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File: 1638692930332.jpeg (61.58 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 81F37F62-7C33-4F95-9EA8-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I think a lot about what the future will be like.

Feel like the future could be awesome with nuclear fusion giving everyone incredibly cheap energy for millions of years with no damage to the environment; automation increasing productivity, leading to universal basic income or everyone working fewer hours; life saving medicine extending life spans and fixing stuff like dementia and ageing.

Or it could be absolute shite. Environmental shit storm. Food shortages. Cold War with the USA and China. Increasingly authoritarian attitudes brought on by social media mutually policing everyone; more authoritarian politics.


The 2020s will be defined by Covid. Where I live in Bangkok people still wear masks everywhere. It really changes communication. I have no idea if/when things will ever go back to normal fully.


File: 1638696098958.jpg (37.88 KB, 650x366, 325:183, back-to-the-future-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Feel like the future could be awesome

and I feel like we've already seen how the future turns out


Basically 1984 in real life. Expect a major push for mass conformity and the extermination of subcultures like this one within the next few decades.


Probably the latter, we've already locked in some pretty serious climatic changes.


climate change isn't as big of a deal as the grifters and power hungry socialist make it seem.
Civ will keep going and tech progress will keep going as long as we collectively don't shoot ourselves in the foot by letting the retarded commies take over.


I don't believe in climate change, I don't believe that the environment is OK either. All the evidence for climate change I've seen was thermometer measurements written into a notebook. No models no nothing. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.


Regardless of it changing or not, the solution isn't even close to what most of the so called environmentalist say. Half just shit stuff that will make them or their buddies money and the other half just want more power over other people's lives.




File: 1638987083143.jpg (130.43 KB, 1000x1129, 1000:1129, 63c333ec5fea59575044f81013….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nice thread, I'm pretty optimistic about the future.

With hindsight the window of opportunity to explore our solar system was pretty short, and the people and industrial processes that made it possible are coming to an end. The industrial revolution has lasted 200 years so far, but I don't see it lasting another 200. Unless a new source of energy is discovered or developed, like nuclear fusion as you suggest, the fundamental problem of energy in-energy out remains.

I like to play 5,000 years in the future, and imagine what life will be like. The end of the interglacial period likely means people will live nomadically, following the seasons across central Eurasia–and similarly across the other continents. I imagine these roving settlements like mobile Greek city states, so the mode of war (which will be often and brief) will resemble the phalanx and mounted combat of Thrace and Mongolia. Every moment glitters with glory and honor for future warriors in these wars, unlike the total wars of today which pit "economy against economy" and "nation against nation". The life of these warriors is central to our future, a new heroic age.

For the priests our current ideas about medicine will seem nonsense, as nobody will be able to produce our instruments to produce the same observations. These instruments are at the apex of a vast industrial base, and the overly-specialized people that operate them are similarly at the apex of all industrial processes: which have long since ended. Therefore, a new model that translates our current medical knowledge into what can be commonly observed or intuited (by witch-doctors) will be necessary. The consequence of this is an end to the view of man as machine, giving way to a new vision of man. I'm also hopeful that being mobile will finally shake priests awake: they will be more intellectual, creative, and vital than the sad lumps who shuffle in our churches, hospitals, and universities today. They will have to be!

For me the most important thing for the future is writing. I imagine it resembling classical Chinese: beautiful and brief, and suited to a life of adventure. This new language is what occupies me today.

This is my optimistic vision. I like how Jinrui-wa Suitai Shimashita and Sora no Woto depict the future.


My prediction:

>anti-anonymity laws for social media and the internet

>personal ID to access the internet
>prosecuted for things you said online
>electric vehicles mandatory
>surveillance state due to crime
>cameras and tracking devices everywhere
>1st world nations turning into 3rd world nations
>your every move tracked by your cellphone
>top 1% hoards all the wealth, while everyone else is extremely poor
>global governance


>electric vehicles mandatory
>surveillance state due to crime
>cameras and tracking devices everywhere
>your every move tracked by your cellphone
>global governance
Why are these things bad exactly? As someone who is not a criminal I can only imagine benefitting from these changes. If every single nigger is basically on a 24/7 watchlist then there is less chance of being aggressed or robbed by a nigger.


post adress, selfie, passport, phone number, e-mail and passwords with timestamp as proof.


File: 1638990073902.mp4 (948.93 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, cxpG5khKvb8rjf7b.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>top 1% hoards all the wealth, while everyone else is extremely poor
Will bread and circuses be enough at that point?


being surveilled doesn't mean giving my info to random fucks on the internet, some government and corp that I don't care about will see it and I'll just be 1 out of billions of data entries. Why should I care if some underpaid bureaucrat looks at my data for a second before filing it away somewhere?


You're putting an unreasonable amount of power into the hands of authoritarian powers simply because you're afraid of darkies. I'd love to see a reality show where you go to prison.


Why would I go to prison, I'm not a criminal. What would these authoritarian powers do to effect my life? As long as I can play video games and watch anime then there is no real difference


that's a common view, enough that there is a wikipedia article on it. no point talking arguing something that has been argued to death already you either like it, dont mind, or think it is bad news… like most things in life i guess



ok mr cia nigger, lets not make your occupation too obvious, shall we


>if you don't agree with me you're cia
back to /pol/ with your schizo larp


So the UK but world wide.


Over the next 10-20 years, we're transitioning toward neuromorphic chips (Apple M1 chip is an early example) and eventually 3D chips (partially in use today) to compensate for the end of Moore's Law. In combination, these will lead to a huge jump in AI capabilities. This is because:
>neuromorphic chips can use artificial neurons for a far larger repertoire of tasks, using far larger numbers of them, because the architecture can be designed at the smallest level for network simulations
>3D chips allow for more complex and accurate neuron simulations simply by extending the chip in the Z direction

The main reason most AI today is not in mass-application is because the systems are accurate enough to impress some people but not enough to be worth implementing. With solid hardware boosts, all these 2020-era AI systems that are impressive but just not good enough (non-rigid object manipulation, self-driving, language processing etc.) ought to become sufficient. Because of this, I believe the transition to an automated economy will actually happen.


File: 1640246136957.gif (547.52 KB, 200x107, 200:107, 2022.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Invest in more silicon-chip fabs!


>>3D chips allow for more complex and accurate neuron simulations simply by extending the chip in the Z direction

they already tried that, the heat is too much for them.


i'm sure a well-funded institution that has a good need for 3d computing, will also have funds for a refridgerated environment, and silver thermal components etc.


>i'm sure a well-funded institution that has a good need for 3d computing

and i'm sure not every end consumer is a well funded institution thus they won't have access to those same cooling technologies. so your premise of us transitioing to those chips en masse fall flat.


File: 1641227334297.png (1.93 MB, 1814x5048, 907:2524, 1640954504070.png) ImgOps iqdb

I vote for option A


File: 1641227591616.png (508.89 KB, 1340x580, 67:29, Cows-eating.png) ImgOps iqdb


Non-doomer prediction:
There was a paper with a demonstration in 2019 of basically a robotic chemical synthesis machine, where it took a graph of reactions and made an end product (some medication IIRC). I think at some point in the next 10-20 years a miniature version of this backed by an open source graph database of chemical reactions (Open Reaction Database or whatever follows it) will render all drug laws impossible to enforce as anyone can make almost anything with an inexpensive machine and reagents so far up the chain of reactions that banning them would mess up daily life, and if they were banned a different path of reactions could easily be chosen by the machine.
Even if all the substances stay illegal, it would at least cut down cartel shit dramatically.


Drug testing by private companies are already a prerequisite for participation in economic life, therefore livelihood, therefore survival. Your employer has a right to your blood to see that you have not been experiencing chemical entertainment.
It is not a stretch to say that these can rapidly enter the sphere of law, provided there were a social incentive. Participation in legally mandatory drug testing would become as much a citizen's duty as payment of taxes and compliance with law enforcement.
Bodily self ownership was never a right extended to males in any democracy. Not the earliest, as Socrates argued before drinking his poison, and certainly not today, as every European democracy still practices conscription. There is no principle upon which to base a belief that pharmaceutical self-determination is just one invention or one weird trick away.


the future is an infinite span of time. do you mean the next 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, 1000 years…?



>(1) (a) Direct Technosingularity - 25%, if Kurzweil/MIRI/DeepMind are correct, with a probability peak around 2045, and most likely to be implemented via neural networks (Lin & Tegmark, 2016).

>(2) The Age of Em - <1%, since we cannot obtain functional models even of 40 year old microchips from scanning them, to say nothing of biological organisms (Jonas & Kording, 2016)

>(3) (a) Biosingularity to Technosingularity - 50%, since the genomics revolution is just getting started and governments are unlikely to either want to, let alone be successful at, rigorously suppressing it. And if AGI is harder than the optimists say, and will take considerably longer than mid-century to develop, then it's a safe bet that IQ-augmented humans will come to play a critical role in eventually developing it. I would put the probability peak for a technosingularity from a biosingularity at around 2100.

>(3) (b) Direct Biosingularity - 5%, if we decide that proceeding with AGI is too risky, or that consciousness both has cardinal inherent value and is only possible with a biological substrate.

>(4) Eschaton - 10%, of which: (a) Philosophical existential risks - 5%; (b) Malevolent AGI - 1%; (c) Other existential risks, primarily technological ones: 4%.

>(5) The Age of Malthusian Industrialism - 10%, with about even odds on whether we manage to launch the technosingularity the second time round.


There's a good chance that the future will be a theocracy. Religious fundamentalists have the highest fertility rates, and groups like the Amish are growing exponentially.


File: 1646832398173.jpg (39.78 KB, 410x454, 205:227, Hildebert_cursing_a_mouse,….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Periods of general, heightened religious influence on politics and society are usually followed by periods of relative secularism and a relative lack of religious influence in the same spheres in human history. I think that western civilization as a whole is in this latter phase right now, but it is entirely possible that it will change in the future.


Stand out as a genetically inferior foreigner among an ubermensch society. Wizard life would continue.
Seems pretty comfy otherwise.


Society of hypersexual manchildren and frat parties.
Being more intelligent than most of them offers some opportunities (could maybe become a leader), though with AI that isn't really a given. The possibility of pseudo-immortality and space travel is tempting.


Doesn't sound very comfy. I'd probably get shot on the streets. I see myself getting scammed if I tried to have someone install the cybernetic eyes for me, otherwise I'd probably go through extremely painful surgery.
As much as I love the aesthetic of Cyberpunk (Blade Runner 1982 being my favourite film), I can't imagine I'd be very comfy or would survive for long. Also the global rule of no humanlike AI and VR takes a lot away from this.


The life of a soldier would be tough. I'd see myself dying pretty quickly as another faceless soldier among thousands. I don't think I'll do my part.


Another world where I'd probably die, but it does seem pretty comfy. Living a nomadic life and travelling through different settlements to learn about their cultures and spend some time there (Kino no Tabi style) seems pretty nice. Then inbetween settlements I could try my luck at the ruins to gather some artefacts to use or sell, though there's a likely chance that I'll also die. The forcefield makes my hopes of survival at least a little better (not sure how strong it would be though).

I'd probably pick between B or E.
>B: hedonistic lifestyle of travelling the stars, having sex with aliens, and feeding my dopamine receptors via drugs and limitless entertainment. Could keep going at it until I get bored.
>E: travel through settlements and try to learn about them, possibly help them out, while unearthing relics of a society long collapsed. Would probably die, but it would be one hell of an adventure.


This was a post that was rattling around in my brain for a while. It describes something that is definitely a colorful dystopia


We're living someone's future


File: 1647033658553.jpg (125.65 KB, 1102x350, 551:175, opium chinks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Leaning towards B, though the idea of sticking out like a sore thumb in a society of beings with the emotional sensitivity of a child sounds pretty shitty. That said, the emphasis on self expression might mean that one would be such a novelty as to garner the status (albeit short lived) of an exotic, which could be pretty cool. Travelling around the stars and boat cities as a nomad curiosity sounds quite comfy. If I wasn't well received I could just live in the isolation palace, which is basically my life now but better.


As Wizards who will never have children and descendants, its actually kinda cozy if we are living at the peak of human civilization and its all downhill from here for the descendants of normies.


Pretty much this. It's rough living when you can't even delude yourself in to thinking things will ever get better. This song hits pretty hard for me now


>top 1% hoards all the wealth, while everyone else is extremely poor
Something has to eventually give right?

We had the French and Russian revolutions.


You'd think so but i'm not so sure anymore. It seems like giving the serfs just enough comfort to sedate them and enough bullshit on the net to distract them is a perfect way to keep everyone in check. Technology has given those in charge more ways to control the populous than ever before. I don't think a lot of people can imagine not living like this anymore.


File: 1648372469516.jpg (48.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, motko.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. whites will become a minority
2. climate change wont be stopped, (dont care if you dont believe in it, its happening) extreme weather events will surge.
3. automation will ramp up, putting more people out of jobs
4. The rich will move to bunkers and gated communities, the streets will be filled with slums of the homeless.
5. America will lose its economic position as number one country to china. the world will split into what is called the multipolar world where there are multiple powers
6. there will be resource wars based on food and water
7. the roastie terfs will lose their culture war and trans people will be normalized in society
8. latinos will assimilate and be considered white, there will be a contingent of loud trad cath right wing latinos that will make democrats question the idea that they will be in power forever when whites decline
9. its the future so i guess you buy stuff with bitcoin now……
10. tv will go the way of the radio and most people will watch entertainment on their phones or laptops.
11. the early days of transhumanism will begin


>there will be a contingent of loud trad cath right wing latinos

The Republican party committed suicide chasing after this fabled demographic of people. I don't mind hispanics for the most part but they need to start voicing the "Trad" part of their beliefs now


>For the priests our current ideas about medicine will seem nonsense
The idea that in the future our time will be considered a time of sorcery and magic fills me with a deep sense of dread.
Like how fucked does humanity have to be to lose the ability of record keeping to that extent?
People will believe anything, like the bible, so why would they consider technology that actually works magic just because they don't have the resources to do it?
If anything it will be treated like a mystery cult where the common man is kept ignorant so they don't demand resources and improvements, because there's not much left to share.
Like imagine something as "simple" as a genetic locked rifle. Ignorant plebs would see it as some wizard thing, maybe a vague understanding of bloodlines.


>Like how fucked does humanity have to be to lose the ability of record keeping to that extent?

People can't remember what the fuck happened yesterday. Hell, look at imageboards if you want a preview of what's to come. The lack of an archive and permanent user id is ironically 4chan's downfall. People are just literally making shit up without any pushback like in the old days. I'm sure there are tons of newfags that think jmoot was always the owner.


I predict that the next white revolutionary will massively clone white people to wage war and create his own nation.


>climate change wont be stopped, (dont care if you dont believe in it, its happening) extreme weather events will surge.
that's a belief don't treat ur beliefs just cuz it's happening doesn't mean it's acc gonna do shit. Apart from that it's right America will collapse and become like S. Africa with a white minority.


>trans people will be normalised into our society.

Hmmmm maybe but perhaps not in the way they want to be normalised. Like, I do not see how letting trans succubi compete in female sports or enter male prisons is going to actually function without immense backlash when people finally see the result and realise how retarded it is.
Moreover, in the 2020s we are going to see a lot of people de-transitioning or killing themselves when they realise what a horrendous mistake they made with their body.
Surely at some point people will come to their senses?

Or maybe not. Maybe people just cannot see this and male-female segregated institutions and events will sort of whither away… cannot see that happening without massive problems though.


Write in english please


The future is AFRICANIZEd high end Shit huts in the making…


I predict that a new buddhist movement will be composed of stem graduates, who will build automated farms so they can meditate in the meantime.




fully automated ascetic monasticism


File: 1654044675327.jpg (189.8 KB, 1384x1418, 692:709, 1654001108030.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1654050074640.png (52.03 KB, 1417x974, 1417:974, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

old google doc i remember writing
i think the time span was the next 100 years


Corporations will never become countries. A country needs at least the pretext of an ethos in order to exist. The "citizens" need to believe or at least go along with the premise that they have a duty to obey and protect their country. That pretext does not exist for corporations, and it's one of their strengths. To become countries would weaken them.


maybe countries become corporations is better. or a blurring of the two occurs. like when the globalization occurs, and there are no more countries, corporations effectively replace them. or you are born to stateless corporations, or in space, and don't have a regular nationality. i always liked the idea


>The "citizens" need to believe or at least go along with the premise that they have a duty to obey and protect their country.
I really don't think corporations are incredibly far from that. If bosses and CEO's had their way, they would operate like cults. They already want to control what you do and expect you to work off the clock, calling you whenever they want. Maybe they won't be "countries" but
jesus they're not shy of wanting to be on the same level of governments, and already being involved in it


David Pearce thinks that in the future, technology will eventually make it possible for suffering to be abolished entirely. Happiness and suffering are ultimately caused by chemical reactions in your brain, so it might theoretically be possible to use genetic engineering or advanced neuroscience to re-engineer your brain so that you can no longer suffer.


That isnt removing suffering, that's just making humanity into a slave-cow race since the evil will force shitty conditions onto others but they wont fight back since they're docile.
The only thing that would remove suffering is if harmful toxins found in pesticide, herbicide and fertilisers are reduced/removed (which can be achieved with genetic engineered crops I guess) so food has more nutrients and less harmful side-effects, the third-world becomes the first-world (aka everyone in every country has a 'first-world' lifestyle in terms of access to food and clean water, not having to worry of being beheaded &/or raped, etc), reduce/replace plastic so the effects microplastic has on us is reduced/gone, free/cheap health-care, educating people to not hate on others just because of them belonging to a different ethnicity/culture/religion, family education so children arent raised poorly, Health education to eliminate the skinny fat+overweight+obese (aka overfat) epidemic, making something like pentobarbital legal for people who want to die (not everyone will want to live and that's ok), removing unhealthy sugary food and only allowing people to buy non-processed food (Vegetables, fruit, grass-fed meat if possible, fish).


Oh yeah I forgot, remove all this shitty entertainment crap that is here like video games, movies, tv series, comics, etc. The only entertainment people should have is exercise, board games (at that's a huge stretch, maybe remove those too), newspaper word games and sportss


File: 1654265533054.png (1.89 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


What the fuck does that have to do with what I said?
I said better quality food, better education and allowing the extremely suicidal to end their life. I didn't say kill everyone


it's just some guy attempting to smear any alternative modes of living as terminating in death. i mean, you could equally post an image of the highway to hell from iraq, and this dumbfuck would have no response because he implicitly agrees with the premises that led to it


How about removing all entertainment like some fascist dictator?


you can't even decide whether bread and circuses is fascism or not, dummy


sorry to burst your bubble, hippie communes don't work


I just disagree with imposing your standards of living on everyone else by force. I agree with better nutrition and shove availability.


Entertainment blinds us, it makes us not focus on things that actually matter.
Look at society nowadays, look at what's trending on youtube. It is always games, music or tv shows, these are all distractions and wastes of time.
I wont hate all forms of entertainment since we do need it but the type and amount we have is too much.
I did listen to the video and I do agree with some of the points the dude has like removing pain and such, I just don't think suffering will be removed purely by changing the biochemical stuff since it only alleviates the symptom, not the cause.
Hippies are retards who think fucking like animals, polyandry and LSD is cool and magical. Eating healthy food, being able to do things like cooking, welding & farming yourself, making people not hate on others due to retarded things like ethnical differences - This happens across the world, for example: The main reason the middle east is shit is because different ethnicities dont like being next to each other like retards despite there literally being zero differences between the them all- helping those living in the third world and not having kids to just show off & not care for properly isn't something that should be considered hippy, it should be normal.


>The main reason the middle east is shit is because different ethnicities dont like being next to each other

excellent analysis, you sound like an expert on the subject


That was wrong, sorry. I should've say one of the reasons that people claim is why it's a shithole, with the sykes-picot agreement dividing the region 'wrong'. It isnt the actual main reason I know but it is something that helped led to where the region is today


I'll stop you right there and ask you what actually matters


>the type
The type being not entertainment itself but the monstrosity behind it. The data analytics to behavioral modification pipeline. We already in this early 21st century have achieved a novel state of the art which they can quite literally control the masses in real time with the sentiment feedback loops. Humanity has been asleep at the wheel on this front.

As you say entertainment is fine in an of itself. We've reached a point where it's more than entertainment anymore. Where it was once crazy tin foil hat to talk about this as if it was hand wavy wizards conducting mind control. By now there is real tangible documented mechanisms by how they use science of psychology to nudge you, near instantaneously gauge your reaction/response, adjust course, nudge you again. Repeat until desired result is achieved. Such was the benefit of subsidizing cheap gadgets in roughly a decade to proliferate as many sensory nodes through out world.

We could do well to take a page out of the Dune universe where technology has no brain. It's purely utilitarian.


Being aesthetically pleasing to the eye (so being skinny/lean), having a good life (You're not in poverty, you arent at risk of murder/rape/robbery, your family life is good, you're a morally good person, clean water, able to have good healthcare without worrying about financial issues, etc), the right to privacy + being forgotten and, if real, going to heaven. Not everyone will like to live and/or some people are fundamentally bad (not just morally but in terms of being lazy too) and in a perfect world they would realise their inferiority and instead of murdering or being a lazy sloth they would order pentobarbital and off themselves


what do you think of neets?


One of the most anti-wizard posts I've seen in a while.


nobody is forcing you to go to the circus or eat bread, so would you conclude that's not coercive?

>sorry to burst your bubble, hippie communes don't work
what does work, in your view?


i don't know, who am i to ponder such things

anyway the thing with these koombayah utopia of everyone going back to the land, organic farming and all that is that no matter how well-intentioned the people behind them are, it all sounds so phony and unnatural, i can't put my finger on why exactly, that's just how i feel.


then you would also agree the current capitalist paradigm is entirely phony and unnatural, despite perhaps not having the language to explain precisely why, right?


They don't work because everyone is an individual with their own wants and ideals. There's no such thing as anything that works but continuous stream of pragmatism, compromises, or conflict between each other of which we call modern society. The utopian back to the land attempted to reduce these to simple chores in effort to simplify away friction between individuals. We are not simple robotic agrarians.

Whatever "ism" paradigm is the style at a time in history can seem too overly complicated or contrived hence feeling like it's unnatural as demonstrated here >>290211. There's no such idealist system the "works". There's certainly those who squirm around in refusing to accept the meta-system revolving around pragmatism, compromises, or conflict. Wizzards have great difficulaty getting along with other people so of course there are those of us choose to sit it out or swear it off to the bitter end. Others who opine endlessly for a better more idealist system that suits their personal tastes. Perhaps owing to the black and white neurodivergent mode of operation. Everyone is different remember. We cannot escape the simple fact that human beings are complex varied individuals locked in an insane asylum with each other. The paradigm we live in happens to be the one currently arrived at through entropy of this collective of hairless chimps screeching at each other through the millennia. We will continue to grumble growl beat out chests as the apes that we are. In time through entropic transience we will arrive at a different paragigm where there are still those who refuse to accept the meta dynamics. This itself is a characteristic.


I am the OP of >>290199 and I change my mind on the video, some things he said I disagree with like him bringing up the suicide statistics as something that is wrong and can only be fixed via genetic engineering/neuroscience stuff when most of the suicidal would be fixed by doing what I said and the remainder that remain suicidal should have the option to end their lives painlessly since it is unfair forcing people to live through an existence they don't enjoy. I think his argument on people being against gene editing to be too simplistic, gene editing can be used for good but more often than not it's used to make crops pesticide resistant so more pesticide and the like can be sprayed which isn't good for us since pesticide and other artificial, processed chemicals have detrimental effects on the human body a lot of the time, one thing that would make the public accept it would be to reduce pesticide and fertilisers usage and be very strict on the political process so the sexually deviant psychopath doesnt get into politics (psychopathic politicians and elite make people distrust new tech more as they associate it with their actions). Lastly I think his argument of increasing amount of pleasure is absurd, we don't need to chase the hedonistic tread-mill even more, hedonism does more harm than good.
Other than these three, the points he made were good and you shouldn't have said "… so it might theoretically be possible to use genetic engineering or advanced neuroscience to re-engineer your brain so that you can no longer suffer." to describe the video since he never said we can eliminate suffering via gene editing alone at all.
For the majority, my idea of a utopia would be agreed upon. Like I said not everyone will agree and like life but since suicide would be legal/easy to do they can just off themselves and not suffer


You are what I mentioned in those who refuse to accept that's not the system we can dictate. It arises naturally. We are merely actors in a system.

>For the majority, my idea of a utopia would be agreed upon

>not everyone will agree and [..] they can just off themselves and not suffer

You are so sure about your own ideals not only that but absolute in imposing it which invites more resistance than you think.


>The paradigm we live in happens to be the one currently arrived at through entropy of this collective of hairless chimps screeching at each other through the millennia.
>You are what I mentioned in those who refuse to accept that's not the system we can dictate. It arises naturally.
my only question would be could you imagine a scenario in which an entirely antithetical system could develop, or have you already decided the course this so-called natural development will take?


It seems more likely the system will perish long before the death of the universe.

>have you already decided the course this so-called natural development will take?

The point of such entropic system is it cannot be predict with certainty.

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