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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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My phone just decided to change its ringtone. This shit is getting tiresome. Stop changing things you fucking developers.


Why don't you just start your own blog? All your reviews will be in one place and they won't dissapear when thread goes down.


During the golden age of Wizchan, it was my favorite place to talk about all topics, just from the solidarity of being with fellow wizards. But now I don't feel as connected to the community here anyway.

tbh if I wanted to learn more about and discuss a specific game, I would find the games' subreddit a much more useful place than a /games/ thread. and theres no point in me being socially shamed into hiding that, just because 4chan has a feud. id take reddit over 4chan, which doesnt have the same shaming here. i mean theres plenty i hate about reddit, but at least on a sub devoted to X topic, it generally stays in X topic, better than any chan does.


That's true. I don't know why people bother with shit like that but here we are.
I do have one. First entry is from April 28, 2016, that's when I wrote a very long post for Momotaro Thunderbolt 2 and thought it was a shame to let it die with the thread. Since 2020 I changed to blogspot because I lost the password to the wordpress one and have been posting my manga and anime reviews in there as well. I literally never had a response on any blog entry but I keep it as a personal log more than something for other people to read it. I suppose I can give you the link to the old one. https://gameboy2017.wordpress.com/. I don't know if I should link the new one because that is connected to my MAL account. It doesn't have any personal info in there and it's just a list and nickname but meh, I don't know, I rather not.
The nice thing about /games/ is that you never know what game people will talk about in there. Of course most times is the same shit but once in a while a wiz talks about an interesting game I never heard before and it's nice. At this point I just continue to post reviews there for lurkers and myself, I don't expect a response.


Reading those entries again I really feel like revisiting Heiankyo Alien. It's a very comfy game.


a 4chan wojack meme which is just as outsider, that was my point


File: 1650828453774.jpg (2.51 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20220424_175651.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Whats the checker in small square under a Path: line?

Also , isnt it perfectly norm to simply copypaste package from compressed folder (to destin. folder) , not decompressing..just drag-drop to (like anons tell)?


I've been stuck drinking this sugar water (coca cola) now for a few days and it's horrible.

I need to go pick up some bottled water.


File: 1650836812640.png (1.02 MB, 963x495, 107:55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

if you mean this, it should be the subfolder things get extracted to

if something is compressed and stored in an archive file format, you normally have to extract them… some programs work with zip and stuff and many websites also. if something doesn't work you just have to do it


File: 1650839822861.jpg (85.53 KB, 512x285, 512:285, THUMB_16437277804640.mp4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>if you mean this, it should be the subfolder things get extracted to

Line with checker in -..is zipped folder's name
(Didnt find whats checker for in Help Guide)

>if you drag and drop out of a compressed archive it will decompress the file

Ok. As im not trying to unpack that , so i just better copy this ( Wondering why those complex apps for , if so simple to drag drop )

Almost got into trap of not googleing for myself..following what anons say




last year my dad saved someone's life from a car accident, but really injured his own body in the process. i just learned he has some lawsuit or something against their family. they agreed to settle, but his lawyer guy or whatever thinks they can get more if he tells the story of what happened in court. i dont know any of the right terms for this. i havent seen my dad in a while but that blows my mind. isnt that basically extortion? i saved your life now you must pay me? i was told the sum my parents expect is like hundreds of thousands. absolutely bonkers


File: 1650844905061.jpg (23.21 KB, 480x467, 480:467, 1647828143757.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

privet, this checkbox is labelled EXTRACT_NAME_ENABLE and the adjoining textbox EXTRACT_NAME, so it is presumably just the name (in this case md5-SAMPLE) of the extracted file. It is only drawn when the archive has a "split destination", but I dunno what that means exactly

see: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kornelski/7z/main/CPP/7zip/UI/GUI/ExtractDialog.rc


File: 1650851026590.gif (1.64 MB, 600x597, 200:199, leanna.gif) ImgOps iqdb

apparently in common law the defendant in such a case owes a duty of care to whose who are directly injured as a result of their careless acts, but also to those who as a result are induced to rescue them. english common law makes no distinction between professional and lay rescuers, but prior training in the course of employment could be mitigation against a claim as they had foreseeable knowledge of what the rescue might involve, so it's less likely a fireman could bring litigation against you unless you were being particularly reckless

on the other hand, if the person contributed to the accident or hazardous situation they have a duty to rescue those in peril, but if in the course of the rescue attempt they cause further injury that could also be grounds for litigation. the duty to rescue also exists in cases where there's a special relationship, such as between parents and children, guardians, employers, etc, but in the case of property owners this duty only extends to invitees and not trespassers. basically it's a clusterfuck


Might convert to an atmos setup if I ever get a PS5.



File: 1650898355503.png (181.04 KB, 1108x1009, 1108:1009, 1650817423611.png) ImgOps iqdb

Time is a flat circle. Everything we've ever done or will do, we're going to do over and over and over again. You are reborn, but into the same life that you've always been born into.

You cannot experience time while in "non-existence", so the time it takes for matter to be in the superposition it once was at the start of your life will be immediate (no time at all).

Life is infinite, as your life is the only life that you will ever experience, forever.


Are you a bot? Why someone keeps spamming this shitty image on this website for months?


Probably because it makes you mad and also because you can't refute it.


Because he's a moron, plain and simple. I doubt anyone can refute that statement, least of all him.


why does the penguin leaves security and march towards the mountains ?


Security comes with a cost. If he wants the security the other penguins offer, he is to contribute just as much to the security of the other penguins. Maybe he can't. Maybe he doesn't have the energy, or maybe he doesn't believe there's anything to really be secured from. He goes his own way. The risk could be worth the relaxation. No stress to secure a warm spot at the centre of the pile, no risk of being pecked by a new mother whose space was violated. Nobody counting his steps and holding him accountable for his honest mistakes. Just him, the mountains, and the will to endure against the wild.


File: 1650924557003.jpg (11.57 KB, 360x203, 360:203, FOk4-NxaMAIt-IE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I cant wait for self serve checkout to at least get a stronger foothold in the usa, its never going to fully take over but as someone on the spectrum fuck dealing with cashiers who want to touch your shit or dont speak english or dont know theres no tax on food stamps.

fuck these people and their jobs


Wait, you still have to deal with cashiers?

I haven't had to deal with a cashier in years.



Im 29 dropout and argentinian. So college education is different over here.
For example is free, even then, argentina has one of the lowest university graduation rates and the undergrad careers end up lasting longer(like an a average of 8-10 years). Also here the ways of getting money are different than in usa ( where i guess most people here are) getting a job in the public sector is more stable because of corruption.

Ive ended up coming to the conclusion, that a college degree is not for learning, nor to get money.

A college degree is about getting authority in a field you want to intervene.

We live in an age where everything they teach on uni is possible to be learned on the internet.

You can get a degree thinking on revenue (especially if you are from a private uni country), but nothing ensures that you are going to get the reward that you are looking for neither that reward to be is going to be worth the effort/path youve taken, even a job is not guaranteed. In any case, if you are just an average folk, to get money everyone is going the CS path (maybe theres a dotcom bubble someday, or something happens in asia and the field becomes terminally oversaturated).

Now if you have a goal or interest then the title gets you a little voice on that matter, a little bit of credibility, nothing else.

I want to get into regen bio, i dropped out at 21 because of family issues/socioeconomic shortcomings, at 29 will be coming back, dont even care about youngsters( except because i cant tolerate any kind of people). When i'd used to go, i had a 50 year old classmate, and the daughter was in the same uni.

I will be leaving 3 videos, that i think are relevant.




Cant find the third one, but it was about a guy (i believe from an ivy league) that choose an art major, and had friends that choose careers based on employability.
When they met years later, no one, not the ones that followed their passion, neither the ones that followed stability, had a job on their respectives fields, or landed high status.


i thought there r places that just automatically higher ivies


File: 1650936420869.jpg (1.35 MB, 1914x900, 319:150, loli borgar story.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Those places would be the companies of their rich parents who bought them into the school in the first place


Why wouldn't he march towards the mountains? Why should he be confined to the morals and values of penguin society? He marches on to see and experience landscapes which he has only seen from afar. While other penguins live comfortably and go through the same cycles, he pushes further beyond living more in his short few days left alive than 5 normal penguins combined. Even in death he was more alive than those normalfag penguins.


Yes yes yes, holing up in your wizcave playing video games for weeks on end is a noble pursuit, we get it truwiz-sama.


It is. Sitting on my ass and browsing imageboards is what the royalty of old would do today. I am a pious and noble man.


No I think the nobles of old had huge drug and sex parties with their rich cohorts like they do today. Not that it makes that a “noble” pursuit.


Thank you, wiz, that's a very interesting perspective that speaks a bit closer to me since I'm a latamfag as well, though the videos are still rather US-centric. I've also already been in college and also dropped out at 21.

The concept of student loans and going into debt to get a degree is alien to me and I wouldn't be going back if it were that way. I'm still not going to the free public university that >90% go to because I went there once to accompany a cousin and that place is a hellhole bursting with people. I remember once asking my cousin how many classmates she had in her classes and she told me all of them had over 50. That sounds hellish. Where I studied most classes were 15-20 people, and the core classes of my degree were 3 people (including me). Sadly, I won't have that same comfy experience since I'm gonna study a more popular thing.


What happened to loserbernd? Only trip I liked on /r9k/ back in the day.


Which one was he? I vaguely remember that name. I mostly remember witchking.


Asian guy living in Germany. Actually a namefag now I remember



Yes, having to make groupal acivities sounds like agony to me right now, i thought of this as well. I was going to go bio, but i know that it is the most crowded science, so i was thinking of choosing physics which has less and more autistic people,and later apply this to my actual goal.

What career are you choosing?


File: 1650980624044.jpg (122.58 KB, 400x450, 8:9, b549e97d20468fa11702b0a5c8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>groupal acivities
Oh god, that's bringing up flashbacks. Definitely one of the scariest, most anxiety-inducing in school is the teacher announcing that he wants us all to make teams of X people and adding that we should make them up ourselves since "we probably all want to be with our friends, anyway". In so many years of school I've literally always been the only one who ends up with no team at the end. Not looking up that at all.

>What career are you choosing?

Well, I was thinking of going CS since I like computers and programming, but looking into the college I'm planning to enroll in, they actually had an "ingeniería en desarrollo de software" degree. It's a college oriented into working professionally, making you get a couple of IT certificates as part of the curriculum, as well as having deals with companies to send students for internships. They call it "modelo empresarial".

Anyway, I actually wanna push working as far back as possible, but my mom's been pressuring me to get back to college since she's afraid that I'll be completely screwed in the future if I keep NEETing, which, yeah, she's actually right.

Have you been a NEET all this time since you dropped out?




we could sponsor the 🧙 mage emoji for $100
we would be the secodn imageboard to do so
this is the first:
🦪 @24Chan the Oyster Massacre ( twitter.com/24chanjp )


Fuck emojis and fuck you.


Rude! That is a VERY rude thing to say..



Yes, ive been NEET for all this time, except for casual manual labor/ odd jobs here and there which dont matter for experience in any way. I had friends which i stopped seeing at 22 years old voluntarily. I've distanced myself from most people at personal level since then, and i was a room shut-in for like 3 months. I've been also on suicide watch at an hospital after suicide attempt.

I can talk to people, its just that i prefer to not doing it. I'm thinking of asking for an autism diagnosis. My suicide attempt was more related with a paranoia problem i had when i was 26.

It's funny because actually the darkest times of my life begin when i stopped playing videogames, watching anime, and visiting internet all together at 22 years old. At that time i stopped everything because i begin to ask myself why should i keep on living? What is the meaning? To end up coming with the conclussion that there's nothing actually, the only thing that matters is to play vidya, watch anime, read manga, and surf wizchan.



Also, thats a good career. Here its called ingenieria informatica.


File: 1651036973248.png (47.45 KB, 646x756, 323:378, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i did it


Nah I went back to school at ~23-24 after dropping out previously and it worked out.

The program I did was generally geared towards working adults, so most people were actually older than me. It's probably going to be like that unless you want to go live on campus somewhere in a probably not practical degree, then there would be a lot of fresh highschool kids and shit I guess. Also I only went for an Associates and still haven't (and likely won't) bothered with a bachelors.


one job


is this bumping?


you had me worried for a second. but it seems they get in contact with you and it takes over a month so if there was a typo i'm sure i could have it fixed.

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