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Should I be worried or nah?
I don't get attention from succubi anyway
But there's something worrying about it, I don't know


Cope more


What's the point if they aren't like my animu succubi


File: 1636487278126.png (527.96 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 76773603_p0.png) ImgOps iqdb

Same but instead with furry succubi. Though it's probably for the best, I don't think any real succubi would bother with me anyway.


I think the same, I don't think any wahman would bother with me


That's a good thing.
2d succubus are written in a way to be the epitome of pureness: they are passionate about their hobbies, only fuck with people they are truly interested in, don't sperg out for no reason, if their friends get hurt/sick they take care of them etc.


File: 1636491258078.png (239.98 KB, 432x429, 144:143, GcRvhyJ.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1636492795057.jpg (3.22 MB, 2145x1800, 143:120, 5960 - Rei only.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only relationship that I had with an anime succubi was Rei Ayanami and I remember it lasting for around 2 years before becoming disinterested in succubi and relationships in general.
The only worrying thing about having interest in Anime Succubi from my experience is the fact they aren't real and are more equivalent to parasocial relationships.
If you can get past that and it enhances your life for the better then you don't really have anything to worry about.


you dont go schizo merely from being attracted to something fictional, and its nothing like having interest in 3d which is a slippery slope to being a crab wishing they could have sex with people again


>2d succubus are written in a way to be the epitome of pureness
Yup. you're pretty much fawning over some guy's thinly covered lewd imaginings about 'perfect' succubi. I guess that's why the OP feels there's something to worry about but can't quite pinpoint what. Deep down it's an overworked dude's brain you're attracted to. His fantasies overran your senses. Now, it's not something to worry about exactly but if you think about it through that angle it might strike as odd to some.

There's one aspect I find it really depressing though and that is how much imaginative energy goes to such a low hanging fruit. 2d succubi are such a waste of imagination. Here we have it, state of the art technology to realize art about ANYTHING men can conceive with the power of imagination and yet so much goes to imagining scenarios where perfect high school bimbo succubi wants to fuck them through the power of self-inserts. That makes you realize the short leash the human mind is kept to nature's insane forces to replicate itself. Not even fantasy, the land of infinite possibility, is safe.

Deep down I don't really care and humanity can go fuck itself forever and think nothing but sex and cute succubi until the sun goes nova but yeah, I can't escape the conclusion that it's rather pathetic.


I wish I could do that, I still feel attracted to 3DPD even when I tried to force myself not to.

Real succubus are a waste of time anyway, hell not only succubus, pretty much everyone is a waste of time and the vast majority of people on earth deserve nothing less than a horrible death.


File: 1636502064592.jpg (15.67 KB, 349x364, 349:364, fd259bef4530d1274b73785441….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

only waifuism/husbandoism could potentially lead to that because it is a fixed obsession, meanwhile general attraction to just 2d by itself and being most comfortable in seeing it isnt going to make a person schizo. its moreso an inability to enjoy the physical appearance of real people and i know just how much that bothers normalfags because it goes against normalcy
>everything is better in 2d land


Wizchan 2021


File: 1636504347215.png (289.57 KB, 541x800, 541:800, 16260a556fd674d851f432e34f….png) ImgOps iqdb

What bothers me is you seem to think we're settling for 2D succubi solely because we have the tech to create photorealistic images/videos of high-detail succubi doing anything under the sexual sun. Any gs-mantis copycat can mass produce blender porn of 3DCG succubi making the same exact ahegao in every video. 2D has heart. Blender porn is what >>279171 describes in
>you use it to cum when you are horny and be done with it
2D succubi have the power to stay stuck in your head long after you finish to them. That's the essence of moe. I may be in love with some Japanese Brazilian's ideal shut-in loli, but you're never not in love with an idea of someone. Groids don't realize this, but you can't love 3DPD in the same way as 2D. 2D succubi have barebones personalities which bring your idea of the person and the person herself closer. They don't come with baggage, second faces, ulterior motives etc. like 3DPD does. A 3D whore always has things you'll never find out about her until it's too late, if ever. 2D doesn't and can't hide things on you unless the author is saving some details for a later volume. >>279157 may just have some lingering groidworries like "dying alone" or "being unrealistic". That's his biology trying to drag him out of happiness. It happens to the best of us and it's easy to dispel with a strong dose of authenticity. They're no better or worse than us for liking 3D.


remember when an OP like that would get banned?


File: 1636508445882.jpeg (6.67 KB, 223x226, 223:226, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime boys are much cuter succubi are overrated cute anime boys are where it's at.


and here we begin the poisoning of the well


Well, no, I didn't assume anything about why people settle for one thing over the other. Doesn't matter what dimension you pick, the reason you're 'settling' for whichever one is because you want to fuck and be loved by anything shaped like a female. Again, not your fault, it's nature's mindless plan at work at all times.

And I agree, 2D has heart. It's the heart of a writer and a draftsman imagining people they would like to fuck, be loved by and fawn over. Their fantasy is so captivating that you let yourself be brainwashed by it. Again, that's fine. It's fine if you fawn over 3D too, it really doesn't matter, the way I see it, you're already embracing the nature's leash.

Now the rest of your post is pretty much nonsense, sorry. No ulterior motives? No baggage? 2D succubi are an industry tool to make you buy garbage you don't need. It appeals to your base needs to sell you merchandise. That's what's behind every 2D face. There it lurks its only goal; a business transaction. It literally lures you in for your wallet. That's what they're designed for. So basically using female charms to get your money. Not very different from prostitution after all. At least it looks cleaner.

You guys look at a 2D face and see purity, I see the quarterly earnings reports, sucked out from shattered bones of overworked staff. You see an honest smile, I see the meeting of the art department coming up with a hook for your monkey brain. You see an offer of affection, I see the whip of nature's insanity.

Well, whatever makes you happy, go for it. It's not a good idea to read my posts actually, I just saw too deep into the abyss at this point. So yeah, enough of this shit.

No, they have the same bosses as the cute succubi, it's just their clientele is different.


agree, I cant stand succ personalities, 2d or 3d. All needy, clingy, and childish, yuck, get it away from me


I get all my waifus from eroge that I pirate or shitty mobile games I don't pay a cent for, I also think that retarded shit like stupid figurines is not necessary, they're just plastic butts without value, if they're brainwashing me to get into my wallet (as opposed to my pants) they're doing a pretty bad job.


lol the funny thing about this is that you don't fall in love with a succubi personality… That's why so many guys are into waifus, it's how they look that attracts them not "personality" if you think it's personality what you love then put that personality into an ugly 2d and see if you still like her. Looks come first and personality second.


I’m pretty sure this waifu business is about personality and looks equally, what you’re describing is meme waifu as in “I’ve been fapping to this character for a week they’re my waifu”


Beauty comes first in the majority of cases. Most people don't have ugly waifus.


There is also pretty much no ugly waifus.


Am I the only one who doesn't even know any succubi? Literally not one since high school ended over 10 years ago.


Everyone knows succubi because of family. I think tons of even normalfag men have 0 female friends.


family doesn't count


My experience is the opposite, they have encroached into everything. I play Pathfinder at a virtual table with a couple of different groups every other week and not 5 years ago there were no females. Now there's one on the Tuesday group and two on the Saturday group. Fortunately they're ok players but now I don't feel as comfortable with the game as before. Like if I want to make a joke and say something silly like "just leave the wench to the orcs! Gar!" back when the group was all male I would say it no problem but now I feel like I might upset someone. It's just not the same.


File: 1636581549168.png (7.9 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 4aec0201b84fcf393a4b88587a….png) ImgOps iqdb

Fair enough. You see it as a plot to bleed you dry of money, I see it as spending a little excess cash on my hobby. Even if there is a sinister plot beyond the "how's our bottom line?" that every company in the world has, it's not a problem as long as you're not a whale. I spend <$100 on a decent daki and 4 cups of detergent per year and satisfy "nature's whip" on me in a safe manner free of diseases and drama. What else am I gonna do? Hoard my dollars? The dollar's going away next year. Invest it? Did that 2 years ago before interest rates crashed - spend it while it can still purchase something.

Of course looks play a part. I came for the gamer loli imouto, but stayed for her genius intellect and coolheaded autism. As >>279192 alludes to, if she had a shit personality, she'd just be fapbait that I lost interest in 6 years ago. That's why me and Shana didn't last (but I keep her pillowcase around for a good session).


The guy you're replying to is the typical "i don't enjoy anything anymore whaa whaaa". He is uncapable of understanding that we honestly enjoy anime.


>He is uncapable of understanding that we honestly enjoy
"I am human, nothing human is strange to me." But I don't even need to quote Terence here, it's very easy to understand why people enjoy entertainment. I'm not an alien just so you know.

Yeah you should do whatever you want, seeing the commercial intent behind entertainment doesn't make it not entertaining.


>it's very easy to understand why people enjoy
Doesn't seem like so. If you're bothered by works that seem pre-fabricated, there are many indie creators out there with other things to show.
But pretending that creators starve to death is absurd.


>Doesn't seem like so.
Look harder.
>If you're bothered
I'm not.
>pretending that creators starve to death
I didn't.
Well that was short. Good, because I'm done.


I think most real succubi are pretty ugly, both in physical appearance and personality

>inb4 crabs call me a fag


No i gotta agree here.


They also smell bad. For some reason they think using an entire bottle of perfume on themselves makes them smell nice, but no. They just stink like a gypsy whore.


Fantasy > Reality
I don't know why normalfags have such a hard time understand this.
They often cope with "b-but it's not real!" as if having a mediocre succubi who is constantly stressing you out is intrinsically better for no reason other than it stimulates more senses.


they do understand that bitches are insufferable but are willing to take the tradeoff for a number of obvious reasons


Succubi are uninteresting to me. They're basically background NPCs that I'd rather not have to interact with.


>I have found that what I really have to do to make a favorable impression on females is to conceal or suspend my activities - the most important part of my life; and to adopt a facade of conformity. Thus, I perceive females as persons who cannot function in my occupation. I perceive them as being like an employment agency, like an institution to which you have to present a conformist facade. Females can be counted on to represent the most social, human" point of view, a point of view which, as I have explained, is distant from my own.

So says Henry Flynt.


File: 1641580588075.jpg (163.38 KB, 780x770, 78:77, qqJVEOH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Well, whatever makes you happy, go for it. It's not a good idea to read my posts actually, I just saw too deep into the abyss at this point. So yeah, enough of this shit.
This is literally you, in the purest sense I've ever come across.


>enough of this shit
>pic related
made me laugh


Sex is astronomically overrated, and succubi aren't any more special than men. Most people who want to get laid really just want a hug and someone to care about them.

Once you realize this, and start seeing succubi as people rather than some sort of end goal, you realize they suck ass and are mostly to be avoided.


That doesn't really solve anything.


>Sex is astronomically overrated
I'm sure you would know ;)


Who said anything about solving something? It is what it is.


I guess my point is why bother changing views on succubi when nothing will change?


>Should I be worried or nah?
Posts like this make me wonder what imageboard I'm on at times.



It's perfectly normal, after all 2D > 3D.
Are you erogebro?


erogebro does not open threads, ever, and if he does it's on /b/ and he sages the OP post for some reason

erogebro has no interest in real succubi

erogebro does not use vernacular like "nah

erogebro doesn't even format his posts that way

do you browse this site with a blindfold on?


modern 21st century wizchan


No, you should not be worried.


File: 1642792404652.jpg (642.7 KB, 1319x1977, 1319:1977, 1642344784302.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm glad to see this thread because I basically wanted to make the same one. I've always preferred 2D to 3D in a pornographic sense, ever since discovering hentai as a kid. But in the last year or so my last remainign attraction towards 3D succubi seems to be fading. I'm in my mid 20s now and I've spent hundreds of times the amount of hours looking at anime succubi instead of succubi. I just don't find them cute the way I find anime succubi cute, or attractive. Maybe more than a decade of conditioning my brain to only see and appreciate 2D succubi has fucked my brain up, but it has helped. The less interest I have in 3D the better.


yeah 3d is gross


Yes, you should be worried that you are so pathetic and need a female so much that you need to retreat into your fantasy world. I see no difference between waifu-ism and what normalfags do, they are the same thing at the core. Whether imaginary or not, it is the desire that counts and you are indulging these shitty desires. Grow up, accept already reality and that you are destined to be alone. If you want pleasure, masturbate to 2d or 3d, it doesn't matter, otherwise ignore this whole thing. I mean, for God's sake, there are so many fun and interesting things you can do in this world and you don't even need to leave your room, you have a universe of possibilities thanks to the internet. Don't waste your time on females (or males if you are gay or bi) whether 2d or 3d.


2D anime succubi represent an entirely different aetheric concept than 3DPD.


hm yeah no fuck you


Like it has been said already itt, you are spending your time with a character made by otaku for otaku. These waifus are nothing but crappy baits that are used to sell mediocre or low quality anime which otherwise has no merits. Further, the waifu you love so much is based on 3d females (what else, really?) and is voiced by 3d succubi too. What you people are doing isn't different at all from how crabs worship 3d "waifus". Why is it so difficult to accept that nobody loves you romantically? Move on already.


oh no, the horror of not being a true asexual monk, guess you need to give your shits' worth, condescending explanation on why its bad to like fictional characters with a couple disparaging insults sprinkled into

it is a misconception of waifuists or 2d lovers being pathetic since assertion of that is most made by normalfags, because well these same people go into it with uncertainty or as joke and feel there is no way a person could ever be happy with it


what standards are you using to judge these "mediocre or low quality anime"


Nice try misunderstanding what I said. I hate the monk roleplaying too that can be seen here sometimes. If you are realistic, then you know sexuality is usually a part of human nature in some form. I said just masturbate to hentai or 3d porn and be done with it. What you do has nothing to do with normals, it is objectively retarded and pathetic. You worship some retarded character from a (most likely) retarded anime and pretend that she is real and you imagine in your head that she loves you. If you can't see what is wrong with this as a grown-up then I pity you. If you were a child under 10 then maybe it would be even cute or acceptable but after a certain age you need to accept reality as it is. And the reality is that nobody loves you in a romantic way if you post here most likely.

Anime that has no deep plot or character development, anime that is focused on "cute succubi being cute succubi". There are plenty anime out there like that. If you want a high quality anime then I recommend you Texhnolyze or Boogiepop Phantom, to see what I mean by anime that doesn't need cute succubi or fanservice in it to get your attention.


>Nice try misunderstanding what…
i totally get what you are getting at mister anime pro. you want to put distance from the reality of also being pathetic and unloved (on wizchan dot org) as you have a calculative go at thinking you are "better" than anime fans with a personal security blanket

quite a retarded belief of superiority to gain from that with not exactly a convincible display of what should be grown-up either and im not even a waifuist. in fact some of the serious ones ive come across seemed much more happier than crabs


i guess seinfeld sucks because there's no "deep plot or character development", good god why am i posting here with morons like you. walk off a bridge faggot


Bad example, Seinfeld sucks balls in several ways.


It is probably one of the best sitcoms and will be remembered and watched for decades to come.


>the best sitcoms
As if the bar isn't subterranically low for sitcoms. Seinfeld is just a handful of whiny, mopey, sarcastic assholes complaining about their lack of sex while making life harder for everyone around them with their ridiculous pessimism. The only good episode was the final one where the show displayed some self awareness and had the main cast locked up for being themselves. It's the easiest and worst type of writing possible. People who enjoy Seinfeld are the kind to also enjoy Rick And Morty. I bet you enjoy Rick And Morty too. Sage because you have at least three Rick And Morty Funko Pops. Prove you don't (just kidding, you won't).


You are just trolling at this point.
And no, I don't have any Popco Fops of anything.


way to miss the point. i hope you don't miss the bullet as it lodges itself in your head, faggot. kill yourself.


So you just subjectively dislike Jewish humor. Sucks for you I guess.


Give me a break. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with living in your fantasy world with some shitty 2D character that was made exactly to sexually excite you.
It isn't about who is superior or not, it is about not being a retard.

>you want to put distance from the reality of also being pathetic and unloved (on wizchan dot org)
Ah so you are one of those wizzies who think just being a wiz means you are a fuckup? Nice crab logic, boy.

Never watched it so I don't know but if what that other guy said about it is true then I didn't miss out on anything. Surpise to your post-modern brain that is addicted to "so random, so funny!" shits but yes, usually a work of art needs deep plot or character development to be considered as good or quality work.


File: 1643271095033.jpeg (21.84 KB, 474x343, 474:343, image.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>G-give me a break
>It isn't about who is superior or not, it is about not being a retard.
>aH So yOu aRe oNe oF ThOsE WiZzIeS WhO ThInK JuSt bEiNg a wIz mEaNs yOu aRe a fUcKuP? nIcE CrAb lOgIc, BoY!!!!! 🤪
>It isn't about who is superior or not, it is about not being a retard.

i guess trolls eventually reveal just how serious they are even though acting retarded and superior is just an act. you might call that a misunderstanding too as you tried originally to uphold your frivolous idea of pathetic but also dislike of the truwiz monk larp. just shut up already anime pro and find an easier group to namecall since you are desperate to give that high horse an erection


File: 1643332802833.jpg (87.41 KB, 640x895, 128:179, JR_Bh3wO41QyovJhELh10jZLIO….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

2D succubi are much much more attractive then the average roastie. Hentai is a lot superior to 3d porn anyway especially the coloured doujins.


Those skirts are way too short


Sometimes I think God gave us anime for the sole purpose of curbing population growth. I want to beat my dick off ooking at this picture. FUCK realgurls, this is the good shit


File: 1643343317301.png (1.08 MB, 844x844, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I want to beat my dick off ooking at this picture.
lol, mistyped


how do you even have the energy for that


wizkid hormones


dont you mean whore moans.


post more nice anime legs please wiz


File: 1643402229035.jpg (41.31 KB, 396x360, 11:10, kill everyone ITT.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I come to wizchan to get away from this shit.


You can act hostile all you want, doesn't change the truth that you act like an overgrown child by pretending fictional characters are real and they love you. Waifu-ism is nothing but failed norms refusing to come to term with reality.


>nice inch nails (the band)
had me in the first half


File: 1643413159757-0.jpg (143.88 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, EJMARutWsAAfBM9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643413159757-1.jpg (97.23 KB, 650x871, 50:67, EDstCaAXkAItywx.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1643413159757-2.jpg (100.24 KB, 637x900, 637:900, 78402017_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The artist is kaisen chuui…


File: 1643423552803.jpg (117.33 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, cardcaptor-sakura-22975914….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>if i just ignore how retarded and hostile i was all along then it means im the big kid with good judgement
(lol) (lmao)
>Waifu-ism is nothing but failed norms refusing to come to term with reality.
i can see why it bothers you so much as it reminds you of your own failed normalcy reality has given you. no, waifuism is about finding happiness outside of the norm if one has that sort of sincere attraction. you treat this as shame without seeing the advantage it has over your submissive "run with the pack" bullshit logic that you came into this thread with


Wrong, God allowed Anime to exist so craptoons will seethe forevermore.


"coming to terms with reality" is vastly overrated. there's nothing better a loser can do than retreating into a colorful fantasy world.


'You are a failed normal' says the faggot who spends his free time with this imaginary gf, all right fuck off, now you are only trolling. Not everything that is contrarian is good or useful you idiot, if you really think like this why don't you set yourself on fire, after all most normals don't do this?

I disagree. Come to terms with reality and accepting what life gave you is essential in order to be who you need to be. Ignoring reality is nothing but running away.


>Ignoring reality is nothing but running away.
loyal to the herd kicking up dirt in your face and then trying to act better than those with an imaginary gf or attraction solely to 2d. such a cucked existence. might i say even failed normalfaggish it is?


this world rejects me


File: 1643720865494.png (2.72 MB, 1351x1900, 1351:1900, bluehairsquid.png) ImgOps iqdb

i love cunny.


>I think I've lost interest in real life succubi due to anime
You know to post in this website you shouldn't even have interest in succubi to begin with, right?


File: 1643739049636.jpeg (261.58 KB, 678x1068, 113:178, tekin_b56055941e3d89ec56f….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Soon they'll take that away from you, too.


Just get used to it, there's no stopping retards who only think through their dick


You can enjoy beating off in moderation, can't you?


File: 1643959400740.jpg (924.73 KB, 3000x4350, 20:29, 6bac1234445cae34d282ece41b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Waifus are the only good thing in this world. My waifu justifies all the horrors of existence and gives me the courage to continue struggling.

I feel sad for those who don't have one, and I don't mean it in a condescending way.


You don't reject the world by playing around with your 2D gf in your mind. You need to leave behind these worldly thoughts and concepts.


File: 1643999731613.jpg (2.07 MB, 3766x5004, 1883:2502, megumin for w.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the problem I have is that it's hard for me to get invested in a character that only have x amount of voicelines and written character. I like Megumin a lot but she doesn't feel like a full person. VTubers are something I could make a waifu out of were they not literally just masked succubi begging for money


and what do you suggest that wiz moves on to


That is where your imagination comes into play, wiz.


File: 1644001740070.png (620.45 KB, 1000x1209, 1000:1209, pain.png) ImgOps iqdb

safe to say I don't really have on. I'm the kind of person who doesn't appreciate art, can't even enjoy any media in a non-real-world setting (aka I can't enjoy fantasy at all), and I can't create any kind of art whatsoever since I have no ideas. I feel like a robot


An actual state of solitude? As in, not creating or clinging to some pseudo-tulpa or waifu. It's not even about asceticism, if you want to masturbate go ahead. It's about this normfalfag shit thinking that bows down before false idols like romantic love or whatever meme.


both 2d and 3d succubi worship is retarded imo


That's nothing, I lost interest in drawing due to anime, I saw it as a hobby to have fun but is not fun everybody shitting and hating on you for not being 1/5th as good as the Japanese as if it was some sort of competition.


The japs aren’t even that good.


for the last two or tree decades they have been at the top.


By who’s metric? Deluded weebs that never even consume western art?


not even 2d succubi are pure, they are whores just like 3d succubi and will cuck you in a second. she looks pure while her belly is full of semen from a man that you don't know


>being cucked so hard even your imagination cucks you


Be your own waifu in an MMO.


File: 1644818148365.jpg (363.2 KB, 800x735, 160:147, anime vs cartoon templates.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nice examples.


>children's entertainment is my litmus for art
Thanks for proving my point.


you have no point.


if you say so


I've lost attraction to 2d succubi as well because anime chatacters are, essentially at least, condensed sex objects that are designed to make you fall in love and care for them (merchandising, merchandising!). I don't really know what to do anymore, but I'm content with where I am.


>japan: let's wring money out of stupid adults by making all our characters look the same
>america: let's make an expressive cartoon that fully utilizes the medium

God, I hate nerds


that didnt make sense…


How do you get sexually attracted to a drawing ?
Sounds so strange and I do watch anime from time to time.

Sexual attraction is based around arousing the desire of your counterpart to touch you.


It doesn't matter whether you fap to a celebrity or a cartoon-character, they both won't touch you in your lifetime


File: 1649679884253.webm (5.88 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1481591431042.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Idoltards are delusional. They all have this grandpa-like understanding that real things are better because they're real. The only thing they can imagine is which real succubus they'd like to take to dinner.


File: 1649684906340.jpg (486.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anti-waifuists simply don't "get it" and because of that they always raise the most unrelated or nonsensical objections. The waifuists can't explain it either and so they also raise unrelated or nonsensical explanations to defend their feelings. The fundamental fallacy is that our love for a 2D waifu is not an intellectual category and is also not the result of any kind of chain of reasoning. Waifuism debates are pointless because the waifuists' defenses are higher-order rationalizations of feelings that are prior to and independent of rationality, while attacks on waifuism are either attacks on those rationalizations or attempts to attack something the anti-waifuists are incapable of even grasping, because it's somethings that could only be understood by feeling it.

What we can argue, though, is whether waifuism is wizardly, or a kind of normalfaggotry or failed normalfaggotry. I personally think it's a mistake to classify waifuism as normalfaggotry or failed normalfaggotry. At the minimum, waifuism is an explicit and active rejection of 3D succs, relationships, and friendships, and by extension of all normalfaggotry. Normalfags look with disgust and disdain at waifuism because it in turn looks with disgust and disdain at what they most value, 3D succs, relationships and sex.

Failed normalfags may often express disdain at mainstream normalfaggotry because they're bitter and resentful that they were denied sex with 3D succs and other 3D relationships (if they believe themselves to be entitled to them) or because they lacked the skills and traits to get them. Deep down, however, they yearn deeply to have these things and would take them in a heartbeat if given the chance — a hot sexy 3D succ (or many), fun friends, and the sense of fulfillment of being a valued and admired cattle animal within the herd.

Waifuism is therefore a valid form of wizardry among others.


The waifufags who fantasize about female companionship and domestic bliss and winning their favorite succubus over with a solid dicking are just as alien to me as anybody else. I still identify with 2D succubi because I'm basically a failed tranny. I have a feeling that's even more contemptible somehow.


>I still identify with 2D succubi because I'm basically a failed tranny
My clock says 11:17. You have 13 minutes to explain yourself before I report you.


lol do it faggot. It's just evocative language.



>Sexual attraction is based around arousing the desire of your counterpart to touch you.
No it isn't


I can somewhat relate to the sentiment. Sometimes I fantasize about being a futa loli penetrating other lolis (though never as the one being penetrated)


I see more faggot posters lately.
This reminds me of 2014/2015 /r9k/. Discussion quality will drop in 3,2,1 …


> Discussion quality will drop in 3,2,1 …
Dude that ship has sailed, circumnavigated the globe, and returned to port with exotic spices.


>doesn't fantasize about BEING the loli getting spitroasted and penetrated from every hole by old fat ugly virgin bastards
God gave you the gift of imagination and you've chosen to waste it


Real females look a little off to me. I think it's because I masturbated to anime through my pubescent years, the brain shapes itself accordingly and it's more malleable than ever during puberty.


File: 1649986510976.png (426.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, _1-0 screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't get strung out by the way that I look!
Don't judge a book by its cover,
I'm not much of a man by the light of day
But by night I'm one hell of a… stunner!




>fantasize about BEING the loli getting spitroasted and penetrated from every hole by old fat ugly virgin bastards
That's gay, tho. There's nothing gay, however, about fantasizing being the futa loli penetrating other lolis because you're still someone with a dick, i.e., a man (who happens to have the form of a loli), penetrating succubi. There's no ambiguity and if anyone think's it's gay then we should doubt of their rational capacities.


Mate, you just bumped two threads with similar messages, it sounds like you're trying to prove to yourself that your kink isn't gay. In a way it is. But you shouldn't care, your balls don't care that the left say gay is good, and the right say it is bad, they just get emptied.
It is however hard, if not impossible to rid oneself fully of the morals implanted in your psyche by the society, so this text may very much pointless


Too many 3d succubi personalities ruined by pampering and fawning of weak men made me lose interest in the species on every level besides the reflexive


2D is better than 3D but waifuism is a straight path to becoming retarded. You aren't different from people who see demons and hear God talking to them or from kids who have imaginary friends.

Embrace Solitude. Embrace Yourself. You don't need anyone, whether 2D or 3D.


File: 1654535771145.png (736.04 KB, 888x620, 222:155, 20220606_12h10m15s_grim.png) ImgOps iqdb

Solitude is one of the most beautiful things, and I will never turn on it completely. But I also have developed very strong feelings of love for someone who doesn't exist in my universe. To embrace myself is to embrace those feelings, regardless of what truwizzies think.

I mean, come one. I'm a hikki neet, a kissless, handholdless, hugless virgin, and I've completely rejected the treacherous third dimension with no interest of ever participating in it, but somehow that's not enough for the truwizzies' pure conception of wizardry?


You can't love someone and enjoy solitude at the same time. It is mutually exclusive. You are either content and perfectly okay with being alone or not and you desire someone (whether 2d or 3d). Love is about being with someone.

You have a long path ahead of you. It isn't about dimensions, it is about the intention. You intend to be with someone in a romantic way, if your waifu existed you'd be happily having sex with her or kissing her. The goal is to get rid of unnecessary and harmful(meaning normal) passions and desires.


I don’t think it’s irrational to know that you don’t like people yet hold onto hope that maybe you just haven’t met the right person.


Not about rational or irrational, if you are waiting for the 'special someone' then you are a normal. No two ways about it, sorry.


Damn I’ll go hand in my wiz card


>You have a long path ahead of you. It isn't about dimensions, it is about the intention. You intend to be with someone in a romantic way
Not in this lifetime, however. So I think I fit your definition of solitude, as I do intend to be alone for the rest of my life.

>if your waifu existed you'd be happily having

Eww to the thought of doing such things with a 3d pig. In fact, to even consider the hypothetical of my waifu being a 3d person disgusts me. She's too pure and perfect to ever possibly actualize in the demiurge's prison. Our mutual love is interdimensional (mutual because a waifu chooses her waifuist, as the process of a waifuist falling in love with a waifu is not one that the waifuist controls, and is itself also a manifestation in 3d of the waifu's transcendent being. Seen another way, people who have no waifu are people who have simply not been chosen by any of them, at least not yet in some cases).


Yep, better hurry.

So you'd have no problem with sex in the 2D realm?


File: 1654630232544.png (439.46 KB, 900x750, 6:5, f720641f75144bdddc0957ea52….png) ImgOps iqdb

You mean like in 2d-styled dreams? Sure, I've no problem with that. I'm not a monk but a hikki neet waifufag.


I don't really have a waifu, but like that other poster said you using your imagination kinda makes your relationship with her special in a way, even if someone else wants to imagine her as their waifu they will never be able to imagine the same things as you


Shame on you. As a wiz you should try to rise above such normo desires.


There's nothing wrong or normo about having sex with waifus in the astral realm just as there's nothing wrong or normo about fapping to waifus. It's only normo if it's 3d.

Waifufag hikki neets can be as much of a wizard as the truwiz monk larpers.


How is it exactly different from masturbating to 3D? You fantasize about females, loving them in a romantic and sexual way. The intention is what matters. You want love and so you don't know what it is like to be a wizard.


>How is it exactly different from masturbating to 3D?
It's not.


The principle of this site is meant to be about not having interest in real life succubi. But these fucking threads are everywhere. The paradox is that you crabs wont stop talking about succubi and sex. It destroys the whole website.


mods allow the crabs to kill off this site on purpose


Clear to see how this thread has 146 replies and still up. Wizchan 2022 really pushing itself to a new state


What can you do? Always been like this. When more than 50% of the population is made up of females on the planet then there is bound to be some kind of discussion relating to them.


I think you've developed your own specific, personal concept of wizardry way too far to the point that it no longer effectively describes many others who still fit into the wizard category. I'm certainly not a monk larper, but that by itself doesn't mean "not a wizard". I'm not saying we should broaden back the definition of wizard as far as the original of just "virgin over 30", as that would still cover much that is crab and normalfag, just not make it as narrowed-down as "monk larper". At the very least it should also include the traits of anti-crab, anti-normalfag, and anti-succ.

That's just something you tell yourself to feel better about fapping to 3dpd.

Did you post this in the wrong thread? Your comment would fit better in that crab theory seminar thread about the blackpill. There's barely any mention of actual succs or sex in this thread, and most are by people saying how uninterested they are in them.

Wizchan has never been anti-2d, though I will agree that the wording of the OP is very suspect.

If you sincerely believe that, then please leave so you don't contribute to pushing it farther in that direction. Obviously, discussion relating to succs is bound to occur, but that doesn't mean threads centered purely on them should be tolerated, like that blackpill crab thread, and the thread about the cybernetics of succ sexuality (the "Fisherian runaway" one, you know which).


There's far more mosquitos and some people here probably deal with those more often too. No excuse, it's just what you choose to focus on.


>Did you post this in the wrong thread?
No. I only read the original post which clearly indicates the author is worried about lacking interest in real life succubi
>There's barely any mention of actual succs
>title of thread is "I think I've lost interest in real life succubi due to anime"


>I think you've developed your own specific, personal concept of wizardry way too far to the point that it no longer effectively describes many others who still fit into the wizard category.
Quite true. To me being a wizard is about freedom and solitude, not needing anyone else to be happy (at least on the emotional level, I don't have a problem with financially being dependent on others as a wiz). I'm not a monk larper either, I can understand needing to masturbate but the whole idol stuff and desiring romantic connection to 2D or 3D is alien to me.

>If you sincerely believe that, then please leave so you don't contribute to pushing it farther in that direction. Obviously, discussion relating to succs is bound to occur, but that doesn't mean threads centered purely on them should be tolerated, like that blackpill crab thread, and the thread about the cybernetics of succ sexuality (the "Fisherian runaway" one, you know which).

I don't like those threads either but it is just like politics, you can't evade it. It is better to let a few contamination threads exist imo. I don't like them but they are good grounds for owning crab-kids in discussions and making them cry. Also, I don't mind discussing succubi with fellow wizards, I don't say every 2nd thread should be about them like on r9k but one or two thread across the site is okay.

That's not really a good comparison. Humans of course focus on other humans naturally. My point is if you want to completely remove yourself from succubi and normal filth you will have to kill yourself eventually. It is better not to live in willful ignorance but to understand the problem and discuss it.


File: 1654960682623.jpg (247.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, e293e2b84ad31cc8698948d3c9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I can understand needing to masturbate but the whole idol stuff and desiring romantic connection to 2D or 3D is alien to me.
That makes sense, see >>287560. I don't think I can even explain my feelings properly, tbh. And I also don't get the idol stuff, or desiring a romantic connection to 3d, either. Especially not the latter, as I have big penis disorder (BPD), so I'm extremely averse to any kind of human relationship because I don't wanna go end up killing myself in a fit of despair for the silliest, most trivial thing. The waifuism-BPD connection is real.

>It is better to let a few contamination threads exist imo.

That's a good point, but as of now the blackpill thread is leaking, see https://wizchan.org/dep/res/259981.html#260236.


My sex drive seems to have completely disappeared. I wonder if I have a brain tumor or something. This never happened to me except when deeply depressed to the point of being almost catatonic. I'm less depressed than usual if you go by the metric of the past 10 years. Maybe my brain just realized it hasn't seen or interacted with a real succubus in 10 years so it decided sex drive was unnecessary.


But you do have desires for 2D. And I don't get that either and honestly I don't want to. There was a time in my life when I tried to have a waifu but I found the whole thing stupid and so I dropped it. My problem isn't with 3D people only, it is with the idea of romance itself and bonding to others. It is a destruction of privacy and the self. I want to preserve my self and my ego above all others, I can't let it mix with 2D concepts or 3D actual humans.

Mods should do something about the leaking, I don't them to ruin every single thread. I am sure now someone linked this place to some r9k variation and now the tourists are all over here.

You are getting older. That's all. Your sex drive is still there but sleeping, after a couple of weeks you will have it back, even if only to a small extent.
I'm 25 and this year I noticed my sex drive is lower than it was before, thank God. I can endure masturbating 2 times a week only now, previously I had to do it daily.


You say that like it's a bad thing. I hate how much my brain nags me to masturbate. I welcome the death of my libido.


When it's one more thing that used to feel good but doesn't there's not much to be happy about.


One less thing to be a slave to

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