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Long time ago there was a thread here with old youtube videos. Instead of saving them properly i saved the link to that thread due to lack of mental strength at the time, unfortunately.

Would you like to share some of old youtube videos to relieve the memories of the past long gone?



I remember watching dumb GTA Touhou videos like this as a latamfag kid. I thought it was the funniest shit ever.


Not sure if this constitutes as an old video.



I was going to post Raocow videos, expecting him to have been an old Youtuber who has since left. Instead, I find that…he's still out there doing his thing. Same shtick, same consistency.




Man, this is a classic that I wish more people remembered. He deserved to get ridiculed. Now we get shit like–nevermind, I'll save it for the Politics thread.











Does anywiz have any old machinimas they want to share with the class?


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