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The Revolutionary Council of True Wizards has declared waifuism Detrimental to the Wizard Community. Please see our statement on Waifusm and 2D pornography below.

According to the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards, waifuism is Detrimental to the Wizard Community, as it promotes the worship of succubi, and is an outlet for the desired of Failed Normie Male Virgins (crabs). This goes against all of the Three Pillars of Wizardry, which are Solitude, Voluntary Celibacy, and Reclusion.

A common counterargument to this is an assertion which goes along the lines of "2D females are different to 3DPD - their personalities are imagined!". This counterargument is obviously invalid, as one, it goes against the ruling of the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards, and two, it is clearly invalid from a logical standpoint too.

A drawing is a representation of something. It may be an idealized representation, yet even so it is still a representation. Therefore, drawings of anime succubi are still drawings of succubi in the righteous eyes of His Excellency The One True Wizard. 2D pornography can even be considered more Detrimental to the Wizard Community than the alternatives, as not only does it promote the worship of succubi, it even idealizes their most feminine features. We must keep in mind that femininity is the antithesis of Wizardry. The Path of True Wizardry is defined by the maximization of the Three Pillars of Wizardry - femininity by nature entirely goes against Solitude, Voluntary Celibacy, and Reclusion, as all succubi are extroverted normals. From this, we can deduce that 2D pornography and waifuism are incredibly harmful to the Wizard Community, as they are entirely centered around promoting the inverse of Wizardry, and thus encourage the abandonment of Wizardly Values. 2D pornography and waifuism present an even greater threat than initially thought to the Path of True Wizardry, because these two things are presented in a way that may be familiar or relatable to some wizards (e.g. the cartoonish style, their presence in video games, and their association with Japanese culture). 2D pornography and Waifuism essentially disguise themselves as they attempt to wear the cloak of wizardry in a foul scheme to lure naive potential apprentices into trusting them, and then slowly they poison the minds of apprentices with their cancerous ideologies of succubus worship. We would however like to stress that those who participate in 2D worship are not merely "misguided apprentices". Almost all of them are normals who were never even on the Path of True Wizardry anyway. Remember, once a person is Voluntarily Celibate (while of course being a virgin), Solitary, and Reclusive, he becomes an apprentice. If he reaches 30 and is accepted by the Council, he becomes a True Wizard. If intervention is taken at an extremely early stage, it is possible for them to be set on the Path again, but for most their is no hope.

The Revolutionary Council has also conducted studies into the mindset of waifuists - they often "self-insert" themselves into the role of the male protagonist, idealizing themselves a romantic life with their beloved 2D succubus. Again, we are not concerned with the 2D/3D debate - to us, all succubi are just that. Waifuists commonly claim that their obsession with succubi is okay, because they do not want anything to do with succubi in real life, however this is still entirely Detrimental to the Wizard Community, and stems from a misunderstanding of the nature of True Wizardry. A True Wizard has no desire for succubi because they are the embodiment of femininity, which again is the antithesis of Wizardry. He recognizes that any and all involvement with succubi is always harmful towards Wizardly Interests, and thus, he wants nothing to do with succubi, regardless of whether they are real or not. The waifuist's defence of "2D succubi are pure!" or "I don't want anything to do with modern 3D whores!" is completely and utterly invalid, as his virginity stems from an opposition to the way succubi act in this day and age, rather than an opposition to their very essence. Essentially, a waifuist is someone who is a Failed Normal Male Virgin (crab), although rather than actually desiring a real life succubus, he desires an idealized 2D version of one. Both are Detrimental to the Wizard Community. However, while we will outright ban Failed Normal Male Virgins (crabs who want 3D succubi), we may only make waifusts attend a reeducation course on the Path of True Wizardry. This, however, will depend on the level at which a poster has offended. A regularl participator in 2D worship (e.g. posting pornagraphic imagery of 2D succubi on Wizardchan) will of course be treated the same as a 3D crab, yet someone who may have only once posted a non-porngraphic image of a 2D succubus will only be reeducated. All users who have participated in /lounge/'s "fap thread"s will be permanently banned, unless they specifically posted to express their discontent at the thread and the Failed Normals within it.

*Please note, we hold the exact same view towards homosexual pornography/husbandoism, as we view homosexuality as a coping mechanism used by crabs where one male normally assumes the role of a succubus. Even if this is not the case and both participators in the act are acting as men, it is still entirely Detrimental to the Wizard Community as it goes against all of the Three Pillars of Wizardry.

*As well as this, we would like to stress that we do not say 2D pornography/waifuism is better than 3D pornography, or vice versa, we say both are equally Detrimental to the Wizard Community, yet in different ways. 2D pornography/waifuism is DWC (Detrimental to the Wizard Community) as it insidious in its nature and idealizes succubi, and 3D pornography is DWC as it is essentially "the source of the problem" - it is that which 2D pornography is derived from, so it is harmful for the same reasons. We are merely addressing the issue of 2D pornography here as 3D pornography is already banned (and there is little support for it on Wizardchan anyway).
We recognize that this statement may spark requests to hear The Revolutionary Council of True Wizards' stance on anime in general. In short, it is as follows:

We have recently viewed some episodes of anime to determine whether or not it is Detrimental to the Wizard Community. We have decided that anime is permissible if it meets the following guidelines:

-The protaganist is a Voluntarily Celibate True Wizard
-There are no female voice actors
-There are no scenes of a sexual nature

If any of these guidelines are violated, the anime may not be viewed. Otherwise, it is permissible and even encouraged if the anime is in line with the Path of True Wizardry.


File: 1642077104228.jpeg (186.17 KB, 1194x1912, 597:956, 2C832C55-2324-4B5F-B920-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Suck my cock


I don't agree in the slightest, not one bit.


I unironically agree with OP also good writing and post.succubi are despicable 2d or 3d


File: 1642082143811.png (188.88 KB, 500x869, 500:869, the-buddha-is-enlightened-….png) ImgOps iqdb

What about this buddhism thing? i know they're allowed to have relationship with succubi, guess it'd be at least a good cope.


File: 1642128714538.gif (2.63 MB, 498x476, 249:238, 1639534487027.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I am torn on this issue. I cannot say whether the female nature is inherently evil or if it is merely so in actuality and the fact that the intellect can comprehend an ideal female nature means that this nature potentially exists. I tend to lean more towards the latter opinion although this may be because I have played too much eroge and the dazzling images have blinded my reason to the truth.

I would have to say that they way that things are arranged currently that it cannot be said that the female nature is evil without admitting that the nature of males is also evil for it seems that the two natures are part of one whole and it is impossible for one part to have a trait without the other. But if the nature of a female is inherently evil then the nature of the male would also be inherently evil and thus it would be forbidden to observe any media at all, and it even would be forbidden to live at all whilst inhabiting a body. This conclusion seems ridiculous to me so I am instead forced to conclude that neither the female or male is inherently evil, only so in actuality, and thus it is permissible to observe the female and the male in their ideal form. through the medium of anime for instance.



>the fact that the intellect can comprehend an ideal [x] means that this [x] potentially exists.



I agree I don’t like females, even cartoonish depictions of them annoy me and remind me of all the females that have been annoying in my life, I especially hate their personalities more than anything


ok name one comprehensible thing that couldnt possibly exist


Read a book, nigger.


me but happy


File: 1642133445644.jpg (171.99 KB, 1138x2048, 569:1024, __makaino_ririmu_nijisanji….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

vampire lolis


these exist i've slain hundreds by blade alone


Truth hath been spoken.


File: 1642613503033.jpg (336.61 KB, 2048x1424, 128:89, 1642604899063.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

a waifu can't cook you and will only steal your time


Imaginary females≠succubuses.
And ironic shitposting is still shitposting.


Dear Revolutionary Council of True Wizards,

While I appreciate your aims, I feel that in this and in other regards, you have put the cart before the horse. Wizardry (remaining virginal past the age of 30) does not have intrinsic worth. Rather, wizardry has a set of common causes between individuals and a common set of outcomes. Some of these outcomes have value. Rather than trying to purify the downstream manifestations of wizardry, the efforts of your organization would be better spent on purifying the waters at the fountainhead.

You are quite right that the obsession about the female form indulges in values that contradict wizardly behaviour (the same goes for homosexuals obsessing over men, obviously). But your focus should be in the way that these perverse obsessions contradict some rational basis of celibacy. There are numerous philosophical bases for rejecting sex and relationships in most cases. Your ideology will be strengthened by adopting one of these philosophies.

An example of this is your claim that 2D waifus will cause apprentices to eventually reject wizardry. While I think you are correct in that assumption, you assume that more wizards is better. The fact is, if an apprentice strays from wizardry, then they were probably a normie from the very beginning, with waifu or without. The value in wizardry has to do with the focus on higher matters than merely sex/relationship/reproduction, which is a rare trait.

Your path of True Wizardry seems to depend on virginity. This is backwards. Virginity is a necessary consequence of True Wizardry. Thus, True Wizards are necessarily virginal, but such matters as sex are inconsequential to their consideration.

The assertion that only an anime that matches to Wizardly values is appropriate to a True Wizard is obviously false. First of all, this stems from an authoritarian drive to destroy alternate perspectives. Surely any wizard would benefit from understanding succubi and normies. If nothing else, such creatures make for interesting study. Secondly, although some anime may violate wizardly edicts, most do not contradict the philosophical basis of wizardry. Thus, a philosophically competent wizard may view almost any anime without violating his beliefs.

You guys clearly endeavor to achieve truly Wizardly ideals. Rather than imitate wizardry, seek the basis of wizardry. Through this method, you cannot fail to supersede the normie.

Best wishes,
-A Wizard

Lay disciples are allowed sex. In most sects, monks are not allowed sex. This is not an arbitrary boundary. Celibacy is considered preferable even for lay disciples, but is not considered feasible for most individuals. Even a half-hearted investment in Buddhism is considered beneficial in future lives.


Been a while since we’ve had this thread


It exists in the platonic realm of ideal forms


Doesn't mean it exists in the material world.


it doesnt say that it says it potentially exists


Really good thread. Is there some way I can serve the council?


Waifus are not succubi, they are an abstract concept that have more in common with muses, angels or goddesses and these are all accepted among celibate orders


Bring peanuts


cumming brings the same misery to the mind in deep levels, anyway


Waifuism is literally the most normie shit there is, you could get a pass if you were a japanese otaku in the 90's, but today even videogames and certain western Tv Shows are less normalfaggish than anime and waifuism.

The fact that you can get fetish eroge from steam should tell you something.


>The fact that you can get fetish eroge from steam should tell you something.

That society is extremely fucked? I'm waiting for the moment when furry shit becomes legitimately mainstream, like as a recognized sexuality.

It feels like unwritten rules of society and shame are just collapsing under the dollar, to the point where /d/egenerate stuff is becoming normalized.


my waifu is from an american Disney cartoon. don't assume all waifus are from normalfaggot tranny japan. i wrote this post despite having a waifu. >>>/meta/62185
and no i wont tell you who she is, i never namedrop her because i don't want trannies to find out about her and draw vore and prolapse "art" of her.
i'm also not a manchild who watches cartoons generally. i fell in love with her by coincidence and not from binge watching diarrhea for 5 year olds.


Yeah, some of them have even worse taste and prefer ugly abominations from fucking DISNEY and be proud about it, too.
Jesus you just can't make this shit up, best joke in this joke thread, thanks.


even modern disney is 5000% less trans than anime from any period.


revolution and enlightenment are cringe


You just made me want to try out waifuism

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