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I assume the majority of the sit is white, which I have no grievances with - but I was wondering if there were any non-white wizzies that post here? Im an Indian Wizard but im thinking about moving to the country side and staying there permanently.


there may still be the indian wiz thread up.
we had one with lots of replies. what is it like being a indian wiz?


I am also of the colored races. What about it?


>lets talk about racial stuff on a anonymous imageboard where race doesn't matter and only comes up in the form of insults and race baiting
I don't see how this could ever lead to productive conversation if I am being honest.
What is there even there to talk about?


I look white but I'm brazilian so I might have some native or african blood that I don't know about
There's lots of third worlders here, I would not be surprised if lots of them aren't white


Same. I'm "white" and brazilian too.


>Whats it like being an indian wiz
Constantly being looked down upon for being celibate and not married, my country is just a massive gynocentric shithole.
Nothing I was just curious.
Im aware of that, I dont think race should be a centre of focus for any sort of discussion. I just wanted to see if their were any wizzies living in third-world shitholes like myself.


I'm of a non-white born & struggling in USA


wiz, I…


patriarchal societies are ironically incredibility gynocentric. Because the most high status thing a man can do in those societies is have a desirable succubus, they are the highest trophies one can attain. Chivalry is also considered an incredibly virtuous thing. It just matters what the status of the succubus is. Peasant succubus? Raped and left for dead in the streets. Anyone dare lay a hand on the wife of a mayor? Lynched right then and there.


succubus worshipers, and those are traditional "men" that we're told are real manly and admirable


I agree most people dont understand that patriarchy supports gynocentrism and traditionalist men are biggest gynocentric chivalric cucks.Thats also like that in middle eastern muslim countries.


File: 1637545212881.jpg (87.37 KB, 770x782, 385:391, a4272v5y0gf71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I was under the impression that a substantial amount of the users are non-white.


I have black mom and white dad. My hair is loosely curled and fluffy.


I thought the wizard virgin meme was from japan so most wizards should be asian. Why would more be white unless they're copying asian culture.


Whites invented everything. This is not up for debate.


it's an asian meme, kid.


You are a weeaboo and you despise your own culture.


The most important technology on the planet and the most advanced in everyday use (the integrated circuit) was invented by a Korean guy and an Egyptian guy.


nascar and mcdonalds isn't a culture


BTS and mummification aren't the best inventions


All this pride and White Nationalists have declared that white men who do not attract white succubi to mate to them cannot be considered biologically white. A race is a continuous line of past, present and future. Someone who is white only in the present is not part of the white race.


All the race discussion is what makes me leave this place from time to time.
You can't fit in anywhere as a nonwhite wizard, even among other wizards. No camaraderie. You're left to your own.


there is no white race, we're lots of different sub-species, e.g. french, hungarian, if you went to europe and talked about "the" white race people would look at you funny


"Species"? The word you're looking for is ethnicity.

Even then, Europe doesn't have natives the way America does - unless Basques and the Saami of Lapland count, and they are extremely small minorities.

Everybody else (including the French and Hungarian people since you mentioned them) is a mixture of countless other ethnicities in close vicinity to their ancestral lands.

Or in the case of France, even as far as Scandinavia, since Normandy, as the name suggests was founded by Normans who were descendants of vikings who settled into Northern France.


No no wizfriend, don't worry about the racists. They aren't capable of sympathizing with others in a similar predicament unless they're of the right stock. All they're concerned with, like most neurotypicals, is siding themselves with the "winners" and punching down on those they deem inferior.


But that's like 98% of humanity. There are so few sentient people (like you) it's basically impossible to meet and befriend them in real life.

So for all intents and purposes most people who surround you are wild animals running on base instinct instead of rational thought processes.
They look human but they behave like any regular primitive animal out in the wild under the thin veil of civilization.

Even wizchan isn't safe from these cretins, if the number is 98% in the general population it's still at least 50% here.

I've been here for 7 years and the number of racists, white supremacists etc. is barely lower than on any other imageboard. It is lower, but not by much.


This is why some people become racist.


I said sub-species, that's the correct term in the field of biology even if people want to say race or ethnicity
>Everybody else is a mixture of countless other ethnicities
"countless" is exaggerating, you can google haplogroup maps that people make showing the different nationalities of europe and the admixture is scarce enough to make them all distinct sub-species and leave no room for this "the" white race nonsense


No, there is no such thing as a "pure" French for example. French people who have ancestry in the country going back 500+ years are a mixture of Germans, North Italians, Spaniards and to a very small degree Anglos.

There is no such thing as a "French" ethnicity.

You want the haplogroup analysis, they are all over the internet.


of course they aren't genetically unique but that doesn't make them indistinct, genetic uniqueness was never how biology classifies different sub-species, they still appear on a DNA test as french, not as some generic "white," you might as well talk about "the dog race" just because a german shepherd shares a chromosome with a poodle or a wolf, it's ridiculous


Nonjapanese "wizards" are tryhard weaboos without culture that larp like if they were japanese hikkis. You will never be japanese.

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