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What have you resolved to do?
What are your goals, both short term and long term.

While this thread was inspired by the new year, it could be about your goals and resolutions in general and year around.


1. Suppress schizo paranoia
2. File taxes
3. Wait for an economic recession
4. Invest when there is blood in the streets


1. Kill myself


not to have any goals, hobbies, or interests


>get a job
>invest in crypto
>probably jump through the hoops to get a gun license, it'll be useful to have if I want to work as a security officer or if life gets too unbearable and I have to an hero


crypto is over, the gpu prices will go down with rtx 4000 series and any 12 year old who built Lego before can mine some 10-20k$ a year


Why will GPU prices go down with the new model?


They won't, he's delusional


Keep a job for longer than two weeks and get my Japanese to a JLPT N1 level. Maybe get back into Python


eth is going pos and bitcoin isnt even mineable on gpu so big woop gpus wont affect them


Finding an income that actually leaves me time to study on the 3rd world would be nice.


>GPU prices going down
LMAO, why would they lower the prices if suckers keep buying overpriced shit. Miners buy entire gaming PCs just to get the GPU, if anything PC gaming is dead.


exercise every day


They pay for themselves. If you got an release rtx 3070 or 3080 you could mine it's original price back in 2-3 months. The 4000 series will cut that time down to a month and there will be no shortages this time around.
They are only up because of an artificial shortage created by cryptominers. It won't last forever and is already ending soon.


My goal for this year is to get absolutely ripped and then travel the world.


1. Eat a whole foods plant based diet. Hopefully it will reverse my cognitive impairment.

2. Lose weight, exercise, get fit.

3. I'm a school dropout that never paid attention in school (aka never learned anything), so I'd like to learn mathematics (I don't even know algebra), physics, and chemistry up until a university level. I'd then pivot the mathematics into learning computer science.

4. Start learning French or German, primarily with the intention to improve my cognitive impairment.

I'm a NEET/hikki so I have all the time in the world to do these things, but the problem is starting and then maintaining focus because I have an ultra short attention span, probably due to being on the internet for 16 hrs a day for almost 2 decades…


3. I'm a school dropout that never paid attention in school (aka never learned anything), so I'd like to learn mathematics (I don't even know algebra), physics, and chemistry up until a university level. I'd then pivot the mathematics into learning computer science.

I can help you with that, given I am a CS grad and work as a software engineer now. A lot of people will probably tell you that math isn't necessary, but that is entirely dependent on what you end up doing. Learn the math first and then decide if the math is useless afterwards. Anyway, this is what I would recommend learning, and in this order:

Pre-Algebra (you probably can skip this, but stay humble and look it over to see if there is anything you don't know about. You really need to have a solid foundation to make your math journey easier.)
College Algebra
Calculus 1 (single variable calculus)
Calculus 2 (single variable calculus extended, mostly just integration tricks and polar coordinates)
Calculus 3 (multivariable calculus)

All of these courses can be found easily online. openstax.org is a resource that provides free books for every one of these subjects. I would recommend reading the chapters, doing the exercises, and checking out youtube videos if you are stuck or are getting the wrong answer. Don't get frustrated and do everything at your own pace.

Exrta stuff for CS:

Linear Algebra: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-06-linear-algebra-spring-2010/index.htm
Intro to CS and programming: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-00sc-introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-spring-2011/
Introduction to Algorithms: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-006-introduction-to-algorithms-fall-2011/index.htm
Design and Analysis of Algorithms: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-046j-design-and-analysis-of-algorithms-spring-2015/index.htm

Anything past that is basically up to you.

If you want to actually be considered a scientist then you will need to study discrete analysis for CS (https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-042j-mathematics-for-computer-science-fall-2010/index.htm) or complex/real analysis for math. Those courses basically just teach you how to prove things to your peers.

And yes, I know that the MIT links I posted may seem hard for some folk, but they are the best resources I found online even if they may be challenging. You are doing this on your own time so you have to remember that you can take your time to understand everything.


Thank you. I know this response is short compared to the effort you put in yours, but I appreciate your post.


I learned both French and German to fluency about ten years ago. Unless you're that type of learner, I would recommend you to not focus a lot on any sort of drills or too much grammar until you get to an intermediate stage because it will burn you out. After your beginner texts, go through graded readers as much as possible then work your way up to books aimed at teenagers or translated light novels if you read those. Don't neglect listening skills either. Listen whenever you can even if you don't understand everything.


This Year's resolutions are
1. obtain 5 troy ounces of gold total for my hoard
2. Listen to or read at least 12 more books
3. Stay under 200 pounds

My short term goals is to set up a LLC or other type of legal protection when taking over the martial arts school. On the small chance of being sued I don't want it to be a sole proprietorship as then they could raid my personal assets in a civil suit.
Mid term goal is to quit being lazy and do the paperwork process to get a replacement birth certificate.
Long term goal is save up for a proper house and retirement.


gold is a dumb meme, if we ever reach such a point of institutional collapse that money becomes worthless, there won't be anyone able to buy your gold except maybe some bigshot who can only offer worthless money, and nobody willing to trade for the gold with goods of an equivalent value, the metal is intrinsically worthless and has always been


File: 1641298782890.png (14.51 KB, 548x345, 548:345, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I almost feel sorry for you for being as dumb as you are.

Gold is a hedge against inflation and stable highly liquid assets that is easily storable and transportable.
Plus it looks nice and comes in pleasing collectable forms such as coins and investment grade jewelry.
It is basically a very convenient way of storing wealth in a durable physical asset.

It is not for some mythical apocalyptic collapse.
Also gold has had intrinsic value for literally all of recorded history. Even before the dawn of civilization gold was valued.
Look, I get it, you are bitter about being poor and just being all sour grapes, but you too can one day own some gold if you are ever willing to work hard and save up money for it.


did you just copy and paste a metals dealer ad? lmao, you're gonna get so scammed

it has no intrinsic value except for impractical things like plating space suit visors and making parts for the hadron collider, shit's useless, monkeys going ook ook over SHINY ROCK doesn't make it intrinsically valuable, that's just market value, it means nothing


that looks like a bubble


I don't think you have any clue what you are talking about.
Also here is 200 years of price data.


Gold barely beats inflation.

Gold is only useful if there is an entire economic, like the fall of the Soviet Union and early 1930's Germany.

That's about it. It isn't an investment. Gold will never make you wealthy, it is only a store of value.


> It isn't an investment. Gold will never make you wealthy, it is only a store of value.
Pretty sure that’s his whole point. It’s a reliable store of value.



Gold isn't for poor people because it doesn't create wealth, only preserves it. It doesn't generate wealth.

It's pretty useless, since you can earn more from a liquid stablecoin interest.


>Gold isn't for poor people
Good thing I am not poor, lol.

>It's pretty useless, since you can earn more from a liquid stablecoin interest.

The whole consept of "stable" coins doesn't make them investments because what makes them allegedly stable is staking them to a fiat currency at a fixed rate. So they are directly and proportionally effected by inflation, aren't a store of wealth, and honestly are just a all around worse version of cash. There are also stable coins to peg their price to commodities such as gold to gain their alegit stability, which begs the question why not just invest in those commodities directly instead and cut out the middleman, inefficiency, and waste of bundling it up in a functionally useless crypto coin. Stable coin are less liquid than the cash or commodity stocks they are pegged to, and effected by exactly the same market forces.
Ether you don't know what the term stable coin means or you are a grifter.


File: 1641321776008.gif (445.89 KB, 500x291, 500:291, 8e5803ca2de8838d38d42d9328….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Stablecoins get you an annual yield of ~20%, effectively beating the inflation of the US dollar, plus 13% of profit.

Gold can never do that because Gold is a useless shiny rock.

Stablecoins are more liquid than Gold, as you can convert your interest earning stablecoins within 2 minutes.

Gold is obviously so obsolete and it also tanks during a recession too. If you bought gold in 1980, you would have had to wait 30 YEARS to even break even. Gold is THAT useless.

Gold is for low IQ midwits that think that gold is the only way to beat entire economic collapses and inflation.

I can retire RIGHT NOW if I wanted to just off my stablecoin income. Could never do that with Gold because it's a useless shiny rock for midwits.


>cryptofag calling gold a useless shiny rock
I’m fucking dying.


You are a bold face liar who doesn't know and doesn't care what a stable coin even is.

I don't know why you are so triggered by the mentioning of gold but you are clearly just lying.
I am guessing this is you alasken, as this seems fitting for your basic behavor.
To be mad over nothing, to lie about things you don't understand, and keep doubling down no matter how absurd it is, with the intent of derailing the thread beyond salvaging.

Your off topic trolling and idiotic rage have no place in this thread.


how about you lay off the ad hominems for once and argue the topic with him like a big boy


I actually do have a number of goals but I don't like telling people about them, even when anonymous. Telling other people your goals or plans does you no good ime.


Do you at least write them down or otherwise keep record of them for yourself?
I personally find making something tangible to reference and keep track of very helpful in longer term goals.


My 19 resolutions:
clean my room
get in shape
move out
learn to play piano
get a ranch
make $100k
make a game
get way better at drawing and animation
start a business
make 3d models
decide whether christianity is true or not
read a ton
restore foreskin
produce enough food for subsistence
brew beer
get good at making bread
learn Chinese
learn Japanese
learn Latin
learn Greek


>restore foreskin
for a moment I thought you were joking
actually lol'd


I have goals, but I don't actually work towards them.


All of your opinions are bad and you shouldn't tell other wizards how to live their life.


Do you ever make progress or accomplish them despite not actively working towards them?


it's the local warp waning bread retard. ignore him.


eeh I'm not sure it's him


hello mod


Almost never


You don’t have to be a mod to see his ass sticking out like a sore thumb.


put your tag on


It's been a few months.

How much progress have you made towards your goals since the last time this thread was on page 1?

Do you have any new goals or resolutions?


I exercised for a week then gave up


File: 1645676852945.jpg (135.3 KB, 801x790, 801:790, kokoroharry.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Go exercise now. You will not regret it. You will sleep better tonight. Your tasks tomorrow will be easier.


I fast regularly and lost a nice chunk of weight. Didn't set any resolutions but still happy about it


Up to 3 oz of gold and 4 books and still under 200 pounds just barely.
So I am making progress.

Still haven't set up a LLC because I hate paperwork so I keep putting it off.


I'm finally learning programming for real, Java, Python and a bit of Web Development.

I'm still at the beginners phase but I know much more than a month or two ago.


That's great.
Keep up with it, not only is it a useful skill but once you really get the hang of it the creative potential really opens up.


the lower the expectations the lower the chances at being deceived.


I'm going to lose 15 lbs and get to 150 even if it kills me


>tfw haven't been 150 since I was 13
Anyway 15 pounds is a reasonable goal if you give yourself the proper time and make moderate changes in your diet.
How do you plan to lose it?


The only way that truly works: Exercising more and eating less.


>tfw 150 lbs while 27 years old
You guys who are muscle builders while not working out are lucky.>>285478


Who says I don't work out?
I got my first dumbell set at 12 as a becoming a man gift from my father and been strength training in one way or another ever since.


I wish i would have done some physical activity back then.
Rather than spend years on a useless mmo.


1. actually learn how to program at OS level
2. lose some weight until i fit back into my clothes
3. stop maladapative daydreaming


Working out doesn't take up much time, so I still wasted a enormous amount of time playing ultra shit free to play MMOs during my teens.
Kinda wish I spent that time watching anime and movies or something.


>useless mmo
I wish I did stuff like read books or learn to draw instead of playing those crappy f2p mmorpgs..


I am glad I kicked the habit, though for some dumb reason I crave getting into one again. But I just don't have that level of free time to devote to one even if I wanted to, and I have since played far better games that scratch the same itch.


I am the same with free time. I realized that the main reason I even wanted to play them was because of the progression and how mindless some of them are.. just grinding, no story or anything else to worry about and no actual planning involved.


I'm going to get a six pack to find out just how truly hideous I am


it turns out I have zipper abs but it also turns out that I like them :)


Land a job after an interview, start a micro-cred at the local university, and find a better charger for my electric keyboard.

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