>reduced to splitting hairs
Always gotta be right, don't you. Manufacturing an argument about catnip of all things and telling people to fuck off, lol. Grow up, martial arts mutt. It's just catnip.


Fuck off alaskan


me dakimakura smell like me, smell like ONION. LMAO


was walking around today and saw one of the neighbors step out front to chop firewood, as he swung the hatchet into the rather narrow log the fool was holding it upright with his other hand on the top only a couple inches away from the blade, not holding the side, but the very top, talk about an accident waiting to happen, what a disturbing sight that was


File: 1635163433216.png (18.78 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 3DE5A1C2-CE49-4794-ADDC-30….png) ImgOps iqdb

odorous wizard


Thanks for the reminder to wash my sheets. I should take a shower too but I need to wash my clothes since I am on my last clean t-shirt.

Maybe it is naked laundry time.


Where do you see evolution here? If something like nonhuman intelligence would be among us, it would probably be of our own creation. Have faith in the beauty of artiface.


So hungry. Haven't done groceries in weeks and only had cookies and dorispies to eat since (i keep a 3 week supply of corn chip products). Not good cookies either, I got those Christie's with the Cadbury Mini eggs instead of chocochips and they burnt away the top layer of my tongue like cinnamon hearts do. I also tried those new Oreos that are like vanilla cookie, light choco cream, and also peanut butter cream. Not great, left me wanting regular peanut butter cookies and regular Oreos. Stole a ramen pack from the housemate and then went out back to shoot geese, so aunty can make me goose pot pie. Nothing flew by besides crows, and they don't taste very good. Walked to work and collected the half bag of Cool Ranch I had stashed under the register. The bag had been perforated by mice and mink but that didn't stop me from crunching the bag to crumbs and then drinking it all. Ratass pizza place I like doesn't do delivery for another hour. SkipTheDishes keeps getting guys from like 40km away and I feel bad for them. I have a need to feed, a fate to masticate, in my stomach there is room to consume. Boss said he would bring me sandwiches and pasta meals from his restaurant but I was too asleep to accommodate his offerings yesterday and today he'll only be up to scold me for doing a lousy job closing up for the year.


How the hell do you have so much stuff going on in your life as a wizard?

I'm literally in my room 24/7 and haven't even talked to another human for years if the internet doesn't count. I have a bunch of canned food I've bought or ordered ages ago that were left at my front door.


I still come back to watch this from time to time.


can someone just recommend me a microcontroller kit so i can learn how to build stuff already

i have the classic choice paralysis right now where there is 10 million options and i have no idea what is good or how to make a decision


I mean, Arduino?


I wish I was a japanese westaboo



because japan is cool but there are select thing from the west that are cool, best of both worlds, I’m tired of missing out on japanese exclusive entertainment




>The Arduino UNO is the best board to get started with electronics and coding. If this is your first experience tinkering with the platform, the UNO is the most robust board you can start playing with. The UNO is the most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.
alright hell yeah that sounds perfect, thanks for sharing your knowledge wiz


I have no real knowledge besides knowing what other people use. I bought a chinese Uno clone and a bunch of parts like 10 years ago and only used them to make a probe thermometer from another Arduino Nano clone and a DS18B20 sensor. I still use the thermometer but I should have known better than to delude myself I'd learn electronics and programming if I got all the stuff. I always do that, I briefly get into random things thinking I'll finally start learning something and then I never do or accomplish anything. I'm ashamed looking at the dusty box of unopened parts sitting in the corner. I didn't even write the program, just copy pasted some code I found on the internet. God I hate myself.

Anyway if you want a cheaper Uno clone try RobotDyn store on Aliexpress and look for a "Classic UNO R3 ATmega16U2+ATmega328P-PU" board. These are $13, there are many much cheaper Uno boards available but the RobotDyn ones are generally liked for good enough quality while still being cheaper than originals. But get better power supplies than cheap chinese, I tried to use 3.3V/5V breadboard power supplies I got with the other parts to test faulty LED strips in my TV and ended up burning some diodes because both of the supplies broke after minutes of use. After that I found out that buying brand new LED strips is actually cheaper than getting all the stuff needed to test and repair them, I wonder why local TV repairmen don't just install new strips and instead insist on replacing them with ones cobbled together from working diodes cut out of old broken strips. Extreme penny pinching I guess.


File: 1635541086162.jpg (23.35 KB, 299x461, 299:461, huh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I took a chance and ordered some old made in japan monocular, hopefully the optical quality is flawless like my other japan made pocket scope, the new one has no brand name just that of a long defunct european distributor that outsourced it, I guess it all depends on the particular prism they used, optics nerds saying this or that prism produces shaded edges on the image, eek

I tell myself it's only $18 though, I wasted that much tonight on groceries


ended up getting an "ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit" , comes with the uno board and a bunch of parts for like $30. already know programming so not worried about that. the main thing i never really understood was how to physically connect stuff and wire multiple things together but thats probably just something i will understand after i can tinker with it


I wish you luck.
Getting into electronics and physically putting stuff like this together to do stuff in the real world is super satisfying.


File: 1635614775064.png (39.83 KB, 566x800, 283:400, d2bcb2957e5d1de02ff16ff575….png) ImgOps iqdb

Returned half of piggy bank money I had used to buy a tablet this year through birthday present money.


>birthday present money.
good memories of birthday money. Always treated myself good to a new game or anime fig. Some of my dearest possessions were bought with birthday money


you are all faggot niggers and i hate you


going out of your way call someone a childish thing like that and saying you hate them… thats pretty anime of you wiz


just took a massive dump, and now I feel so calm
maybe giant shits are the secret to attaining nirvana


File: 1635640571199.jpg (356.22 KB, 1200x919, 1200:919, 21a0754626bdcc24ad30315265….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Housemate A's longterm prostitute is over for the weekly dick sucking contest. Housemate B's meathole invited a friend over. Turns out Housemate B's meat's friend is Housemate's A's illegitimate daughter that he's only ever seen once. Said daughter begins chatting it up with Housemate A. Housemate A's prostitute doesn't like this, and begins downing hard liquor. Said prostitute falls ass-first in to the toilet, uprooting it and spraying unflushed shart water everywhere. There is no more toilet and now everyone is drunk and fighting about child support or some other normalfag problem. The night is young. They took mushrooms and are likely to engage in crack smokery. Their radio can get very loud. Prostitute is now attempting toilet use despite no toilet. It has just broken down the bathroom door.

I have 4 loaded guns on my desk. I could go and do it. I could go and kill them all. I cold raze this house to ash and nail. They'd suspect it was me, but there wouldn't be enough evidence left to verify the charges.


The bullets being fired by your gun would probably be enough to convict you, unless there was evidence that someone else broke into the house and stole one from you somehow.


Quads of prophecy.


File: 1635651167481.png (1021.13 KB, 1326x5254, 663:2627, antinatalism.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you have more stories like this, then you'll quickly outmatch picrel.


By reading that post it looks like just bullets won't do. He probably should burn the entire house down at this point its inhabitants are so unholy.


Ive lived in a bad neighborhood before, and I've also had similar fantasies, but I'd probably die from shame if I had considered something like that


wasted $10 out of pocket on rat poison because one of those horrid squirrels out back stole it all somehow despite covering the poison with tons of obstacles, tonight I'm told there's a dead squirrel out back, now I don't feel so bad but fuck…$10

rotten animal


i mean squirrels are basically rats, i think it did good


Anyone else enjoying national pig out on candy day?


just another ordinary day to me


I'm trying to reduce my sugar consumption.
Plus I am just not feeling it this year.


no trick or treaters this year for the first time in history, not sure what's going on, but I'm not complaining


aaah I have to pay my storage unit dues but the only money I have is a collection of old style bills, ones I haven't seen in years since before the plastic ones rolled out. I wanted to use them to fake some "old" photographs to gaslight my family in to thinking their perception of time is all wishy-washy.


justjames is back with another video. It's about the worst thing to watch when you're already depressed. He thinks himself too good for low paying jobs but he's an idiot and will never be able to change that. On top of that he has some online girlfriend he keeps hoping will be his certain path to happiness. Jesus fuck, this guy. He's worse off than me and that's a hard thing to accomplish. At least I don't have any delusions about my intelligence or relationships/friends. I think he would be better off with some diagnosis and get some bux but he's so proud of himself in such weird ways. Gotta wonder if that's not a disability on itself.


unfortunately, being a cuckboy hopelessly in love is not a mental disorder. it's not even looked down on in the normalfag world. most normies are delusional about their relationships, you're the mentally ill one for having an accurate conception of who actually gives a shit about you.


I thought normals thought love was gay and they can even be in a relationship with someone and finding out that they are loved ruins it for them?


that's just wymyn


is justjames still a virgin?


He never even gets to fuck his gf from what I know.
he is such a loser because he is a failed normalfag lol


>He never even gets to fuck his gf from what I know

save the wiz


he can never be a wiz anyway since he is a normalfaggot in spirit


it's just a normalfaggot phase?


There is no such thing as a normalfaggot phase. A wiz may be a teen and not yet understand he is indeed a wiz like I imagine homosexuals are confronted with and have to grapple with the realization that the world is not worth striving for but a wiz will never behave as justjames does as he WANTS to be a normalfaggot more than anythig else. justjames is just like a crab even if he denies it.

A wiz does not desire anything normalfags do.


As a horny teen my fantasy was to live in a castle in the deep woods with a sex robot maid.

So even then I wasn't exactly normal and didn't want to deal with people.

Then again I am on the wacky spectrum so on a neurological level I never even had a chance of being normal.


it's episode 321 of parent bought a new phone and asks for help because they can't use it

of course it comes with an overpriced data plan lol

it's funny how boomers always go for the shiniest, most expensive products they can get their hands on, when cheaper, more simple stuff would best suit their needs


Blame predatory salespeople who make commissions for convincing retarded boomers to buy their products


It's not our fault marks don't even bother to google before coming in. If they came in actually knowing what they want/needed then they wouldn't have to pay the stupid tax, which is more for getting on my nerves and wasting time then just pure profit.

If you had to deal with ignorant boomers you would want them to pay extra too.


File: 1636080888781.png (421.95 KB, 1599x1066, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone make a Wizard Coat of Arms?


We don't serve any kingdom and hold no lands.
Most users here aren't even European.


File: 1636103517782.jpg (422.48 KB, 976x1358, 488:679, ffffffffff.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1636151072126.jpg (143.11 KB, 501x817, 501:817, wiz1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I couldn't do better with 60 seconds in photoshop


Do you ever see some low-tier wage slave somwhere and wonder how they can take it? I was in the line at walmart customer service for like 40 minutes today and I watched the elderly wage slave near the exit. His job consisted of telling the morons who tried to walk through the gates marked "emergency exit only" that they couldn't go that way, to check people's receipts at the door, and to wish people a good day. Sometimes people would just leave their cart there and he would unchain the cart section and put the cart with the rest of the carts and put the chain back. As I sat there and watched him do this shit over and over again I just started to wonder how this guy could tolerate 40 hours of his life being devoted to that bullshit every week without blowing his brains out.


Honestly doesn't sound that bad.
I kind of wonder what exactly is your deal that such busy work seems hard or intolerable to you. Like how did you make it though school, or life in general?


You need to be extremely low sentience and braindead to be able to do that 8 hours a day for years upon years.

I mean, I designed and painted and ceiling murals for a small institution with all the creativity I could muster (classic buildings built between 1800-1900, so heraldry, fleur de lis patterns, Louis XVI ornaments etc), and I still needed 1 hour breaks every 2-3 hours to stay sane.

I could barely manage to do that work 6 hours a day for about 2-3 days a week even though it was somewhat enjoyable for me.


File: 1636154483482.jpg (946.01 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 2357897.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you have no idea what I mean, that's the kind of work I did. Basically restoring earlier work or if none was present but the building was old,
I created new designs using classical motifs, heraldry, ornaments etc.


So you are just puffing up your ego to shit on people you think yourself better then.
I see.
I am guessing you aren't doing much of value now and that is eating at you so you are looking for someone of lower social status to put down.

Really normalfag behavior tbh.
I feel nothing but contempt for people like you.


He's literally better than you though. You've outed yourself as a low sentience automaton.


And let's not forget it is very on brand for the alaskan to shit on random people as a personal ego boost. Even if he has to lie and make shit up to do it.


checking receipts and telling people to have a nice day just sounds boring as fuck. It takes basically zero effort or skill and there is zero variation. At least working at the customer service line you get to do a bunch of different shit. Somehow even stocking shelves seems infintely preferable though and that too would be boring. I think it's the soulless corporate enforced cheery interaction that rubs me the wrong way. Just sitting there listening to him say "have a nice day" over and over again just sounded dystopian after a certain point because it's just something his boss makes him do so the company will make more money, it's not a genuine human interaction. How could it be? A normal person asking to see your receipt is basically them treating you as a criminal, but since it's a corporation doing it for money we all just kind of accept it and get through the fake interaction, only this guy gets through it thousands upon thousands of times every day.


How on Earth do I live in Alaska? I'm in the UK.

I also don't think I'm "better than anyone".

I said to endure that kind of work 8 hours a day you have to be braindead.
I didn't mean the person doing the work is stupid. The point was the job kills you mentally and is not work fit for human beings.

This entire "discussion" is just absurd.



You're an architect? If so, thats cool


He said he was a house painter.
How you confused that with a architect is beyond me.



File: 1636218371585.png (695.24 KB, 3885x2500, 777:500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

auntie's dog just died, woke up this morning bleeding internally, profusely, and externally even too, more profuse.. Exploded uterus, because never had puppies. veterinary general practitioner and euthanasia coordinators wanted $5000k to fix, or $300 for kill. kill. dug a hole and buried dog in the hole. gave dog the pet before leave, last thing my hand touch was of death, death from not sex… totally wizard anny. if i ever start bleedin to death because i have not sex, shoot me, shoot me hard and fast, god hat a horrible way to die.


rest in rip pupper


I regret euthanizing my dog. He was just old and not moving much and my mom decided it was time but really nothing was wrong with him. I feel guilty as fuck for not opposing her, but then again maybe it was better to do it before he went out in some sort of agonizing incident like that.


>$300 for kill
what a rip off. You can buy a gun for that much.


Probably big city prices.
Can't exactly Old Yeller the dog in the middle of a city without risking jail time.

Last checked it was around $120 to put a dog down by a vet around here.
Less if you go to a farm vet.


Even if you kill yourself some succubus may still try to steal your mana



Wonder if family court would rule in her favor if she claimed to be owed his assets as a extension of child support.


The world is so fucked up I really wouln't be surprised if happened.


File: 1636261465412.jpg (12.6 KB, 316x400, 79:100, postsEtiquette.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been reading this recently.

Holy fucking shit, where was this a decade and a half ago for me? I remember fretting about basic stuff like going to the fucking grocery store, and playing out in my head how to do a basic transaction with a clerk. This book has that level of detail written down. If someone had sold etiquette to me as

"Rote rules that you can memorize that can pass you off for someone with MUCH higher social skills than you actually have"

as opposed to

"Snooty pedantry for your aunt at the dinner table"

I would've paid a lot more attention to this. This really is just shit you can memorize to get around/cope with being a cringy, autistic fuck.


Normals think I’m crazy and avoid me including my mom. I feel very offended by it and can’t seem to stop feeling guilty and shameful


I'll download it. I've been looking for something like this for a while.



Cooked a small pork roast. I think it came out too soft.
Like the texture was kind of melty and had the same give as well chewed gum. I am used to pork being a bit chewier and harder then that, but this is the first time I have actually made pork roast for myself.
It also filled with water. Cooking should have dried out the meat a bit so that it would have a drier texture. I had sauce prepared as is normal but the meat was already soaking wet as I cut it. Very weird, I checked the temp and it was within the safe range in the thickest part of the meat, so it wasn't under cooked.
I don't know why my roast came out the way it did. It isn't like my grandma's roast at all.
My mom doesn't cook pork so I can't even ask her for advice on this. Grandma is very dead so can't ask her ether. At least not without some necromancy, lol.


This sounds interesting. Do you have any specific examples of things you used to do that reading this book made you stop doing/start doing differently? This really sounds like it could be valuable for many wizards.


Everytime I post something I get the feeling that I've already posted once before.


It's possible, especially if you have been here awhile.


File: 1636515238949.png (116.54 KB, 1248x669, 416:223, waytoodetailed.png) ImgOps iqdb

Now that you've mentioned it, I guess this is embarrassing stuff to mention, but it should.

For example, when I'd go to the store I'd often "plan" what exactly I had to say to the clerk if they asked me what I was there for, and I'd just start panicking about what to do. They've got that situation covered. Picrel, it says exactly what to say. In fact, it's more insanely detailed than that: picrel is the SUBSECTION dedicated to department store clerks, there's A DIFFERENT SUBSECTION for what you say to a pharmacist.

Or I'd fret a ton of time over the 'send' button before sending an e-mail. There's a whole section on correspondence and e-mail that's of the form "IF you are talking to X for reason Y say or use template Z or be sure to at least mention Z."

There's obviously a ridiculously large chapter on 'conversation' that very literally describes how you're supposed to talk to someone (when do you use filler words and when do you look at their face versus look away). You probably don't need it to that detail, I guess. In any case, the MOST invaluable stuff I've found is how to deal with "nosy" questions I'd often get from family (I shouldn't have been surprised, but the fact that the book had them verbatim surprised me and made me think this thing was psychic ("Why aren't you married yet?")) .

Tl;dr, all the shit normies take for common sense.


>but it should
but I should


been doing the elegoo learning modules. they include example code showing how to use the various sensors and stuff… with all the example stuff it's really easy to swap out componanents or experiment by modifying things. have a lot of cool ideas but i think its best to keep doing the modules first. my judgement is that it's not as difficult as i imagined it would be, everything is well documented


Might start doing college courses for being counsellor but I am all types fucked up and it seems useless to bother. I don't even need to work because NEETbux.


I get that sometimes too. I still don't know if I'm imagining it or not.


File: 1636733898269-0.jpg (4.18 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, IMG_20211113_005737.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1636733898269-1.jpg (4.46 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, IMG_20211113_005557.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got a new figure


no offense but she looks mentally retarded


It’s just the early 00s style like clannad and higurashi.


It's called anime and it's art.


Nice, I too have some figures and other goods from ElectroMagneticWave (We don't call her POP anymore because then people think we're talking about Funko Pops, very cringe) Nijihara is cute and sexy. They don't make cast-off figures like these anymore.


i feel like youtube has been slowly decreasing video quality over time. i watch 1080p gameplay and it looks like dogshit, there is no detail whatsoever

or is it that people are just uploading them that way


Im pretty sure youtube incrementally decreases the quality of videos based on how old they are, stuff I watched 15 years ago that looked fine now look like a complete blocky mess


A lot of people avoid the upload progress by just livestreaming the footage to Youtube and then using their high-subscriber privileges to flag the stream as an upload instead, so footage will be wrecked with network compression, especially if they're aiming for 60fps. Youtube can actually process and output some pretty high bitrates, but despite this video packages like Vegas and Davinci Resolve all include their own YouTube Quality preset that pretty much renders the footage through a paper shredder.


thats cool wiz cant wait to colllect figs.
Keeping her in box or on display?


That would be their compression program being a bit shit and the user picking the fastest compression option rather than the one that preserves quality.


They downgraded the bitrate at the start of covid. That's why 720p went from HD to not.


Are any of you still able to play pretend with dolls?


I can with a fumo type doll. I dont pretend to do things just talk


Scratch this, I just went back and watched a video that I uploaded pretty much to test what 4K would look like on Youtube. It was about 8gb/minute bitrate and I remember being very pleased with how it came out, almost pin-sharp at all times with none of that web compression boxing. I even shot on a very high aperture and shutter speed so everything is pin sharp and there was no motion blur, and yet youtube seems to have retroactively smeared all the frames together as the presets I mentioned would have. what a sucks.


Do you actually act out the talking, or just imagine it without physically doing anything? I feel like I've lost a lot of my ability to do so.


yeah their compression algos seem much more aggressive based on googling. i have seen bitrate get reduced 30x and the frames halved to 30fps, when you compare the same video before and after being uploaded. and so they are just applying that also to older videos as well…

it is insane when you compare the video quality of sites like twitch to youtube. night and day. the fucked up thing is that they have the original high quality video you upload, im assuming, but they are just streaming the quality versions in a highly compressed format

i dont pay for youtube and i dont really upload anything so i dont really have a right to complain, but it's weird how unaccountable and opaque the largest video site is. how most big sites are


Box for now, need more space most of my figures have to stay that way..


>uninstall internet download manager (I didn't install it)
>computer says I need to restart because internet protocol is changed during the installation
>bootmgr is missing
What the fuck happened? What the fuck did IDM do that merely uninstalling bricks your OS?


Do a startup repair, if it is indeed missing, windows can reinstall it no problem.


Simply inserting the windows cd seems to work. It just boggles my mind how do you even make a program that destroy the user's OS upon uninstalling.


Windows 10's default image viewer kinda suck.
Any of y'all use a free alternative image viewer?




How exactly did you uninstall it?
Where was it located in relation to your system files?


I will check it out.



everything is a "disorder" now, take your pills and trust the "experts"


diagnosed and schizoid makes life much more empty than it ought to be. If you had this you would understand the experience.
What pills for schizoid? what therapy? there is none


Add/remove programs
Probably program files


As somebody self-diagnosed as a schizoid, there are a few reasons why I think it's a problem. First, I find dealing with people to be at minimum very draining and usually extremely unpleasant. This is a problem if you don't want to live in a cabin in the mountains a la Uncle Ted. Any job I could get (and I have huge difficulty getting any) would be far more difficult for me to deal with than for most other people. No, I can't get NEETbux so that's not a solution.
Apparently a large proportion of homeless people have SPD, which highlights how much of an issue this could be.

There's also the anhedonia and general lack of motivation, but that seems secondary. If I had a consistent and sufficient source of income I would probably live a very quiet and simple life and not have much of a problem with it.


not the guy you replied to, but i'm certain i have it and don't see anything wrong with it


I have no idea why youtube hates animators so much. Their algorithm favor shitty low effort content.


It's not that they hate animators.
It's that their stupid algorithm prefers people who upload 2 or 3 times a day, every single day. Which is basically impossible for a animator. So they get buried by talking head and blog content that can be spammed out with far less effort.
It's dumb but that is for some retarded reason how they programed the thing.


No. Youtube favors Vox, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, etc.. It's the same reason they've been getting rid of dislikes. You can tell because in their writeup saying why they got rid of dislikes, they had this section that said, "WE AREN'T DOING THIS BECAUSE WE'RE TRYING TO SUPPORT MSM!" It came out of nowhere when nobody was even accusing them of that yet. Just a little bit suspicious if you ask me, kind of like if you ask a guy "Hey, have you heard that X got robbed?" and their immediate response was, "I DID NOT ROB X."

I've been getting _somewhat_ better results by searching by "new." But what I really wish is that I could search by "<10k subscribers."


>First, I find dealing with people to be at minimum very draining and usually extremely unpleasant.
This is usually why a lot of schizoids end up taking up the impersonal jobs.

I can see an argument to providing schizoids with "ways to fake it," which is what a lot of the "therapy" amounts to. Which is another thing I find weird. If the therapy amounts to "Here's how you can fake being somewhat social," but isn't actually making them want to be more social, isn't that an admission that this is a personal preference and lifestyle, not a disorder?

>There's also the anhedonia and general lack of motivation, but that seems secondary.

I can see the arguments for and against that. It seems like a "the grass is greener on the other side" thing, because there's a shitton of normies who are chasing Buddhism becuase it seems like they want to be anhedonic. Likewise, there are a lot of anhedonic people who want some sort of motivation in life, but when they do, it inevitably ends up like an addiction and poisons them.


you should be able to influence the type of content you want and tweak the algo
who even watches youtube in 2021 anyway though


>Youtube favors Vox, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, etc
Take a wild guess how many times they upload every day every single day. Which they are able to do because they have full on studios and a back catalog of years of content that can be reused. Full news agencies that will make 5 or 6 videos about a single event.
And so on.
A constant stream of usually low quality content.


from my understanding there is no therapy that can help you overcome being schizoid. I can only speak from my understanding but I know how to fake it and can fake it to a degree that I appear high profile and socially capable. I can increase my threshold for being able to tolerate certain people without being drained but will still find all social interaction draining.
>this is a personal preference and lifestyle, not a disorder?
Schizoid goes beyond being a natural inclination towards being alone. This is not something you choose and although it is not well as well studied as other PD's there is reason to believe that it can be an alternative outcome for childhood trauma that is thought to cause borderline personality disorder.

The thing about schizoid that fucks you is how utterly hollow everything is. Schizoids may seem content alone and pretty much are but at the same time can strongly desire the ability to connect with another but there is no point because it is as if schizoid is an alien.
>there's a shitton of normies who are chasing Buddhism becuase it seems like they want to be anhedonic
maybe you misused the word?
anhedonia does not mean content and free from desire. It means actually not enjoying anything.


>who even watches youtube in 2021 anyway though
Basicly everyone.
It is the second most popular website in the world and become the replacement for tv for a whole generation.
Let's not pretend it isn't the most popular and used content platform to exist currently.


I knew people watched it but thougjht mainly zoomers did. I quit back 2015. such a time sink shitposts all day anyway


>Going through the description for SPD.
This reads like my personality profile.
>"treatment options"
Wait, what?


I wish google would just fire everyone except the guys who work on security. Microsoft too. Software has stopped improving a decade ago in terms of features. Now every time they release an update they just change around how it looks or change around where they hid features in menus. Just stop changing it if it doesn't make it any better.


You bitch about this at least once a month.
Maybe just use something else if you hate updates so much.


>everyone who complains about something generally unfavorable is actually the same guy
enough with this delusion
>use something else
Everything has useless updates that break functionality


Very rarely have I been browsing the main boards in my wizchan career. I've mostly been using /b/… but I just can't anymore. The way they act makes me too angry. It's too unfiltered and stupid. It'd too political, despite it not appearing that way. I think I will stick with the main boards for a while, as a surrogate. I just can't be around the toxic /b/ users anymore.


Are you really trying to claim you don't bitch about this regularly?
Fuck off with your bullshit dude.


are you talking about the alaskan?


I browse b because the main boards are pretty slow, but yeah it's mostly shit, and populated by some unfunny trolls and failed normalfags.



I am talking about the person who complains after every single update to windows, firefox, and website.
While also complaining that they hate everything about modern website design.
Who in now pretending that they don't regularly complain about such things, which is total bullshit. Not a month goes by that they don't bitch about such things.


It's only a disorder if it prevents you from functioning like an obedient dog.


Not exactly related to the topic at hand but have you noticed how robotic and monotoned most of these presenters are. There is a lack of any real facial movements amongst them.


That is because they spend day after day for years just reading the news off a teleprompter.
You would start phoning it in and just reading the lines roboticly after a few years of that too. Shit is boring but it pays alright because surprisingly there aren't as many people willing and able to do it as you would think.


why dont they just use virtual presenters? for normalfags it could be a talking animal or something. Maybe you could add microtranscations so you can have homer reading you news.

this is a good idea right here I am telling you jerry.


Isn't anhedonia a natural reaction to the hedonic treadmill? I mean, if you're an actuary, and you manage to obtain the same average return while minimizing the risk of a portfolio, then congrats, you've done a good job. But when it comes with happiness, people want the extreme highs and lows that come with it, but why? Is there a cognitive bias that doesn't make individuals realize that the hedonic treadmill implies that the higher up you go, then NECESSARILY you'll come crashing down? Is there some Superman "I'm invincible" thought process going on?


>Isn't anhedonia a natural reaction to the hedonic treadmill?
Not really, no.
I think you are misunderstanding both the consept of the hedonic treadmill and what anhedonia actually is.

Anhedonia is the total inability to feel happiness or pleasure, caused by depression or brain damage. It isn't being low, it is cutting off the whole positive portion of the emotional scale and throwing it away. So the only options are to feel bad or to feel nothing at all. Happiness and joy aren't options, aren't on the table.

The hedonic treadmill is more like stimulation tolerance. To green text a explanation its
>stimulus creates pleasure
>repeating that same exact stimulus over and over again creates a little less pleasure over time
>eventually ether a stronger stimulus is needed
>or a new different stimulus to bring the same level of pleasure
>taken to a extreme it leads to the requirement for drastically strong new stimulation to cause even faint levels of pleasure
Or to put it shortly it takes more and more to feel peak levels of good. Realistically speaking peak pleasure can't be held indefinitely.
It is easiest to explain it with drug analogies.
The first few hits feel peak good, but tolerance quickly builds and no matter how much the dose is raised peak good can't be maintained, to the point it can't even be reached. The drug even in high, near lethal quantities, barely gets stimulation above baseline.

So the TL:DR of the hedonic treadmill is that stimulation tolerance is a thing so doing the same thing over and over again won't make you permanently happy.


>Anhedonia is the total inability to feel happiness or pleasure, caused by depression or brain damage. It isn't being low, it is cutting off the whole positive portion of the emotional scale and throwing it away. So the only options are to feel bad or to feel nothing at all. Happiness and joy aren't options, aren't on the table.
No, I completely understand that. But you're also only looking at the bad. It's also the total inability to feel emotions period–including the bad ones.

Also, I don't really buy your explanation of hedonic treadmill. Everything I read does not seem to be what you're describing.


The other name for it is hedonic adaptation.
The only difference between my explaining it and the conventional way is the conventional way includes negative adaptation as well as positive adaptation, which I left out not only because it muddies the waters of explaining the concept but also because I don't think that part of the hypothesis is actually true.
I think that there is enough evidence that prolonged negative stimulation does drag down someones baseline significantly.
But the inverse does seam to have support, that adaptation to positive stimulation causes one to eventually fall to baseline.

To be crude.
A vibrater to the dick stops being fun relatively quickly.
A blowtorch to the back doesn't stop being unbelievably painful until physical damage renders the nerves inoperable.
Or in otherwords pleasure gets boring after time, but pain can always get your attention as long as you physically are able to function.

Yeah I know I am bias in regard to the theory, but it doesn't really change the explanatory power in context.


File: 1637044878408.jpg (207.94 KB, 1024x824, 128:103, m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In the future no one sees anyone else with their own eyes.
Sex is a thing of the past, except for a few conservative holdouts.
Robots perform most menial tasks.
AI performs most intellectual tasks.
Humanity is a ward of machinery, existing for the amusement of Faustian technocrats.
As humanity dwindles, conditions improve.
No one works unless he wants to.
No one, besides the highest technocrats, owns anything in the true reality.
Commoners are allowed the illusion of owning things in the virtual reality.
Crime is impossible in the virtual reality.
The only crimes in the true reality are “terrorism” and “rejection” from those who are not integrated.
Men and succubi are matched via an advanced AI program.
Pair-bonding is still commonplace, but couples date and mate only in the virtual reality.
The virtual reality has taken precedence over true reality, for nearly all.
Sex gynoids and androids are ubiquitous, fulfilling the erotic needs.
Ova and spermatozoa are harvested via an incentivized program; sent to gamete banks.
Couple’s reproduction is almost always accomplished through artificial insemination.
Gene editing is ubiquitous but highly regulated.
Children are genetically engineered and universally conditioned to be conformists.
People are from infancy isolated into small rooms and hooked to the virtual reality.
Parents still raise children in virtual reality like a family, but in true reality they never meet.
Drones deliver small goods and meals to people.
Hikkikomori lifestyle is the norm. (if one only looks at true reality)
Zero privacy.
Most people never leave their small room.
Significantly lowered consumption and drastically shrunk population.
Nature again thrives, but few appreciate it.
People are actively conditioned to fear nature.
History has been forgotten by all but the technocrats and their clique.
This prison stands for 1000 years until the rejecters destroy it.



Beautifully horrific.

If an outcome is undesirable, it is the action that is to be scrutinised; the outcome is of no consequence other than as a measure of said action in actu. Humanity on the whole seems to have lost sight of this. Indeed, the greatest threat to humanity's survival is complacency in the face of danger, for not only has the danger been recognised, it has been accepted - synthesised - added to the framework as a norm. Incredibly, this means that not knowing of looming danger is less of a threat than knowledge of it when coupled with complacency towards it. Complacency brings about inaction where action should be - action against prior action - either to replace or undo that which was a threat to survival. In order to reverse this suicidal trait, complacency must be removed at a rate faster than it propagates, and yet those who maintain a position of complacency toward it cannot and will not accept this 'norm' as a danger. Thus, those who wish to remove the norm are now the danger - the danger to their complacent way of life. Thus, there is a split between humanity, and the lines of true enemies are drawn in the sand. If those who identify complacency as a threat fail, and advances in technology continue as have already been planned, then this future appears to be a certainty. Not probable, but an actual certainty.


A giant swarm of migrating black birds is flying around the neighborhood today. Pretty cool to watch, especially when they all take off in one big group.


there is a movie about this somewhat
where everyone lives individually in little home pods and interacts digitally

cant remember the name


Ready Player One?


Matrix, Read Player One, 2149: The Aftermath, Surrogates… many such sci-fi and for good reason


the door greeter at the store I use finally stopped giving me the "have a nice day" crap after, oh, three freaking dozen nights in a row of walking out without giving any acknowledgement, I wondered how long the dumbass would take to stop self humiliating for me, I am not going to have a nice day and I don't even want to look at you, leave me alone wagecuck, christ


if he doesnt give you the canned lines like a lifeless skyrim npc his boss will fire him


File: 1637166997022.jpg (188.85 KB, 980x1018, 490:509, 4a0e2dfa0e402809ea678c5373….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wow what a gigantic faggot you are, to complain about being greeted by an old Walmart greater.
>three freaking dozen nights in a row of walking out without giving any acknowledgement
And why would he remember you of all people out of the several hundred he greats on a daily basis? And why should he take the mental energy to identify you and go against his job description to accommodate your odd snowflake preferences for a catered, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences? What makes you so special? "main character delusion" maybe? And why couldn't you put in the same minimal effort that most other people put in and just smile and nod back? Normalfags are sensitive to being ignored by nature, so why do you go in to that man's store and bother him so with your rude attitude? And you expose yourself to this tardstress 30+ days in a row because why? Bring a backpack and load up more than a days worth of tendies if being greeted is such a traumatic experience.

>how long the dumbass would take to stop self humiliating for me, I am not going to have a nice day and I don't even want to look at you, leave me alone wagecuck,

You are not even warlocking here, just being a big whiny pair of shit pants. If it bothers you to the point of feeling "humiliated", then why don't you do something about it? Tell him you don't wish to be greeted. Wear a pair of headphones (Which, yes, US Walmarts and Targets do tell their employees to not engage with people listening on earphones because they could be in a call for all anyone knows). The only dumbass here is you.
>"le sigh UwU"


File: 1637168747684.jpeg (24.62 KB, 400x321, 400:321, -e1561340179228.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

t. assblasted walmart greeting drone wagie


>why do you go in to that man's store and bother him so with your rude attitude?
Not him, but i assume to buy shit


back to the wagie general greetfag!


be careful he might complain to your manager, you will accommodate his snowflake attitude or your manager will send you back to unpaid training


lol at door greeter, what kind of job is this? is this some subsidized bullshit job so the local bureaucrats can tout their low unemployment rate?


it's not walmart, the greeter is young, not old, and I'm not reading the rest of your predictably triggered horseshit because I feel zero shame about being anti social and you can't make me



Liar, you read the whole thing and we all know it, the proof is in the airwaves now and it's not coming out.


I'm going to throw my piece of shit mom's bong into the street


They crunched the numbers and it increases sells and positive feelings to the store enough to be worth paying some partially retired or disabled person to do it for high traffic stores.

It isn't charity, but it does help people with limited ability to work but are willing to put on a happy face.


it's more about discouraging people to go on neetbux - threaten people with being forced to do torturous shit instead of giving free money


I always figured it was basic training. Either you force someone to be a door greeter as basic training to test out their work ethic and social ability (see if they're better suited to go to the back to stock shelves or be a cashier), or its true purpose is to completely and utterly demoralize and destroy someone so they're incredibly easy to boss around.


The vast majority of people they put on the door are actually predisposed to be happy and friendly. It is physically the easiest job available and occasionally at some stores the job given to people with injuries, disabilities, or are so old they can't really do much of anything.

It isn't a punishment. It's the job you give to someone who is very willing to work but isn't actually able to do much. I know you probably won't believe me but the vast majority of people who work the door actually ether like their job or don't mind the job.

It's the people running around in all weather conditions rounding up carts and doing outdoor cleaning and maintenance that seem to hate their life.
Especially at stores who don't have the automatic cart pushers.


Why do you go to the store every day?


Odds are he doesn't and is just trying to bait due to some imaginary feud again, but occasionally it leads to interesting discussion when people don't try too hard to be meme lords.


File: 1637332372962.png (62.63 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

got my $2000 cherokee bux finally
lmao thanks great-grandma or whoever the fuck was indian in my family

check your ancestry wizards you could be missing out


is 1/16 cherokee enough?


>or whoever the fuck was indian in my family
lmao I love that you went through the trouble to get the bux but can't even remember the ancestor


File: 1637395257788.jpg (23.39 KB, 474x502, 237:251, saddam.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I told people this was an actual thing in the US and people just shrugged it off.

You can literally get thousands of dollars of free money just by doing a geneology test.

Even 1/32th native american is enough to get you money from whatever tribe it is your ancestor is from.


File: 1637395653944.jpg (181.51 KB, 1232x641, 1232:641, cherokeebux.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And if you don't do it as early as possible you are simply stupid.

You can get $25k when you turn 18 and another $25k when you turn 21 for being cherokee for example.

>The resolution approved by the Tribal Council in 2016 divided the Minors Fund payments into blocks. Starting in June 2017, the EBCI began releasing $25,000 to individuals when they turned 18, another $25,000 when they turned 21, and the remainder of the fund when they turned 25.


That's a huge amount of free money.

This 22 year old fat succubus got a lump sum of $109,000 from the fund just for existing and being alive. Most working class people wont see that kind of savings evne if they wageslave all their lives.


now they got your info


They have it whether the wiz in question submits it or not.


>tfw 100% european
I thought I’d get something cool on these things but it’s just completely boring results, my family has been white for hundreds of years


Really? A lot of posters have said that it is impossible to get 100% European results from this because the testing companies will always try to "fight racism" by falsifying a minimum of 4% Jewish or other non-European DNA in everyone's results.


File: 1637429905903.gif (613.65 KB, 500x208, 125:52, kaiki doubt others.gif) ImgOps iqdb



My mom is finally getting rid of one of the dogs she bought because of corona virus. The last 10 months have been nothing but pain because of all the dog fights that keep breaking out. My parents didn't put any effort into training the dogs at all, it was like she bought the dogs as if they were a product you'd buy at a store. It hurts to know my mom probably screwed up this dogs life by carelessly buying it on a whim without telling anyone and now it is probably going to have a bad life of bouncing around owners

It makes me question my own existence, I was also just a selfish whimsical desire for my mom to "own" a baby without thinking that it's not just an item you put on a shelf after you get bored


If it’s any consolation, many dogs get adopted and live very good lives. My dog right now was abandoned at 4 months cause his owners got bored with him. He’s about 6 years old now and has lived a good life.

Maybe there’s hope for you too.


I hope so, this dog just has a lot of medical problems so I got a feeling she won't live very long unless a very dedicated person adopts her


what does shitty dogs have to do with corona, is this bait


my mom bought dogs because she was home and bored during the corona virus lockdowns


ive never taken a dna test
>the applicant supplies a completed genealogy with supporting legal documents such as birth certificates, showing their descent, through one or both birth parents, from an enrolled Indian or an Indian listed in a base roll such as the Dawes Rolls.
so you have to manually trace back your ancestry and prove you have a link to some official indian dude who was on some census in 1887, something like that. my dad did everything though, it was a complete surprise. for the longest time no one has known who my dad's parents were but i guess he hired people or something, i have no idea


File: 1637562973234.jpg (94.48 KB, 890x820, 89:82, l-tremain-butter-bell-retr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've had a butter bell for about 2 years now. I do enjoy it but it does require you to replace the water at least once every 3 days to keep the butter fresh. Not entirely sure if it is worth it since you could just store a fraction of a stick of butter on the counter for spreading. The butter bell does prevent a weird film from developing on the surface of the butter, but that really doesn't even matter.


>the perfect spreading consistency
first world problems again, who honestly gives a shit about something so irrelevant, or "a weird film," yeah we can't eat the butter now cuz gravity pulled down some of the molecules on top, oooh my delicate palate rejects this abomination, btw reminded me there's a box of butter in my closet from february that I need to eat


Why make your life harder and less decadent if you do not need to? If you can improve upon a small part of your life, why wouldn't you?


Deep down he doesn't feel he deserves it.


>wet butter
ew. You're supposed to use 1cm of butter per 1cm of bread anyway.


or you could just get a can of cooking oil and spray that on your bread so you dont have to waste time with ancient methods of keeping your bread oil safe to eat.


I don't see how life is made harder by my butter not meeting some ponce food channel standard, or improved by meeting it


It isn't. Humanity needs a good catastrophe or war to weed out all the lily livers who get nightmares over their bread not being perfectly buttered.


File: 1637622529976.jpg (821.57 KB, 2519x3563, 2519:3563, v. cool planes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im so happy im so happy im exploding from happiness. i know im annoying and not welcome but when im very happy i like to talk. if happiness is subjective im the happiest person on the planet. im in love with programming. im dropping everything, ill never again use my private tracker accounts and let them be deactivated, play a game, listen to music, off my own accord, i think imagination and thinking abstractly and having good character and that sort of thing are the most important things in humans and i think i have a lot of that, dont mean to brag but im not twice exceptional im many many times exceptional, my mind is very vast and has a lot of strengths and weaknesses but when im on my own and do things my style and when i dont try to be like everyone else i can bring out all the strengths and the weaknesses become strengths too. i dont know i think i will be in a league of my own. very far ahead of everyone else. im very proud of myself. im very happy. im very lucky to be myself. i wish i had another life so i could have started programming when i was 4. i dont know im so happy. sometimes i start crying because im happy. im not suicidal anymore. i dont have negative thoughts anymore. i dont feel distracted. i feel in control of every cell of my body. its so great. i think i have free will and can choose to see how i see things. i think i choose to see things the good way or the correct way and it doesnt matter what exactly that is for so long as i can constantly improve and seek to be better. i dont know. i thank god for creating maths and programming because ill be able to show what kind of thing i am and i just want to be useful and helpful to other people. i love other people very much, i think everything can turn into gold. sometimes i laugh a lot out of the blue because im so glad to be alive. im so positive it seems to be infecting my mom. im very afraid, everyone says things will get much worse in the next years, especially for people like me, if thats true then ill die like i never existed. i hope i can have enough time as a neet to study everything i want to learn which should take several years at least. dozens of programming languages, so much about linux, tens if not hundreds of textbooks. you might not believe me but i can spend several days and nights awake in my room completely focused on studying and then sleep only for like 10 hours. i feel like a fountain of energy, not a sink. my brain is electric maybe like no one else's. i think its unique. i dont know. i know im weird but i think the point of communication is to express things you want to let others know. and i want you to know i think youre a very nice person and i like you very much and i want to be competent enough to be helpful and i want you to know i have potential to do things for you you cant even imagine yet so please wait. and i think i might not make it due to circumstances beyond my own reach. but regardless i feel awesome and will try. i dont know i just wanted to say i feel super super.


Give me an invite to one of these private trackers. Is it BakaBT? Animebytes? Gimme


I made a plan with my parents today on dog training, my dad smiled at me with enthusiasm like he was happy to follow through, well time comes to put it to action and he tries to sneak the dog out, I confront him, he turns into a big whiny baby so I just tell him it’s fine as long as he bring the dog back for night, guess what he didn’t bring the dog back, I am really pissed and I don’t know why my dad is being such a baby, I have completely zero mysteries in my mind now of the reason why I’m fucked up, these people can not raise a dog properly let alone a human, it makes me angry that they just abuse these dogs with kisses and treats and they call any type of training “abuse”, fucking nuts, unbelievable


>why I fucked up
so you admit that the whole "I'm a 26 year old boy" trip is unhealthy


Whole wheat bread tastes so fucking bad. I hate that it is the norm in stores now.


I like it, and it has always been right next to the white bread and normal to have stocked.

Do you live in some 3rd world country that only can have one kind of bread at a time?


the whole reason white bread took off is because people became middle class and got conceited and didn't want the taint of eating dark peasant bread like wheat is, same reason they were obsessed in the early years with having everything bleached or painted white, we middle class now


Riiiiiight…. The class struggle… is why white bread… is used for sandwiches? What?


dunno about a class "struggle," only why most 1st world people are snobs about wheat bread


the chest pressure sensation sounds like sleep paralysis, but im surprised you could move to get up and turn the lights on


Why is that so surprising?


File: 1637679381361.jpg (1.18 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20211123_095502.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

floor fixer people came

i had bowls of piss sitting around in my room

holy fuck the embarassment lmao

just kill me


they keep reorganizing shit and moving stuff and more things are being discovered

this fucking sucks god damm



they finished

man it was so bad, they physically unhinged my door and just started rooting through all my shit making room to rip up the flooring. i felt violated and embarassed. like being treated like a kid almost where no one gives you privacy

god damn i need time to recover from this


I know you're probably a NEET with no money to spare, but consider a storage unit. Best way to hide shit, and keep it safe.


File: 1637692764193.jpg (99.98 KB, 614x774, 307:387, FClTlP0XMAcTDQt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Youtube as a tool is no longer viable, as you can't tell what videos are helpful or not anymore because they removed the dislike counter.

I can't tell what videos are scams or not, what programs will fuck up my computer or not.

It's just so stupid.


File: 1637693213516.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You can download a plugin to enable the dislikes counter on youtube. It's that simple.


I hate that I know what he looks like naked.


Picture looks fake, sports and entertainment? Posh mid class people were still going to the opera back then (they also thought it will continue well into the future).



I never used or looked at the dislike feature in my life. Probably watched over 100,000 videos on youtube. I don't get the hullabaloo!


same, if I don't like a video I just stop watching it, the only time I bother with the buttons is if I really like a video I give it a like


File: 1637719235268.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why log into account in the first place?


it also tastes delicious


same, though i actually had it adblocked because i didnt like the visual clutter


So that I can save my videos I like and make playlists and get recommendations for things I may be interested in as well as get notifications when certain channels upload


there is an old man youtuber, i think hs is british. each video he takes apart small consumer devices and talks about the circuits and how the thing works. i cant remember his channel name

so this is what 'subscribe' is for…


ha bigclive

the power of the mind! i have remembered


I've started using paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups. Why didn't I do this before? No more dirty dishes.


I check for videos manually by bookmarking channels, or using search engine for the ones i visit rarely. To each their own.
Been watching him since 2017, can't do 3rd grade maths so obviously im there just for the flashing lights.


I just eat foods that you can eat with hands like frozen pizzas, sandwiches, cheese + crackers and stuff like that


you probably linked one of his vids, thats how i originally started watching him, someone posted videos here


WWE chairman Vince McMahon doesn't eat any food with his hands. He says "sandwiches don't count" and that when he eats pizza he "folds it over and doesn't eat the part that he touched".


>Why didn't I do this before?
Maybe money?

I converted over to paper everything when I started living alone. It's great. Fuck doing dishes.


think I'd rather just wash a plate and rinse a glass out than be wasting money and space in the garbage bag, how lazy can you be



I'm happy you're happy. I just hope one day I and other wizzies can become as happy as you. I'm sure I'll get there with the way I'm going. In the meantime, sending good vibes.


most people are not "monsters". most people are selfish and only about themselves, but they aren't out to get you. in fact, they don't even care at all about you or noticec you exist.


exactly. boomers are so stupid they come in and be like "Hey youngster help me out here I didnt do any research but i need a new phone" whereas any normal person researches what they want before going in.


those peasants are basically retarded anyway. they would check my receipt for like 10 minutes like i'm stealing something even though i'm a normal looking white man obvciously not stealing $20 worth of shit.


File: 1638064498197.jpg (156.01 KB, 850x1212, 425:606, __charlotte_e_yeager_world….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

free free free happy happy happy. sorry very euphoric again. fulfilled. road forks, story becomes my own. live in a world of code, of maths and physics. never again music, talking, games, nothing, just programming and maths. so happy, sets my mind free. vigor. gamma waves at rest. spend days awake, rest only when sleeping, feel awesome. indomable. want to learn and program forever. all is well that ends well. sorry. meep meep.

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