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look at this fellow companion, didn't he really mastered larping to an extreme?

the "oblivion npc" series are actually revealing how self-sabotaging or even the opposite of it we actually are when feeling observed. What about you? Where do you usually get your npc moments the most? from normals or… from yourself?


Define "npc moment", first


Anyone who uses the term NPC is ironically lacking in self awareness


File: 1646695924473.png (1.66 MB, 1280x7779, 1280:7779, arguing with zombies.png) ImgOps iqdb

The fact that there are people like Daniel Dennett who deny the existence of consciousness entirely is strong evidence that NPCs exist.



I skimmed through your whole picture and can't help but feel vaguely nauseated

Whether zombies exist or not, whether consciousness exists or not, what does it matter?
Please, tell me, how has any of this helped you appreciate the world in a different light?
I feel my core sucked out from such soulless commentary and drivel over the most inane nonsense
Whether or not someone is an NPC does not matter to me, it doesn't.

It never will.
If they are, oh well.
If they aren't, oh well.
What am I to do in either case? Nothing.
Does knowing whether or not someone contains a property of "NPC" change absolutely anything at all?
People, ALL PEOPLE, can be programmed, whether you like it or not.
People, ALL PEOPLE, are prone to misinformation, prone to influence, prone to pride and mistake.

This conversation thoroughly disgusts me viscerally.
That it is clearly just a grab for a little blot of superiority when we're all just fucking retarded

We're all just fucking retarded, and I'm sick of pretending I'm not
Just use your fucking common sense to figure out whether or not someone is retarded instead of doing this Platoian BULLSHIT about properties, god fucking damnit
I fucking hate philosophy


Dennett's a resolute believer in Free Will, and therefore willing to sacrifice anything and everything else to retain philosophical freedom of will. This inevitably produces monstrous strangeness, similar to rigorous logicians who attempt or historically attempted to defend Theism. And just as the God of the Theist Rationalists like Descartes, Spinoza, Le Clerc and Pascal grows stranger and stranger with each rational thought, and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the God of any religion, so too does the Free Will of the rationalist philosopher bear no resemblance whatsoever to the "of course I have free will" of the pedestrian.


Reminds me of Greg Egan's book, "Permutation City".


A zombie wouldn't understand.


what I learned is that most other people are trying to get away with whatever fuckups they have in their own lives, and they're generally happy if you appear to be an npc and you really only want to get through your own shit while not caring if they aren't perfect, either.


File: 1653698216298.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, 376:401, sheeple.png) ImgOps iqdb


This hasn't been true since iphones/smartphones became commonplace.


Yeah it was completely different when people listened to walkmans and read newspapers instead.


If anything it seems to be even more popular nowadays, people act like others are retards for having a slightly different political opinion


Unironically yes.
I think he's saying "This didn't happen as much until smartphones came along" as opposed to "This didn't happen as much after smartphones came along."


This comic doesn't really have much of an impact now that we've seen without a doubt how many people are willing to muzzle themselves in public out of nothing more than social pressure, and even go so far as to inject untested gene therapy into their bodies just because that's what the rest of the herd is doing.


>he says as his food is laced with plastics and hormones
>his water with chemicals and minerals
>his air with fumes and smog
But go off about COVID mr.intelligent


>He thinks VERMIN SUPREME was larping


typical of a kosher baby, you can convince them to stay home and bleed out of their ass than go to the doctor because something something correlation medical care commies futile lol


Fucking chad


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