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Am I the only person think that youtube get fucked up? The algorithm and quality both. I'm getting same shitty videos or stupid trend videos on my home page. So I'm stucked at subscribed channels page which prevents me discover new channels and old videos.
What do you wizards watch? Is there a virgin social video platform that didn't fucked up by jews yet?


If you see a shitty video make sure you click the vertical dots near it and select not interested, or if it’s just a shit channel click block channel, you need to filter garbage yourself


Try Bitchute for an alternative platform. Also stop using Youtube directly and switch to a proxy like invidio.us


File: 1643293585386.jpg (311.03 KB, 1159x1835, 1159:1835, cfadea60a220d99f036e2b0e5e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, Youtube search doesn't work and there have been multiple waves of channels being removed. There used to be regular people commenting on current events, but today it's just corporate news channels. Any educational material that isn't covered in a university lecture series is now lost under reams of clickbait. Youtube has become cable TV, and has forced most people to places like Odysee for now.

Youtube search is broken the same way Google search is. Google used to be very good at finding answers to technical questions, but now the search results are very poor. It's unfortunate, as whatever they've done to curb results they don't like has rendered the rest of the service largely unusable.

Just anecdotally, my channel which simply reupped stuff from Niconico has had about 2/3s of videos taken down. I haven't logged into my channel for a decade but still get emails about videos breaking community guidelines or copyright.


OP pic/content leads me to ask here but what is the spooky " . " youtube search thing? Heard rumors on /x/ but not willing to go schizo to find out. It's like people are accidentally just hitting a dot and typing it in and freaky shit pops up. I almost clicked on it by mistake actually, it's easy to mishit phone keyboards. Anyone know about this? Thanks


Are you a 12 year old succubus, how gullible and feckless are you.


I just enjoy /x/ tier things and was curious is all


>Am I the only person think that youtube get fucked up?
You're like a decade late.


>the algorithm
you are the one that's fucked. you shouldn't be relying on jewtopia to recommend content for you to watch

only watch videos when you deliberately seek them out, ie you want to learn or understand something and require information

you are just a pig in a stall being shoved digital slop and you are shoving it into your face, and you think the slop algoritgm is the problem? not the slop?


You do realize that the algorithm effects search results so you won't be able to find things the bot doesn't like right?
You speak of seeking out but the main problem is they manipulate what you can find and what is visible.
> you want to learn or understand something and require information
Let's not pretend that Youtube's primary purpose is and has always been entertainment.
If you actually wanted to learn something and required information you wouldn't be turning to youtube as your primary source of anything. You would pick up a book or read something that has proper inline citation or technical validity.

>you are just a pig in a stall being shoved digital slop and you are shoving it into your face

Oh come off it with the obvious farce that you are playing to position yourself as anything other then the nitwit you actually are.
Everything you have said is based in ignorance and ego.


Clear your internet cookies & start anew


There isn't a better alternative to youtube. Anyone telling you there is is lying.


start using the channel blocking feature, I get recommended way less garbage after blocking a bunch of shitty clickbait channels


File: 1651751297331.jpg (149.39 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, alternativemedia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not just you. You should see the "No Media May" thread for some solutions ( >>>/lounge/287692 was it I thought, but now I see it must have fallen off of the page and a lot of the good ideas there, particularly how to search and lists of alternatives like wiby and millionshort, are now gone).
1 - Use uBlock origin to block off the trending page and trending tabs.
2 - Use this >>>/jp/38833 's strategy to find new channels.
3 - Use the PocketTube extension to sub to channels on Youtube (it actually does a WAY better job for subbing to channels, since Youtube will often simply NOT show you new videos of channels you're actually subbed to).
4 - Use the "Watch on LBRY" extension to start switching over to Odysee where you can–if there are people you're normally subbed to, you'll be surprised how many of them are main'd on Odysee now. Odysee in general has been getting a lot better recently (especially in conjunction with 2's techniques).
5 - You can use an RSS subscription for Odysee videos.


aspies dont find these pics unsettling because they never look at eyes


need to reset the Internet somehow


i recommend PPP and Kino Casino. try the Chaggot streams.
RFTKOHIAH if you like the bible copes and /x/ stuff. he does more bible stuff lately but if you scroll back far you can get "Titanic didn't happen" and "orangutans don't exist" stuff.
Robin Seplut if you like cats.
The Carpetbagger if you like museums and antiques and american history and stuff.


Look at the front page of youtube in an incognito window and tell me that's a good idea.
I do this, and I certainly get less garbage, but it doesn't fix the problem really. What I want is to be recommended videos related to whatever video I'm watching, instead youtube has like a list of videos it thinks you should watch and the recommendations will always be a mix of those and videos from whatever channel you're watching. It's borderline impossible to find anything new.



looks like a succubus in black


Nobody wants to listen to that fat lesbian PPP and his gang of ultra-faggots. Un-fucking-believable that someone would unironically say this, here of all places.



I watched a video about some recent uhh mass media event of sorts, you may know what I'm talking about. Immediately, yt started bombarding me with that crap. At first it caught my interest, driving me to watch a feo other videos, this induced a feedback loop and now I'm fucking sick of that shit but yt keeps sending me that shit.
I get a few good suggestions every once ina while, but for the most part… it feels like facebook- or tiktok-tier endless scrolling looking for something good. I'm sure it's not doing my brain any good.


Look for the "remove youtube suggestions" extension for your browser. I haven't gotten anything "recommended" to me on youtube in years


What the hell are you people talking about? Just make a Youtube account and watch videos. You will get recommendations that are related to what you watch. YT always recommends me video game music and anime music because that is what I listen to most of the time. Just make an account. Simple. YT never lists any shit meme videos to me.




yet another addon that needlessly exposes you to more risk by installing it. everything this does, you can do in ublock or any other adblocker. every addon feature that simply removes things from view is generally within the scope of adblocking


Front page is eye rape. Can't stand looking at those thumbnails of slack-jawed morons gaping at nothing


It's algorithmically determined depictions that will precisely trigger the human brain psychologically to the maximum effect.
Never ceases being freaky seeing cyberpunk dystopia being played out in real life.


File: 1656526169159.png (9.17 KB, 448x313, 448:313, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

good addon i will recommend

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