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Does anyone not watch anime due to the fact that they are voiced after actual females? I dislike succubi so much that I cant bear to hear a real females voice. I only read manga, play games with the voice actors off, and basically never want to hear real females.


Japanese do not sound like real people so it's fine.


The language barrier gives me enough distance to ignore it. I can't stand it in english though.


also I avoid anime with alot of female characters or loud obnoxious ones which is pretty comon. its best if there are female characters they get minimal amount of dialogue


Same, I fucking hate it. I can only last few seconds before I turn off this cringe. It's horrendous


i just hate hearing people talk in english. japanese is fine. i wish they weren't so high pitched, but thats just how succubi are


>i wish they weren't so high pitched, but thats just how succubi are
that's just an act, they don't talk like that in real life


I have wondered if Japanese VAs would be as completely insufferable as English ones if I knew what they were saying.


>"When succubi speak in really high voices, I just want to kick them in the head. It's totally fake and really annoying. It gives me a headache. Mom tells me I speak in too low a voice, and that I should raise it. But I can't change it."
t. Japanese teenaged succubus in the 90's


I'm decent at Japanese and no, only English dubs are always insufferable to me. Japanese female VAs are usually fine and there are only a few 'types' of Japanese VAs I find annoying. And it's not just voice acting, I'm generally annoyed when hearing most native English speaking succubi talk in online videos or whatever.
English is my second language if that matters.


I’m English first language, and I know the utmost basic Japanese (I could ask where the bathroom is or how much something costs but anything more complex I cannot produce). I find English dubs absolutely grating, but most Japanese succubi VAs I can tolerate unless they are really acting it up.


Usually a lot of anime is about a beta guy you can self insert into getting a hot anime girlfriend and that's just not something I can relate to. I've never had any experiences like that. I played some VNs that made me feel very sad, because the feeling of somebody loving you, I know that is something I will never know outside these games. So I actively avoid any media with succubi in it, even anime and even porn, to protect myself from being destroyed. It's actually a good cope. I am able to function fairly well and hold a job because I'm keeping my mental health together.


Dumbass, you don't need to know what is being said to know if it sounds easy on the ears or not.


I agree I also avoid every entertainment with females in it, I only watch men streaming video games on youtube


Yeah I do. I can't pick out most cases of poor execution or lazy scripting by ear and with virtually no knowledge of the language, retard. You know, the entire reasons why English dubs suck to begin with? I can't know if hearing gibberish is better or worse than understanding the dumb shit they could be saying before I've crossed that bridge.


is she from Princess of Tennis?

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