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File: 1645105897517.jpg (1.93 MB, 2065x2659, 2065:2659, 1637344234535.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Americunt here, I want to eventually move out of the US in search of a better standard of living.
American cost of living is insane and the social benefits don't back it up. Horrible public transit, healthcare system is non-existent, education is expensive, and everything meant to help people in my situation is designed to be way more complicated than it has to be.
If I broke my leg today, I would be instantly fucked. I want to move somewhere where I'm not afraid of going to a doctor because of bills.

Has anybody else (regardless of where you live) ever had the same thoughts? Did you do it? Where did you move from-to? What did you learn and do you have any advice?

Thanks everyone.


I moved from the UK to Germany a few days after I graduated high school. I had only two friends in the world, both online. I had known one for years and he just so happened to have a spare room and a big heart, so I flew over to live with him. I learned the language and got a job and here I remain, half a decade or so later.

My advice is that you either need money or contacts, preferably both. And you should learn the language before moving.

I don't want to write much more, because the last few years have essentially been the story of my life, and if I start writing I'll write an essay. If you have any specific questions though, I'd be happy to answer any and all


Wow thanks for the response! I actually have been considering Germany specifically because I hear the work-life balance culture is good and they have great transit options. I'm currently learning German and enjoying it.
My plan is to raise more money here in the US and get a workers visa and stay in Germany for six months while I figure out my work situation. I have no connections, unfortunately.

Anything in specific about germany you like/dislike?


>get a workers visa
I wish you luck, I have no experience with that unfortunately. I moved when the UK was still in the UK so I benefitted from the right to work and move around Europe.
>work-life balance
I would agree. Germans are as hard working as the stereotypes but we also have excellent working conditions and paid vacation (min 5 weeks, usually 6 weeks), as well as unlimited paid sick leave etc.
>great transit options
I think you will be surprised, because I doubt you can even fathom how completely different European cities are. They're fundamentally built different - US cities are only really navigable by car, but European cities are built for pedestrians and are much more pleasant to walk, cycle, and take the fast, regular and plentiful public transport.
>Anything in specific about germany you like/dislike?
Fundamentally I "like" or am neutral to everything really (at least in comparison to other countries), so it's easier for me to just mention a few things I dislike, but note that the overall picture I have is very positive!
What I don't like here are a two main things: the language (hard to learn, only gets harder as you get better, and even when you're fluent, it is still an obscenely ugly language), and the German attitude of obedience and robotic rule following. A typical German will not cross the street on a red light even if it's 4am and no cars ever use the road; they will default to following the rules instead of doing the sensible thing in the given situation. This also becomes a problem in bureaucracy as people will ignore what is good or wanted and always stick to the rules even when they make no sense. (Now that I think of it, bureaucracy would make a decent 3rd thing I dislike…)

I hope that offered you some helpful insight, if you want to talk about it more you can always drop an e-mail or something, I'd be happy to help


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I would, but since I'm a Autistic NEET with no work experience or connections, I'm more or less permanently stuck in the USA.
Although I do live in a blue state so that makes life a bit less hard then I would if I was living in a red state like Texas.
All I can do is hope for the best.


Best of luck to you wiz. America is a hard country to leave but it's even harder to live in (unless you're rich)


I left mine and it increased my life satisfaction incredibly. However I was extremely lucky to be able to do it. Getting a visa / permission to reside in another country can be *extremely* difficult. Unfortunately I don't feel safe writing details about my life and which countries because it reveals too easily who I am. USA seems like hell for introverts, that cultural factor is even more important than healthcare.


Lived in America for some time, though I wasn’t born there. Finally got out last year. Haven’t looked back.


i once considered moving to japan or another country, terminating my us citizenship, and just living stateless. this was my plan when my money ran out, luckily i did follow through


sorry, should say *luckily i did NOT*


>I had only two friends in the world, both online. I had known one for years and he just so happened to have a spare room and a big heart, so I flew over to live with him.
wizchan Zweitausend und zweiundzwanzig

>A typical German will not cross the street on a red light even if it's 4am and no cars ever use the road

i refuse to believe this is real


Oh fuck off. You muricans have a gigantic country with plenty of environments to choose from. Move to another state instead of adding to the problem of immigration. Immigrants ruin the countries they invade. All of them, no exceptions.

>If I broke my leg today, I would be instantly fucked.

You'd be just as fucked in EU. My entire family is in crippling debt since my father had to be rescued from a heart attack and the national insurance system fucked him over on a technicality. This happens regularly. I've been suffering debilitating back pain for 6 months now and my appointment for therapy is still 4 months away. I'm blissfully addicted to painkillers now, I think I'll just OD and be done with it.
The grass isn't greener.
Fuck off we're full.


what country


Europe dummy he righted it rite there in his message.


People on the internet tend to take the worst aspects of some states and act as the entire US is like that.

Not every state in the US is the same. Try looking into moving to another state first. Some states have free healthcare and low costs of living. Community college is also dirt cheap and you can easily pay for it with a summer job. State universities are a fucking ripoff, yes, but you can minimize the cost by taking as many transferrable classes at a community college as you can.


IDK why but I am just gonna hold out hope that we will eventually get our shit together as a country and implement socialized healthcare. I am surprised I'm able to be that much of an optimist. I don't earn that much money so I am on medicaid. It's not that bad. Of course I will be fucked later on because I'm not paying into social security so I won't get elder wizard bux. IDK if I will qualify for medicare or not.


i've never been to usa but i've seen some americans IRL and they are so loud and obnoxious, cant imagine living among them


yeah but for real i would like to know what country he is from, hopefully to laugh and reassure him i don't wana go there


I like the saying that the US is the biggest and brightest kid on the short bus.
All the kids(countries) are retarded but the US just happens to consistently be ever so slightly less retarded then the others. It also helps that they have wealthy parents (lots of natural resources) and live in a gated community (natural geographic protection from military invasion).
There are a few places that get things right or are in some ways better, but those places usually always are burdened with major natural disadvantages. For example Singapore gets most things right but is super tiny and totally dependent on other countries for resources so it will never be dominant geopolitically. Meaning they have to compromise a lot when it comes to international relations, which negativity impacts the country overall.


most countries that are truly great are rather hard to immigrate to.


Yeah I get you OP. Housing prices are insane and lawmakers don't give a shit because they're the property investors making bank.


>Some states have free healthcare
What? What states are you referring to?
>Some states have low cost of living
I'm sorry but I don't want to live in bumfuck Nevada or a similar state.


God you're pathetic.


My healthcare was free when I was an unemployed Maryland resident. The glasses that I still wear to this day were given to me for free, and they paid for two years of therapy.

The thing is, medical professionals won't tell you about this free stuff because they want your money. The first jew psychiatrist I went to happily charged me like $150 per session without telling me that I could easily get it free through the state. I also had that stupid attitude of not wanting any government handouts. The state does provide but you have to ask for it.


>I'm sorry but I don't want to live in bumfuck Nevada or a similar state.

Well, the same applies for fancy European countries. You only get cheap houses and apartments in bumfuck, nowhere.


please use bumfuck to describe their natural ratnet habitats, cities, thanks



U.S is such a jewish country , despite majority claiming they’re Christian they’re just jews in spirit.Jews are %1 of population in there but they control %90 of peoples minds I really can’t understand this


Great countries won't stay great if they start allowing strays in.


it makes a lot of sense when you realize jews are extremely good dealers
people are high off of convenience, and jews shovel it constantly without no one ever considering the side effects of such things.

cars, pills, asbestos, smartphones, phones, packaged food, fast food, alcohol, candies, reality tv, shopping for happiness, some video games, social media

Most people just don't think about the side effects of the above stuff. at all, they think they're purely for convenience and that's it.

that's why the US is ruled by jews, because there are willing slaves (and you can easily be among them if you aren't careful. I don't consider myself free at all at the moment)


File: 1645198986078.jpg (87.78 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 014f12355374f4ebd097980564….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, totally. There are too many people and everyone is really rude to each other. Even if you scan across the remotest part of the highlands there are still houses every 200yds. The UK has largely lost the ability to fabricate electronics or build power infrastructure from selling off the respective industries decades ago, so there's no place for my skills. I'd go somewhere that was still developing those industries, and where the people were less materialistic. I should have emigrated years ago.


yeah right the joos created all these things


I've given a lot of thought to Quebec. I have enough points based on their immigration scoring sheet since I speak near-native French and have a college degree. Chances are I'll probably end up somewhere else in the US instead since I don't want to work.


File: 1645307603273.jpg (38.99 KB, 1500x901, 1500:901, 61sIDOD1ajL._AC_SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you think you get it bad imagine living in pic related like I do.

>A lot of crime in general

>Jobs pay like shit, an engineer makes $700 monthly, $1200 monthly if very lucky
>People usually works saturdays and do extra hours without extra pay, you say japs work a fuckton of hours! we work even more hours here! for way less money
>everything is more expensive down here, a fucking PS5 costs $700
>people are very dumb in general, most of them act like literal animals
>Public transit is bad and you may get robbed

This country is designed to scam you and keep you miserable and living a subpar life unless you're rich or very lucky, it may as well be a social experiment to see how much shit people can eat before exploding, and guess what? we keep eating shit. This may be the case for all Latin america really.


I daydream simply about moving out of my parents house.

Down the road I will probably try and move somewhere closer to the coast.


>>Jobs pay like shit, an engineer makes $700 monthly, $1200 monthly if very lucky
And why should engineers be paid a lot? They don't work any harder than factory workers that's for sure.


Their point is that even an engineer, which statistically has higher wages than other jobs, has bad pay. Not that only an engineer should make more.


>And why should engineers be paid a lot?
Because it's highly demanded set of skills and knowledge with a very limited supply. Duh.


>They don't work any harder than factory workers that's for sure.
They have to spend many years getting a formal education, spend long hours designing and testing, and bear responsibility for lives and money lost should anything they make fail. Some beater bolting shit together does not in fact work harder.


So just like factory workers? Got it.


Not at all.


I genuinely wish you both the best in finding your way out of your situation.
For the dude in Mexico, the grass is in fact greener somewhere else. Mexico sounds awful. I heard a succubus talk about finding a severed head on her way to school one day in Mexico. Awful.
To the guy at his parents house: I did it and it was the best thing I ever did for myself (though I miss the convenience of it sometimes). You can do it!


>he language (hard to learn, only gets harder as you get better, and even when you're fluent, it is still an obscenely ugly language)
Anon you've inspired me to follow a similar path to yours and have been taking deutsch quizzes on duolingo and i know what you mean by that. The eine and eins and der, das, und die for humans i could understand but its very strange to apply that for food (essen) to me


You can go to Ukraine, they're taking anyone who can handle a gun.


File: 1645974372487.jpg (196.65 KB, 800x648, 100:81, 1645374745572.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>join azov
>get land


>get shot


>be american


it's not even part of the eu. if the offered european citizenship for service i would consider it. i would just immediately surrender or flee when no one noticed


Australia feels like normietopia, with that said the standard of living/quality of life is pretty good, the police state stuff is a little exaggerated although it is true we are more of a nanny state than America.

Not sure where I'd move to though


I used to live in Australia. It is an absolute shithole with third-world infrastructure, unbearable society, horrible people that treat introverts like garbage. I'd rather die than go back there


Where do you live now and how do you feel it compares to Australia?


>It is an absolute shithole with third-world infrastructure

spoken like someone who has never been to a third-world country.


What's wrong with living in rural areas? I moved from MA to NH and regret nothing. No income tax, a surprising amount of IT work in Manchester, 80 mph speed limits cuz no one lives here, I can buy almost any gun I want, daily visits from Mr. Coyote and Mr. Squirrel, trees as far as the eye can see, and space. Lots and lots of space. And darkies are rare here, but not as rare as in Maine. The only thing I miss is the 1 Gbps internet where I used to live. I was lucky to get 200 Mbps up here. I won't tell you which town. The population is that low.


Europe, I don't want to say exactly. It is better in every way and people are much kinder

I have been to multiple that had better internet and water. Most things are above the real shit third world countries but not comparable to first world. Trains are always late or cancelled, phone coverage terrible, traffic on roads unbearable, rent and other costs of living are absurdly expensive, houses are built to terrible standards with no insulation so it's freezing in winter and deadly in summer unless you pay thousands on electricity, terrible insects and unbearable temperatures. Havent even mentioned that it is a police state where people and the law has no regard for human dignity or privacy. Australia is a nightmare scam country.


jealous. I wish i could get out.

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