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>I don't understand why nothing seems to move past the 00s.

(Aimed at people who were actually alive before 1992)

Anyone else notice that we seem to be stuck in a cultural malaise? Like the present doesn't give way to the future anymore? A permanent nostalgia trip for nostalgia? Gen Z being the most unoriginal generation yet?

I got some theories about this but it's all stuff from the "End of the Wizards" threads, I'll post them later but I want to know what other wizards think or their experience of this are.


You only feel like culture doesn't change because you are not part of it anymore. Of course an old out of touch square doesn't notice new culture, it's like asking your grandpa what kids like these days, he'll probably tell you some vague surface level thing he heard about on the news. Also sorry if that sounded antagonistic, but it's the only way I could put it


we got left behind


You haven't actually kept up with the times and that is why you haven't noticed the things that change.
Simple as that.


Zoomers have no hope for the future and are deeper into escapism and faux-nostalgia than previous generations.

I remember between 2014 and 2017 the top 10 movies of each was like 90% sequels, reboots or comic book adaptations.



That's one way of putting it. But "being out of touch" doesn't explain why movies, music and videogames have stagnant. Besides, when I say culture I don't necessarily mean "what the kids are into".


The art being the same thing is simple. Artistic cultural growth is being purposely held back by certain groups, and the alternatives they're proposing are too unhinged to be picked up by the masses. The top 10 best movies, songs, games, and other arts may be the same as they were 10 years ago, but only because the competition to these pieces, while many, are just too outlandish to be brought in to the spotlight without causing a freakout. Culture as defined by consumed media has progressed, but in a direction not many are willing to follow.


>movies, music and videogames have stagnant
when I think of some piece of media even 10 years ago vs today it is noticeably different, when I think 20 years ago vs today it is completely different, things are definitely changing as usual


The fuck you expecting from Generation Tide Pod?

That being said I love K-Pop, I swear to God, it's like ultra-refined 90s and 00s pop/rnb hits.


>You only feel like culture doesn't change because you are not part of it anymore.
When the fuck was Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger ever part of MSM culture?


This stagnation is most noticeable with music and at the same time is most refutable with this same medium and I think this is important to keep in mind because outwardly there is little change and from the surface appears largely the same as the 2K's with some minor changes and optimization of commercial success however if you dig a bit deeper you will find a vast amount of different sounds and even currently evolving styles arising from an amalgamation of pre-existing styles resulting in emerging genre that is distinguishable.

Commercial music is extremely well defined and made entirely to appeal a priori without any niche beyond some shallow superficial trends that still get followed. What is popular is entirely decided by those who have influence with the public through social media and even algorithms! aside from some very rare cases where someone gets lucky and gets their music known through these same means.

Where sameness over the decades is concerned with the music industry a semblance can be made in terms of the those with the money not wanting to take any risks at all. Business is business and why risk money on a project that may have its merit overlooked by the masses when you can pump out another cape shit or whatever movie and be sure to get a concern.

I however do not think it is fair to put the blame entirely upon those moving money around producing our media when it concerns this stagnation. I strongly consider that the internet has had a negative impact on sub-cultures developing organically and unperturbed from emulsifying with the greater community. The following opinion may be bunk, hogwash and just the expression of ignorance however it appears that aside from some intellectual movements which may manifest into art it is largely the younger generation that grapples with the world around them and tries to break away and redefine themselves. The young are influenced from the old but try to go their own way and music for example evolves.
We no longer have the conditions for this cultural phenomenon to flourish in the same way due to the internet and other complex forces.

The zoomer who wants to belong is more likely to attach himself to preexisting sexual and "gender" identities than etch out a belonging within a developing tribe within their local and thus we is less inclined for a grass roots movements. The outside world the local for people is now thei social media platform and this trend with stagnation will persist.

Please criticie my thoughts i have much more to say.


I was saying this stuff 20 years ago, surprise surprise nothing's changed since then


Part of the "new thing" (video games), something young and curious people would likely be exposed to.


Nah, it's all in your head


Straight White men are the engine that turns and makes the world work. Leftism was designed to destroy everything.


Sure they are, whitey.


>I love licking boots of my masters


What contributions have other demographics brought to the table?


Sure is strange when some tiny, tiny spark of class consciousness appears or when NEETs say they don't want to work, racists pop out the woodwork to derail the thread. Strange. Like the inverse of what they did to the anitwork subreddit.


go back


It's a psyop. Make NEETs and outcasts look like insane racists.


Lately I've been feeling like media kills me slowly.

That, instead, there's /too/ many cultural… SEEDS which wither after sprout.

I took a break from media and honestly felt better than I have in years. Yes, that includes anime AND music.

What's the point? Just do your own thing. Engage in YOUR story.
Even if you don't have a party to rely on.

Watching things instead of doing them destroys my entire framework of existence.
And I don't like the lies everyone tells each other through these stories.

It used to be possible to tune in.
Now I just find it immensely depressing because you turn it off, look at the black screen, black mind, null - void, passive, imprisoned and inept, begging as a slave for some other "Creative" to distract, to keep thoughts at bay.

Yeah real engagement and learning is work…
but there doesn't seem to be another path left toward enjoying the remains of the day

And most people are monkeys so they're not worth analysis


Recently tried it out again, and now I'm rather disheveled so I'm trying to cool myself down by coming to this shithole.
Just no fortitude
What's the point?

It used to be so depressing when I would find, again and again, how the world works. When I accept it, it is liberating.
I hope I don't ever come back here, but I'll see you tomorrow


> movies, music and videogames have stagnant.
They have not.
There have been significant changes both in general and in particular when it comes to all of those mediums especially when you look at changes in generas and subgeneras over time.


As a 1990s kid, the 1970s didn't feel so far away. It was just 20 years ago. Which relative to now is what the 2000s is now.

A movie from the 1970s felt familiar, they dressed and acted the same way. The social issues of the 1960s had been resolved. It didn't feel like history the way the 1950s or 1960s did.

But now the 1970s was 50 years ago.

For me the whole era from the 1970s to 2010s felt very familiar and one.

But this new zoomer generation, with tik tok and instagram. It is finally something that feels new, unfamiliar and I don't understand it. And I don't like it.

So to me it feels like culture finally has started to change with the zoomers.


Are you kidding me?

Movies in the last 10 years have been sequels, remakes and capeshit.
The last console generation where big videogame companies were experimenting with different gameplay and the last noticeable graphics leap was PS3/360/Wii generation (indie games notwithstanding).
Music I don't know enough about but I hear constant remixes of music from years ago on the radio.

>But this new zoomer generation, with tik tok and instagram. It is finally something that feels new, unfamiliar and I don't understand it. And I don't like it.

They're incredibly familiar, especially if you've spent your years on forums and imageboards. It's just they have a lethal dose of narcissism.


>especially if you've spent your years on forums and imageboards

well culture doesn't come from no where. maybe it was gestating in the dark corners of the web since the 2000s. Like when I was in HS, liking anime was extremely deviant, the weirdest of the weird. And now 4chan style memes and lingo has permeated into everyday normie teens. Regular kids in HS use terms that were invented by Black Pill Crabs. Its weird.


For every movie that is a sequel,remake, or superhero movie(which doesn't even fit with the other two beyond you seeming to dislike the genera/subject) there are dozens of new and original movies that you seem to be intentionally ignoring for the sake of a indefensible argument.

I don't give a shit about console generations since I mainly play PC where inovation hasn't even come close to slowing down and experimentation is all over the place.
That said I highly doubt development on consoles has totally stagnated, especially when it comes to nintedo.
And you point on music is just foolish and unworthy of a response.

Your whole point doesn't stand up to even ten seconds of scrutiny.
New and original stuff comes out all the time at a blistering rate.


> Like when I was in HS, liking anime was extremely deviant, the weirdest of the weird
When was this?
The 70s?
By the late 80s anime was global and not really seen as deviant unless it was porn. At least that is how it was in NA and EU from the 80s onward.


The children born in the 1980s were born under a strange star. I cannot name or think of a member of my age cohort who does not look out at the world with dead eyes. It seems that we failed to grow a meaningful culture. Just as the New Atheism that was supposed to overtake all online spaces has failed. Just as Occupy Wall Street failed, faulted and foundered, and now no trace of that political sentiment can be found on the imageboards it was rooted in. Everything that the children of 1980 onward touched has withered and died before our eyes before we turned 40. Other generations may have felt similarly, of course, but our failures seemed as though they had not even been born alive. The hippies' Summer of Love was mourned by poems and songs for two generations, and is paid tribute even by its enemies. It was born, breathed, and lived, and flowers are laid upon its grave. Occupy has no grave and no mourners. It was not brought into this world by the living.
The generation z did not inherit a living culture, especially not online. Dead hands wrote the words they read, treying to circulate a pulse for their dead hearts to bring some spark to their dead eyes. Just as the children of 1980 failed in all other things, so too have they failed to grow past the 1990s, and just as they could not condition a culture or society for themselves so too could they not cultivate the same for the next generation.


>I was saying this stuff 20 years ago

Things may have been on repeat a little bit longer than the (early and mid) millennials have been alive but I think new(ly consumer) tech alleviated this for a while. For a while.


This is both true and false. It's true that Robotech was mainstream, but anyone who knew it was a Japanese anime originally named Macross and who was outraged at how it had been Macekered in order to make it suitable for a target audience with an IQ of 90 whereas the Japanese original had aimed at a target audience with an IQ of 95 was considered a freak and a social deviant. The latter part of "anime culture" is what became not only acceptable but encouraged, and I think this has a lot to do with the structure of monetization of youtube years ago which led to "internet critic as a career" types. The changes in the anime scene in the United States are more complicated than you two are making it out to be.

>Movies in the last 10 years have been sequels, remakes and capeshit.
I can tell from this that you are not a fan of horror, which is understandable. Modern horror is improving versus the place it was in 10 to 20 years ago.


>Modern horror is improving versus the place it was in 10 to 20 years ago.

Aside from a few gems, modern horror has been jumpscare central compared to 10-15 years ago.


Complete tangent, but I think no one really knows what they want in a horror movie. It seems like 1/3rd of people just want jumpscares so they can go watch it with their GF and have them pretend to be scared, another 3rd just want an hour and a half of turture porn, and the last 3rd want it to be as sedate as possible with just moving shadows and hints of spooky stuff until the end.


10-15 years ago was when you had a choice between the Paranormal Activity found footage REC jumpscare renaissance supernatural horror or the Hostel torture SAW grounded horror films, when those who tried to break those molds were M. Night Shyamalan the-subversion-is-the-only-point movies. It is hard to name "few gems" from that era, though easy enough to name top of their class types like REC.


This post has been reported to Harmony Gold. We'll see you in court, fucker.


>It seems like 1/3rd of people just want jumpscares so they can go watch it with their GF and have them pretend to be scared

More like 2/3rds, I haven't seen much in the way of SAW/Hostel type films since the end of the 00s.


Stuff like human centipede wasn't that long ago was it? And alien movies keep getting made. Though I guess that last bit only proves OP's point.


>Stuff like human centipede wasn't that long ago was it?

I'm trying to remember but wasn't that the ass-end of the 00s? I think there was a sequel a year after.


damn you're right, 2009


I know exactly what I want in horror.
Spectacle and gore in the context of a story that keeps my interest.


That’s really not the point.


His post wasn't on the point so I think it is fair play that my comment wasn't on point ether.
Regardless my comment still stands. There are people who do know what they want in a horror movie, the example being myself.


That's what I mean by missing the point. Everyone knows what they want in a horror movie. But directors/producer don't. So if you went to a video rental place and asked for a horror movie and got paranormal activity, you would probably be disappointed. And if someone who wanted to go see paranormal activity was given a copy of texas chainsaw massacre, they would also be dissatisfied. This is why the nebulous label "thriller" was coined, but it hasn't helped at all.


File: 1638752400504.png (867.56 KB, 3476x1417, 3476:1417, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>video rental place
Damn you really haven't kept up with the times.
People can with great ease look up a film and see if it's something they want now days. You practically have to use effort to go in blind to a movie. Even the rating and the like give away what kind of film it is and what you are in for.
Hell, even in ye oldi video store you could read the blurb on the back to get a idea of what the film is and the general vibe it's going for. Most aren't subtle and even have common buzzwords to give a indication of subgenera.

Also you missed my point "His post wasn't on the point so I think it is fair play that my comment wasn't on point ether. "

Lastly it frankly ridiculous that you are not saying that directors and producers don't know what people want essentially because there is diversity in the market that confuses you.
Unlike you most people know how to find the kind of films they want in the horror genera with relative ease, which is why directors and producers can be so confident in playing to the strengths of even very small subgeneras. Because if it's good the audience will seek it out specifically because it plays to to that special interest.

You are just projecting.


>video rental place
Why in the fuck would I rent a video file?


File: 1638753618232.webm (1.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, off to hang myself.webm) ImgOps iqdb


In my HS in the 2000s, watching dubbed anime meant you were an extreme nerd, and watching anime in Japanese meant you were a dangerous psychopath


I wonder where norms ever got those ideas
anime is mainstream now so those same simple minded bastards watch it to be cool but when I was in school (90s) they'd make fun of you just for saying you watched an episode of the dragonball dub on CN, on the other hand all the gen-xers I knew liked anime or weren't dismissive of it for some reason


Same place they get any of the "ideas" in their rotting mongrel heads from some big nose tribe lecturing them how to be good people :)


total anti-semite here but I'm not gonna blame jews for that one, they owned the localization companies that brought anime to the states, the peasants cooked up their own weird ideas about anime watchers back in the day


I think it's really more of the american puritanism. Anime has lots of sexual content and so everyone who watches it must clearly be some kind of pedophile child rapist.


in the 90s the most sexual anime thing in american was ranma's tits
localized anime were few and too tame to give even the dumbest prude that impression


These are the lyrics of "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies, a band from 1998.
>Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
>'Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes
>That make me think the wrong thing
By the mid and late '90s, the most sexual anime thing localized and available in American video stores was Legend of the Overfiend. Americans were in fact aware of hentai OVAs as a thing. People used to get their porn from video stores, and when cartoons started appearing in those shelves a lot of average american male adults saw that it existed and couldn't comprehend it.
Hell, in Otaku no Video there's a VHS collector otaku who actually has to travel to the United States in order to try to fill out his collection with some hentai that wasn't available in Japan. American VHS porn pirates were legends.


I'm aware those existed but we're talking about school kids in the 90s, not adult males, and where they got their prejudiced notions about anime watchers, and it wasn't from dumb old hentai that were invariably curtained off in the 3D porn sections of video stores that kids weren't allowed to enter or rent from, moreover the only kids who could somehow get physical access to porn were only interested in 3D anyway, for obvious reasons, and if a few of them watched some tentacle porn it's not like their ideas about it went and infected everyone else so there's just no connection between some hentai in the porn room at blockbuster circa 1995 and why liking anime would get you weird looks in school


This is just America masturbation that has no relevance to anything, yet alone the reality of anime.

>Otaku no Video

Is a fictional movie.

Anime became mainstream barely ten years ago. Barely. And its true rise to "fame" happened post 2016 because the Jews saw that anime is an integral part of White Nationalist culture, since it was the only living artform in the 21st century. That's why you had turds like Lady Gaga and so on suddenly coming out as "anime fans," - it was to draw in the SJW's into it and destroy it from within. This process is now well underway since American cancer and Jewish capital has begun to buy out Japanese studios and is forcing them to produce mass market, liberal PC shit. All old /pol/ users, the ones prior to Trump and the ensuing death of /pol/ were actual, true weebs who saw no problem with loli or anything of the sort, which is something SJW's cannot stand. This is an entire untold story onto itself and I don't even want to talk about it, because it all boils down to the premise of the thread - it's all dead. All culture and meaning is dead. We live in a post-culture world. Culture was intentionally killed by leftists, because leftism has no need or understanding of culture. Leftism is inherently materialistic and thus antagonistic to culture, art, the spirit, emotions, beauty, everything genuinely human. Everything you see in the world today boils down to this inversion - Matter over Spirit. This is the end goal of leftism and its prophets, be they Jews, the illuminati, SJW's or your average American niggercattle. There's no purpose in trying to even differentiate the Archfiend or some organization, conspiracy or whatever. They all follow the same internalized script and have the same goal. Who wrote it, who ordered it and so on is beyond the scope of my post. I barely even care at this point.

I repeat - all authentic and worthwhile culture and art comes from straight White men. And Japan, for the last thirty years or so. Everything else was, is, and will be a desolate wasteland. Furthermore, since perception shapes reality itself the years (centuries) where White men ruled the world have been a blessing to the world, its spiritualization, its redemption. With the White race shrinking and due to the twisting of perception through media, "education" and leftist propaganda the world has begun to disintegrate, or rather to sink back into raw primal matter. It is rotting.

The future is humanity sliding back into primitive apedom, with brown monstrosities grunting among the ruins of great cities, and not even possessing an intellect to see them as anything but natural formations. There will be incapable of speech and they will have no self-awareness.

Thus my conclusion is the same conclusion others of the old guard had, and that is to simply leave you to your doom. Masturbate your intellect and science and NFT's and crypto and Musk as much as you want, because none of those things matter in the slightest and the above mentioned decline isn't a bug, but a feature of your "progress" and infinite wisdom. Some of you might've figured it out by now, but probably not. The only thing for actual humans to do is to simply leave, or rather, stay "fixed in position" as the world descends. Those of you who are /x/ minded and waste your time on such nonsense have perhaps still divined that that's why the Net is full of people saying how reality and everything else feels like a joke, a dream, or illusion. A grim place. A dark place.

There is nothing you can do to halt this process of descent and dissolution. Save yourself, if you can. And hope that there's someone out there who likes you.


I'm not the wiz who went to an anti-anime school. One of the rare few bullies-who-is-a-loser-but-has-a-bully-gang kids who normally only exist in television was one of those guys who introduced his clique to Evangelion on VHS. Which is tbh one of the reasons why to this day I have never watched Evangelion and likely never will.
But that wiz did say that he went to high school "in the 2000s" and the tentacle porn room at blockbuster circa 1995 absolutely did filter down to high school freshmen by no later than 2002. Hell, for kids who had internet connections, SomethingAwful had filtered down to high school students by 2003, 2004 at the latest.


File: 1638794613165.png (31.45 KB, 180x198, 10:11, rememberanime.png) ImgOps iqdb

Even without the whole SJW bullshit, anime was already dead. Every anime is:
- Set in a high school
- has an onsen/sports festival/culture festival episode
- has a pouty tsundere female
- etc., etc..
It's become such a bland regurgitation of tropes by now.


I straight up don't believe you.
You are telling me that during the time pokemon, digimon, DBZ, and shonen in general were extremely popular and mainstream to the point of being parodied in the most normie of norm media, that anime was seen in your hidden backwater as psychopathic and strange.
Stop lying


Ignoring the fact that Barenaked Ladies were Canadian, that lyric is the singer(s) being embarrassed that he has the hots for a cartoon/anime character and he noticed (probably unconsciously) the oddly sexual elements in children's anime (because Japan is a deeply repressed deviant nation). Remember all the anime series and episodes that had to be edited or straight up removed? (Like the blow-up titties episode of pokemon that never aired outside of japan?) Or had disclaimers saying that all characters were 18+ on VHS tapes?

>Americans were in fact aware of hentai OVAs as a thing.

American NERDS were aware, most normal people weren't. Legend of the Overfiend is one of those weird-ass curiosities. America's a big place so there being large variances from place to place is not surprising.

>I have never watched Evangelion and likely never will.
You're not missing much besides the first place I remember seeing organic mecha. That's all I remember, that and the blatant leering of underage characters and Shinji busting a nut to a naked comatose Asuka. The fact that this is getting a normalfag-wide re-release is…concerning because I can vaguely remember it having a particular message aimed at otakus in particular…either normalfags are becoming worse or will consume anything that is deemed "popular".

>I repeat - all authentic and worthwhile culture and art comes from straight White men. And Japan
Jesus Christ, /pol/tards are still searching for their japanese waifu, I love that they always leave a caveat for the Japanese. And you've actually capitalised 'white'. You've actually bought into the culture wars like a retard.

I'll post my "end of the wizards"-esque theory when I get time but I think the death of the gatekeepers and the machine that absorbs all cultures into a streamlined profitable monoculture are partly to blame.


He's not wrong in a sense, they were all still kid's cartoon shows and if you were still watching them well into your teens sometimes you'd get made fun of. Hell, I was made fun of for watching power rangers in primary school.

Maybe people are forgetting but having a passion back then for anything that wasn't "grown-up" usually painted a target on your back.


Nah total bullshit.
Even the most gangsta of bully types during that time still loved the hell out of DBZ.
People back then ether didn't really know what anime was so didn't make fun of it because it wasn't on their radar, they knew what it was were cool with it, or they were fundies who hated it because demons n shit.
There was no persecution of weebs around the year 2000.
It is like saying you were made fun of for watching kung fu films during the 70s and equally believable.


I'm really starting to wonder how isolated some of you grew up, of course the shows that aired international on tv were mainstream, but that does not make your average normie into an anime-fan. It's like saying movies are so mainstream when there are tons of sub-genres and titles that are widely unkown. My life in highschool was hell just because I didn't hide my enthusiasm for animation, and the normies that watched dbz were on the front line bullying me, probably because they felt they would be next if they showed that they enjoyed the show. One dbz-guy even told my years after that he was sick of being made fun of so he joined in.


File: 1638802432190.png (747.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

You can keep doubling down all you want.
I still don't believe you.


That was my first post in this thread, but go ahead and doubt if you get something out of it I guess


There was a persecution of nerds, weaboos are a subset of nerds.

In the uk, there was a level of indifference to anime, mainstream anime at least but if you showed some normie some slice of life anime I guarentee that put a target on your back.

I get that the US is completely different by sheer virtue of it's size.


File: 1638803609586.gif (737 KB, 500x371, 500:371, BCfnJe4.gif) ImgOps iqdb

it was like that everywhere, anime is considered weird, it's Japanese, foreign product, talking about it on the west like raises eyebrows. It doesn't help it's high school either where peer pressure is high and you're supposed to conform to the group.


> but if you showed some normie some slice of life anime I guarentee that put a target on your back.
Explain how that would even happen in the year 2000.
You are talking about bringing motherfuckers to your house. Having a obscure for the time slice of life anime vhs at your house.
Plopping that shit in.
Then having the crowd you apperently aren't tight with watch.
And rather then be bored (because 2000 era slice of life was indeed boring as fuck) instead be scandalized or some shit.
And after all that then they target you for persecution.

You do see why this is unbelievable right?


Are you replying to yourself using proxies again?
You did that the last time you pretended to be from the UK.
Just come clean.


File: 1638804216835.jpg (23.33 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 112556763442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Are you replying to yourself using proxies again?
the schizo mind surely knows no bounds. Take your pills.


And now you are using your standard insults and failing at gaslighting when you get found out for samefagging.
How about you stop with the stupid lies and petty bullshit. It has been getting more and more obvious as the thread goes on and more and more unbelieveble.
You are shit at lying. So stop instead of doubling down and using your vpn to agree with yourself.


The psych ward is waiting.


File: 1638804951671.png (205.11 KB, 500x652, 125:163, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Didn't you have computers at school?

Where'd you watch supercompressed clips of shows? Or just visit fansites? Maybe a classmate was asking what the fuck you were watching on computer and if it was beyond the pale of mainstream anime, they'd make fun of you?

It didn't have to be that deep that you get them to your house.


I personally went to a school were notebooks were used


>in the year 2000
>streaming video clips of anime
I don't care how compressed you are talking. That shit didn't happen. I clearly remember the web surfing experience of that year.
And implying doing that on a shitty school computer is laughable.

How old are you actually? I am starting to doubt you were even old enough to use the internet in the year 2000 with how you seem to think it worked.


File: 1638805885883.png (1.36 MB, 850x995, 170:199, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

sure you did chief.


File: 1638806143149.jpg (127.03 KB, 1366x911, 1366:911, IMG-20210127-WA0001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

where do you think your anger stems from, did you get assaulted by pokemon-fans as a child?


Disbelief isn't anger.


I'm an actual level 3 wizard who went secondary in the early 00s and I absolutely was watching anime clips on the computers back them, fansites sometimes had realplayer clips or mp3 clips of the shows that you could download.

I don't know why that seems farfetched to you.

As in laptops? Sounds like a rich school. IT education in poor schools was so shite.


Not talking "early 00s"
The year 2000 in particular.
Nice try though. Was almost clever trying to move that goal post.


no, but arguing in bad faith is

It was more an IT-specialized highschool where having your own laptop was mandatory, not sure if Americans have a similar kind of school


Are you dense? If I'm a level 3 wizard what years do you think I would have been in secondary?

Are you zoomer pretending to be much older than you really are?


it quite litterally isn't.
Also you burned all possibility of giving you the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.
Especially since you are still bullshiting and samefagging right now.


i remember kids in highscool with naruto headbands on and no one giving a shit. also around that time some succubus did a class presentation on inuyasha and bored everyone, but no one made fun of her or excluded her. in highschool a kid who sat beside me tripped and spilled his backpack and anime dvds fell out, one was elfen lied which has an almost naked succubus on the cover. there was also an anime and a gaming club at one of the highscools i went to, and the people in my computer programming course would always try to get me to attent it with them. this was all in the mid/late 00s i think. i wonder what schools are like now


File: 1638807700738.png (288.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think you are pic related.


>i remember kids in highscool with naruto headbands on and no one giving a shit
>no one give a shit


America in the 00s must be like haven for nerds, in the sense you have little enclaves and cliques, but wearing a fucking Naruto headband in my school? When people were looking for any excuse to bully you?


>not angry
>continues to throw random insults


Insults typically are nouns.
Those are all verbs.
In other words not insults but observations of things you are doing.


to the best of my mental abilities i cannot remember a single instance where they were made fun of, bullied, or anything like that


>but observations of things you are doing
and reacting to them like a child, yes


I believe him because a guy would bring a bob the builder backpack to middle school everyday (different schools, obviously) and others played yugioh duels announcing it and all, nobody cared


Think that is purely projection on your part.
I simply don't believe your made up claims. Deal with it.


middle school isn't high school.


Kids bully more in middle school not less.
Bullying generally goes up as maturity goes down.


What is middle school? Between primary and secondary?


Super unconvincing.
Just saying.


ooh the last resort projection-accusation, i am perfectly calm thanks, the only reason i replied at first was because i care about anime, reading through this thread it's obvious you are the one that needs to deal with some issues though. So good luck with that, i will move on before this is getting too sad.




That is just the start, average age for boys to begin puberty is 12. High school is hell for wizzies for that reason, that's when you get truly ostracized if you stand out or like something the "normal" kids don't.


Ok scizo.
The uk doesn't have middle school. We have primary, secondary, college and uni.


I think you misunderstood what that post was saying.

To rephrase the more mature the people forced to interact are the less bulling there is.
So they younger kids will be more likely to bully more over less.


File: 1638812457290.png (1.05 MB, 600x900, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

so how long are you going to keep up this charade this time?
It fools no one and you have no power to force anyone to play along with your nonsense.
Fiddling back and forth with proxies and gimping your browser is pointless where your lies are shitty.
You simply aren't as clever as you think you are.


typing didn't read LOL makes the closet homo go insane


Ok scizo


Is this all you use your vpn for?
How much did you pay a month to shitpost?


File: 1638814147416.jpg (1.46 MB, 2362x3543, 2:3, 83046503_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

let Mari sit on your face so you change your objectively wrong opinion on Eva


File: 1638815054237.jpg (7.15 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2852.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>come back from grocery shopping
>the schizo is still accusing other random posters who disagree with him of using proxies

this is hilarious and you've been doing it all morning.


You aren't smart enough to even gaslight properly.


you're making laugh way too hard with your schizo shit and it's making me feel bad because you're mentally ill.


File: 1638815630536.png (1.09 MB, 500x750, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



This is simply clownish in how wrong it is.


>streaming anime on any computer in 2000
>on win98 with 56k
one would have been lucky to find an anime gif back then, at best a 5 minute realmedia clip on someone's tripod site that took hours to download unless it was stopped because mom picked up the phone, lol, anime streams in 2000

zoomers talking out of their ass


I leave the thread and it's derailed by some amerishart.

>anime was already dead.
That's another topic for another thread regardless if it's a valid point.

I know I'm going to regret it but please tell me how I'm "wrong" about eva. I don't even remember that character being in NGE.

On a slight tangent, my vague recollection of it is being aimed at a certain audience, at least after it stops being a monster of the week thing, has reminded me of how a lot of normalfags don't really see themselves as aggressors. They see themselves as the underdog, they're Marty McFly and not Biff Tannen, they're Peter Parker and not Flash Thompson etc.

You do understand that schools didn't run computers on dial-up right and ran on Windows 2000? And the only guy that mentioned streaming is the guy accusing them?


The future has been cancelled, both the money makers and the people will gravitate to only what is familiar which means that only what is familiar will be made. I know why the money makers will only fund the familiar stuff and it's because it's a safer bet. The people gravitate to only the familiar because it's safe and it won't challenge them or it lets them escape.

I think most people born before '92 have watched this process in real-time with videogames as videogames became big business.


>publik skools being current with computer tech in 2000
>still implying youtube and crunchyroll existed back then
okay zoomer


>samefagging and arguing in bad faith


>bad faith
you literally said public schools in 2000 didn't run dialup meaning they had DSL and used win2000
you also don't know what samefagging is


Mari is not in NGE, she was in the manga, got cut from the TV anime, and then put back in for the rebuilds.


Mari was never supposed to be part of the TV anime, you faker. Anno wanted to appeal to sexless otaku and please their unwashed smegma dicks so he shoved in a perfect idealized succubus so the rebuilds would sell more.
>Mari is not in NGE
Of couurse she is you dumbass, she appeared in the rebuilds.
>then put back in for the rebu
No they didn't put her back in, that was her first legitimate eappearance.
>got cut from the TV anime
for the last time retard she wasn't even conceptualized at that point. look over the settei from that period you will find nada, zilch. fucing faker moron


I was right. I regret asking.


File: 1638829551224.png (305.04 KB, 499x281, 499:281, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

jeez dude


>you also don't know what samefagging is
You're clearly replying to yourself with 280764.

>you literally said public schools in 2000 didn't run dialup meaning they had DSL and used win2000

I don't really understand why you're trying to argue against my reality? You didn't go to school in the uk. My school didn't have dial-up or windows 98 computers. Maybe education is so poorly underfunded in your american schools that was the case. And I'm not the only person in the thread that has a similar experience.


stop replying to the retarded autistic schizo


Did your feelings get hurt?


File: 1638830110423.jpg (1.62 MB, 2575x1728, 2575:1728, 6a27438435fea2db75ca2ceed7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

and I didn't even reply yet, the short answer is: it was a joke, and to be honest I didn't bother to completely read your post as you took a piece of entertainment way too seriously


You are clearly still lying and now you are being paranoid someone is using the same tactics you use only against you.


this shit reads like a /pol/ pasta. Might as well be a bot at this point.


It quite literally is copypasta from pol, that is why it reads like copypasta.
Dude isn't even trying.


whatever, there still wasn't anime online to watch in 2000


Maybe he will pretend to be from NYC again and think that will make a difference.


I can't be the only one to find it odd that people have tried so hard to derail the thread and lower its quality in general.


Stop lying


if you can call this mentally ill poster that: >>280834


Let's bring it back to quality: I don't think we'll get out of this cultural malaise without some kind of *cultural* collapse, no idea if it's possible to have a cultural collapse without an economic one though. People eventually have to get tired of the same shit over and over again at some point.


The whole reason culture as become so fucked is because it has been intentionally deconstructed and been attempted to make collapse for 50 or so years.
What is needed is to stop deconstruction and begins intentional construction.
To create and strengthen good functional positive culture instead of endless deconstruction with the hope that somehow magically once everything is broken what remains is utopia.


Sometimes I play a game where I imagine I'm starting a village.

So you can collect all of the cultural niceties through the years, things your grandma did and include them in the founding.
But you what seems to be a most important factor in culture proliferation?
Removing leeches and bad actors.
Where do leeches come from?
Well, those are the ones that stick their nose up.
And they stick their nose up because the bad actors tell them to.

The cultural malaise, in my opinion, comes from the increased centralization of the world at large.
I don't know if there is a way to stop it.
But the game concludes by banning the Internet in my little village.


Niggers didnt bring anything they are just leeches.


sounds like someone your parents know


>But the game concludes by banning the Internet in my little village.
Seems like overkill.


black people gave us amazing music.


You had better be talking about musics in the form of jazz, neoclassical, and other analogue forms and not that hiphop or reggae garbage


>reggae garbage
Shoodilley-waddliley-diddley-diddley woh-oh-oh
Reggae is great.


Let's talk about how cumskins stole two entire continents and countless other territories from their rightful owners. Sounds NIGGERLICIOUS if you ask me


Be the change you want


>Consider the fate of the concept of ‘futuristic’ music. The ‘futuristic’ in music has long since ceased to refer to any future that we expect to be different; it has become an established style, much like a particular typographical font. Invited to think of the futuristic, we will still come up with something like the music of Kraftwerk, even though this is now as antique as Glenn Miller’s big band jazz was when the German group began experimenting with synthesizers in the early 1970s.

>Where is the 21st-century equivalent of Kraftwerk? If Kraftwerk’s music came out of a casual intolerance of the already-established, then the present moment is marked by its extraordinary accommodation towards the past. More than that, the very distinction between past and present is breaking down. In 1981, the 1960s seemed much further away than they do today. Since then, cultural time has folded back on itself, and the impression of linear development has given way to a strange simultaneity.


"Futuristic music" usually tended to refer to different styles of electronic music, all of which were directly/indirectly influenced by the aesthetics of Kraftwerk and other European outfits; after a golden age of proliferation and innovation which spanned the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s, the progress of electronic sort of slowed to a halt. Our idea of what sounds futuristic ends not at Kraftwerk, but at the feet of the former pioneers they inspired.


>but at the feet of the former pioneers they inspired.
Who are…? Daft Punk? Is the point of contention where you think 'futuristic' music stopped? Cos Mark Fisher, who wrote those words, essentially agrees with you (he's also been dead for a few years now) that 'new' sounding music stopped appearing around that time period (or a little earlier, the mid-90s he said).

But the point I was trying to make with that extract, since I can't stick the entire thing here, is that that people, because of the system they currently live in, are no longer able to envision a (positive) future so they look back to the past where they *did* look to the future with great hope.

Tell me if I'm not being clear.


There are still lots of interesting new styles of electronic music being made that are just not well-known but besides that I tend to agree. Most music has become extremely formulaic and color-by0-the-numbers


future music is just a bunch of robot beeps


In electronic maybe but I doubt metal or classical will put down their instruments and just let a robot do it.
Same with every other instrument heavy genera of music.


it's already happening, this is what kids listen to now


Meanwhile I still see kids wearing slipknot band shirts and listing to rock and metal.


there will always be those kids that copy their dads like that, they aren't the cool ones that set relevant culture


>No.2 song of the year is foo fighters (rock)

Rock is still quite popular with the youth.
Even the non-rock songs use instrumentals as backing rather than purely electronic.


No, that's just what people think "future music" is.


did you even look at that page? That's just a top 10 list from some random nobody named "StarlightSpanks", like he is any authority on anything. I can guarantee you that no young kid listens to the foo fighters unless they are lame and want to copy their dad


>I can guarantee you that no young kid
And how are you supposed to make good on this claim? Tell us. From where would your erudition on the going-ons of the young-uns come, considering you are (probably) a 30+ year old hermit


These are some general music lists.
I don't know all the bands, but the only one I recognize as rock (apart from the Christmas songs) is Coldplay, and is probably there because it's a BTS collaboration. After writing this I saw Imagine Dragons, but it's with some rapper as well.


the video I linked has almost 9 million views in a single year and it is a community popular with kids, any foo fighters song that is not 15 years old on youtube hardly even reaches over a million views, and you can make a pretty good guess how many of those people are children (next to none). Honestly the foo fighters was probably the worst example you could give since they are just a washed up shitty gen X band that no one cares about anymore


Yea, no foo fighters or slipknot on that list, unsurprising


>Elton John
I didn't ever know he was still alive yet he is still making the top ten list
Also that's for the week not the year.
It should be pointed out that a lot of those on the list still use instrumentals and a few are rock acts.


1.6 mil in a little over 2 weeks is nothing to sneeze at.


Genre-wise the year chart is not much different.
There's probably more country than rock, and when it's a rock band it's with some electronic or rap collaboration


Meanwhile a song like this has over 30 million views.


yet it's boring garbage and not popular with kids


And your claim is based on what?

Honestly I am tired of the near infinite goalposts shifting going on in this thread in general.
No matter what is said it's ignored, standards shift to whatever is convenient, and everything against a point is disregarded for convenience.
It's irritating.
It isn't a conversation or debate, it's just trying to annoy anyone who doesn't agree with your indefensible premises until they move on then declare yourself right all along once they are gone.


>slipknot and foo fighters are dad bands now

Man, I'm dying.

On a somewhat related note, I see a lot of Gen Z retards wearing ramones, nirvana, run dmc, etc t-shirts and I think that's due to them wearing those bands in the same way people wear brand name clothing.

I don't know if they appreciate the bands rather wear them because "it's cool". And there seems to be no clear division on who wears what anymore, all zoomers seem to be part of a monoculture with only money separating them.


Most of those bands were old when I was in highschool like 15 years ago. While some were posers most wear them because they actually like the music. Teenage identity is kinda superficial and in flux so having a shirt basically saying "I like this kind of stuff" is good enough to be a temporary identity marker used to form social connections.
Also the entry level of certain music subgenres haven't exactly changed, so someone first getting into punk is almost certain to get into the remones, hard rock has bands like ac/dc, and so on. Since most start developing individual taste in music in their teens it's no wonder that you see teens wearing such band shirts. Also they still dog all that stuff on the radio, in ads, as soundtracks in pop media, and all over the internet. So it's still accessible and culturally relavent.

It's the same shit different decade, and easy to understand if you remember your teenage years with any sort of detail.


that’s just the sort of music that is played on alternative music radio and marketed to kids by out of touch genX ceos, those bands have been dad bands for over a decade


>nirvana shirts
I better not see that in public, the 90s were a dreary gen X butthole of a decade and that shitband lorded over every minute of it, just when my sense memories of growing up in those years finally started to lose their edge some zoomer nostalgia poser is gonna cram those junkies back down my throat? fuck you


Things don't die anymore. Instead they're kept in stasis.


Read the following it is very very relevant to our topic.

slipknot are shit, were shit, will always be shit. A lot of these popular bands are some weird badly done blemd of sounds that only a casual would not find aggrevating to hear.


Your options are shit
Video related.


>Read the following it is very very relevant to our topic.
>very very

That's very very debatable, motherfucker sounds like he was afraid the people would now have a voice thanks to advancing technology and that he wanted to return to a monarchy. This is tangentially related.

Fuck him.


you don't like before I forget?


> the 90s were a dreary gen X butthole of a decade

I was playing masters systems, mega drives, super nintendos, n64s…man that decade was absolutely amazing for videogames even the failures were interesting like mega cd or the saturn or 64dd.


so what if you were


Giving the whole decade a bad rap. It was a good time for videogames.


>muh videogames
what a myopic view, the 90s were extremely more than that, guess you wouldn't know spending them all plugged into a nintendo


Sorry he didn’t spend more time hanging out at the bar with his wizbros and witchy


That's….a really strange thing to say to a wizard. Or a nerd. Or an outcast.

Are people forgetting who the nerds/outcasts/losets were and their standing society back then?


We all live in america more than ever now. I swear I see so many people just dressed like americans.


The fuck does that mean? What is “American dress”?


>What is “American dress”?
3XL clothing that still manages to be too small


it's an accurate thing to say, if you're discussing a decade's culture you need to consider the thing as a whole, zooming on one agreeable, but really tiny and disconnected aspect of the time period and saying that it acquits the whole thing is what's strange

I mean, if we're talking about american 90s culture
the whole thing was gen-x trash


>….but really tiny and disconnected aspect of the time….

Key words. There were enough (mostly) disconnected little subcultures around the 90s that they could stay in their own bubbles, somewhat shielded from culture at large.

On wider scale, sure.


what was the point of disagreeing with me and then agreeing with me, what a useless post


Are you a wizard or anything? I kinda suspect that you're a failed normalfag.


>guess you wouldn't know spending them all plugged into a nintendo

Right? Stupid fucker shoulda been out fucking and partying like a truwiz bro.


>the only other thing someone can possibly do if he isn't hikki'ing in the basement on nintendo is partying and fucking


If I didn't know any better I'd say you're breaking rule 4.


>I know better
then why did you post that useless comment


Hey man, hikkineets are first among wizards here. I don't like it either but it's not my rule to change.


rules? what the hell are you even talking about


The written and unwritten rules of wizardchan.org. See >>>/meta/ and https://wizchan.org/rules.html


that's not what I mean, there's no rule being broken, if you want to get your undies in knot for some weird reason just because someone said hikki in a perfectly rule abiding sentence then go do that but don't bring it up


okay, but what would you even DO if you died from ligma?


>Anyone else notice that we seem to be stuck in a cultural malaise?
One phrase: Irony poisoning.


File: 1639638211985.png (471.11 KB, 570x421, 570:421, 4554545454.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

the 20th century has gone on an additional 2 decades theres no doubt about that much

I find this is actually an issue that stems from the modern concept of

>"developed world/economy/country" vs "developing world/economy/country

By teaching people that the 1st world is already "developed" you are also accidentally implying to people that things are already perfect and no longer in need of any change.

Really the whole world is a "developing economy"


File: 1639640656512.png (3.95 MB, 2000x1061, 2000:1061, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Transitions between centuries are never so neat and tidy. The Russo-Japanese War with its steamships and sword-and-spear cavalry for instance always seems like a 19th century war that came half a decade too late. Centuries are sticky things, despite technical developments. The Battle of Komarow, the "greatest cavalry battle since 1813," took place in 1920.


File: 1639797773879-0.jpg (98.68 KB, 1380x1080, 23:18, FISHER12.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1639797773879-1.jpg (60.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, capreal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I agree that pop culturally we have been froze in time, a never ending nostalgia for the 20th century. There was a guy named mark fisher who wrote about this stuff, he wrote a book called capitalist realism you should look into.


Great time for electronic music, too.


Yeah I read that. Sort of a crystalline version of what's being said in the thread.


It hasn't stopped, just slowed down. I don't think people appreciate how quickly the 19th and 20th centuries moved in terms of war and technology, it was unprecedented and couldn't continue at that pace forever.


>never ending nostalgia for the 20th century
And what alternative do you propose? People wanna member simpler times.


In terms of 'memes' we've been stuck at pepe and wojak variations for almost a decade.


We are living in the Black Iron Prison.


Black Iron Prison?


Nah. I've only lived since 1988 and there already were what I feel big shifts in our culture. I would rate the 'eras' of my life as follows:

Pre-2001: My childhood, feels like a "world before" now. Internet for regular people basically didn't exist and you had to walk somewhere to get stuff.
2001: Not even murrican, but 9/11 felt like the first time things were changing since everything was way more political and conservative from this point on. Also I started discovering the internet & online games, but it was very different and much more tolerable back then due to the broad mass of normal/dumber people not being able to access it.
2006/2007: This was the point everything "nerdy" (which to this point was considered bad/an insult) started blowing up. Youtube, social media, smartphones, video games in general. The Nintendo Wii was kind of a symbol being the first video game article being marketed to succubi and old people. Just a few years later resulting from social media basically being the same anyways the whole online dating shit went through the roof and completely changed the sexual market.
Around 2015: A slightly lower impact than the times before, but around here somwhere the new "leftist" plague started rolling over our culture. Men now start chopping their dicks off and get praise for it, social media has become an online asylum, the dating market is completely fucked now resulting in the like of OnlyFans & co.


Yes I think stagnation feel you have is on to something. I have been feeling it too.
I think this is because the feel/zeitgeist has been established around early 2010s is still there. Compare the differences between one decade to another
80s to 90s: Cold War changed things a lot, culture also moved very fast. Take music for example from Goths to Metal to Grunge. Economy also had booms and bursts in short periods.
90s to 00s: Internet happend, changed everything, computers happened, proto social media 2008 crisis and so forth
00 to early 10s: Smart phones happened, social media, computers getting a backseat mobile being more prevalent and so forth. "Hipster" music being replaced by new forms of rap in pop culture. Streaming becoming popular and twitch-spotify influencing music-games are produced.

10s to 20s: ??? Nothing. Smart phones are faster, social media has few different sites but things remain more or less the same. Even music imho has not changed that much. People who predict VR would took of still have to wait. And while corona caused a minor crisis it was nowhere as groundbreaking as in 2008.
Go ahead and play GTA4, I think it really captures the mid 2000s zeitgeist well, play gay tony too for that 08 crisis feel. Then go and play GTA5. With all the parodies concerning hipsters, social media, smart phones and so forth. What would GTA6 parody if it was out this year? ehh corona? what else? Social media? Smart phones?

TLDR is we live in the same zeitgeist since 2012-2013. Not much has changed in the last 10 years. Politically/Culturally/Technologically all we have are improvements or at the latest the trends start in 2014-2015, more than 6 years ago by now.
“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.


The cage is made out of your own thought patterns.


I wonder if Gen Z is cognisant of their pop culture being surrogate-nostalgia?


The world we knew back in 1996-2012 is dead, may as well be another totally different dimension, the current dystopia we live in has nothing in common with the "ancient" world back then.

I truly believe the world ended in 2012, not with a big chaos and destruction, but with the complete elimination of what was "real" back then, the world was replaced by a fake, plastic and generic version of itself, almost like a simulation to test various responses to a dystopic environment.

I haven't seen the world as "real" for almost a decade, it's a very weird feeling, as if the world right now is some kind of very fucked up tv show with worse and worse things coming out of the internet and shit.

I truly believe some world war breaks out between China and the US and even this fake world is gone for good, we shouldn't have evolved beyond apes, it was for the worst truly.


I would like to add that the normie NPC's seem to be enjoying the hell out of this post 2012 world, they love the MCU, the memes, the horrible music, the new generic Drama etc, they totally dig this fake plastic world.

I believe that people like us can see past the veil and understand that this is way too fucked up for words, that's what depresses me, it's like being the only sane person in a loony bin.


> And its true rise to "fame" happened post 2016 because the Jews saw that anime is an integral part of White Nationalist culture
Lmao /pol/ destroyed your brain, how is anime a part of "White" much less "nationalist" culture. Just what the fuck dude. I thought your "White nationalist culture" was actually Christian, Conservative and republican.


It's funnier to think these posts are generated by AI.


dude who do you think posts in lounge?


>I truly believe the world ended in 2012

I think about this all the time in regards to internet culture. It's after 2012 that the internet became flooded with normalfags to such a degree that there would be no turning back.


>Two of the most popular games on one of the most popular systems isn't mainstream
R U retard?
Gaming in the arcades was mainstream in the 70s. Pac-man Fever and Space invaders grew into pong and then that generation had kids and bought them Nintendo and SEGA systems. It's the same way weebs try to claim anime is 'for normies now' when you wouldn't know about anime if you weren't part of the same normie trend. Robotech, Dragonball and Sailor moon are as normie as you can get and stuff like Battle of the planets predates that by decades as well. Everything you like is main stream because you never go off grid, which takes a lot of effort and often physically hunting things in out of the way locations.

The internet made it easier to join a sub culture which makes smaller niche topics get less exposure. It's easy to spend all your time on places like Reddit and Tumblr consuming fan media of big franchises. Before you had to get involved in what was local to you and that would have it's own sub sub culture. Niggers with short attention spans put money in arcade machines instead of saving up for a console and a copy of street fighter 2 at home.

Spectacle and gore doesn't hold up as other time you have to one up it. The only series able to do that was Elm street while other gore slashers aged like milk. An arrow through the neck just isn't very shocking 4 decades later. We're over saturated in violence and sex because gorehounds and niggers jerking off to horror movies needed bigger and bigger fixes.

Services like napster existed so you would use those to download episodes. I remember leaving my computer on all night to download OAVs on dial up. Early 2000s when broadband was just creeping out fansubbing was at it's peak. IRC channels full of people leeching that week's releases.

Mari comes from Anima. She's different there but her base form comes from it.

>What is AOL?

The world's been plastic for decades. Mass production of goods where quantity beats quality is when things change. Disposable everything started long before you were born. The only difference is technology stagnated as an emerging technology became mature and had no where else to go. Better teach leads to more realistic, more realism leads to stagnation, ultra HD asshole hair in porn isn't an improvement but where else can you go when you have high quality video recording?


>SJW niggerjews do not allow me fap on loli


Not that wizard, but yes. I feel the same. Everything has become shockingly terrible, obscene, grotesque and almost demonic while simultaneously feeling utterly fake. Unreal, is if watching a poorly made movie or a very cheap stage play. And the NPC's do not notice, they do not care. Like you said, they seem to be enjoying themselves. This is their world and people like you or me are observers at best. The "at best" bit matters here because in the previous era people like us truly were observers to a large extent, but now the gulf between "reality" and us is so vast I can't even say that I'm an observer. It's like the world/reality and I are so far apart it appears like a foreign star on the firmament. I can see it's there but no reaction or interaction whatsoever is occuring. It is even impossible. Keep in mind, I am in my thirties and from Europe. These aren't the words of a teenager.

The "reality" is terrible. From covid to Ukraine to everything in between, I should feel horrified and so on. But I am not. It's as if no event, no danger, no threat or "shocking" event has any sort of reality to it. It all appears and is completely artificial, paper thin and completely separate from me. I don't even register these events. They're on the same level of significance as washing my hands.

But NPC's seem to be doing fine. So we can draw a conclusion, perhaps - a section of Humanity like us has "ascended" while the NPC's "descended." The Earth as a whole is "descending." However, rather than it meaning that people like us have achieved some superhuman insight or power, it's more likely and plausible we remained fully human and fixed in position, while everything around us started to disintegrate on some fundamental level, which gives the impression we are more "real" or "superior" to NPC's. I think all of this is metaphysical in origin, or may be some kind of built in mechanism within the psychology of the species or Nature as a whole. We can only speculate.


File: 1643080962962.jpg (171.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0204.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A few posters in here have articulated in declarative form a question I've had for quite some time: Why aren't any new subcultures forming? From the 80's-2000's you had an explosion of subcultures and countercultures. Goths, emos, scene kids, the punk scene, the beatdown scene etc. Now it seems like everyone is just trying to be a "nerd" and almost everything is more mainstream than it appears. The genreless music fan who listens to "everything" is becoming more common too. But what killed the subculture? Why did subculture growth go from boom to bust so fast?
>i wonder what schools are like now
I work in a middle school and nearly all the boys and some of the succubi watch anime. I was solving a problem with a projector in 1 classroom while listening to 10-12 kids discuss the best platforms to stream anime from. I've seen kids reading manga, and even a really good drawing of Kafuu Chino taped to the wall from some art project.
You may want to sit down for this. CDs are dad items now. Kids bring CDs in for show and tell. My cousin has like 10 year old kids and he's got a huge CD collection. Everybody around his age did/does. Just like vinyl is grandpa (and regrettably hipster) stuff now.


I can see CDs being "dad" items, but show and tell? Really? that seems so goddamn lame.


What a terribly solipsistic take. I thought people grew out of considering themselves "ascended, enlightened" beings after the age of 15 or so.


>I can't evolve, therefore no one else can, and how dare they try to think so, where thought is the origin of reality and to harness it is to evolve
What a lovely character you have :)


Who are you quoting?


Bullshit. Reality is just the truth that you are here right now (Dasein) and nothing you can do against this knowledge. Trivial stuff. You are NOT special. Give up on trying to be special. Noone cares.



Says the NPC


Really got him with that no u


Low quality posts get low quality replies


File: 1643142793044.png (31.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Low quality posts get low quality replies


File: 1643150368793.webm (12.2 MB, 640x268, 160:67, Ad Astra - World Eaters.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>But what killed the subculture?

I think the commodification of subcultures and the death of gatekeepers. There's more but that's the two most obvious things at least in relation to our subcultures.


>death of gatekeepers
I honestly cannot fucking understand this bull shot people keep spewing. Other than tabletop rpgs, all of these hobbies people talk about are solo affairs. How the fuck was anyone gonna gatekeep anime or comics? There were no gatekeepers. Yeah some people would say “oh you don’t know all of the items in Batman’s utility belt? You’re not a real fan!”. But this doesn’t do anything. Anyone discouraged by that likely wasn’t a real fan. What the fuck are people talking about with this gatekeeping crap. It’s not like conventions and comic book stores had signs on the door saying “no succubi allowed”.


They mean the community around said hobbies are tainted; in the West, this shift in demographics necessarily leads to a shift in what creators produce, since the industries involved must respond to the demands of a paying consumer base–the laws of economics demand it. For a hobby in which the West is more or less a backwater which has no real effect on what kind of content is produced or how creators behave, like anime, this gatekeeping stuff is irrelevant.


Yeah I agree the community has changed, but there were never any roadblocks to that. The only gate I can see is one people erected themselves saying “oh that hobby is for virgin nerds”.


>the industries involved must respond to the demands of a paying consumer base–the laws of economics demand it
No they don't. Why do outdoor brands pander to niggers, faggots and wahmens when the overwhelming majority of their customers are straight White men? It's not about money.


imo gatekeeping is just a further manifestation of the narcissism that is plaguing society today. It's a way for people to claim superiority over others simply by having hobbies or interests. It's honestly fucking pathetic.


Since when is it not about money? The bottom line is everything for a business. They alienate their core userbase on an ideological level, but do you see them refusing service to customers for being white males? Of course you don't. Talk is cheap. They do these PR stunts about loving gay nigger cock so as not to get CANCELLED, but the reality stays the same: "everyone's money is good here". Meanwhile most of their core userbase is thickskinned enough not to let the madness of the times ruin their hobbies. Besides, those same outdoor brands sell polarized sunglasses that shift the colors on any cancerous ads you come across, thus wasting $millions of ad departments' money - money that was spent specifically on choosing colors that make the viewer feel good. And that still doesn't hurt their bottomline - if you already bought polarized sunglasses from REI, their "wf/bm in a forest" billboard doesn't need to work on you.


This really isn't the thread for it but I guess it was unavoidable. All I'll say is that companies don't need to care about getting money from the customer, if they have investors willing to put down millions or even billions to ensure certain interests are pursued.


>investors willing to put down millions or even billions to ensure certain interests are pursued.
All of which involve the whims of a shadowy cabal of Jews, or a hidden plot to sabotage white culture by replacing it with the customs of your much-so-hated minorities and immigrants?
Oh, great. I'm sure you're the writer of this inchoate wall of white nationalist drivel >>280697 among other things. Why do we allow your ilk a safe space in the politics containment thread, again?


The game has changed for a lot of companies.
While it still is all about money, for companies that go all in on diversity they no longer have to care about customer money because they get funding from organizations like Blackrock who throws money at and ranks(aka gives a social credit score to) companies based on "progressive" values.
Not a little bit of money ether. We are talking billions of dollars.
That is the real reason they do it despite their customers hating it. At the end of the day they don't even give a fuck about being "cancelled" by some twatter terminally online losers. They care about getting that sweet sweet top down investment and grant money by gaming their score up with stupid stunts.


Your words not mine buddy. It's no secret. The government openly gives grants to media outlets and studios to make art that promotes certain ideas and values. What makes you think a suit wouldn't do the same?


>death of the gateskeeper is bullshit
Would you prefer 'lowering of the barriers'? One of the main reasons that geek got popular as it is now, everything is easily accessible. Before it used to take time, effort and dedication/passion to, I don't know, import games not release outside of Japan, or to memorise bits of pointless trivia of some show, download fansubbed anime over dial-up or whatever. Now everything is easily available to stream (including videogames nowadays) or contained inside wikis.

I still think the "death of the gatekeepers" is applicable but even if it's not, it's probably still applicable in more "cooler" subcultures.

>It's a way for people to claim superiority over others simply by having hobbies or interests.
Suck my dick. Normalfags didn't want to join, but when it became trendy they proclaimed themselves as God Kings of it.


Jesus Christ.


Stop copying other peoples post.
It isn't funny and doesn't add to the conversation.


I mean in some ways you could argue barriers have been lowered, but in others there were still no barriers to begin with. Anime I will 100% agree with. Besides pokemon and sailor moon, it was pretty hard to find anime up until recently. The internet was pretty impenetrable up until 2005. But things like comic books never had barriers. Star wars was shown in theaters everywhere, star trek was a household name and on TV. Video games were in arcade cabinets and buying a NES was easy. You could argue some things like the commodore 64 were harder to use.

I think the feeling of watering down "cultures" is a symptom of something else. People are (rightfully) hating the corporations they used to associate with things they loved. The internet has become some festering mass and so people are scared of they like things lest they get associated with some undesirables who also like what they do. We live in a "post-cynicism" world.


>But things like comic books never had barriers.
>Star wars was shown in theatres everywhere, star trek was a household name and on TV. Video games were in arcade cabinets and buying a NES was easy.

Effort is also a barrier. Both physical, mental and financial effort.

Your local newsagent may or may not have the comic you want, if they don't have it, you might have to go to your local comic book shop, if there is one nearby or go to the town/city centre to find one. Maybe you'll try and get it by postal order.

You may want to try out a japanese psx game. And after all the trouble of trying to import it you finally get your hands on a copy and stick it into your Playstation. Problem. It doesn't play imports. Now you have to go find some dude somewhere to chip/mod your PSX so it can play imports (and copied games) for a price. You try it again, and then…wait a minute the screen's in black and white and flickering. You heard from someone or somewhere that import games might a SCART cable to work in colour, so you buy one. Still there's a problem. It's in colour now, but still flickering. Turns out your tv is incompatible with 60hz games.
You need a new fancy TV that can run 60hz stuff.

The point is barriers like those in the examples acted as filters. Unless you actually liked the stuff you'd probably fall over the first few hurdles and stay on the surface. Normalfags and cool kids looking to steal value out of this particular subculture at that particular time didn't bother because it wasn't worth their time.

Now? Everything has been simplified, now they can come in and just crown themselves God Kings.

>I think the feeling of watering down "cultures" is a symptom of something else.

Yeah, we're veering off the course with this. I'll make another thread about this.


>Anime I will 100% agree with. Besides pokemon and sailor moon, it was pretty hard to find anime up until recently.
No it wasn't. Astroboy, battle of the planets, Robotech and even power rangers if you want to include live action japanese media was all very mainstream. You have no clue what you're talking about.

The internet was easily penetrable with AOL in the late 90s. The first dot com bubble burst because it was so easy to get online and buy/sell garbage to normalfags and companies over invested in it.

Star wars fell out of fashion for 20 years until the special editions and then prequels revived it. It was barely cared about during the 90s and the special editions took heavy marketing to make relevant again.

Commodore 64 wasn't hard to use. You put your tape in and typed load. The game loaded and that was it done.

You sound like a kid who's idea of the past is severely warped compared to real experience there.


>oh my god how could someone’s life experience differ in any way from mine


Your threshold for an insurmountable barrier is too low.
And yours is too high.


Well if you're just gonna walk up and drop that would at least tell us what your threshold is?


Anime was on TV all the time in 2000's America. Anime DVDs and even UMDs for the PSP were a short drive away. It was the peak of Cool Japan and probably 80% of elementary school boys were obsessed with <insert TCG here>. Teens and adults were downloading fansubbed anime on dialup at the same time, the 2 groups mostly unaware of eachother.

As for the internet itself, it was somewhere around the dotcom bubble era that it really started taking off. Oldfags always with
>muh Eternal September
but the internet was still mostly "impenetrable" due to unpopularity until ~1999 when enough gen Xers and boomers bought computers and started hooking up RJ11 cables to them. Why would you want to access the Internet if it doesn't have anything to offer you yet? There's always a gap between the tech becoming available and the tech catching on. But not a 12 year gap [1993-2005].

>You put your tape in and typed load.
You tend to forget normies are afraid of command lines. There's a reason 12,000 units sold was considered a good year. Commodore 64s all the way up to Tandy TRSes were and still are hobbyist devices that no one except the truly interested would purchase. Also don't forget how expensive computers used to be. There used to be a time when you were more than a little wierd for liking computers or anime or the internet.
For computers, that ended with Windows 95.
For anime, that ended in the Cool Japan era.
For the internet…accessibility stopped being an issue around 2000 but the stigma of being online all the time went away c. 2010-2012, coinciding with shartphones taking off.


>this industry's ideology is all aimed against that one group but they should just get over themselves and keep buying product as long as their money isn't outright refused
That's very smart, grounded and pragmatic. Just get a thick skin and keep being an enjoyer of a hobby that was made to change and started focusing on hating your kind in particular. Thank you libertarianism, very cool. I will keep buying thing because I'm graciously allowed to buy thing.


>At the end of the day they don't even give a fuck about being "cancelled" by some twatter terminally online losers.
I think the bigger picture is way too abstract for most people to understand that the bottom line is the only thing a company cares about.


>I work in a middle school and nearly all the boys and some of the succubi watch anime.
press x to doubt
I went to a school with lots of asians who were into anime and it seemed common but was prob still 25% at most.


it would make sense if they were the same type of asian (Japs), but why do other kinds of SEA get into anime to begin with?


I went to school with mostly black folks and the majority of them watched anime.
This was back in the 00s. Anime is even more popular now then back then.

Now every single kid that I teach watches anime.Though there is a bit of a selection bias due to what I teach being weeb bait.

I am surprised other dude's numbers are so low for anime watchers


>watches pleb shonen= watches anime



Shonen is subset of anime so yes. What a dumb fucking post


He means it's not his deep and philosophical Top 100 rated on MyAnimeList "3x3 thread bait" super manly and serious animes like Ghost in the Shell, Lord of the RinGalactic Heroes, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Patlabor, the list could go on…


It's clearly varied across different places. Dragonball Z was the only anime anybody watched where I went and that's only because it was on cable. They would never go out their way to watch it on the internet.



If you fail to understand that shonen anime produced in Japan by Japanese anime studios and adapted from Japanese manga is Japanese animation, or "anime", then I have no rejoinder for your stupidity.


The absolute state of plebs.


File: 1644631680236.png (208.13 KB, 1992x1240, 249:155, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

im still trying to push human Culture
by creating art



Not an argument


It's called becoming an oldfag


>Terrible chiptune filtered through hot garbage

You're trying I guess.


Are you saying you didn't love the "bruh" samples and laughing negro? WHAT??? FfFFFFffffffff ugh i dont even know what to say to you man


>literally the 'trapped in time' shit talked out about in the thread


Not him but I think you can compare it to someone who calls themselves a film buff but who has only ever watched marvel/disney.


fuck zoomers


It's the same shit over and over just at higher speeds.


for most of my life the best assumption would be assume that the future will be basically the same, that general trends will continue, but the last couple of years have been a lot of chaos. history is back.

the pop culture is basically the same through it all though


>but the last couple of years have been a lot of chaos. history is back.

>Fukuyamaists BTFO

Still though, if you live in a major city people who aren't poor still live like nothing's changed.


fpbp, wizards are self-obsessed and often fail to see the big picture. They don't like current pop culture so that obviously means time has stopped and the world is ending.


dude one of the hot new memes is from a game that came out nine years ago.


>insults wizards
Why are you here?

>They don't like current pop culture so that obviously means time has stopped and the world is ending.

Most of current pop culture should, theoretically, be of much interest to wizards since it's basically the same shit they loved just in High Definition. But that's the problem.


> it's basically the same shit they loved just in High Definition
I would prefer that to what is actually happening in popculture.
It's more like let's shit on everything the nerds like in hd. If they don't like our stinky shits just call them names like racist and sexist until they are banned.


a)I'm not clicking on some youtuber with a clickbait youtube video.

b)It's still the same recycled shit with maybe a woke sheen to it.


Not a argument


You're wrong.
There's nothing good nor original coming out now, it's all remakes. This is objective.


Every egotistical idiot believes he is witnessing the end of history, but the world keeps going after he is dead


Wasn't making one.

>ignores articles written on the subject and it's not proclaiming the literal end of history


>This is objective.
*rubs hands together*
Here we go.
I would like you to define good in a way objectively measurable in context.
I would also like you to nail down exactly what you mean by original in context so that you can't play the post-modern game of deconstructing the meaning of the word to weesel out of what you said eariler.

If you do those two things then I can probably provide counterexamples.

Personally I think you are just being overly dramatic and Catastrophizing but since you want to bring objectivity into this my autism won't let me easily let the comment go.


Not one thing of note happened after Hegel


How hard is Hegel to understand for the layman?


Ask Schopenhauer


no worries future will run you over
its just that theres no need for culture(or whatever you call "culture") anymore for our world
it became obsolete and useless to the world so its dying and being replaced by something too alien for you to accept


File: 1649338812511.png (93.5 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 036774e5f3f2d665e9639aa315….png) ImgOps iqdb

Are you really not aware of his reputation in the humanities and social sciences?


Some of us have better things to do than read silly books.


ok then go do those things…


I did a STEM degree. I work as a shelf-stacker.

I would like to know more though and how it fits in with "frozen" culture.


>underemployed STEM dude
Same here. Do you also get pissed off at all the "dude, lmao, just get a $500k job, like just apply for one, lol, id do that if i didnt major in psych myself" posts?


Well, I can't claim to understand Hegel, but the reason why >>286947 referenced him was because for Hegel history is the story of Spirit developing through stages until it finally reaches self-knowledge, which is achieved with Hegel finishing his Phenomenology of Spirit, and therefore Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit is the end of history.

At least, that's how I was taught it. Thank god I was never actually forced to read him, though.


My theory is because everyone became only able to consume due social media and modern entertainment. However, every trend and "culture" is something recycled, at least mainstream ones and the current trend is political and as people became consumerists they rely to old things back when things used to be good


The internet is moving too fast. In essence the internet is now the face of modern culture and due to trends living and dying within the space of a few weeks and everyone having ADD, nothing sticks. Culture has become a formless and chaotic cacophony of short lived memes and moments which are swiftly discarded to be replaced by the next. Consume and move on. Modern 4chan is one example of this and the constant recycling of Wojaks. I've noticed that "nostalgia" has become a big thing though, especially among Gen Z who try to co-opt a lot of millennial things from the late 90's/early 00's. TV, video games, anime, music etc Hell I've even seen them discuss Newgrounds as if they were even alive during its early golden age. I think it's jealousy and a perceived missing out from when things were last "good".


I'm more pissed off by older workers who ask you why you haven't moved onto something better.


If there's only one thing I should have learnt getting a STEM degree 10 fucking years ago: Networking is key to everything.

You either pass with flying colours or you have to know somebody who knows somebody.


Oh man, now that you've given me a mental category for it, yes, that happens an absurd amount as well.
So much for meritocracy.

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