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What is the rise in trans-sexualism/transgenderism all about?
The push for it has been phenomenal. The whole thing seems to be completely fucking absurd; trans people have a huge variety of descriptions about what being trans means ranging from some kind of physical dysphoria (my penis should not be there; I should not have breasts) to having a personality/set of interests that are unusual for a man/succubus to some vague and nebulous feeling of being female.

Where the hell did this come from? Why do people take it seriously? Even if you accept the axioms that the advocates express then there are still so many contradictions.

I see myself as a bit of outsider observing society. So it's horrifying but also fascinating that so many people believe this stuff.
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The T was never the focus ever. The past 40+ years of the LGBT movement was focused solely on gay marriage. Only once they got that did they even attempt to push trannies in the spotlight.


>and they were always the T
No, they were just faggots and dykes before. It's only now the T's realised that they could take the entire spotlight at the expense of the fags and dykes.


There appears to be an intra-feminist war between predominantly older feminists who are Terfs (anti-trans), Swerfs (anti-prostitution), anti-porn and, interestingly, anti-surrogacy; and younger feminists who tend to be intensely pro trans, pro sex workers rights, sort of tolerant or accepting of porn etc…

There is a lot of stuff going on here. A lot of the politics of biology and reproduction.


one thing I don’t get is males don’t care about females going in their spaces after taking testosterone, and I have never run into a mtf in real life but many ftm, it seems like people only care about the mtf though when it is the minority of T people


Good post but people should know there are many younger succubi who are terfs.
A lot of feminist ideals align with wizardry also like being anti porn and much much more.


>You can get involved and become an ally to Terfs
Wizchan 2021.


Becoming involved is a great thing for wizards to do. I presume you have not read much feminist /lit/ and know anything about the topic at all.

You speak from ignorance.
You speak from hate.


>Fuck off back to reddit and your fedora shitfest.

lmao, christcucks are so retarded and delusional. imagine thinking that a big jew in the sky gives a shit about you, good thing you will face eternal oblivion as everyone else, you won't have the opportunity to ask god why he hates you.


what is it like to be sooo low IQ you think endless deductions of how the simulacrum responds is in any way something that can explain how the world is for the reason it is.
are athetists just really really fucking stupid?
T. agnosticfag


>A lot of feminist ideals align with wizardry also like being anti porn and much much more.
Hmmmm they only align in certain interests and certain common enemies. Lesbian radical feminists and Saudi Arabian Muslim clerics both hate pornography and men seeing sexualised succubi in public, but for very different reasons. Their worldviews are still fundamentally opposed.

Similarly, Terfs still fundamentally view morality through the simple (but retarded) moral compass of 'Punch up is good. Punching down is bad'. To 'punch up' means to mock, attack, undermine or even remove the rights of a group that is perceived to have power. To 'punch down' can literally be just criticising a group or the ideology of a group that is perceived to be oppressed or at least have less power.

Needless to say, there are a fucking myriad of problems with this moral compass. Who gets to decide who 'has power'? This is not a sure thing. Punching up at a supposed oppressor is literally the justification for almost every single genocide of the 20th century, from Holodomor, The Holocaust, to Rwanda and Bosnia in the 90s; the perpetrators believed themselves to be striking up against the evil oppressors who had all the power.
Hence, TERF vs pro-trans feminst debates sometimes boil down to
Terf: 'succubi are oppressed because of our biology; men are stronger and want to control our wombs. Gender is a caste system we must abolish' vs Modern Feminist: 'You are punching down at trans succubi you horrible person.'
TERF: 'No succubi are more oppressed. These are predatory evil white men in succubi's clothes. You are punching down.'
Modern Feminist: 'No you are punching down.'
MF: 'No you!'

The whole thing is fucking retarded and i can't get behind the TERFs until they drop this dumb and over simplistic 'Punch up good, punch down bad' mentality.


>punch up retard makes another strawman
sorry bud I dont feel like taking the bait.
>Terf: 'succubi are oppressed because of our biology; men are stronger and want to control our wombs. Gender is a caste system we must abolish'
way to out yourself as ignorant of feminist theory.


>sorry bud I dont feel like taking the bait.
Not really an argument. Ignorant, stupid, cruel, self-pitying and downright appalling behaviour has often been justified on the grounds that it is acceptable because they are punching up. That's the point.

>way to out yourself as ignorant of feminist theory.

I never said that was the sum of feminist theory. I was talking about the way Dworkin and other Terfs online talk.

If you are not going to make arguments then there is no point. You're just trolling and not contributing to anything.


Not him but as someone who is very familiar with feminism I can say without hesitation that the movement has always, is currently, and will always be mainly composed of man hating power hungry self serving freedom destroying censorious socialist who are generally in nearly all regards terrible people both as individual and as a group.
It is a monstrosity of a ideology and incompatible with wizardry on a first principles level.


File: 1637400241146.jpg (139.1 KB, 479x727, 479:727, 1535287.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They don't hate all men though, they just hate ugly men.

Those very same same radical feminists are matching 'chads'.

They are narcissistic hypocrites who are bitter over being born ugly.

(Though contrary to this cartoon, they are usually fat, bloated, with red, green or purple hair


File: 1637400896411.jpg (35.31 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 10283fv621v71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. South Park ran "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" in 2005, season 9. A lot of things in that season seemed to be foreshadowing the 2010s culture war. I'm guessing this is around when it really got its start in California and the elite universities.

2. It's been noted that more than simply being more likely to be autistic, trans people are far more likely to have "autistic tendencies", of which fixation and intrusive thoughts are a strong part. If you're autistic and/or have spent a lot of time talking to autists, you'll notice if you talk to enough trans people that you're talking to one of yours.

3. Asperger's used to be called "The Engineer's Disease" for good reason. A large swath of engineers in decades past have had it. The aforementioned fixation does great with problems like coding.

4. The biggest obstacle to establishing authoritarian control online was how fiercely defiant coders were(hackers, webmasters, etc.) They tend to be strongly loyal to ideals of decentralization, anti-authoritarianism, non-conformism, liberty, and the hacker ethic. The explosions of the internet and silicon valley in the 00s revealed the amount of power the various programmers and webmasters had.

5. The current gender cult started in 2011 on tumblr. It happened simultaneously among teenagers and older liberal types(who would "troon" out)

6. The narrative that trans people would kill themselves if they were misgendered or deadnamed really started exploding around 2014. You could say that a bubble was formed around them to forcibly normalize it and prevent them from being exposed to anything that would have them second-guess their beliefs about gender.

7. "Skepticism", which was such a Arc Word prior to 2005, has vanished as an epistemic virtue.

8. There's been a huge drive away from non-conformism and towards conformism in the last decade.

Put this all together, and we can get a good conspiracy theory going. In decades prior, the hacker autists were natural individualists. For over 30 years, their ranks were continually replenished with new young autists who would inevitably be drawn to coding and engineering. The powers-that-be were able to recognize and study this personality archetype and tailor the trans narrative specifically to target them, pulling them from their natural individualism and channeling their single-mindedness, their fixation towards the new 2010s social justice religion. They've managed to neutralize, to pacify, to literally castrate one of the greatest threats to conformity and authority in society. Hence the insanity of governments passing legislation that will jail parents for not respecting their child's pronouns. That is not normal…it's totally insane. But it makes a kind of sense as a measure to neutralize potential future nonconformist rebels. Over the longer run, this has eugenics implications as well. Welcome to the dystopian future.


>mtf though when it is the minority of T people

Why are you lying? Those fags are so visible in both real life and on tv because they're incredibly narcissistic.

Ah, I see you've noticed the crab/autist to trans pipeline.

>4. The biggest obstacle to establishing authoritarian control online was how fiercely defiant coders were(hackers, webmasters, etc.) They tend to be strongly loyal to ideals of decentralization, anti-authoritarianism, non-conformism, liberty, and the hacker ethic. The explosions of the internet and silicon valley in the 00s revealed the amount of power the various programmers and webmasters had.

The most interesting of your observations.


The infiltrators in this thread disgust me.


You the guy who appears in every tranny thread saying "it's a good thing" that young wizards are getting axe wounds?


That “guy” is an infiltrator dumbass


>Why are you lying? Those fags are so visible in both real life and on tv because they're incredibly narcissistic.
What does that have to do with what I wrote?


The Eskimo would go to hell. The only time he wouldn't go to hell for not knowing who is God(but still being agonostic AND a good person) was before Jesus was born.


Hell doesn't exist though, so the eskimo would just decompose like all other living beings.


That is your belief. My point was under the assumption that the Christian God does exist. If you ignore that, then you can just ignore my whole post.


It's not a belief, it's a fact. Your decomposition can't change based on you talking to a person and them telling you something or not.

That eskimo would decompose and die regardless of someone telling him about Jesus, Thor, Odin, Allah or Buddha.


you're really missing the point here.


I know you hate religious people, but that is not an excuse to not learn how to read and interpret texts.


But the Ts were always implicitly there in the LGBT. They were the T.



a thread about trannies is the most active on this slow imageboard for virgins


rage bait works here too, who'd have fucking thought?


it is not surprising considering how many /pol/ crossposters there seems to be, they are retarded and obsessed with inane things


are there trannies on wizchan or tranny wizards? why are trannies important?


>why are trannies important
I don't know, ask all the people who demand they are accepted and promote them in every conceivable facet of life. There will always be reactionaries.

I told OP to fuck off about 100 posts ago, but it doesn't matter cause imageboards only show you what people talk about the most.


I've seen like 1 tranny my entire life, I don't get the big deal. The person was ugly and looked like a 30 year old man in what someone might imagine a teenage succubus would wear in 2005, but it didnt really effect me, it is like seeing a morbidly obese person or a downie, not something I think about for more than a minute and they dont change my life in any way


What people dont like are like the absurd pronouns trannies who want to be called xir and have 10000 million different genders. Also the ones who deny science by thinking they can actually become succubi even though their chromosomes stay the same


The funniest ones are "they" I assume their beef is with mathematics and not gender, and they want to be recognised as plural people


Good questions.
I think a lot of wizards, like myself, sort of see themselves as outside society, observing it. Since I was young I never fully felt at home in the world so I would just sit in the playground and stare at people playing and talking. I would analyse them.

These days, I look at politics and culture from an outside lens. I have noticed how much more conformist people have become in the last 10 years.

The trans thing is an incredibly fast and astounding cultural phenomenon. It is interesting to ponder why it got so big and why it is sweeping across the western world. I have a strong gut feeling that it may be indicative of something else more profound. It's like people have lost interest in truth and so the most fundamentally fucking obvious thing that cavemen become instinctually cognizant of, that there are men and succubi with clear distinct biological functions and therefore roles, has become become completely up for grabs. Something very profound is going on here.


Social media has allowed it to run rampant and anyone who doesn't like it gets mocked into oblivion or arrested.


That's as stupid as saying that Japs inventing teleportation doesn't affect you in any way.


It's actually not at all


hold on…they invented teleportation?


In theory on the subatomic level sort of.
Nothing that is even remotely useable yet though. Still pretty cool.
Baby steps in the right direction.


Well I meant that as an example of someone, somewhere far away doing something that changes how the world functions having an effect on you no matter how hard you deny it. Didn't know that it was actually a thing lmao.



Why would porn make men want to never be able to masturbate ever again?

trans can't even fap. so its not for an erotic reason


The push now is for pedo, i mean, MAPs people.


Take a look at this.
succubus guide now has a troon at its head and has very concerning policies about supplying condoms to the trans"succubi" that are included in activiries and even the same residential area. There is also a stance that if leaders (male) decide to stay with the succubi and trans succubi no parents are to be made aware.



File: 1637767709894-0.jpg (58 KB, 555x600, 37:40, alchemy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637767709894-1.jpg (18.49 KB, 293x320, 293:320, medical simbol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What is the rise in trans-sexualism/transgenderism all about?

It is about transhumanism, not the SJW progressive's mindless drivel about sexual identity.Eunuchs & Transsexuals have always existed in society throughout human history but never have they been a focal point for any political ideology until now, they might have some religious significance in certain cultures but not mainstream political importance.The trans movement does not necessarily involve just changing sexual identity but it is about transformation of a human being into something else.

In recent times the idea that you can transform yourself into whatever you desire through the miracles of modern Science has been heavily promoted.Transhumanists argue that human beings can transform or evolve or enhance through the use of technologies assuming that human beings need to "transform or evolve or enhance" to keep up with technological progress.
This need to transform is being inserted into the public consciousness by powerful ideological institutions through propaganda & censorship.
So why would people in positions of power i.e the technocrats want any of this?

1.To create complete dependence on technology, since their new identity/persona/avatar physical & digital is dependent on the technology that is owned & controlled by them.
Their entire existence is in the hands of the technocrat,you might call it a new social contract,similar to how your government gives you a national identity, (when a citizen votes for an "elected" ruler).

2.Eugenics since all traditional identities are extinct (mother,father,brother,sister,grandparents etc)the technocrat (A.I,Algorithms,Social credit scores etc) takes on the responsibility for raising the young.Similarly to how government funded public schools & corporate owned media mold character of the young today, note how already people have already started to adapt their lives around social media algorithms and are using some form of centralized digital infrastructure for all of their interactions and daily activities.(cant wait for the metaverse)
Since the natural intercourse & marriage are no longer relevant to reproduction,sex is reduced to a mode for establishing a social identity and maintaining social cohesion.Therefore Reproductive responsibility also is taken over by the technocrat thereby controlling the individuals at a genomic level through gene editing and other reproductive technology.(we are headed toward a Brave New World)

3.The above two points make a post human social order that can not be disrupted from within and no breakaway social order is possible in this form of society as the individuals in it are not only totally dependent on it for their existence but any form of discontent can be erased from the gene pool permanently.

You could also look at this radical transformation of our social order from an alchemical perspective, the union of male & female is one of the most sacred and powerful rituals in alchemy.It is a Sacred Marriage of the male and female energies,union of the mind & body, or the union of conscious & sub conscious inside an individual that leads to enlightenment or immortality,Very similar to what transhumanists believe.

Transhumanist perspective insists that humans have a distinctly separate mind and body, and that what happens to one need not affect the other & Transgender insists that they are more mind than body. They claim that one has been born into the ‘wrong’ body & cutting of their ties to their biological sex is a way to live an altered existence.
They have disassociated their mind from their physical body and experience dysphoria & the transhumanists offer them the solution to this problem by transforming their bodies to the match the imaginary persona they want i.e A union of mind and body,the union of conscious & sub conscious,the union of male & female.
But unfortunately it doesn't work as its a union of a deranged mind a mutilated body and their subconscious needs & concision desires do not align,they can now never be male or female,their ability to form any meaningful union spiritual or physical is lost, their euphoria over their transformed bodies is temporary & dysphoria eternal

In conclusion I feel sorry for the people who have been duped by the false promises of the transhumanists and are being used as cheerleaders to promote a post human technocratic future.


Dualism is one hell of a drug ain't it

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