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Any Russian or Ukrainian wizzies out there? Without delving too much into politics, how has daily life changed for you? I’m a eurofag and I’ve been curious about how all this chaos has effected regular everyday wizards.
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so thats who all the recent posters are parroting? can the site even recover at this point? :(


NATO and the US Govt were providing you photographic proof daily, and you called it propaganda then. Now that your pants are down "oh everyone was wrong, no one could have seen this"


dude thats why i say just let ukraine fall already does russia do that to random people on the street? If not fuck kike puppet zelensky and him making people suffer to keep him in power


wasnt he murdered? good riddance


I think it will. I've been reading about how Russia handled its wars in the past and their main method is not giving a shit about its citizens. They just keep sending wave after wave of soldiers, losing hundreds of thousands in the process. Life is cheap in Russia, they don't give a fuck. If you destroy all their tanks and planes they'll just walk to Kyiv, barefooted if needed. Seems like it's going to be a pyrrhic victory, we'll see.


I think it's even dumber considering there has been conflict for 8 years. News just started talking about it all day suddenly.


isn't this revisionist history a little too early? it was only 3 months ago, i'm sure we all remember the lead up. the media were claiming the exercises on the borders of ukraine were configured for invasion, but nobody took it seriously because nobody believes the media, and i think most people were honestly surprised when it happened. but we also see from this the standards have dropped significantly, because now you're having to defend NATO and the US government and not just an institution like the media (probably a lost cause)


>, but nobody took it seriously because nobody believes the media, and i think most people were honestly surprised when it happened

Well Score 1 for the bad guys over the know it all skeptics


hello my fellow wizards, i am enjoying my day being unskeptical of the media, military, and government. i hope you are enjoying your day too


>know it all skeptics
>know it all
Wait what? Isn't that the opposition of the definition of a skeptic?


It should be. But most people who think of themselves as skeptics have their own dogma, and take everything uncritically as long as its not mainstream.


I knew the invasion was going to happen even before the government announced it simply because of Russia's negotiating posture. I said the same in posts I made at the time and people called me dumb. All you have to do is actually follow the news closely and certain patterns become easy to figure out. Please don't assume everyone is as willfully ignorant as you.


for clarity i wasn't writing about myself, but about most people. geopolitics spergs would've already known what was going on in the east, along with the gayops in kazakhstan and karabakh where russia had to intervene in the months/years prior


I was debating the war with my dad, and he was saying that while the USA invasions were also bad, they were generally against unpopular governments hated by their people, and you saw people in the streets celebrating in the early days. And I said maybe on RT you see the same. But actually I haven't really seen much on RT.

But I was just wondering if from alt sources, there are pics vids of Ukraine welcoming Russia as liberators?


The heavily populated seperatist regions welcomed Russia back at the dawn of the conflict, but Ukrainian administration retconned those areas as being of Russia from the start to invalidate claims that many Ukraine citizens welcomed Russian troops. Liberating these regions from Zelesnky was a driving goal behind the invasion because even after following the "democratic process", Ukraine still denied the seperatists any change, and then cut off services and support for those communities, throwing them in to poverty.


Received 5 packs of Oreos (16 cookies each) as part of the humanitarian aid. Ukrainian plant which was making it was bombed so maybe that's the reason.

While inspecting it, I found out that almost everything is written in Hebrew language. Haven't eaten them yet so can't testify.


>But I was just wondering if from alt sources, there are pics vids of Ukraine welcoming Russia as liberators?
besides the fireworks at the start there's lots of footage of locals giving passing BMPs bread and pallets of eggs, and you may remember in kiev the footage of paranoid neighbors reporting each other in case they were out placing markers for cruise missiles


any footage of NEW areas of liberated Ukraine cheering in the streets?


Russia is a oil & gas company with a country attached to it


So I hear a lot about Russia's longterm mistakes IE having a crappy army.

But what about its short-term mistakes? Starting from 2021. With the army it actually has, what did it do wrong? Should it have concentrated in one sector? Thrown everything at Kiev? Or just give up on Kiev and only focus on Donbas?


it was a political miscalculation that the zelensky regime would surrender, but it's apparently an easy decision for him to sacrifice ukrainians. the special operation was entirely a success, the ukrainian air force, radar sites, and airports were either destroyed or captured on day 1. it's not a victory to have a column of vehicles sitting outside your capital


The entire Russian Kiev front collapsed. At most it could be called a diversion from Donbas, but it didn't even do that successfully, it didn't help Russia make breakthroughs on other fronts


your mistake is in presuming it was a military front, when it was intended to put political pressure on the kiev government to surrender. there was no collapse, they just drove off after sitting there unopposed for weeks


Putin beat ukraine soon and find zelensky please sk we can the markets back to normal


According to the international law, it's the occupant who should service the occupied territories. Despite this Ukrainian government provided pensions which led to situation when the same people had been receiving two pensions: one from Russia and one from Ukraine.


As a (western) eurofag:
It's so tiresome. I didn't understand this virus thing, but it was comfy most of the time. As a NEET I could avoid most the most state-induced repercussions. But now, this worldwide-crisis thing is getting too far. The old saying: "Avoid news!" - I feel more and more unable to apply it, since I'm an internets addict but too dumb and lazy for places which completely ignore it because they have some high iq things to do, or a least a time-consuming hobby. Bad time for fucked up attention span.


I followed the war closely when it first started, but now its just background noise, maybe its not the same in EU


>The old saying: "Avoid news!"
This is an old saying? Man, I wish it was said more often, because I've only realized this recently.


File: 1655989686779.jpg (237.21 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, lego paradise.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

on a scale of 1 to 10;how soul-crushing is russia?
whats worse for wizzies;the rural wilderness,or the hyper-urban?


it is quite different when you have a border with russia


My God, I thought that was a painting at first. It's like it doesn't look real.


File: 1656015450495.jpg (15.35 KB, 275x183, 275:183, blocks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

as someone who might have OCD, knowing I can minutely map out the area where I (would)live,makes me see commiblock cities as comfy.
house-based neighborhoods seem so extrovertely imposing and threatening


i actually like the housing


>being stuck in a tiny cube that is surrounded by other cubes full of people at all times

what the fuck are you smoking? Russia seems similarly crazy to live in these towers when they have literally the most land of any country on Earth.


beats the way the us does things

-rural, nowhere near anything
-suburb, in a bullshit rat maze housing zone that still manages to somehow be near no stores
-city, where the cost of everything is so insane

although it's still full of problems. like old guys paying their life savings just to get an apartment only to end up with a half finished apartment where nothing works. some kind of compromise between western quality and russian utility would be best


I like my suburb. No housing tracts here, and things are close enough to walk or bike ride.


is forced military "service" still a thing in russia?
how do russian wizzies avoid it?


Ask them yourself (better to use /nsfw/ board since politics and politic related topics tend to be deleted on the other ones)



I used to think they were superior to wizchan because they never talked about succubi, politics or sex at all, that they ascended to full monkhood, but now it turns out it was all in the NSFW


you can avoid anything in Russia if you pay the right bribes to the right people.


Depending on the region, it can be quite nice. Moscow is a fucking hellhole full of normies, but as you move away from it, you will find hundreds of nice towns and cities.


Was it easy to dodge military service? Did you get any trouble for it afterwards, like are you on some record that makes things harder for you? I'm just curious.
Good job doing it anyway, it's not worth it to become a slave to a government that doesn't really give a shit about you. And this applies to every single country.


do people really do krokodil in bug numbers over there?or is it just usa propanda about le ebil russians?


Not really, no. Krokodil is a big thing in US media because it produces a shocking picture and generates clicks, but almost no one uses it anymore. Although, to be honest, there are now drugs in circulation that make krokodil look tame.


> there are now drugs in circulation that make krokodil look tame.
do you have any more info on this?even on russian language, I can google-translate it.
I cant imagine something that makes a literal flesh eating demon look "tame"


Alpha-pvp. Does to your soul what krokodil does to your flesh.


I haven't watched or read RT in awhile but I think if they had it they would be showing it off.


Russia expected the east of Ukraine to welcome them with open arms and support and supply them. It didn't happen though, east of Ukraine is less pro-Russia than it was in 2014. I think this war is also driving more anti-Russian sentiment in the east, if your house or someone you know gets bombed by an invader it usually turns the person against the invader, which is what has happened in places like Mariupol and Kharkov, Russia has just hammered them, Mariupol specifically because they wanted some land corridor and to block some trading from Ukraine, they are just a piece in a game to Russia.



File: 1658166044323.jpg (10.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, full peasant combat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

are there any battle of nations/HEMA clubs in moscow that are tougher than in evurope?
im asking because the few events i seen from russia seem more full-contact,and less point-based


Yes, it was pretty easy. Just forged medical documents. No problems becouse NEETing.

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