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What are your thoughts on people who identify as Doomers?

These people cling to this meme subculture of going on night walks and being lonely while listening to radio head and some of the russian new wave music.
In my experience observing and even interacting with them in the past these types are usually always 18-low 20s and wish they could be normies. They are usually working and not NEET and want a GF and may hold some crab thoughts but are not full crab yet.

I was wondering if wizards relate with these people at all because I personally cannot and find their whining like that of a edgy teenager where they complain about all the wrong things. I dislike that their music taste is so limited and nearly all of them listen to the same group approved music.

I was never a doomer even before the doomer meme existed it would not have described myself and I imagine many wizards feel the same. I gave up not because I could not reach for what I wanted but what the world offers really is not my cup of tea.


i think doomer is a pretty cool guy. eh smokes pallmalls and doesn't enjoy of anything.


I think it’s another faggot meme spammed by the same boomer zoomer coomer cancer retards and you should fuck off


I have never heard of a "doomer" until this post, but it sounds stupid


code word for people who pretend they know so much about life, instead of acknowledging reality or that they don't know shit
If you're depressed, it's either you or your family's fault (which is one and the same)

Either take responsibility or suffer miserably


>everything is your fault, there's nothing wrong with the world



-oomer meme


My thoughts exactly.


>implying the world is perfect and everyone gets the same opportunities
The absolute state of wizchan


This is what you get for siding with improvebrah monkcels to ostracize and oust 'muh crabs.' You made your bed, now lie in it.


Just another flavor of normie, these ones just post on 4chans r9k about their gf problems


I go for nightwalks because my sleeping schedule is fucked


Meant to add that I otherwise find the doomer meme retarded


Some are semi-wizardly and tolerable but still fall for common societal and succubi psyops.

>muh responsubility


I hate all these subcultures and their conformity. I feel like these things are just images people project onto themselves and try to become rather than a depiction of who they actually are. I never identify with any of these. I define who I am


Exactly, and if you don't belong to one of them and put on that artificial fake imagery and all associated clothes, mannerism, speech patterns etc., you get treated as "non-neurotypical".


Dont tell me doomers do this when they are the biggest normalfags.


the entire "doomer culture" is just a modern version of the tfw no gf mindset


It's faggy and gay i think they all wanna be the goth mommy waifu


Feeling of dread about the future? Black clothes? Smoking? Going on nightwalks? Listening to slowed down + reverb faggot music?
Feels like Hot Topic did that shit better.


>Listening to slowed down + reverb faggot music?
lets leave music out of it. Doomers dont even listen to slow music


your little twitchy brains didn't read the full post, but what can I expect from head-in-sand dick-in-hand wise sages?


You people will suffer excruciating tortures until you choose to change yourselves. After death you will be reincarnated into even more pathetic specimens, and your tortures will continue until you make the choice to let go of your pathetic delusions and stop them.


Given enough billion years we will all be reborn in one form or another anyway.

All I can do is hope that future world doesn't invent social media or the internet. It has done more harm than good.


Believing in an after life is the biggest cope is the world.


I don't mean it in the religious sense, I meant it in the purely physical realm.

Give it 5-10 billion years after our sun dies out and there is bound to be new life somewhere else by pure random mathematical chance.

Not due to a supernatural entity or god, but due to atoms rearranging into life again.

We just can't escape the hellish cycle.


>If you're depressed, it's either you or your family's fault (which is one and the same)
What do you mean by "you". people can be depressed for seemingly no reason. our personal philosophy and the way we judge everything outside and within ourselves can have a huge impact on our mood but serious depression is bad news and inhibits our ability to function severely.
>Either take responsibility or suffer miserably
expand on this please.


not a creationist but science hasn't explained how dumb atoms bouncing around gave rise to life


Doesn't matter, all this reincarnation hookey is the same. You just can't accept that you will die like everything else. No, having a molecule from your eye eventually reincorporated into some far flung alien species' intestine does not mean you are trapped in this mortal coil. Math does not prove that your botlzmann brain will assemble into itself again given infinite time (which it doesn't have anyway).


I'm sure it's explained somewhere in the Bible, Talmud, Quran…


>zoomer doomer coomer

Gen Z has to be one of the most unoriginal generations to have existed thus far. Like turbo-charged unoriginality augmented by the internet.


>after death
nothing happens. once the brain dies its over. even if your reincarnated its not the same person since you have no knowledge of your previous life. reincarnation is a meme bum.


What do you expect from a generation whose entire exposure to culture is the mainstream regurgitation of shit from the 80's and 90's or poorly adapted comic book storylines



yeah i dont believe in an after-life, there is only life and it never ends.


I'm sure that when you're dreaming you tell yourself that as well… but then your dream self dies and the your consciousness transfers into a new body and you don't even care.


It wont be us, but it'll still be life. Just like your current body could be made up of atoms of aliens who lived somewhere 38673 billion years ago.

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