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File: 1643671728218.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1642468444009.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How the fuck are people complaining about food prices? I can survive on $150 of groceries/week, even less.
Fuck is wrong with people?

I baked and cooked everything It costs less, it tastes better, and you know what you are eating. Fuck corporations.


It's also 4x worse.


If anything it is healthier then junk food pizza you buy on Pizza hut.


okay now do it every single day (usually more than once) for the rest of your life. People eat out because they want a break from cooking.


The last time I made pizza I remember it being maybe a few dollars less than had I ordered it out but then again I tend to get organic sauce, name brand cheese, and high quality pepperoni from a deli. If I had to make a pizza with frozen dough, Hormel pepperoni, or Ragu sauce then I would order out over that always


i figured they meant it was worse in terms of taste


I made pizza at home that tasted just as good as pizza from a local place, jsut gotta use the right tomatoes

the problem is you end up with lots of extra ingrediants, unless you wanna make pizza every day, which would be tasty just a lot of work


most bakeries will sell you a ball of dough for a few dollars, and you don't use pasta sauce on a pizza, you use a can of tomatoes which you season yourself


I use sauce made by farms specifically marked for pizza use


what a waste of money, just buy a 32oz can of san marzano tomatoes and put in olive oil and oregano, these "farms" are scamming you


Americans buy food outside because they don't know shit about cooking, are too fat lazy and stupid to learn and they're so used to the shit food from the jewish bussiness so it literally pains them when they eat something else.


I am cool with a thread about my favorite food.

Anyway, while homemade less then really good restaurant pizza, it still cost more then the cheapest take out pizza.
The cheapest pizza is frozen pizza in my experience.

Anyway, $150 a week for one person is actually pretty spendy.
While lately I spend around $50 a week because I like to treat myself, when I go into full budget mode I typically spend $20-$25 a week.
I can go even cheaper then that if I grab some of the free food options available in my community, but I haven't needed to so I don't.

>the problem is you end up with lots of extra ingrediants,
This retard again
Fuck off troll. You have had this shit explained in detail to you half a dozen times a few months ago and you just called everyone names while gloating that you derailed the thread.


Some people value their time differently. They’d much rather outsource the labor of procuring the ingredients, preparing and cooking, cleaning up afterwards.

How much is your time worth.


Making a pizza isn't that time-consuming, especially if you have a stand mixer or bread machine.


most people don't have ether of those things, and of the ones that do most very rarely use them.


It isn't that time-consuming to make dough by hand either. It just requires you to knead the dough for like 10 min. The most annoying part is cleaning up the flour that gets everywhere when you knead by hand.

Still, you can make a lot of dough at once, and freeze it. You can make enough dough to last for months with like 30 min of work.


That sounds like time and effort, especially when you talk about getting shit, mixing the shit, cleaning the shit, etc.
Not everyone wants deal with the loss of time or the expenditure of effort because none of that stuff is enjoyable to them.

I never make raw dough for anything ever because it's a huge mess, a time sink, with no pay off compared to just buying this shit I wanted.
It is wasted effort to me so I don't do it.
Maybe you personally enjoy the process so you are willing to do it.
Some people like myself don't and value using time for other things, like eating pizza.


For me, as a single guy, this is the ranking of consuming pizza at home:

#1 Pizza from a pizza place that actually does individual-sized pizzas. This is newk's and Mod pizza for me.
#2 Individual slices delivered
#3 Frozen Pizza
#4 Homemade pizza
#5 A regular-sized pizza from a local pizzeria, but half of it is always wasted cause I can't eat old pizza without getting sick.

I don't really care about cost because I am not poor and I don't eat pizza often enough to care. If I was being a penny pincher I probably would make my own pizza.


>my time is super valuable
>proceeds to browse 4chan and mindlessly scroll on their phone for hours


You might alternatively consider making a pizza on top of flatbread, where you don't really need to do much more than mix a few simple things and not even necessarily yeast. You can literally stir or whisk it up right in the cast iron skillet. And then just call it a substitute for thin crust.


>he thinks this is 4shit


I can do complex academic things like quantum mechanics but basic cooking is confronting to me because my mother raised me in a fucked up way. Now that I escaped her there is a surprisingly big skill gap to learn how to cook decently, it is exhausting and takes a lot of time, especially when I have to rely on finding youtube videos etc


A recipe of homemade pizza costs:
1 cup flour/person
1/2 cups water/cup flour
1 teaspoon to tablespoon salt
1 packet/teaspoon yeast
1 teaspoon to tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup low moisture mozzarella cheese/cup flour
1/4 bellpepper/cup flour
1 italian sausage/cup flour
1/4 onion/cup flour
3 mushrooms/cup flour
8 olives/person
~1/3 can tomato sauce/cup flour
1 palmdusting of mild steak rub/cup flour
1 tablespoon cornmeal/cup flour
The steak rub and cornmeal are only slightly optional, as flour can be substituted; the steak rub is rubbed all along the surface of the doughball to prevent it from sticking while being pressed or rolled in addition to providing flavor, and the cornmeal is used to likewise maintain separatability from a tray or other surface.

All prices to be determined by the first page search of Walmart's website.
cost of flour/cup:
All-purpose flour appears to cost between 50 cents to 1 dollar per pound, so that's about $0.14 per person
Let's assume water is gratis.
Morton's Table Salt is $0.043/oz, 1 teaspoon salt is 0.21oz, final cost should round up to $0.01.
Yeast is approximately $0.50 per packet, but this is one of those costs that doesn't scale up with additional preparation.
Olive oil is ~$0.18/tablespoon.
1/2 cup low-moisture mozzarella is let's say $1.
1/4 of a bellpepper is $0.17
1 italian sausage seems to range around $1
1/4 of an onion is ~$0.14
3 mushrooms is ~$0.75
8 olives is let's say $0.20
1/3 can tomato sauce: if you want a good pizza you can't undercut yourself here. $0.50.
Dusting of steak rub: $0.10
tablespoon cornmeal: cheaping out here is fine. $0.03.
All told, for a single person:
$4.22 + 0.50 for yeast.
A Family Size pizza from Papa Murphy's is expected to feed 4 people, and costs $15.99 in the state of California. 4 x $4.22 = $16.88, + 0.50 for yeast = $17.22
You can cut back on ingredients for yourself, particularly excluding meat and mushrooms, but that still puts you within striking range of Murphy.
Cost of cooking between Murphy and scratchmade should be equal. The remaining consideration is non-baking labor cost. Did you spend less than 1 hour on this pizza, and do you consider yourself to be worth less than $1/hour?


Math breakdowns make me happy.

This is a fantastic post my dude.


Start with simple stuff like eggs or stuff you can make using premade ingredient like spaghetti and slowly work your way up as you master fundamental techniques.


File: 1643710282279.jpeg (77.66 KB, 724x853, 724:853, abc56ac9fc2fef385060468ca….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Cooking is fun! Please check out the cooking thread on /hob/ if you have any recipes to stories to tell.


> if you have any recipes to stories to tell
Wouldn't that belong in the writing thread?

I will see my out after the shit joke based on a obvious typo


we will see youself out as yov in as you ov in the cold food out hot eat the food


you seem to think people are paying for the taste of the pizza; they're not. people overpay for restaurant food for the presentation, but more principally, because we're traditionally social animals when it comes to dining


>everyone has 600/month to spend on food
I forget that this is a yuppie board


>$150 a week

I don't even spend half that, retard. You live in a 3rd world country.


No, it's just an executive faggot that makes $120,000 a year being a codemonkey in Australia.

Typical normalscum parading around in a wizard hat proclaiming he's a wizard.


I never learned how to cook but it doesn’t take any skills at all, I made plenty of different things just from skimming a couple recipes on the the thing online, the only reason I don’t cook is because my mom gets aggressive with me when I do, saying I take too long, really I just care that it tastes good


one of the feels faggots?


You don't have to browse feels to harbor some disdained for affluent globetrotting middle-managing executive "wizards" and their codemonkey slaves.


Your envy is a bad habit that blinds you and binds you.

Also it's one dude that probably lives in a place with a over inflated cost of living. Clearly not "everyone". So quit with the drama.


File: 1643756398218.jpg (25.36 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1238089012880.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's not envy, he's just normscum cock sucker.

Yeah because you totally can be a wizard and an executive of a company at the same time.

He gives off radiating normalshit vibes.


Even that post just now sounds a lot like envy.


Kill all coder bruh kulaks.


mad because poor


The only thing I can be jealous of is boards where none of you rich kid faggots are present.


wizchad 2022, executives bankers and codemonkies fighting over who gets the most scraps, wizchad 2022, you cant escape the norm pecking order, you cannot escape the norm hierarchy, theyre everywhere, wizchad 2022


wizchan 2022


File: 1643841073904.png (214.65 KB, 570x583, 570:583, heh....png) ImgOps iqdb

$150 a fucking week? on WHAT? I've never spent more than $40 in a week


yeah that's even more than what my family spends on their groceries every week, i think.


>$150 of groceries/week

How can you spend that much on groceries if you are single? I spend that much a week if I eat out every day. You are either feeding a family or are throwing out a lot of food.


Let's do some extrapolative financialization.
There are 2 rules-of-thumb for financially sound rent, the "30% rule" for rural counties and affordable suburbs, and the "50% rule" for cities. The 30% rule is usually applied in the larger 50/30/20 rule, 50% of income on necessities (utilities, shelter, automobile ownership, insurances, groceries, medicinal goods), 30% on niceties (including such luxuries as clothing that fits, and non-medically-essential hygienic goods), and 20% on savings and investments.

OP's estimate of $600/month food expenses can be interpreted in two ways; first, as the total cost associated with all of his non-rent expenses, and second, as an actual expected grocery bill. These give us lowball and highball estimates for the approximate cost of rent. If the figure of $600/month covered all of the non-rent costs of his month, then that would be a total of nearly 40% of his monthly expenses, and would imply a monthly rent of $450 and a total monthly wage of $1000/month. From this we can assume that he is a part timer, with a generous rent arrangement involving his parents.

Now let's try to consider a highball estimate, in which he meant $150/week of actual groceries, then we'd be looking at a different story altogether. If we assume that groceries make up half of the ~20% allocated to non-housing essential expenses, then we can assume that his rent is $1,800/month–which would be reasonable for a single occupant apartment for a city dweller, but that switches us over to the 50% rule, where the breakdown goes more 70/20/10, and that's where things get tricky. If he's spending 50% of his wage on a singleton's apartment, and that grocery bill constitutes 10% of his monthly revenue then his rent would be closer to $3,000 and his takehome wage would be $6,000, or $72k/year. Takehome has to account for deductions such as insurance - plans vary by employer and location, so let's assume a combined deduction of $250/month for medical and dental–that pushes us to a wage of $75k/yr. In a fairly typical American city like Miami that would still allow for some pretty generous living despite single-person status, but having a profession that pays that well for a wizard would be a little binding. So he'd be more likely to be geographically bound by his job to live in Miami (avg. rent: $1,998) rather than Jacksonville ($1,411).
However, there are another pair of deductions that might be baked in here; personal contribution to an IRA, and participation in a 401k plan, which are both generally exempted from tax forms. Maximum contribution to a 401k for 2021 was $19,500 and maximum contribution to an IRA was $6,000 and that would push his yearly income to $100,500 per year. Since we're looking for an upper boundary here, let's round up to $101k. That income may need to account for the results of investments, in one way or another; let's assume that his takehome has increased by 3% per year, that he's worked for 5 years, and that each year he's invested the prescribed 10% of his income. 1.03^5 = 1.159, so 5 years ago he'd have a takehome of a little under 65k/yr. It'd balance out something like this:
year 1: 86k total revenue, 64.7k takehome, $6,469 principal invested, 0 interest from last year.
yr 2: 88.5k total revenue, 66.64k takehome, $13,133 principal invested, ? interest from last year
y 3: 92.4k total revenue, 68.64k takehome, $19,998 principal invested, ? interest from last year
y4: 98k total revenue, 72.81k takehome, $27,279 principal invested, ? interest from last year
now: 101k total revenue, 75k takehome, $34,779 principal invested, ? interest from last year
If we assume that he had a fairly normal 5% return on investments over all of those years compounded, then his investment columns would look like this:
1: 6792 gross
2: 14,128 gross
3: 22,042 gross
4: 30,790 gross
Now: the year is young, but by year's end he'll have $40,205 off of his investments, for a total investment revenue of ~$5,426, out of which ~$1.9k was accrued this year. That's still small enough that it should likely be considered "on top" of the takehome figure rather than integral to it, so total actual takehome would be ~77k/yr and total gross revenue would be ~103k/yr. Since his annual grocery bill is $7,200/year, he'll need to have 20x that amount in his investment account to actually make it disappear into his 5% ROI. To reach that $144k he'll have to at the very least maintain his current wage, contribution rate, and that 5% ROI for a little under 10 years before his annual grocery expenses sink below his investment gains. Go get 'em, tiger.

The takeaway lesson here is that OP doesn't have any idea what the value of money is, either because he has so little that he doesn't pay for his own expenses or because he has enough to live in San Francisco where a 6-figure income is the minimum needed to be a permanent resident.


Truly impressive.


I 'survive' on £25 of groceries per week, and have done so for the last fourteen years.


You feeling the inflation where you at yet?


Not really, but I've noticed a few processed foods going up. My go-to pizzas are still £1.40 or £1 in a multi-buy deal. Zero-Calorie Coke is my vice and that maybe went up 10-20p in the last decade or so, and like all of these branded products they are usually on a deal of some kind.


I agree homemade food tastes better and is good for you but how the fuck is OP spending $150/week on food? I spend like $30/week on food and I feel like I'm barely making it


Let's assume he is eating the daily dietary recommendations from the USDA for a male aged 25 with a healthy (as opposed to "average") BMI. That's:
Fruit: 2 servings (1 cup/serving)
Vegetables: 2 1⁄2 cups
Grains: 6 ounces (at least 3 ounces whole grains)
Protein foods: 5 1⁄2 ounces
Dairy: 3 cups
All prices from WalMart's first page of results.
1 pear, $0.99. 1 cup from standard 2cup container strawberries or blueberries, ~$2.50. Total for fruit: $3.50
6 ounces whole grain bread: highly brand dependant, but the first hit was for $0.25/oz, let's assume that's generally accurate for high nutrition bread, $1.50
Let's say 1 egg and the rest is made up with inexpensive ground beef; 1 egg is 1.75 oz, organic eggs cost 40 cents but inorganic eggs cost 25, the bread was a high value product so we'll go with the cheapest eggs, and the very cheapest meat, for a total of ~$1
Let's assume he's drinking whole milk fortified with vitamin D, partly because the cheapest meat wouldn't be reflective of the true cost of protein in general; milk itself costs ~$0.20 per cup for non-organic, but ~$0.50 for organic. We'll assume the organic cost, because as a pizza maker he is likely consuming some of his dairy requirements in the form of cheese, which can be significantly more expensive than milk per serving. $1.50 for daily dairy requirement.

Daily minimal grocery intake: $7.5.
Days in a week: 7.
Weekly cost of food: $52.5
Days in a month: 30
$7.5 * 30 = $225

It's simple, he shops once every 2 weeks, buys a few luxuries, looked at his last receipt before making this thread and forgot that it was for a 2 week period instead of just one. Or, alternatively, he's always buying organic.
The horrifying third possibility is that there are fat people on this site, but I really don't want to think about that as a real possibility.


Oh, seems I overlooked the vegetable servings.
There's about 2.5 ounces per cup for salad, and Walmart's premade salads and salad kits seem to cost about $0.30 to $0.40 per ounce.
2.5 * 2.5 * 0.35 = ~$2.19
Daily minimal grocery intake: $9.69
Weekly minimal grocery intake: $67.81
Monthly minimal grocery intake: $290

That's if he eats balanced and healthy meals, never eats out (which can actually be cheaper considering restaurant bread and salads are frequently gratis) and doesn't do any bulk purchases, such as large bags of frozen fruit/berries, bulk cans of spinach, large portions of frozen meat during deep discounts, and freezing bread as he goes.


you’re insane, $100 dollars feeds my entire family for a week, how do you spend even more than that on a single person? If you spend that much on yourself I doubt you are an average bmi (unless we’re talking average American)


I spend like $40 on takeout in a day easily. I only weigh 60kg. One burger is easily like $15 here in northern europe. I went like 6 months without getting food from restaurants but it was so fucking exhausting and time-consuming so now i'm back to getting food from restaurants everyday, it's just too convenient after corona made delivery services implement no-contact delivery right to my door for almost no extra cost


I mean I'm an American and I spend maybe $30/week on food (I do buy a lot of produce and avoid frozen meals, rarely go out to eat, etc) and I feel like spending $100-150 on a single person per week is insane.
I live in a relatively expensive city but even for NYC standards that's just crazy


This whole post would suddenly make a LOT more sense if OP just accidentally typed "week" instead of "month"


Be honest now, how many cups of fresh fruit, how many whole grains, and how many high vitamin value vegetables do you actually eat?


I usually just have some granola for breakfast, lunch is ham or pbj sandwich or something, then dinner is just some veggies/meat/beans I got wish a side of potato or pasta or rice. I don't count "cups" or "high value" items, I just eat.


I'm not usually one to criticize but it sounds like your fruit intake is probably just barely high enough to fend off scurvy, and that's with the help of those veggies.


All servings were based on USDA recommendations, and all prices taken from WalMart.
However, there are some discrepancies, in that the USDA recommendations selected were for much lower consumption than the USDA recommends for an average adult male. For instance, the recommendations for vegetables from the USDA state that a healthy adult male aged from 19 to 59 should eat 3-4 cups of vegetables rather than 2 1/2:
and that the grain intake for an adult male should actually be 8 to 10 ounces rather than 6:
The protein food count was cut to the lowest figure, recommended only for men aged 60 and older:

The fruit consumption was kept at the USDA recommended levels instead of being equally cut, and the same with the dairy:

If the figures were calculated for healthy consumption for a normal adult male then the costs would have been significantly higher. Instead deep cuts were made in the high caloric intake foods, specifically grains, protein foods, and "vegetables" (since the USDA likely expects that to be comprised of potato and other carbohydrate vegetables rather than vitaminous vegetables).

> Some 85% of Americans lack essential vitamins


I get blood tested every 6 months due to my illness and I am never deficient in anything except vitamin D because I hardly go outside, you are putting way to much thought into eating, usda and "serving size" stuff is all bullshit, we existed for thousands of years without some sciencetard mapping out the exact items we need to eat in exact quantities every single day


>we existed for thousands of years without some sciencetard mapping out the exact items we need to eat in exact quantities every single day

Thank you. This is such a basic thought that those obsessed with wellness and health never seem to ponder. Did your grandfather, and his grandfather and so on ever worry about micro-managing and optimizing their diet, and their life in general to such a ridiculous degree? Did they research obsessively scientific papers and wellness guru talks? Did they use widgets to analyze their sleep quality, the exact number of steps they had taken on a given day, or to measure their heart rate 24/7?


The medievals at least did ponder, obsess over and measure out their foods. They believed that all health followed the Four Humours and that diet was the key factor to surviving or even acquiring the Black Death.

We existed for thousands of years in an environment in which flour, sugar, and meat were far less available than they are today, in which bread was by modern standards whole grain even when they tried to separate the flour to produce white bread, in which vegetables comprised 60% of a human diet, caloric restriction was seasonal rather than intentional, milk was consumed raw or fermented rather than pasteurized, and in which going on a long sea voyage was expected to cause your teeth to fall out from the nutritional deficiency of sea rations consisting exclusively of weevil-infested crackers.


And malnutrition plagued humans for thousands of years. Stuff like goiters were pretty rampant before we started fortifying our foods. I agree that as long as you don’t eat like an absolute slob you won’t ever suffer from malnutrition, but humans certainly did not have better food in the past.


The OP's question is how the fuck there are people complaining about food prices, but the real question is how the fuck are there so few people complaining about food prices, and so many trying to fill caloric requirements with starch-based low nutrient corporate food substitutes and taking pride in their economic efficiency in doing so.


>>we existed for thousands of years without some sciencetard mapping out the exact items we need to eat in exact quantities every single day
those old generations were dying early, getting preventable diseases and eating/drinking lead poison etc too


What about this world of shit compels you to want a long live? Dead at 47 from something preventable with no regrets for me thanks


Then kill yourself right now.


Not an argument.


I know, right? I've known loads of people who eat out or order food all the time, only to complain endlessly about their money problems. Many of them have full kitchens in their homes (unused), but when I recommend cooking as a way to save money, they don't take the suggestion seriously. I think probably the problem is if someone is from a wealthier family that doesn't cook, then when they leave home and drop to a lower income level, they don't know how to manage because they never learned to economize.

However, $150/wk is a huge amount of money. Even including the vast oceans of alcohol I consume on the regular, I rarely exceed $150/wk. Those kinds of expenses probably happen all the time for folks that order doordash constantly.

Yes. Some people do value time differently, because some people have different incomes. If you are buying prepared food, you are paying for the ingredients, plus pay for the workers, plus business expenses, plus the immense fortune that management is skimming off the top (plus delivery cost, if it's delivered). If you are paying more for the labor + other costs to produce food than your own pay rate, then you would save money by cooking yourself, especially if you cook in bulk and eat leftovers. But if you make a lot of money, then paying for cooking labor is trivialized and there is no point in cooking for yourself except as a hobby.


150 per week on groceries is a lot. I couldn't spend that much if I wanted too. Also, that pizza looks like shit. You could get an 8 dollar frozen pizza that would come out better than that.


I impose a limit of around $120 a month for food and cook everyday, sometimes I cook enough for two days and divide the portions, I do prefer what I make to that of most restaurants.


Cooking at home is definitely cheaper, but of all the foods you could possibly choose to make at home pizza might just be the most retarded. You're putting in a shit ton of effort, buying several perishable ingredients that you will barely use any of for the meal, and no matter how good a cook you are or how good your recipe is it's still going to be absolute trash compared to even the shittiest chain pizza because you're cooking it in your oven at half the temperature these restaurants do.


Diy is almost always better it takes a while to master but you made it yourself which for me is better than buying goyslop


I EBTmaxx and none of this affects me I get $250 a month in Food stamps and I can even claim $499 if I add my mom But I like getting restaurant take out



Everything about this post is just wrong.

>no matter how good a cook you are or how good your recipe is it's still going to be absolute trash compared to even the shittiest chain pizza because you're cooking it in your oven at half the temperature these restaurants do.

This is just wrong. Chain restaurants cook their pizzas at 400-500 degrees. Your home oven can likely reach those temps. Having a super hot pizza oven is a meme anyway. You may need one to make the perfect pizza, but 400-500 degrees is more than enough to make a good one. Your dough recipe matters way more than the temperature of the oven.

>buying several perishable ingredients

This is wrong as well. Dough can be kept in the freezer. Tomato sauce and cheese can be kept in the fridge for months. Just be sure to wrap the cheese fully in cling wrap. Pepperoni is literally a preserved meat that will last a while in the fridge. Veggies are the only topping that is quickly perishable, but they are also the cheapest.

>You're putting in a shit ton of effort

The most time-consuming part of making pizza is kneading the dough, which become effortless with a stand mixer. Sure, you have to wait for the dough to rise but waiting takes zero effort. Stretching the dough is the only other annoying part of the pizza, but it isn't hard to learn. You can always use a rolling pin, but you won't get a nice, fluffy crust if you do.


>how the fuck are people complaining about food prices
>$150 a week

I hope like fuck you're not talking about US dollars. If so that's utterly pathetic, that's a tremendous amount of money.


I just ate a 25 euro pizza from Pizza hut, was pretty good


all normalfaggots seemingly have an unchecked addiction to red meat and it bothers the fuck out of me


Why don't you like red meat?


they should stop enjoying things you don't like


i don't dislike red meat. it's just that the normalfaggot has this almost unconscious obsession with pigging on on uncooked red meat at every opportunity it can. let's just ignore every doctor's advice that red meat isn't very healthy in excess. nah! alex jones told me that doctors are full of shit! fuck you illuminati!


>pigging on uncooked red meat
>alex jones
What are you talking about wiz?


my contempt for the small man


>every doctor's advice that red meat isn't very healthy in excess.
"Excess" is the keyword here. Cooked meat is even more damaging in excess especially when not striped of its fat. Everything is bad in excess but in the case of red meat there are plenty of doctors who agree that for an active male, the benefits of daily red meat consumption do much more good than harm, and any harm that is done can be fixed with some extra exercise. It's really only American doctors who are still saying this about meat anyway, and it's likely just a scapegoat for the American everyman to put the blame for his health problems on the quality of his steak and not his motivation to improve. His sedentary lifestyle is what ails him, not what he's eating in between his favorite TV shows.

Consider eggs. For the longest time consuming many eggs was regarded as leading to high cholesterol levels. However, that conclusion came from measuring the cholesterol being expelled from the body. Men who ate eggs daily showed higher cholesterol output which doctors assumed meant they had high blood cholesterol, leading to a bad rap for eggs. The reality as proven by recent studies is that eggs don't add any cholesterol to the body, but chemicals in the eggs release what buildup their already is and help to get rid of it, hence the higher outbound levels. Now, regardless of what you eat, sitting still all day will lead to a buildup of all things bad in your body. 12 eggs and a steak each day will not leave any bad material in the body if that body gets up and moves a bit during the day. Red meat is fine, sitting still isn't. It's OK if you're not an active person, but don't assume that the purest food humans have been eating for all known history is what is killing the modern versions of mankind.


red meat's relatively cheap compared with say fresh berries
the fructarian diet is much pricier than carnivore when attempting to meet general nutrition.


Living in California. And I can’t withdraw the money so I just use it to buy the food


>white people are unstable and violent
America 2022


???? What shithole county are you in? Do you earn income? If you don't just say you are homeless, its the same amount as an unemployed neet but they let you use your stamps at fast food/any place that takes EBT. you can also claim your senior parent for even more $ (i dont do that).

Dude i know the armed guards are intimidating but just put up with them so you can get what you deserve



You mean neoliberal.


Based. Wish I figured out making pizza in my cast iron when I still had a place to live and a stove, but at least I got to making other dishes and starting to figure out flatbread.

The hardest part of cooking imo is practicing your knife game until preparation doesn't take forever, and to find recipies where you can do the chopping and the cleaning within the time it takes to cook everything. Order of ingredients matters a lot if you're cooking instead of baking.


File: 1653692710346.png (241.57 KB, 354x380, 177:190, Dr.Oetker_Ristorante_Mozza….png) ImgOps iqdb

This shit is seriously good. Buy it if you find it from your local nazi store.


I got sick of these fast. But fwiw.. they go on sale for $2-3 so I would say they are worth. I managed to go a month eating 1 of these a day.


at the risk of sounding like a sanctimonious nutrition faggot this is unsalvageable garbage

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