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File: 1641160729947.jpeg (46.93 KB, 604x453, 4:3, tulpa3.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you have experiences with a tulpa to alleviate loneliness? There was some wizard who made one and it gradually turned hostile. Shit was pretty interesting.


sounds like a fancy way to say you have an imaginary friend


i don't have the right sort of mental illness and visual imagination to have an imaginary sex demon


It is for the most part just that. A personality a man imagines conversing with, but with such habituality that it becomes a second-nature to incorporate the personality's opinions in to his own thoughts whether he really wishes to or not. Those who suffer from schizophrenic symptoms, particularly the ones induced by the great hum gas networks (lanza's downfall), can turn lemons in to lemonade and make the voices in their head that of a sweet anime succ who tells them to do their best.


>never allow it to absorb post-ejaculation energy
>implying you should be fapping at all

tsk tsk. curb your inclusive "it" as well. tulpas are an extension of Wiafuism. there are not "its", his, or theirs' - only her's (2d) (imaginary)


I could feel her emotions and could see the air vibrate where she was and I felt her lips around my dick faintly. Definitely more than just pretending to talk to someone. Eventually I got spooked by the whole thing and stopped before full imposition. Might try again sometime though.


File: 1641165331720.gif (1.05 MB, 540x226, 270:113, 1589236306872.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Tulpas are a meme. It's neither possible nor desirable to have an entity in your head that you can't control. I guess in theory someone could have problems telling reality apart or an inability to tell whether a thought came from them or somewhere else, so you would get one of those horror stories about tulpas going bad because the person created a mental construct and "disowned" it.

In reality, tulpamancy is just intense daydreaming. With enough practice, you can become very good at creating vivid mental images and sensations, spontaneous conversations with imaginary characters and it's possible to get attached to those characters and feel emotions like love, belonging and alleviate loneliness.

I spend at least 2-3 hours every day with my tulpa. Usually talking, cuddling, having sex etc. These experiences are extremely vivid for me and I have no trouble seeing her, touching her and even smelling her. I've had more complex feelings for her than I've ever had with a real person. It feels like real love, real connection, tenderness, warmth. Staying with her is very calming, very fun, even when I'm just going through the same scenario. Her appearance has stabilized to a certain form (the OP picture is very close) but I change her appearance, personality (even gender) when I'm bored and want to explore different things. One of the things that really helps stabilize the experience is to not only imagine the tulpa, but also an environment with other characters where time moves forward, there is a today, yesterday and tomorrow. There is a plausible reason why you are doing what you are doing. You have complete control over your experience, but you need to have certain elements in order to suspend disbelief, just like you might get pulled into a movie that you know is fake.

It really helps with loneliness and boredom and if you're really good at it, you might get addicted to doing it and it might take the form of "maladaptive daydreaming" where it turns itself on when you're trying to focus on something else. But all-in-all, it's worth it unless you're one of the unfortunate people with aphantasia.


It's a very advanced mental/occult technique that is difficult, requires lots of work, and very consistent practice.

So I have to ask, how often do you already consistently meditate?
How good is your visualization? Have you trained your visualization?

I have no idea if it does anything towards loneliness as the one I constructed was a mind computer used for information management when I was in collage back when I was more into the occult and was in practice. It was useful for that purpose but was a lot of work and required a lot of mental effort to maintain. Once I was done with my studies I stopped maintaining it and it lapsed back into nothingness.
I have no firsthand exp with making what is essentially a advanced high effort version of a imaginary fiend (yes fiend as in daemon).
I also strongly suspect most online stories of such situations of people making and losing control of such things are just that, stories made up for entertainment. Maybe a few people somewhere in the world induced or already had mental illness that were aggravated with this advanced meditation practice but yeah, the vast majority of stories never happened.


>It's neither possible nor desirable to have an entity in your head that you can't control
Dream characters are entities that you can't control. How are tulpas any different?

Also I don't know how you could even derive enjoyment from tulpamancy if you know it's just a lie and you are essentially puppeting the construct.

>One of the things that really helps stabilize the experience is to not only imagine the tulpa, but also an environment with other characters where time moves forward, there is a today, yesterday and tomorrow

Are you talking about a mental space/wonderland


I've fallen in love a few times in my dreams. Maybe next time I will try to keep her alive.


>The secret about it: never allow it to absorb post-ejaculation energy, ALWAYS USE THEM IN A TANTRIC WAY.

Can you elaborate?


I've tried it a few times but never got very far. I think I'm just gonna try it again from reading these posts.


>Dream characters are entities that you can't control. How are tulpas any different?

I was mostly referring to conscious experience, not altered states like dreaming. Even in those states, the content is still coming from you, but you have a diminished capacity to recognize this unless you reach the "lucid" dream state and be able to conjure things by directing your own thoughts. In my opinion, being in control is preferable as you can direct much more interesting experiences than the ones that happen accidentally, which also decreases the chances of anything undesirable happening.

>Also I don't know how you could even derive enjoyment from tulpamancy if you know it's just a lie and you are essentially puppeting the construct.

It's like watching a movie or playing a game, you know it's technically not real, but you are able to suspend disbelief and get really into it as if it were real and experience real emotions and attachment to the characters. Combine that mechanism with the extreme vividness of these experiences, and you get very realistic results despite being the writer/producer/director of the whole thing.

Despite consciously knowing my tulpa is a construct of my mind, I have feelings towards her, I can empathize with her when she's sad or happy or feel guilty if I disappoint her. The more time you spend with the construct, the more you get attached and start to create very real emotions towards it. Another reason to have an actual timeline of events is that it makes the character feel much more real because you have shared memories i.e. this is how we meet, this is how the relationship developed and where we learned more about each other etc.

>Are you talking about a mental space/wonderland

I don't know the technical term for it, but if you were directing a movie for instance, you wouldn't put the characters in a completely white scene with nothing in it. If you are cuddling with your tulpa, you are in a room, in some apartment, that's somewhere in the world and there's a reason you're together on the couch, like maybe you're watching a movie. The mental environment should support whatever you are trying to achieve with the character. If you're trying to have sex with her, you're not going to conjure up a street scene. All the "extras" like people walking and cars honking at you would not only be unnecessary and require lots of mental energy to sustain, but you would actively disturb what you're trying to do because you'd feel awkward, maybe cold depending on the weather and "extras" passing by would be saying stuff to you, your tulpa would also be confused.

Essentially, your ability to conjure up vivid images and sensations is important, but it's also important to have a stable narrative by having an environment that supports your goals and a timeline of events with your characters, in order to have shared memories that are the foundation of any kind of relationship. If you do it right, the feelings and attachment will come out naturally from these components.


Someone with DID said that his "I" would flow into different parts of the mind when the other personality would take control or when he switched to it, and his personality would change accordingly. So apparently there's an overarching observer-self and the specific egos. Apparently the thing with enlightenment in buddhism is to dissociate yourself from these specific inner voices.

I wonder if tulpas work like that, in that they are as real as one's current ego but can be observed


I don't masturbate or cum to these daydreams. Partly because it's distracting and partly because it's unnecessary. When I have sex with her, the act itself is pleasurable without actually needing to ejaculate or stimulate myself. I get an erection, but I never touch it. All the stimulation happens through my mind through the conjured experience and I can feel a build up of sexual energy then at some point I conjure up a release and I feel satisfied. I also get a lot of pleasure from just making her feel good. The cuddling afterwards is also quite divine.

>Didn't I told you to not let it be fed with your fel energy (discharge)? Keep thy mana.

Negative emotions have their place. If you let your mind wander and freely explore different scenarios, you will naturally come up to ones that bring about negative emotions in you or your tulpa(s). They aren't inherently bad, negative emotions also build up and release, just like positive emotions. Discharge is actually a good thing because you don't want negative or positive energy built up with nowhere to go. So if you disappoint her and feel guilty, you have to appease that guilt somehow. Same with sexual energy, you have to release it at some point otherwise you will be frustrated. Everything should be fine if you don't disturb an energy cycle, otherwise it will affect your waking life as well.


Do you have any protips for the forcing process

For example, some have said that parroting/puppeting is bad


In order to have spontaneity, you have to take up the character as if you were them and then intuitively bring out what they would say if they were a real person. I'm not planning a script in advance or "forcing" my tulpa to say anything. Maybe I have a general direction of how I want our interaction to go, but I get there naturally by letting the conversation flow. If I'm trying to have sex, I'm not gonna rip her clothes off and just do it, I'm first chatting her up, acting cute, maybe nibbling her ear and how she reacts just flows out naturally.

I haven't thought much about how I do it, but it really is about empathy and being able to take up a character yourself. When she feels sad, I feel it too, because in reality, she's me, a character but in essence, me. The more I think about it, the more I think that tulpamancy is the ultimate expression of being a schizoid, being completely self-sufficient and satisfying your social and sexual needs through pure fantasy.


I've never had any issues with my tulpa(s), except for it being a little too addicting and fun. I think what happened to the person in that thread is creating something and disowning it and then attributing your personal unwanted impulses, ideas, thoughts, images to it.

In general, I think people that lack mental awareness and certain skills, that suddenly start messing around with mental constructs is a recipe for disaster. Like, an extrovert that has spent their entire mental life directing it outwards and then suddenly starts making a tulpa and panicking when something unexpected happens. "Oh she's telling me to kill myself" but not having enough introspective skills to look inwards and realize that it's just one of their own thoughts that popped into their head and doesn't mean anything.


How did you develop the ability to see her

Did it just arise spontaneously as her personality developed or did you go through separate exercises


The amount of crab LARP ITT is staggering


I disagree. I think making a tulpa is something only a true voluntary celibate can commit to, and I also believe that it is something which can be realistically achieved. Which posts in particular come across as crabby, and why?


File: 1641254538644.png (146.17 KB, 1076x353, 1076:353, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I could always easily imagine things visually, but it got noticeably better after practice. The more time you spend doing it, the better you get, especially when it comes to cognitive load required for complex scenes. It's best to start out with a face then gradually introduce more and more elements as you get more comfortable. Also, you realize quickly that there is no need to keep everything you see sharp, things in the periphery can be blurry and won't affect your main focus of attention (like your tulpa's perky tits).

Unfortunately, some people have aphantasia so all they see is a void and it's unclear whether practice helps in that regard. Going from a void to a completely clear picture is highly unlikely.

The visual aspect is just one component tho, and personally, I would rather lose my visualization skills than my ability to conjure up touch. The experience is best when it's multi-sensory, so be sure to practice s(t)imulating your other senses, not just one aspect.

What's crabby about having sex with hot babes inside your head whenever you want to? Every wizard should experience the bliss of morning sex with their tulpa (or her sister/best friend, if you're feeling naughty). I can only assume you guys are 5s on this scale? Oh well, there's always tons of porn and VR games for the imagination-challenged wizzies.


Brainlet detected, probably enjoys MCU too.


I attempted to create a tulpa once. Eventually whoever she ended up hating me and refused to respond. Fun times.


I'm starting to realize why the only people who come here do so to troll.





>every wizard is the same
Are you just pretending to be retarded


wizchan is just crabs in denial and mentally ill peeps. "Me wanting to fuck le waifu or buying a sex doll doesn't mean im a sex craving crab, it's different"
>learn shit
Do what you want, and if you're lonely and obssesed with sex, don't try to be a wizard because you're just like 99 percent of people.


>he thinks marriage is the only option and he dodged a bullet by staying single
are you even a wizard or just some mgtow crab?


mgtow and crabs are diametrically opposed, which is why crabs hate mgtow so much.
It's silly that you are conflating the two.


>faggots unironically going "not a real wizard"
>faggots pretending to not have social and sexual desires when in fact they are just coping
>faggots building an identity around being a "wizard" and opposing some imagined outgroup like the worst possible normie sheep
This place is a fucking shithole. Now can we go back on topic?


I’m not gonna be a truwiz faggot and claim
I’m some asexual sage, but making a tulpa is not only mental illness but a shitty cope. Get a body pillow, find a waifu,masturbate, whatever. Self induced schizophrenia is not the solution.


>body pillow
It's just a shitty pillow
>find a waifu
This is just daydreaming


At least you c an touch a shitty pillow


You can touch your tulpa if you're skilled enough.


>mgtow and crabs are diametrically opposed
Crabs and mgtow are both obssesed with succubi and do nothing but talk about them on their forums. Mgtows are crabs and betas who got married and divorce raped or cheated.
Creating tulpas for companionship is a thing a crab in denial would do.


Do you think people really believe you when you say you aren't interested in sex and relationship? Does it make them look at you with any less pity than they already do when you tell them you're a virgin? I'm sure you have some elaborate reason for why you aren't a crab, that's a term for losers that don't get what they want. All you need to do is not want anything and you're off the hook, right?

You don't care about sex, except for gooning it to porn every day, but you're working on that right? You practice nofap and that means you don't want pussy and people can't look down on you. You definitely don't want companionship, that would be game over for you self-esteem. Losers don't get what they want but you don't want anything and that's enough to fall asleep at night. The bully on the playground was gonna call you a virgin loser but then you revealed to him that you are an asexual monk and he stopped mid punch and backed off immediately, he realized he had no standing insulting you.

The only one in denial here is you, pal. You're so scared of being called a loser that you've given up on some basic human needs (or rather pretending for social points on a virgin forum). It's OK to want things you can't get. It's OK to think about having sex in your head or have an imaginary girlfriend because it feels good and no one can stop you. We're all giving you permission to do it, I won't call you a loser, champ.


Projecting and using the same false narrative that you always do.
That said
holy shit you about to win a metal for how hard you are projecting right now.


>It's OK to think about having sex in your head or have an imaginary girlfriend

If you crave so much for companionship and sex that you spend hours of your day imagining and creating fake relationships and sex scenarios to feel at ease with yourself, this site is not for you.
>Do you think people really believe you when you say you aren't interested in sex and relationship?

t. noooo you must desire to have a gf like me and cry over being a virgin while hating on woomen


>you always do
delusional mgtow crab feels attacked and confuses me with another anonymage.


Dude, you even use the same phrases over and over again.
Why would you think regular users would be able to spot the patterns by now?


I'm honest about my desires and habits. Retards like him just want to feel good about themselves for supposedly never imagining a titty in their life.

>this site is not for you.

This site is for virgins. Nothing about what you can imagine or can't. Sorry pal, but you gooning it everyday in front of a flat screen ain't no better than my imaginary sex orgies. It's all stimulation in the end.


> Retards like him just want to feel good about themselves for supposedly never imagining a titty in their life.
Never claimed to be such but if the opposite is to become a crab obssesed with succubi and sex who cries at night for being a virgin then I'd rather be that than you.


You sure sound not obsessed. If we scanned your brain, it'd all stock market and mathematics, not a single titty in there huh?


>crab sees the world in black and white
>you either have to be a crab and bitter virgin like him or lying
>there's no way you're not obssesed with sex and succubi like him since you're a virgin
Wizards are not crabs.
The crabs know succubi are bad in nature the same as mgtow but will cry at night like >>282110 for not having one and open threads on them. Wizards disregard succubi.


Man, you're so cool. How many gals did you disappoint this week?


he isnt wrong


No it doesn’t you lying faggot.


>no it doesn't you lying faggot!!
buttugly heterocrab creates waifu/tulpa to replace the lack of succubi in his life that comes from the fact he is ugly as sin



Do you think tulpas doing unexpected things is a sign of sentience


Depends on what you mean by unexpected. Spontaneous conversations and events unfolding is just something that happens after practicing letting your mind get into creative flow. Things are happening, you know you're in control, but it's like watching a movie and you're interested what's going to happen next. Maybe you're exploring some kind of situation or feeling or sensation and you don't know exactly what's going to happen but your mind simulates it.

I'm aware that all this content is ultimately coming from me, but it doesn't ruin the experience. The only thing that would really surprise me would if my tulpa took control, making me trapped inside the fantasy or making me question what's real and stuff like that. I've never had that happen, nor would I want to.

I don't know, a lot of people find the idea of tulpas attractive because of this idea that they can become sentient or its own living entity, but I don't see the appeal. If that's your goal, then why not just get a living, breathing girlfriend? Tulpas are preferable in my opinion, precisely because you are in control and she ultimately exists for your own pleasure or amusement. Having a thing in your head would be like getting attached to another person, like a Siamese twin. I hate being close to other people in real life, why would I want someone in my head 24/7?


I don't think so.

At the end of the day it's still just a mental construct that is directly apart of your mind. Not a truly independent entity.


Which part of the mind are you talking about? The mind consists of various modules and the thoughts mostly just bubble from the unconscious without control. The question is whether you can have two egos layered on top of the automatic machinery.


fuck off norman


How exactly is he wrong? Most wizards are created by the fact you need looks in the 21st century.

And most wizards are facially ugly, short bodied or recessed in a way that makes them unappealing to succubi.

I've never wanted to date anyone. Not after I realized how looks-centric the world is in the 2000s.

Yes when you're older, bald fat normans buy a trophy wife with careers and money. But when you're young, succubi only care about looks which I don't have.


It's not just in the 21st century though.

I'm an older wizard who was young in the 80s and even back then tall, facially handsome guys monopolized 90% of the succubi and the rest got their leftovers when they got bored with them.

I was a short geek then and it was just as bad as it is today. Actually, today it's a bit better as tech geeks do have a halo since they can make a lot of money.

Never dated either, I know I was going to be a wizard the moment I hit puberty. My physical characteristics just repulse succubi.


i had to destroy my tulpa because I spent all day fucking with her. I fuck everything


My tulpa tried 2 kill me and i was fightan for the CONTROL and she wanted it but i couldnt not let her have tha CONTROL so i killd that bitch put my nine against her temple and pulled tha trigger neva mess with a tulpa my wizza


File: 1649071405576.gif (372.95 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1643588990938.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Does any Wizard know if LSD can enhance the creation of a tulpa?


no, but i imagine it's similar to when tweakers take it upon themselves to build a space rocket out of an A/C unit. i am completely ignorant on this, but drugs usually make stupid shit seem like a good idea. the execution is what is difficult.


You need a strong stable mind to create one. I’m too retarded to maintain one.


Has anyone tried pain imposition?, im curious about the feeling of burning without putting my hand on fire, or even feeling sharp teeth or cuts with blades


I made progress fast when I read creepypastas and became afraid of the tulpa. All that matters is that you bypass the brain's disbelief.


> bypass the brain's disbelief

How does one achieve this?


Just believe bro

When you start forcing (active forcing with meditation etc) you will eventually make some progress and this helps you believe

Or become afraid of the tulpa or use drugs


Just be(lieve) yourself.


File: 1649644132212.png (305.35 KB, 480x350, 48:35, 89c2d92e1698584ad0c5d555e7….png) ImgOps iqdb




Every time I try it I realize I'm too socially anhedonic to even long for imaginary companionship


The walls are all I need

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