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ITT: post your desktop and mention all of your important tabs and what they are for etc.
first tab cutefunny.art for talking about and sharing loli (or shota if you prefer)
The 2nd tab 4chan with the 4chanX extension it's a habit.
3rd tab 8chan[dot]moe (ran by mark mann and acidfag)
3th allthefallen a forum where they discuss loli and shota, they are more focused on it from a westerners perspective and a lot are into 3dcg.
4th /cow/ I've followed the board since 888chan.
5th neet[dot]moe I heard about it on another imageboard focused on Higurashi when in search for a new /comfy/ board.
6th startpage an alternative search engine to google.
7th is blank with cute wallpaper since I was messing around with wallpaper extesnions.
8th tab is google since sometimes search engines will provide a separate set of results.
9th tab is WizChan.
10th is anonfiles for uploading torrents or storing odd data.
11th tab is archive out of sheer curiosity.
12th tab is looking at extensions.
13th nhentai for culture and I forgot my sadpanda username.
14th lolibooru again for culture and class.
15th tab is uboachan based on Yume Nikki and for NEET & Hiki.
16th nyaa for anime torrents.
17th mega I use to store inoffensive pics and videos.
18th tab youtube since I'm making a new playlist on Yewtu.be
19th tab Yewtu.be an alternative to google
20th waybackmachine so I don't give random articles more interaction, plus they have pdfs, audiobooks all sorts of goodies.
21th tab pixiv for anime art.
22th tab I forgot between the lolibooru and uboachan is archived.moe I am reading about the exile from /r9k/.


I assume from the mixture of pedophilia and narcissism it means you're one of those alt right fags


File: 1644073184934.png (117.59 KB, 340x370, 34:37, 1488154609490.png) ImgOps iqdb

No thank you, glownigger data-miner. Also post it on /b/ properly next time.

God, can't you do anything right?


nah, im not a fan of politics.
why else would i be here?


File: 1644077248337.png (965.61 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, fd09fba60183b01e8656f47d98….png) ImgOps iqdb

0. home page
1. jisho for translating doujin
2. ycombinator where people are arguing about operator precedence
3. js tetris for dabbing on normalfags
4. localhost:8080 where i test pegasus software
5. the holy quran
6. 1000chan where we discuss premium quality content
7. gay sex with hats on
8. telegram where i receive instructions from the russian government
9. about:memory because firefox is too dumb to free memory


Ubuatran permabans anyone who doesn't believe that Donald Trump sent Navy SEALs in to CalPride 2019 to personally execute all the troons and make it look like individual suicides


File: 1644084390120.gif (884.92 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1514072655673.gif) ImgOps iqdb

1 : wizchan
2 : feels
3 : pixiv
4 : youtube
pinned (pinned) : amazon lightsail instance, jisho, ro***an corner

does it need explaining?


I don't use the browser that much. I don't even have anything pinned. I use firefox and mostly just visit wizchan, danbooru, gelbooru, youtube, libgen when I need books, gog-games when I want to get more games, nyaa if I want to download anime or look for a visual novel, and just to look up info in general.

I'm trying to decrease my youtube consumption and use it mostly for music, but the damn recommendation algorithm always leads me astray to stupid videos that were a waste of time and have nothing to do with why I visited the page.


there are browser addons that allow you to block certain parts of youtube, such as all recommended videos (works by removing the sidebar and redirecting the homepage to your sub feed). I haven't seen any video recommended to me in months as a result


Egotism the thread, you're really not that interesting


Good thread, very interesting to see what wizards do online


This, what you do is your own business and nobody has any obligation to care, nothing you can do against this knowledge. Trivial stuff. You are NOT special. Give up on trying to be special. Noone cares.


sorry for trying to talk about things on a public forum


Not him but it's just kinda boring no? Do you really care what people are gonna post ITT?


File: 1644197311259.jpg (32.65 KB, 750x469, 750:469, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1: nationalgeographic.com
2: nasa.gov
3: scientificamerican.com
4: petitions.whitehouse.gov
5: nbcnews.com
6: snopes.com
7: blog.codinghorror.com
8: rationalwiki.org
9: netweather.tv/live-weather/radar


It led me to discover lolibooru so not so useless.


yea it’s pretty fun, I’m pretty sure most people will just list their favorite/most visited websites, it’s a small eye into the world of your fellow wiz


>Hey, Alexa? Could you open up firefox for me, actually, and load up my Pocket too, the autism one? Im feeling in the mood


Yes, yes I am as are other wizards not my fault you're a dullard.
this wizard gets it, in another thread someone asked "what do you do all day?" so instead of making yet another what do wizards do all day along the thread I decided to post where I spend my time and inquired as to where other wizards frequent.
you're always free to not engage.
>you are not special
I like fight club too, but you're wrong I am special it's why I am allowed to be a NEET.
don't apologize to them.
glad to help.


>you're wrong I am special it's why I am allowed to be a NEET.
Yeah, you're "special" alright. Good Lord what is that reasoning.


I would like to participate in this kind of threadbut OP is just glowing too damn hard


They're right, you're not really that interesting compared to wizards who actually read or research.


Who are you responding to


OP or whoever used dullard as an insult. Shared their dull battle station tabs as if they were special, can't speak about anything important meaningfully (I like anime but most of it's banal), then has this unfounded self worth. 90-110 IQ posting. Boring. Show me real wizards.


Real wiz wont show you shit


tab 1 - hiveos - i check it every now and then to see if anything is wrong wiht my rig
tab 2 - ethermine - i check it every night before bed to ensure im still mining
tab 3 - usually a youtube music video i play on loop throughout the day. changes every other day or week when i find something new. currently playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyevTPF8JR0

that's all. if there's any more tabs open, they are temporary. they will eventually be closed until i'm back down to those 3

i have lists of websites i periodically check however. they are more specifically bookmark folders. but to not clutter up anything i open them in a new window, middle click the bookmark folder and it opens everything. when i check everything i close that whole window. i have a bunch of categories of stuff i check this way. one is for youtubers i like, since i don't use the youtube subscribe feature, i have to manually check on new content. other things are tech news sources. i have some twitter accounts i check this way also. so yeah i use bookmark folders usually instead of keeping a million tabs open


True wizards are not as emotionally stunted and myopically selfish as you are. Those who refuse to share are petty dwarves clinging to heap of rocks.


So he's "emotionally stunted" and "selfish" for keeping to himself and not being an attention whore? Gee, that line of reasoning sounds awfully familiar…


For being selfish about his silly rocks. A true wizard would be an actually good version of OP. The book thread has actual wizards.


You assume there are rocks to cling to in the first place, and you misunderstand the sentiment >>283948 expresses. You, in your infinite arrogance, assume that everyone who is holding out believes they are too good for you, somehow.


The rocks are imaginary, because there's actually nothing worth clinging to.


freetube and yewtu.be are also worth looking into.
would you have preferred no visual aid?
it's dumb to assume people must conform to your idea of a truewiz.
sounds tiresome and not comfy.
because of the loli tabs?
anon, this thread isn't about books unless you count the audiobook tabs…


Which is why you're a dullard.


Maybe I should have been clearer: there are no rocks and there is no one clinging to them; you project such an attitude on the more reticent folks here. We are not hoarding or hiding anything. We simply don't find some things worth sharing.

It's like getting angry at people for "hiding" their trash in dumpsters.


If nobody here is hoarding anything, then the people who criticized you are correct.


>because of the loli tabs?
because you open your post by essentially inviting people to come chat with you about naked cartoon children


>I would like to participate in this kind of thread but this kind of thread is not one I'd like to participate in
Well we can't please everyone when making a thread. Nobody has talked about sexing kids in this thread, and the only people making a fuss are those such as yourself disapproving of OP's honesty.


>Well we can't please everyone when making a thread
I never said anything about pleasing anyone, I just said OP is glowing. Also your quote completely misconstrews what I said. I like the idea of a desktop/browser share thread but I won't do it in a thread a glowie posted. You can just tell from the OP pic that this guy is glowing, with Tor in the background and bookmarks with default names to well known sites for illegal media consumption and hentai. it's so obvious


It takes one to know one, Agent Wizth.


Why was the OP image deleted?


OP left his password for deletion in the thumbnail, wouldn't surprise me if someone deleted it.


File: 1644704752478.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0022.png) ImgOps iqdb

1) offshore shell account to rinse the funds from my international crime syndicate
2) ANOM phone to run my international crime syndicate
3) leaked list of CIA agents so my international crime syndicate know who not to deal with
4) animal crossing in which my international crime syndicate conducts all communications and organizes hits
5) a mysterious tab that just says "the oracle" who may, or may not be, an undercover double agent


Then he really was a dullard, after all. lol


You know ANOM was a honeypot right?



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