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Any proper oldwizzes hang out here? I'm a hermit 37-year-old and don't feel any different from when I was 20.

What's in store for me? Does the angst kick in later?


not as old as you but can you detail some of what you have learned? please drop some wizdom for us.

Tips and tricks and your views on things.


Not sure I've learned anything that profound. I honestly think I could pass for a 20-year-old online if I didn't tell people my age.

Dunno how insightful or original, but timescales backwards kinda compress as you get older. 17-year-olds and 25-year-olds feel pretty closeish in time to me.

Bet anyone under 40 feels young to a lot of 80-year-olds.


Like, if you're mid 20s or whatever, 37 probably feels pretty distant. When you're 37, mid-20s isn't that long ago, to me anyway.

On another age-related related note, I think most old people just act like young people acted when they were young. The world just shifted around them.

In 40s years, you'll act roughly the same as now, but it'll be outdated.


you mean shut in? I guess the angst doesn't happen except to people who leave their rooms


been a hermit myself for years and venture out now for medical reasons but I have no angst.

Why should we waste our energy hating others?


Angst is only for people who want what they can't have.

Also, growing up is a spook. We're the same as we were when we were kids. We just found out the world sucks.


I thought as much, angst about getting older won't hit you if you live in a shutin bubble, only hits people who need to experience the world, live amid continual change and be changed with it, maybe you'll feel something someday when circumstances force you to plan your suicide or go homeless


angst is what >>279890 said.
If you do not desire to be a normalfaggot why would you have angst?


have you ever checked that word in a dictionary, don't be a fool


Is that old for a wizard? I thought it began at 30.


Depends on who you ask. I'm 52 and to me a 30, 31, 33 or whatever is practically a kid just like a 27 year old.

Imo, old age starts at around 50 to 60.


How old is old? Please defined properly with numbers.


52 years, five months, six weeks, four days, 22 hours, 42 minutes and three seconds


I’ll be 35 in a little over a month. I feel old cause I am fat. I need to lose weight but I’m too lazy.


why would old people use imageboards?


Why would young people use imageboards?


you want someone to doxx you?


you kidding? quit with the division BS


As you get older you realize these places have nothing worthwhile to offer anybody, oldfags only come out of habit


Imageboards are addictive. Because everyone is anonymous and aggressively retarded, it makes those rare moments when you find someone you agree with so much more satisfying. This is part of “curating the delusion this is your home”.


I left imageboards for years and came back because I got bored.


how does the asshole of the capybara smell? I bet it will smell better than a human asshole


a little earthy, vague pronunciations of grass, full of pheromones

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