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"The natural unrestricted state of the human female sexuality is a Fisherian runaway that leads to the regress of the species and eventually extinction. (already happening to caucasoids)
Societal progress is impossible without suppressing the human female sexuality (as proven by history), and if it's left unsuppressed, societal regress is certain and inevitable. (we're witnessing it firsthand)." -Anon

How true is this? Thoughts and opinions?
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File: 1658127593493.png (180.92 KB, 2560x1441, 2560:1441, gender-roles-gender-identi….png) ImgOps iqdb

I wouldn't say their completely unrestricted state is natural, we're a dimorphic species and our ancestors weren't retards, there's always been elements of sexual control it's one of the things that helped us become human. Other than that, I would say it's fairly accurate. Female sexuality is largely dysgenic if left unchecked and otherwise not of great importance. It's a consequence of their sexuality being downstream of mens i.e they get horny because men need to get horny, similar phenomenon exists with regard to male nipples for example. Too many confuse pickiness with "good genes" nonsense, it's not some masterful selectivity but rather dysfunction.

A better argument one could make for female sexuality is that it exists as basically a giant, species-wide shit test. Populations that don't put restrictions on them perish quickly or are doomed to live in mediocrity at the mercy of ones that do until their eventual demise.

Whites really, really shat the bed with this wimmins lib stuff and I think more and more are finally beginning to realize, even younger libs pic related.

I think it's pretty funny how most pro-white movements now with any promise end up becoming wizardchan tier or like bracrabs. There really is no future otherwise.


Married men are typically more conservative and beta males who only care about getting laid tend to think like you and support feminism out of a lack of will and a belief it'll get them pussy.

It's retarded anyways since patriarchal societies and men produce porn, art, and beauty, feminists are selectively prude phillistines who are already at war with all of that.


You could just look to voting patterns of succubi they mostly vote overwhelmingly for greens and left and those parties support unlimited immigration.


I think I hate succubi.
I don't want to feel this way. I don't want to feel angry and full of hate all the time. But I honestly think I really just hate succubi.
And I don't mean I hate some succubi, or a certain type of succubus, or that I hate succubi that I know. I mean I hate all of them.


succubi are fucking stupid, selfish and very narrow minded.

I know from experience, since I've had female roommates, sisters and a mother.

They're disgusting spiteful little creatures.


Both of you’re right and especially when you see in the media its all glorifying succubi. When I look to news its all about making life better for succubi and humilating
men, my hatred grows even bigger. succubi are so privileged and we live in a time period which they have best in everything. succubi are truly evil, all of them and without exception.


The problem isn't with succubi only. It is with 99% of the population, called normals or failed normals. The problem isn't female sexuality, it is sexuality itself. Yes, even if you worship 2D you too are part of the problem. Just masturbate quickly once in a while if you feel the need, otherwise disregard this thing entirely. Don't get attached to this vile desire.

Also, before feminism: succubi were forced to marry the strong males.
After feminism: succubi throw themselves freely at the same type of males who exploited them in the past and enslaved them to prove how "liberated" they are.

No matter what society or culture or political ideology we live in, relationship and sexual stuff is disgusting. Same goes for 2D romance and hentai too. Nobody forces normal men to chase after succubi, they do it out of their own stupid drive for competition. Yes, it's not even about pleasure because they could just masturbate if that was the case. They want to prove to themselves and to other males how "cool", "masculine" and "alpha" they are by getting as many attractive succs as they can. It is quite pathetic, really.


With how fast cultural narratives tend to fluctuate, expect this to change, but not succubi nature. Ignore them and focus on your wizardry.


oog strong oog fertile!
my fear is that true animal nature takes over and those same alpha males will eventually start raiding and killing off passive species like wizzos, that or succubi will start killing young offspring that show any wiz symptoms.
maybe it's gonna be more "civilized" and mass build suicide pods or cruel like in men against fire



>reproducing is pathetic

pathetic mindset


So we should be normals reproduce and create more pathetic people? You should be banned for this post.


The purge is already happening, been happening for countless hundreds of years. Every society that doesn't have good bux or welfare system that lets NEETs live in peace is effectively killing off weak men. They want us to die as homeless people or to kill ourselves. Whenever you hear someone freaking out about free health care, welfare, bux or generally free stuff being given to people equally then you can recognize the enemy.

Yes, it is pathetic this way. Maybe one day perhaps humanity can create kids or children without anything related to sexuality. That would be interesting.


succubi suck but I kind of feel sorry for them because they are cursed to be gates into this hell and have the hardwired desire to pull people in.


I blame religious guilt. I probably would've been aborted without it.


Why do you feel bad for succubi? They do enjoy men fighting each other for access to their pussies. You should feel bad for men because of living in this shitty feminist world.


Why feel bad for men in general? Most men are cannon fodder material. They worship succubi and their thoughts revolve around them only and would push you under the bus in a heartbeat if it meant that they could get pussy. There is no war of the sexes. There is a war of normal vs non-normal people like us.

Abortion is a sin. It should be banned. Succubi and men who make children should be forced to take responsibility for what they did.


File: 1658861360396.png (378.38 KB, 3212x1968, 803:492, 704f1d8f8290851810e9d05e3b….png) ImgOps iqdb


so when was the last time you volunteered or donated any money to an orphanage or children's hospital?
drop off some toys for christmas?
yeah you don't even think of the ones that have been abandoned, lip service that is all. you use them for arguments and owning some lib on internet debates


I'm not the one that made them, their parents should take care of them or the responsible social services.

If someone is 'adult enough' to have sex then he can take care of a child too and can take responsibility. Stop defending retarded normals and wymen.


Sound copey as fuck, sorry to break it to you, OP.


Great pic. 3rd down from top left hand side is LMAO

sooo awww soo he's soooo awww


File: 1659060815520.gif (979.71 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Animation_013.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>site motto is to DISREGARD females
>crabs spend entire thread obsessing over them
This /r9k/ shit is holding this website back. I wish there were a website for men who truly wished to follow the path of wizardry but physic constitution of the people leads them to continually yearn for the security and familiarity of the tribe, even on fringe websites like this one.


>I don't fuck, so succubi bad, must control succubi so that I can fuck

That's all that I read between words, in another way, is just cope, isn't this site supposed to disregard females?


How can we when you post here?


God, i hate crabs.





I give it perfect credit. Go look at ex-convicts on youtube, they all have wide fetal-test faces too.


How true is this?

"Females being liberated has caused the fall of the Roman empire (this has been mathematically proven) and their tendency to have sex with men that are assholes will make me have to go my own way" - anon


The Roman Empire was wrecked by Christianity, not hedonism or sexual "degeneracy". That is just a lie spread by christians and moralfag normalfags, they want people to believe that only a society where people live in perfect monogamy and succumb to "traditional" family values can be strong.

Christianity ruins everything it comes into contact with, nothing new here.


Fuck Christianity what a mindfuck wasted so mahy years of my life escaping that maze


It makes me feel sick how I still have subconscious poison in my mind from it. They know they push horrible shame on people to manipulate behaviour, and purposely try to get to vulnerable children. The level of evil is incredible


I really don't think most of them are cognizant of the damage their ideology has caused to the West and its colonies. Many are born into it and it becomes deeply ingrained, apparently. I mean I spent nearly half my life on that shit and got out of it, but I just did it to placate family instead of actually believe in it. There is the resident schizo4jez0r, though, and he seems to lack any shred of self-awareness despite only recently coming around to Judaism 2: Electric Boogaloo.
None of these people can be expected to come around. There are so many canned responses that the Bible and Christians over the years have invented (that all fall apart under basic scrutiny) that it often takes people a very long time to snap out of it, if ever. It is important to remember that this is the core identity and sense of community for many of them so it is somewhat understandable why they don't want to give it up.


Yes, culture is literally the operating system of our mind


Many ex-christians here, me included. It's like almost one of the essentials of creating a wiz. At least it has this advantage.

But it is seriously a disgusting religion, along with any kind of religion that places a big emphasis on asceticism (being a cuck, if you will).


I left cristianity at age of 12 when my parents stopped forcing me to go to church. Later i studied cristianity by myself without being forced, but i wasn't satisfied with it either. 0 regrets.

However, i have a mixed opinion about it being bad for society. Sometimes i think its bad, sometimes i think its neutral pra slightly good. Can you elucidate me? Why tou think it is that evil?


Edward Gibbon also said that as well. Rome was strong when it was strong. Christianity turned Romans into losers, pagan Romans was strong on the contrary


All civilizations face entropy eventually. Just as with imageboards, but on an exponentially larger scale.


Of course, but measures should be taken to stave off collapse and decay (to a certain point, anyway). Admittedly, nobody can prove Rome would've lasted significantly longer without the festering wound of the Christ cult.


Not true, just sound some random bullshit spewed by an angry schizo.


Not him but I hate how Christianity brainwashed people into believing there was some divine plan at work in everything that happens in existence. You get burned alive? Well, your fault bro or God had this in mind for you, just accept it.
Then the morality of it. It doesn't prevent evil people from acting shitty , like it never did, only idiots like me who believed in this shit acted like cucks and weak people because "forgive your enemies or turn the other cheek bro". So the effect of Christian teachings is that assholes will still be assholes (in other words, the majority of people) but you will be powerless to defend yourself against them. Then there is the whole authority worship that comes with it, always respect and obey your superiors, needless to say I was disappointed countless of times.

In general, it makes weak people even weaker. I believed there was no sense in worldly pleasures and pursuing them but still most people, even christians!, still pursued earthly pleasures around me, I was really an idiot. Christianity creates weak, defenseless lambs ready for the wolves to devour them. It is anti-reality to a stupid extent. I hate its idealism and asceticism. It also creates an air of forced peace, societies where you can't offend anyone and always need to be "polite" and can't express your opinions, even if they are true. It is a classic slave-herd mentality.

It's not about lasting longer, it is about being higher quality. Christianity overcame Roman culture because it was more barbaric and appealed to the majority of idiots much more. The cruder and more savage ideology destroyed the more sophisticated and aristocratic culture.


Can't you go make a "christianity is gay and stupid" instead of posting off topic here?


This is a shit thread to begin with so nothing of value is lost. Failed normals telling everyone the "blackpill" about female nature lol The amount of trouble some people go just so they can invent a society where they can get laid lol lol That is what this thread is about. As if female sexuality should matter to wizards in the slightest, this thread deserves to be nuked, typical r9kid thread.


Currently females have more power on society and as shown by their actions and the laws imposed by them, they hate virgin males and weirdos. Females are naturally against the existance of wizards so this quote is true.


One of the most anti-wizardly political regimes ever, Nazi Germany was run by males mostly and they gladly gassed or worked people like us to death. What you say about that?


Not him but that's not a surprise, men have an outgroup bias, and succubi an ingroup bias, so succubi prefer other succubi and men prefer succubi, studies prove this, so any society or regime is going to be hostile to low status or defective men.

Anyway this thread is complete trash, I don't give a fuck about the sexuality of normalfag succs or the implication that society was somehow better in the past for guys like me because durr hurr succubi were suppressed (they weren't, they were coddled) and now le "degenerate" sex culture has made things worse, this is a very /pol/tard erroneous frame and should be disregarded.

Also Nazi Germany was successful (for a brief time) because it was a military regime, war is done for access to resources, resources that succubi expect from men (as a bribe price) so neither gender are innocent - men have such disregard for their fellow man they're willing to go and kill other men for access to pussy, and succubi don't protest when their husbands go over seas to kill and die so long as they get their paycheck, not to mention have no skin in the game because they'll never get conscripted by martial law like the guys in Ukraine right now.


Couldn't be more wrong if you tried. succubi hate each other more than anything else on the planet. All they do is compete and fight with each other while putting on a fake smile. The only reason they appear to like succubi more than men is they will band together for protection or offense when needed. It's preservation with a fake smile.

succubi have skin in the game when their sons are sent to war. 20 years invested in raising a son for him to be shot is a big waste of resources and likely impossible to recover.

>Believes Jewish lies about Nazi Germany



Men are generally more tribalistic actually. Succubi are effectively just spoiled brats and gynocentrism is heavily pushed in society now.

It's pretty funny though how even with all this men tend to congregate around each other and prefer doing their own thing vs succs constantly whining about "inclusion". Patriarchy wouldn't have been possible if men preferred succs.


Meh, they're just sex cattle, evolved to arouse men and take care of children.

Even if given a choice they'd still choose to be shite.


There is a difference between current Western European countries for example and Nazi Germany though when it comes to treatment of "low status or defective men". Authoritarian regimes are more likely to just round people like us up and to shoot us or imprison us. So what you saying isn't completely accurate. You can't excuse the genocide of wizards.

Nazi Germany was successful because it sucked up to low or middle class working males (as long as they were whites, of course). It was basically the dream political system of beta provider wagecuck normals. People who didn't have anything going for them and who wanted to feel powerful or useful to the community. The same kind of people who cry about the "degenerate" sexual culture nowadays and who want to bring back patriarchy because they can't get pussy nowadays. Some things never change. Hitler was the typical low class normalfag who made it big success story, german edition. KKK or Nazi Germany, it doesn't matter, these people adore the white succubus and would do anything to protect her.

>succubi hate each other more than anything else on the planet
This is true, they pretend to get along because they hate direct confrontation. They compete by stealing each other's bfs and gossiping about each other.

>Believes Jewish lies about Nazi Germany

>Believes normalfag nazi propaganda
Continue to whiteknight for your precious white wymen.

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