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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/sjOLv
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Yes, some individuals are outliers. That means nothing on a societal scale. When you have a population of people who are genetically less intelligent on average and more prone to violence those traits are going to reflect on the society they're occupying regardless of whether Jamal the amazing 110 IQ negro finishes medical school or not.


>Please, without a strong state even "cultured" races like whites couldn't live peacefully. It's not about racism only, without a strong state crime will rise inevitably. Someone will always use violence, better it be a state that uses for it good ends, right?
there's no reason violence need be monopolized, it can exist between multiple loci of power. if the aim was a cultured life, then for europeans that would mean the renaissance–but the renaissance occurred before modern nation states even existed, and it was also a rejection of the "good culture" that came before it

you only arrived at the conclusion of muscular liberalism because you accepted the same premises. because classical liberalism is a totalizing ideology you have the same answer for everything, but you have no account for why it ought be implemented other than a religious belief in the equality of the human soul, and the salvific egalitarianism that goes with it: mystically conferred by the state as rights. how else can the state take rights away, and shape people into what you view as human beings, unless you first granted those premises in service of it?


I have an idea.
Lets just group races in different places and let them create their own civilizations, in an organic way.


>If you were in power you may want to cultivate a class of eunuchs to execute orders. That is how the byzantines and ottomans maintained control over their jannisaries.

That REALLY viable in the modern age?




Isn't that what trannies are?


>change culture/society to believe lazyness/not working hard is something truly socially unacceptable
it already is you fucking moron. and get the fuck out with that mentality, you're on the wrong board.


If that's the case why do a lot of lazy people who have access to guns, poisons, etc not kill themselves?
A great example of what I mean is some 20yr old chinese succubus in Canada who got her boyfriends friends to kill her parents because she was a lazy piece of shit and wanted their life insurance money, the friends killed her parents with a gun but the dad survived probably due to them shooting him in a non-vital area. I'm a lazy piece of shit but if I knew a guy who had a gun, instead of making him kill my family I'd just buy the gun off him and kill myself with it, the fact that a lot of these criminals and ghetto thugs dont use drugs or guns to off themselves proves that they dont care about themselves being lazy lowlifes of society and want to live live live



Your plan is effective but for the "change culture/society to believe []" part of it.

I hope you don't make the mistake again, it tends to be quite the time-waste!


Your twitter-esque blog post about society causing people not doing something with their lives doesnt explain how my brother who had it worse than me manages to work 10x harder than me; if I really want to I can easily accomplish a lot, I even learnt HTML, CSS and a bit of Java within 2 months so I am not a dumbass or scared of failure, I just chose not to because I am not bothered, I dont feel like wasting my energy, aka I am 'lazy'. Sure some people are 'lazy' because of factors out of their control but to say every case of lazyness is due to external factors not because of the person themselves is stupid


*A bit of javascript.


*I chose to not to work towards my original goal and chose to not finish learning all the web dev languages + make a website which I was 60ish% complete ont


Yes, we see how good it goes in the US, to allow people to own their own gun arsenal. Mass shootings every week, paranoid cops who shoot you when you try to scratch yourself, gang wars, terrorist attacks. But the right to own dangerous weapons must be defended to the death, yeah.

Dumb libshit logic.

Pseudo-science bullshit. Race doesn't matter, what matters is where you grow up. In what culture, what you learn as a child, etc. These cringe statistics don't mean anything, by your logic we should put all blacks, even smart and cultured people away, why not judge everyone individually?

But I'm not a liberal? I'm one of the most authoritarian persons here in this thread probably. Yes, violence needs to be monopolized. You can't trust the average normalshit, this should be clear to everyone here. We need more datamining, more surveillance, more cameras and less of these "freedumbs" americans have a hard-on for. Without a strong state people will eat each other alive and we will arrive at classic ghetto culture. Better to have a civilized but strong totalitarian state than having multiple little kings who do whatever horrible things they want, not to mention the average asshole who will instantly seek out and destroy anyone who is weaker than him.

The problem isn't people being lazy, it is about people shooting each other and selling drugs. Being a NEET and being a criminal, those are two different things. You sound like a normalfag with your anti-NEET rhetoric.


>Pseudo-science bullshit. Race doesn't matter, what matters is where you grow up. In what culture, what you learn as a child, etc.
A Black child adopted in to a White family from infanthood and raised in a White neighbourhood, is just as likely to be sub-retarded IQ and a criminal.
>cringe statistics
If recorded statistics don't mean anything to you, then what does?


File: 1650487445836.jpg (91.76 KB, 640x624, 40:39, nigger problem,.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1650487500284-0.jpg (167.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1533065676784.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1650487500284-1.jpg (183.32 KB, 1024x820, 256:205, liberia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This should do the job, if that wizard insist that blacks are criminals because of upbringing, he's just a bait poster.


>inb4 h-heh these are just cherrypicked and erroneous infographics, where is your source? oh well, the government lies all the time unless it is about white supremacy being the biggest threat to democracy! brown people would all be holding hands in harmony without the white devil…


>Better to have a civilized but strong totalitarian state than having multiple little kings who do whatever horrible things they want
>if we didnt have violent subjugation we would have violent subjugation, therefore we need violent subjugation


File: 1650500258362.png (351.23 KB, 736x514, 368:257, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nigeria has the second-highest crime rate of any country in Africa, due largely to also having one of the highest incidences of internecine genocidal wars and child soldier recruitment rates during said wars.

Nigeria also has a lower murder rate than Russia.


What is the source for this? According to https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/murder-rate-by-country Nigeria has a murder rate of 34.52 per 100k wheras Russia's murder rate is only 8.21 per 100k


RT reports that Coach Red Pill has been beheaded by Ukraine Azov Nazis


9.8 in 2015
WorldPopulationReview's citing the 2016 figure which included wartime Congolese/Rwandan incursion deaths.


File: 1650510010224.png (242.22 KB, 800x1239, 800:1239, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

As of 2020 Russia had more than Nigeria again according to the United Nations figures.


File: 1650527074466.png (190.16 KB, 920x712, 115:89, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The US Virgin Islands, 76% black Americans, have a homicide rate of ~50.5 per 100,000.
The African nation of Niger, composed entirely of Nigerian Africans, has a homicide rate of ~4.0 per 100,000. Niger is one of the more murderous nations of the western African region; others, like Ghana, have a murder rate closer to 1-2 per 100,000 over the years. If racial factors alone explain the violence of blacks in America, then it would need to be the american black's white admixture that was responsible for deviating him so sharply from the ancestral strain's relatively un-murderous state.
Maybe the common problem between blacks in the US Virgin Islands, blacks in the former US colony of Liberia, and blacks in the US, has to do with something that makes them different from blacks in Niger, or in Ghana, or in the Senegal, – maybe the problem with black americans isn't even the black part, but some other part of what it is to be a black american. but what could it be, what is it that differentiates black Americans from black Nigerians, what could it possibly mean…
>BBBBut there are other crimes than murder!
Yeah, and many European nations are much more criminal than America when examined sans homicides, despite a lack of niggers. This is true of the >95% white countries such as Scotland and Ireland. Nigger-driven murder statistics are THE crime statistic of note for "the color of crime" in developed nations, yet somehow nigger-driven murder drives no such statistic in Niger. This leads to one inescapable conclusion. American blacks are much harder working than African blacks. Whereas the Nigerian prince is content to e-mail you from half a world away and hope that you will help him get access to his money by giving him a couple of your own bank account routing numbers, the American is not afraid to knuckle down, get his hands dirty, acquire an illegal firearm, put himself out there, get into harm's way, and shoot a couple of cops in order to scramble with raw energetic vitality for short term gains.
How and why, though. The American Protestant Work Ethic, having divorced from religion, has mutated into three interpretations, which we can call 'alpha variant,' 'beta variant,' and 'sigma variant.' 'Alpha' is that it is good to acquire social status and power as the leader of a group, 'beta' that it is good to be agreeable to gain power and status as a participant and contributor to a group, and 'sigma' thatthe groups are at best conveniences but more often than not hindrances. This mutation has been fully socialized into the American black and has created an entire race of sigma male sociopaths who operate on a pure and unshackled master morality and consider 'good' only as 'good for me' and opposed to 'bad for me' rather than actually adapting to an internal set of precepts and principles of slave morality which define 'good' not as good FOR but as in opposition to 'evil' which evil is often actually beneficial to its practitioners. If you adopted master morality, the laws of power, and sake up the sigma grindset, then one day perhaps you too will be able to actively reshape society AND YOURSELF the way black Americans have reshaped both America and blackness.
But what is unique to being a black American that draws one to the sigma variant of the post-protestant American work ethic?
If we consider the traits of the three variants, it seems like the inclination towards one or the other would have to be socialized in, since all relate to how one integrates into the general substance of society rather than one's IQ or athleticism. Physical attractiveness might play a part due to its importance in group inclusion and social cohesion, so if blacks were generally ugly and undesirable then the route towards a 'beta' inclination would be more difficult, but aside from that there's not much in any genetic cocktail that could lead in that direction. It would be much more a matter of how the rest of society has decided to integrate or dis-integrate the black that would inform his life path. It would be understandable that blacks would be highly disproportionately drawn to the sigma grindset if there were even greater barriers against taking seriously any possibilities in the alpha and beta life paths preventing leadership or seamless agreeableness-driven subservience as a means of group entry. One such barrier would be existing already inside of a group that is in many ways separated from and in social competition with the main body of society, since being subservient to a rival group while integrated into the one group would be a sign of poor character. If the black's race constitutes such a group, then attempting the beta-style integration into the mainstream of society would necessarily make one a traitor to one's race group. Attempting integration is necessarily a thing that any individual who exists as a physical being inside of human society will attempt and fail at at least once during their existence, but the consequences of such failure for the black under that scenario would be rejection by the main body of society and abjection by one's racial group. If this happens continuously, one might say systemically, then the best way to understand society would be through the lens of constantly reinforced enmity. There is a limit to the amount of enmity one can contain without achieving the title of "enemy." There is a limit to the extent to which one can be a peaceful and peaceable enemy. The normal relationship of enemies is called "war." The normal behavior of the individual in a state of war is tactical and strategic, not diplomatic; diplomats are able to function as diplomats precisely because they are by convention exempted from the normal experience of a state of war. Therefore the behavior to be expected of a dis-integrated American black is the behavior of an enemy which lacks political channels or clarity of leadership. Incapable of negotiation, by virtue of having no channels into society which are exempt from the state of war against society, the sigma black may still have the choice to prosecute his war defensively or offensively, with the boldness of a Hannibal or the reluctance of a Fabius, but he cannot choose to exit the state of war, as that requires either that he already be exempted from his war or that he have actual fully realized integration into a group which has channels exempted from this war. It would be possible for the group designated "black" to have a leadership channel exempted from this war, if "black" were a fully separated entity with the ability to negotiate effectively with the enemy power. Two things make this unlikely. Firstly, the sigma has already experienced alienation from the larger group of "black," to one extent or another, which is what likely instilled him with his sigma grindset and sigma mutant powers. Secondly, it being theoretically possible for black group to have channels exempted from war does not make those channels effective, and does not guarantee that those channels even exist in the first place. This is where this story begins to involve the term "systemic racism."




Well, yes, but existence in a de facto state of Hobbesian war as a consequence of an antagonistic relationship with the prevailing social hierarchy has implication for male virgins fairly specifically. For instance, wizards attempting to disown certain-other-virgins-from-banned-subreddits is strikingly similar to Chris Rock's old bit about loving being a black man and respecting black people but hating "niggers." It's not good for blacks to disown niggers, but it also isn't good for whites to have blacks disown niggers as that only increases the sigma factor and decreases the legitimacy of black channels for diplomatic resolution or even mere reduction of de facto war.


Fuck russia


What are the sources for these numbers? The statistics I found with a quick internet search are much higher. And are these actual reported numbers or estimates? If they're reported then is it taking into the account how many violent crimes are actually getting reported in these undeveloped countries?


File: 1650574880160.png (278.44 KB, 1900x976, 475:244, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

World Health Organization for Niger.

UNDOC for the others, which collates available and official sources and catalogues year of data collection.
Don't be so casual in your searches.


How did the WHO arrive at this number? Is it an estimate or actual reported crimes? How are they accounting for the low level of law enforcement infrastructure and crime reporting in these developing African countries when calculating this number?


In ussr 2.0 russia fucks you


>the statistics I found with a quick internet search
>how did WHO arrive at this number

I actually doubt that your 'quick internet search' figures were actually significantly higher, and were most likely lower. For example, the first hit I get off of duckduckgo showed:
>Violent crime > Murder rate per million people37.47
Adjusted from "per million people" to "per 100,000 people" that would be 3.7, approximately half of the US murder rate. One would have to actually go to great pains to find a significantly higher figure.


Delists + retrodates most real news and information sites while promoting "trusted sources" above relevancy. DDG has been pozzed for a long time now, and yes they do sell their search statistics with IP data attached.


There is no way of knowing what the statistics you cited mean if we have no way of knowing how they were calculated.


Musk is about to buy all of Twitter and immediately privatize it, unbanning anyone who was banned for covid "disinfo"


This timeline is too fucking stupid and gay for even slightly good things to happen. Last I heard Twitter implemented a poison pill policy to forestall Musk's attempt to become majority shareholder.


>free speech in burgerland depends on some billionaire thinking it's a funny meme to grant it to people
also, note the complaints from journalists about "losing the ability to shape public discourse" when there's even the implication of sharing a platform with others


Do you really think free speech in America is decided by a private company allowing you to say nigger or not on social media?


Twitter is such a degenerative force. Internet communication is only getting worse amazingly.


twatter is effectively part of the public square, so it should be nationalized and speech on the platform subject to constitutional protection
yes, that includes being able to publish niggerkike with no repercussions


any update


File: 1650915881530.png (233.03 KB, 584x614, 292:307, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Elon Musk has officially purchased Twitter.


Remember he's been very outspoken against "public" companies taking official sides in trivial political matters. By going private he's probably going to divert moderation capacity away from picking on those who hold the wrong side of opinions, and focus it more on actually deleting the child pornography that stays up for hours. In its current state, a post saying "fuck niggers" will get deleted faster than a picture of a nigger raping a child.


>Internet communication is only getting worse amazingly.

I really doubt anything good is going to come from Musk buying twitter. From one billionaire to another billionaire.


This I like


all his wealth comes from the global warming scam anyway. none of his cheerleaders would actually buy a tesla to "save the earth"


Based, owning the heckin' pedos!!


niggers have many flaws, but they only like big booty adult womyn

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