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I'm so fucked currently. I NEED to move out. I'm seriously done with living at home.
I'm employed but don't have a permanent or yearly contract. So my parents won't let me rent a place. They don't seem to grasp that i'm through with them.
I'm 22 i'm a legal adult. They expect me stay with them for another year till i'm fully employed.


>So my parents won't let me rent a place
But how are they enforcing it? Are they actually threatening you with changes in how they treat you, are are they just saying no because that's what parents do? If they're just saying no, then just say yes back.


They make decicions because "it's in my best interest" it just ends up causing arguments. They never say yes to my propositions. They always tip toe around issues.
Typical old people that don't allow change to happen quickly.


Yeah but, what do they actually do to make sure you follow their decisions? Like, if you were to tell them you were looking for your own house, and they said no, but you kept searching anyway… Are they going to take your money away somehow? Are they going to kick you out so you get stuck being homeless? Are they going to make you lose your job?

There's SAYING no and then there's ENFORCING no.


Not really, i guess i should push it some more. I'm very "sheltered" which is the issue at hand.
It's not technically abuse, but it's not an efficient way to raise someone


I wish I had parents like that. My mom doesn't want me to live with her so I become "independent".


It is abuse and you seem quite disturbed. You dont make "propositions" to your parents as a 22 year old and ask for permission, you just tell them 'I have decided to do x'. If they are unhappy then thats their problem.


can't you just go through with what you have to do in order to move out, without them being aware? after you're done you can give them a call and inform them of your departure so that they don't believe you went missing


Depends i need to arrange stuff and meet the Landlord etc not even sure how fast i can rent a place.


>I'm a legal adult
>my parents won't let me rent a place

do you really not see the contradiction in these two statements?


You need to learn not to depend on people, you'll be self-sufficient.



Van life?


I thought about it but i don't have a drivers license


>no drivers license
Are you European? Because most Americans and I also have to assume Canadians get their drivers licenses pretty early out of necessity


yes i'm european i take public transport everywhere


>public transport

Why the fuck would anyone take public transport?


because they don't have any private transport?


Go to NYC as an example for public transport for all


He lives in Europe, He doesn't have to deal with angry hobos and druggies on buses. Unless he lives in like a super shit part of eastern europe.


Public transport is much comfier. Never have to worry about getting killed in a car crash, never have to worry about where you are going to park. Never have to spend thousands of dollars to fix your car or pay insurance. Only annoying thing is figuring out the routes. I would use public transport if I lived in an area where that were feasible.


Do what you think is best anon if you really need to move out do it but be ready for possible problems to arise.


File: 1650153496674.webm (838.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bikewashing.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You may not like him but lying is bad. He's as USAian as you. Do you think all 300 million USAians are the same and think alike?


i'm western european public transport is convenient, i haven't met any hobos on trains or busses, they can't afford to anyway


i'm pretty sure my job won't extend my contract because i'm aggresively odd/weird

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