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any wizards here have sleep problems? what do you take to get a good nights sleep?


Melatonin will keep you asleep




Exercise some hours before sleep, free the restless beast within.


Used to have bad sleep problems. Trazodone rest fixed them for me. But now I don’t need sleep medication - I just don’t drink too much caffeine and I don’t drink alcohol at all.


I keep hearing about trazodone tbh. I will bring it up with my doctor. good post wizzie.


Sip on a glass of whiskey before bed (make sure it’s good shit), do not down it, sip it before bed (start one and half to two hours before bed) and then go to sleep and you’ll be lights out. Make sure it is not a big glass (about half a cup)


no coffee after noon and sleeping pills when I need it


I tried melatonin in my mid 20s for a while with basically no good results. Then an old guy in the family told me to double or triple the dose and try again, and that plus a few more years seemed to help. Valerian root very very mild but a little easier to let myself slip off into sleep.

I think sleeping position, switching to boxer shorts with nylon gym shorts on top for plenty of comfy room to move around in, sheets that don't make me sweaty, and leaving low-volume internet talk radio or trance on at night to key in to when I'm only half wwake all did a lot. Plus keeping a regular schedule with bright light first thing in the morning and shutting down an hour early at night.


Unless you have genetic disorders you can fix it all with proper nutrition, exercise and living conditions


The effects of sleep debt (nytimes.com)


Sure recipe to alcoholism


I take trazadone as well. Works great


File: 1657943875634.png (284.01 KB, 600x401, 600:401, indica-sativa.png) ImgOps iqdb

roll up some nice indica to smoke up


nothin but good ol melatonin

name another substance for helping you sleep that has no effective lethal dose. truly god tier. i love it


This is what you smoke if you want to get severe schizophrenia.

Why can't just you get some Valium or cherries before 11:00 pm?



Physical activity and sunlight during the day, hot bath before bed. Reduce anything causing you stress and anxiety, or things that wake you up during the night, a fan helps block noise and can be relaxing.


Yeah. Like "get me more shrooms" or taunting you into nerfed stats so you may buy some indica or sativa to their asses.

"I sell and buy"
"Hope you find what you are looking for"


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