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File: 1636485877986.jpg (22.74 KB, 315x450, 7:10, mywife.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Should I be worried or nah?
I don't get attention from succubi anyway
But there's something worrying about it, I don't know


Cope more


What's the point if they aren't like my animu succubi


File: 1636487278126.png (527.96 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 76773603_p0.png) ImgOps iqdb

Same but instead with furry succubi. Though it's probably for the best, I don't think any real succubi would bother with me anyway.


I think the same, I don't think any wahman would bother with me


That's a good thing.
2d succubus are written in a way to be the epitome of pureness: they are passionate about their hobbies, only fuck with people they are truly interested in, don't sperg out for no reason, if their friends get hurt/sick they take care of them etc.


File: 1636491258078.png (239.98 KB, 432x429, 144:143, GcRvhyJ.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1636492795057.jpg (3.22 MB, 2145x1800, 143:120, 5960 - Rei only.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only relationship that I had with an anime succubi was Rei Ayanami and I remember it lasting for around 2 years before becoming disinterested in succubi and relationships in general.
The only worrying thing about having interest in Anime Succubi from my experience is the fact they aren't real and are more equivalent to parasocial relationships.
If you can get past that and it enhances your life for the better then you don't really have anything to worry about.


you dont go schizo merely from being attracted to something fictional, and its nothing like having interest in 3d which is a slippery slope to being a crab wishing they could have sex with people again


>2d succubus are written in a way to be the epitome of pureness
Yup. you're pretty much fawning over some guy's thinly covered lewd imaginings about 'perfect' succubi. I guess that's why the OP feels there's something to worry about but can't quite pinpoint what. Deep down it's an overworked dude's brain you're attracted to. His fantasies overran your senses. Now, it's not something to worry about exactly but if you think about it through that angle it might strike as odd to some.

There's one aspect I find it really depressing though and that is how much imaginative energy goes to such a low hanging fruit. 2d succubi are such a waste of imagination. Here we have it, state of the art technology to realize art about ANYTHING men can conceive with the power of imagination and yet so much goes to imagining scenarios where perfect high school bimbo succubi wants to fuck them through the power of self-inserts. That makes you realize the short leash the human mind is kept to nature's insane forces to replicate itself. Not even fantasy, the land of infinite possibility, is safe.

Deep down I don't really care and humanity can go fuck itself forever and think nothing but sex and cute succubi until the sun goes nova but yeah, I can't escape the conclusion that it's rather pathetic.


I wish I could do that, I still feel attracted to 3DPD even when I tried to force myself not to.

Real succubus are a waste of time anyway, hell not only succubus, pretty much everyone is a waste of time and the vast majority of people on earth deserve nothing less than a horrible death.


File: 1636502064592.jpg (15.67 KB, 349x364, 349:364, fd259bef4530d1274b73785441….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

only waifuism/husbandoism could potentially lead to that because it is a fixed obsession, meanwhile general attraction to just 2d by itself and being most comfortable in seeing it isnt going to make a person schizo. its moreso an inability to enjoy the physical appearance of real people and i know just how much that bothers normalfags because it goes against normalcy
>everything is better in 2d land


Wizchan 2021


File: 1636504347215.png (289.57 KB, 541x800, 541:800, 16260a556fd674d851f432e34f….png) ImgOps iqdb

What bothers me is you seem to think we're settling for 2D succubi solely because we have the tech to create photorealistic images/videos of high-detail succubi doing anything under the sexual sun. Any gs-mantis copycat can mass produce blender porn of 3DCG succubi making the same exact ahegao in every video. 2D has heart. Blender porn is what >>279171 describes in
>you use it to cum when you are horny and be done with it
2D succubi have the power to stay stuck in your head long after you finish to them. That's the essence of moe. I may be in love with some Japanese Brazilian's ideal shut-in loli, but you're never not in love with an idea of someone. Groids don't realize this, but you can't love 3DPD in the same way as 2D. 2D succubi have barebones personalities which bring your idea of the person and the person herself closer. They don't come with baggage, second faces, ulterior motives etc. like 3DPD does. A 3D whore always has things you'll never find out about her until it's too late, if ever. 2D doesn't and can't hide things on you unless the author is saving some details for a later volume. >>279157 may just have some lingering groidworries like "dying alone" or "being unrealistic". That's his biology trying to drag him out of happiness. It happens to the best of us and it's easy to dispel with a strong dose of authenticity. They're no better or worse than us for liking 3D.


remember when an OP like that would get banned?


File: 1636508445882.jpeg (6.67 KB, 223x226, 223:226, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime boys are much cuter succubi are overrated cute anime boys are where it's at.


and here we begin the poisoning of the well


Well, no, I didn't assume anything about why people settle for one thing over the other. Doesn't matter what dimension you pick, the reason you're 'settling' for whichever one is because you want to fuck and be loved by anything shaped like a female. Again, not your fault, it's nature's mindless plan at work at all times.

And I agree, 2D has heart. It's the heart of a writer and a draftsman imagining people they would like to fuck, be loved by and fawn over. Their fantasy is so captivating that you let yourself be brainwashed by it. Again, that's fine. It's fine if you fawn over 3D too, it really doesn't matter, the way I see it, you're already embracing the nature's leash.

Now the rest of your post is pretty much nonsense, sorry. No ulterior motives? No baggage? 2D succubi are an industry tool to make you buy garbage you don't need. It appeals to your base needs to sell you merchandise. That's what's behind every 2D face. There it lurks its only goal; a business transaction. It literally lures you in for your wallet. That's what they're designed for. So basically using female charms to get your money. Not very different from prostitution after all. At least it looks cleaner.

You guys look at a 2D face and see purity, I see the quarterly earnings reports, sucked out from shattered bones of overworked staff. You see an honest smile, I see the meeting of the art department coming up with a hook for your monkey brain. You see an offer of affection, I see the whip of nature's insanity.

Well, whatever makes you happy, go for it. It's not a good idea to read my posts actually, I just saw too deep into the abyss at this point. So yeah, enough of this shit.

No, they have the same bosses as the cute succubi, it's just their clientele is different.


agree, I cant stand succ personalities, 2d or 3d. All needy, clingy, and childish, yuck, get it away from me


I get all my waifus from eroge that I pirate or shitty mobile games I don't pay a cent for, I also think that retarded shit like stupid figurines is not necessary, they're just plastic butts without value, if they're brainwashing me to get into my wallet (as opposed to my pants) they're doing a pretty bad job.


lol the funny thing about this is that you don't fall in love with a succubi personality… That's why so many guys are into waifus, it's how they look that attracts them not "personality" if you think it's personality what you love then put that personality into an ugly 2d and see if you still like her. Looks come first and personality second.


I’m pretty sure this waifu business is about personality and looks equally, what you’re describing is meme waifu as in “I’ve been fapping to this character for a week they’re my waifu”


Beauty comes first in the majority of cases. Most people don't have ugly waifus.


There is also pretty much no ugly waifus.


Am I the only one who doesn't even know any succubi? Literally not one since high school ended over 10 years ago.


Everyone knows succubi because of family. I think tons of even normalfag men have 0 female friends.


family doesn't count


My experience is the opposite, they have encroached into everything. I play Pathfinder at a virtual table with a couple of different groups every other week and not 5 years ago there were no females. Now there's one on the Tuesday group and two on the Saturday group. Fortunately they're ok players but now I don't feel as comfortable with the game as before. Like if I want to make a joke and say something silly like "just leave the wench to the orcs! Gar!" back when the group was all male I would say it no problem but now I feel like I might upset someone. It's just not the same.


File: 1636581549168.png (7.9 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 4aec0201b84fcf393a4b88587a….png) ImgOps iqdb

Fair enough. You see it as a plot to bleed you dry of money, I see it as spending a little excess cash on my hobby. Even if there is a sinister plot beyond the "how's our bottom line?" that every company in the world has, it's not a problem as long as you're not a whale. I spend <$100 on a decent daki and 4 cups of detergent per year and satisfy "nature's whip" on me in a safe manner free of diseases and drama. What else am I gonna do? Hoard my dollars? The dollar's going away next year. Invest it? Did that 2 years ago before interest rates crashed - spend it while it can still purchase something.

Of course looks play a part. I came for the gamer loli imouto, but stayed for her genius intellect and coolheaded autism. As >>279192 alludes to, if she had a shit personality, she'd just be fapbait that I lost interest in 6 years ago. That's why me and Shana didn't last (but I keep her pillowcase around for a good session).


The guy you're replying to is the typical "i don't enjoy anything anymore whaa whaaa". He is uncapable of understanding that we honestly enjoy anime.


>He is uncapable of understanding that we honestly enjoy
"I am human, nothing human is strange to me." But I don't even need to quote Terence here, it's very easy to understand why people enjoy entertainment. I'm not an alien just so you know.

Yeah you should do whatever you want, seeing the commercial intent behind entertainment doesn't make it not entertaining.


>it's very easy to understand why people enjoy
Doesn't seem like so. If you're bothered by works that seem pre-fabricated, there are many indie creators out there with other things to show.
But pretending that creators starve to death is absurd.


>Doesn't seem like so.
Look harder.
>If you're bothered
I'm not.
>pretending that creators starve to death
I didn't.
Well that was short. Good, because I'm done.


I think most real succubi are pretty ugly, both in physical appearance and personality

>inb4 crabs call me a fag


No i gotta agree here.


They also smell bad. For some reason they think using an entire bottle of perfume on themselves makes them smell nice, but no. They just stink like a gypsy whore.



In Kali Yuga, weird shall be to find beautiful females.
>Kinda interesting what Puranas say about this Kali Yuga a.k.a. the world right now.


Fantasy > Reality
I don't know why normalfags have such a hard time understand this.
They often cope with "b-but it's not real!" as if having a mediocre succubi who is constantly stressing you out is intrinsically better for no reason other than it stimulates more senses.


they do understand that bitches are insufferable but are willing to take the tradeoff for a number of obvious reasons


Succubi are uninteresting to me. They're basically background NPCs that I'd rather not have to interact with.


You are going deeper into wizhood young apprentice. Be sure your mana is preserved if your want to keep your tulpas in a healthy way.


>I have found that what I really have to do to make a favorable impression on females is to conceal or suspend my activities - the most important part of my life; and to adopt a facade of conformity. Thus, I perceive females as persons who cannot function in my occupation. I perceive them as being like an employment agency, like an institution to which you have to present a conformist facade. Females can be counted on to represent the most social, human" point of view, a point of view which, as I have explained, is distant from my own.

So says Henry Flynt.


File: 1641580588075.jpg (163.38 KB, 780x770, 78:77, qqJVEOH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Well, whatever makes you happy, go for it. It's not a good idea to read my posts actually, I just saw too deep into the abyss at this point. So yeah, enough of this shit.
This is literally you, in the purest sense I've ever come across.


>enough of this shit
>pic related
made me laugh


Sex is astronomically overrated, and succubi aren't any more special than men. Most people who want to get laid really just want a hug and someone to care about them.

Once you realize this, and start seeing succubi as people rather than some sort of end goal, you realize they suck ass and are mostly to be avoided.


That doesn't really solve anything.


>Sex is astronomically overrated
I'm sure you would know ;)


Who said anything about solving something? It is what it is.


I guess my point is why bother changing views on succubi when nothing will change?


>Should I be worried or nah?
Posts like this make me wonder what imageboard I'm on at times.



It's perfectly normal, after all 2D > 3D.
Are you erogebro?


erogebro does not open threads, ever, and if he does it's on /b/ and he sages the OP post for some reason

erogebro has no interest in real succubi

erogebro does not use vernacular like "nah

erogebro doesn't even format his posts that way

do you browse this site with a blindfold on?


modern 21st century wizchan


They're coming for you. Run.

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