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File: 1637347130238.jpeg (110.51 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, APTOPIX-Kenosha-Protest-S….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Last thread: https://archive.md/Zi7Eg

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts, National Guard on standby. Austrian special forces verifying vaccine status of random pedestrians, citing fines and jail-time for those outside without a license. Biden under anesthesia for emergency colonoscopy following pains
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>literally, unironically think
>literally, unironically true
>They literally want
As opposed to figuratively and ironically doing all that?



>By the way, not giving a shit about anything doesn't make you cool.

Excuse me if I am feeling way too cool by ignoring you to ever give a heck about it!


File: 1637443002465.mp4 (8.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, crabs.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

wizchan 2021


everyone there looks like a fatass, what are they putting in the burgers these days


Think of the people that would actively go out and hold rallies for the slimy politicians that would crush them under foot if it meant winning more power. These people are cattle in mind and body.


Shill tries once again to invade wizchan and is one again upset that wizards are immune to his slimy rhetoric.


>these are the faggots that post in the politics thread
>these are the people who post here
Jesus I really should leave for good.


previously on 4chan… also didn't click lul


File: 1637455502699.png (497.8 KB, 882x824, 441:412, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Politics and politicking are for media-obsessed normalniggers with a stake in reality/the world at large.

Political discussion is for normalniggers who love to pick a "side" and defend it to the death. Same tribal nonsense humans have been burdened with since the beginning of time.


File: 1637455900249.png (192.53 KB, 720x532, 180:133, centrist.png) ImgOps iqdb


He's the whitest black man I've ever seen.


It's funny because it's true.
You can't dispute it, so you resort to an ad hominem attack, like a normalnigger.
In fact, you call the poster "a centrist" because you can't wrap your politic-riddled rat head around the idea that someone would not even think about politics.
That they would have no opinion because they realize it's for retards who want to feel self-important

Waiting for the diaper party to become mainstream so people can act even more infantile.
Their slogan would be, "hahaha duuuhhhh :) just like give us evrytiing!!!"

crabchan 2022

Fuck forums, full of dumb niggers
>inb4 lol why r u so mad?


crabs refuse to believe late stage dystopian mice are simply not interested in breeding nor infighting of any kind, so they ask mods to put them in the same cage to begin the assault knowing mice can't fight back :( careful young wizmice that are reading this


Just looks mulatto to mee. Big ass nostrils, big lips, the overall impression is some Puerto Rican with a few black grandparents. I really don't get the meme of him being "white XD", but apparently pigmentation is the end all be all for some people's racial classification.


He literally is just white.
He just intentionally tries hard to look black but both his parents are white as rice.
Why "the black community" tolerates that husker is beyond me.


New Terror Attack

Black Nationalist and Sound cloud rapper Darrell Brooks Kills Five and wounds forty at Waukesha Christmas Parade.



File: 1637598904442.jpg (552.25 KB, 874x1482, 23:39, 16a7f4169dd617634b75ebe7c0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm liking the inexorable shift to racial bioterrorism. Another foundation stone laid for my new nation!


America has an under-incarceration problem. The nigger terrorists killed more in Waukesha today than "violent" Whites did during two "literally worse than Pearl Harbor" events of Charlottesville and J6 combined.
For the rest of eternity you will be forced to endure the media broadcasting displays of daily performative hysteria over these two cases of Whites daring to weakly assert themselves. You will never hear about 13% making life hell for Whites on behalf of the 2%.
To illustrate the point: NYT briefly mentioned the attack at page 22, harmlessly titled as "SUV plows into parade."


I just want to watch it all burn.
Still no good happenings in a few years


You will never be big boss.


>The last totally real happening ends on Friday. The next totally real happening happens immediately after the next Monday morning.

They're literally scheduling this shit. It's like this bullshit is the new daytime television.


Based, no lives matter


>Based, no lives matter
Then kill yourself. It's that simple zoomer. Go on, be based.


t.hurt normalfag



Dude was in his own home minding his own business also Florida has stand your ground.


So the cases are the same and they should both get off. What's the problem?


>What's the problem?
your country being dominated by kikes who decided white people are evil


File: 1637635165641.jpg (548.8 KB, 1242x1883, 1242:1883, FEk-5F7XEAY3wSK.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Only decent one I've seen.


most jews are white


File: 1637635820967-0.png (255.24 KB, 725x501, 725:501, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637635820967-1.png (2.06 MB, 2000x2449, 2000:2449, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

now yuo see


white here means racially european which they aren't


Don't quite understand what you mean, but ok.


What do you guys think about the chances of war between US and Russia over Ukraine?
jews are whiter than 'white' people


I'm not sure what dumb shit you're trying to say, the whitest looking jews are mongrels chock full of levantine DNA


I think it's highly unlikely of a direct war, but I can't rule out proxy wars and covert hostel action.

Personally I think Russia should slow down and use soft power to ingratiate the area in a way that won't get the international community on it's back, and the US should chill the fuck out and go back to normalizing trade relations. They have used too much stick in relation to Russia. I think using the carrot in the form of trade would improve the relationship between the two countries.
With Russia and the US buddy buddy China probably would feel less bold in it's general asshole behavor internationally.


Austria has legally required everyone who hasn't been vaccinated to remain in their home.
The authoritarianism has hit extreme levels.


How can the end game be anything but dare I say some Orwellian like existence.


all this over something with a 99.99% survival rate


You can tell people this and they just spazz out saying any life worth saving is worth it.
Worth what? to what extent? its being tested.


JK rowling is once again in the spot light. The quick rundown is that some trans individuals decided to subtly encourage harassing her at her own residence.
It is non stop with the trooners and obviously won't be stopping any time soon.

It has been interesting seeing the response on social media and the media itself.

Here is a reddit thread about the topic.


An article about the topic from the same political perspective as JK Rowling herself.


The strangest thing to me is when they ask for more restrictions now so they don't have to face more restrictions later. Are they not aware that this is a matter of policy? That lockdowns and curfews and so on are not as natural as the sun rising every morning?
This "crisis" also highlights how much of a problem doctors and nurses and their inflated authority are. They should not be treated as a fucking clergy. The ones pontifying in the media should shut the fuck up. Unfortunately they'll be long dead before people look back on the situation and think that this has gone too far, and even if they are still there, they will claim that they had the best intentions and that they still saved millions from this terrible disease or something to that effect…


You are not allowed to have an opinion on anything beyond what genital you put up your ass according to these normalfaggots.

They LOVE "experts" and will use that as a gotchyah. I wonder if this is the result of people who rebel against the perceived authority of religion and get stuck in that militant atheist state of mind without ever being able to look at the bigger picture beyond dawkins dick they want to suck.


I'd just like to point out by the way it's all white people whenever you're talking about any of this madness, the jews nailed it when they named them goyim


File: 1637773716301.jpg (22.48 KB, 652x169, 652:169, 20211124_120748.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Bro you cant crabt white people here or your a nigger.


Reality is just a parody at this point.

They *can't* be that stupid and hypersensitive. Or can they?


I enjoy seeing normalfags flagellate themselves at this point

It is



The real parody here is that these people think men are succubus.

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