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File: 1646526389032.jpg (193.84 KB, 700x394, 350:197, nick_fuentes_ap_700px.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Just recently discovered him. Share any negative or positive opinions on him. I want to learn more


He's become increasingly cringe recently.

Bad optics fool. He actually thought it was a good idea to jokingly praise Putin and Russia recently at his AFPAC rally (where a Putin chant broke out) when Putin literally has a 1% approval rate abroad.

Real cringe lately.


>Thoughts on (internet celebrity)?
None. what the fuck


from the random clips I've seen posted here he seems like some grifter looking to get cash from /pol/kids moms credit cards


If you have no opinions to express about the topic save everyone sometime and just kill yourself


No idea who this is, but I don’t trust anyone that puts that much time into their hair.


I know that normalfags like to make fun of him for being voluntarily celibate.


why did you think it's a good idea to make a thread dedicated to a dime-a-dozen 4chan celebrity? the whole draw of this retard is being politically informed and, like all the other beggars, he fails to fulfil that role.


Some shitchanner attention whore who made a internet show to make money off being second hand edgy and preaching to the choir of fellow dumb edgy shitchanners.

That is the extent to my thoughts on this person.


You asked for negative opinions and you get them.


Fuck off niggercattle OP


Go away.


>reddit spacing


Are you unable to infer an opinion from that post? It's very easy, but I'll explain thus:

"Why are you talking about a fucking e-celebrity when the option of not ever talking about the cunt exists?"


Sage pl0x


He's a little fascist spic who should be in jail for 60 years


Spotted the fed.


eloquent, discerning, insightful sometimes funny but arrogant and excessively opinionated and his followers 'groypers' are insufferable
He should stay in his basement uh, I mean his skyrise apartment when he does real life talks it's always awkward

I occasionally hear about him


My name is Wiz Chan, live in Kyoto prefecture, and dream of killing big strong American USA man!!! America pig dog country will die!!!!!!!

[-] nice try demiurge but I will not be one of your schizo


Mutt name mutt face



i agree with him on many topics and i hope he succedes, but he's honestly cringe


This is a 30+ imageboard, please.


Don't know. Don't care.


As a bipoc tradcath sneedpilled conquistadorcore groyper, I am in full agreement with everything that he has to say.


>As a bipoc tradcath sneedpilled conquistadorcore groyper
I must be old because i don't understand most of this


Big juicy cock
Massive schlonger
What a ding dong


all i know is he is a politics man and his head looks like a bobblehead caricature




I don't like that he would exterminate me

But I do like that he kicked his 2nd in command out of his basement for getting a gf


He's an Eggman-level crab whose marginally more attractive than his ugly crab fanbase


stop bumping this thread, it should have been deleted or moved to the pol thread at the very least. The mods are so inept


Which rule does it break? Have you tried reporting it?


i might have reported it around the time it was made but i cannot say for sure

see the replies above for why this doesn't deserve a thread


>I don't like that he would exterminate me
That's enough for me to not like him. I have no sympathy for him. I know there's a lot of underage neonazis on this side of the internet, but that little faggot is hard to take seriously even by their standards. I just hope they all get mincrafted eventually


File: 1653663939151.png (303.98 KB, 960x976, 60:61, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

But he even inspected the bed with a blacklight to make sure his sidekick wasn't having sex with a gf


This interviewer suggested that because Fuentes has never been in a romantic relationship with a succubus, his opinion that they deserve a Taliban level of control is invalid, because he doesn't really understand them. But Fuentes responded that he has watched a lot of PUA vids, so he learned about their nature from men who are having sex, even if he personally isn't


cool. kiwifarms is this way.


>I watch videos of succubi, therefore I am an expert on succubi
Bruh, if I watch a lot of porn does that make me a pornstar?
Him and his creepy followers need to genocided. He nothing but a auto-fellating tool that arbitrarily spreads toxicity.


Used to think he was a gay zoomer but this is very based.

cool. twitter is this way.


Porn illustrates a lot of concepts similar to the PUA and the Black Pill on how much succubi enjoy being roughed up and degraded. Someone addicted to porn would agree that succubi would orgasm from Taliban brutality as Fuentes argues


You don't think I can't toxify your little safe space here?
All I have to do is post a black dude with a white succubus and watch as your and your school of wizards scream bloody murder.
Check yourself.
Porn isn't real you fucking schizo.
It's got a director, a cameraman, and sometimes a scriptwriter.
It plays to the fantasies of incëls like you. If you seriously fell for the meme your clinically retarded.


you two seem to be misunderstanding each other.


Self hating spic who larps as the savior of the white race.
Many such cases!


seems like a moron grifter with a strong cult of personality. recently got caught fapping to tranny porn lel


Everything Nick Fuentes knows about succubi comes from PUA vids, black pill imcel forums and porn. His idea of brutal Taliban rule over womyn would be like Fansadox comics. His entire knowledge of succubi is that they are pathetic masochists who enjoy being brutalized and humiliated by stronger men

He said what he admires about the Taliban, isn't that it makes succubi more moral or anything, but its brutality towards them.


as this guy got his info from PUA vids, black pill imcel forums and porn, where did the Taliban get their info from?


Literally every internet personality, especially "politics" sphere types are grifters


You all not seeing the latest dumpster fires with everyone leaving his org, him siding with e. Ralph, sperging and finally confirmed gay after denying/being hyper religious ?


it all started because his sidekick got a gf?


It all started because he went through life sexually aroused by men while gaslighting himself.
Everything else followed.
The last thing to finally buckle as his life came undone was the lie, because protecting the lie was what the whole life was built around.


I have no idea what happened, I just hate him and anyone like him politically and hope he goes away already


Nick Fuentes' politics is built around having a realistic understanding of female nature. But being an imcel who has never been close to a succubus, he doesn't know much about them first hand.

So watching trans porn, was a way to self-insert as a imcel on what its like to be a succubus sexually. What its like to be on your knees sucking cock. It just further confirmed in his view that succubi are masochists who love being slapped around by dominant men and even orgasm to it. And that they need Taliban patriarchy to keep whipping them, and they love it.

That Aussie interviewer pointed out, hes never been with a succubus, so he doesn't know what its like to be a succubus- sexually. But by watching trans porn, now he does. Even with a penis, you can learn what its like to sexually be a succubus.

this is how an imcel makes informed decisions on what succubi desire, and the society best suited to contain those desires


Female sexuality is really really fucked up. Even the nice catholic succubi who go to church with Fuentes.

As males, especially virgin males, its hard for us to understand it. Sure we can read some Red Pill PUA bragging about his exploits. Or watch some rough sex BDSM rape porn. But its still so alien to us, we can't believe any human would enjoy that.

As men we can't imagine feeling love and lust for those who abuse us, put us down, insult us, hate us, slap and beat us, spit and piss on us. How can you love someone for doing that to you? How can you love your enemies? But succubi do it. So jacking off to even the roughest rape porn wasn't enough.

He needed to fap to trans porn. This is the only way for a male to self-insert into the sexual experience of a female. Because the dickgirl still has a dick. So you can relate to that.

So by jerking off to trans porn, Nick Fuentes was confirmed in just how masochistic succubi are, how they love abuse, and being demeaned. And this will just motivate him to fight harder for a Taliban patriarchy that constantly whips succubi who rejected imcels.

So as you can see, fapping to trans porn is actually the most Red Pill thing an imcel can do, it Red Pills you on just how degenerate, masochistic and abuse-loving gurls really are. More than reading words on a screen ever could.



File: 1653901783240.png (569.22 KB, 530x674, 265:337, r.png) ImgOps iqdb

Next he will be on street to understand the succubi pov even more… to understand the psychology.. of course.. Sorry guy, but these fortnite kids have no understanding of succubi. No amount of PUA and weird self insert fetish is going to help - its the opposite.


It broke Nicks heart.


Jesus, this place really is becoming pol.


The most humiliating thing about succubi is that they all orgasm to rape 100% of the time. How can you respect anything as pathetic as that? If the world knew womyn's secret, they would all lose respect for them. They would know womyn deserve no dignity at all.

But how can a man experience female orgasm? The only way is to fap to trans porn, where you become the succubus. When you cum to trans porn, it is revealed to you, the secret that 100% of succubi orgasm to 100% of rapes. With that power in his hands, Fuentes can totally destroy the dignity of womyn.

Nick Fuentes has now experienced female orgasm, and now knows all their dirty secrets, despite still being an imcel


>I'm not gay I swear


i've always felt a subtle attraction to trans porn. homosexuality is a plague and a curse so this confused me a lot; however, i am a scholar, always looking for the answers to why, always wanting to improve my understanding of the world. i finally understand what has always seemed like an out of place contradiction. my interest in trans porn is fueled by my desire to understand everything i can, and trans porn is the ultimate window in to female sexuality, something i've never understood. to test this theory i tried masturbating to some transporn a few hours ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that after having my orgasm i really did have a much fuller understanding of female sexuality. fucking disgusting faggots have finally done something useful for once.

you really missed everything

i dont appreciate your post; being rude isn't productive. obviously taking it to the street would be crossing a line, that would mean you are a faggot. but if you explored this on a fantasy trans level during masturbation it would probably add depth to the understanding of female sexuality.


You're beyond silly if you really think watching gay porn gives you any insight to how/what/why the female brain is. You may come to understand that some succubi have the same attraction as you do. You may try to make sense of it but your oversimplification and generalisation of all succubi shows you have idea what you are talking about. It is not black and white, nothing ever is. Straights can't masturbate and get off to gay porn. How do you not realise that you and Nick are not faggots? Bi? Do what you will with that information. Some 20 something clearly closeted dude is no where on the same level as any scholar/psychologist. When would this ever be practised? It is ludicrous. You're not discovering the succubi brain, you're discovering your own sexuality and those with same said sexuality. lmao Also Nick has already said himself he's not interested in taking any actual power or going into politics, so no he will do nothing with said 'power'. He just wants to keep stringing you along. I'll be waiting 5-10 years and nothing will change. And if it does - it'd be him renouncing everything and move on trying to start something with Destinys help.


> Also Nick has already said himself he's not interested in taking any actual power or going into politics, so no he will do nothing with said 'power'.

He said he is imcel because he is so dedicated to being a historic figure and a Leader


Why should volcels, or crabs for that matter, care about any of this?


File: 1653926358345.mp4 (1.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3276850-9535d1c6a9ec6ae261….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Historical is right. He has said a lot of things.. For example saving the white race while claiming the act that will save the white race (having sex with succubi) is gay. So, that doesn't mean anything to me. Who else other than young boys would fall for this? Such a leader - He's like Peter Pan. They grow up and leave neverland, with hilarious stories about Nick mind you. His whole org was is on the edge because his 'treasurer' got a girlfriend..


Nick Fuentes admits he's imcel. And this is the worst crime you can do against an imcel. Nick generously let him stay in his basement and live with him.

And he was having sex on his bed, in his house, on his furniture. He probably could even hear her moaning to sex. Imagine what that is like for an imcel, to have a man you trusted, have sex, on your own furniture. In your basement, your mancave of escape. Tainted with the sex juices of a sexhaver and gurl.

Nick admits he's an imcel. And we all know the worst thing you can do to an imcel is have sex right in front of them. And that is how they repaid his hospitality. This was the worst betrayal.


Anyone in America who is "visibly" right-wing is on the fed's payroll. They only allow Fox News tier retardation on the right and shut down anything more extreme than that.


Got a citation for your cope there, virgin?


I don't think you are old enough to be on this website. Jesus.


>They only allow Fox News tier retardation on the right
Tucker Carlson is spouts the same shit, just more sanitized. Some of these people are in congress. If they're fed then everyone on the far right is a fed, and I'll believe that


>everyone on the far right is a fed

Yeah this is what I'm saying, I should've just posted that.

But so yeah Any amount of real-world experience will make you hate the system, the blind trust in authority is a huge tell that they are terminally online/children/sheltered with no life experience.


>everyone on the far right is a fed
Now you're getting it


Absolute garbage thread. Op, how old are you?


this board is /pol/ now


File: 1654712715009.gif (1.02 MB, 283x198, 283:198, A5F28D98-BC42-4CAF-B075-54….gif) ImgOps iqdb


>self-identified crab
who even cares? he can go to hell.


Yes he is a crab. But he also makes sure that no one else is having sex, like when he went berserk on his roommate getting a gf. He would have liked that his roommate CHOOSE to be virgin


>he also makes sure that no one else is having sex
Based. More crabs should be like that. They should form a milita to police the normalfags, the Freikrabs .



he's too socially adept for me to have anything in common with him



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