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Something is apparently wrong with mine according to my results. I've been tired and haven't been able to get an erection for about a year. Any medicalfags here?


The pituitary gland operates at about 5% capacity tops after puberty. If your PT gland was half as active now as it were when you were 14, your bones would be growing faster than they could be fed and you'd fall apart, as has happened to all men afflicted with hyperactive PT gland. You may become 7 feet tall but you'll die 7 years before the age of 40.

How old are you? What kind of diet do you have? What do you do for exercise? Are you on any medications? Those are the basic things you should mention before asking for any kind of medical advice.


19 almost 20, I just eat a lot of food, treadmill sometimes am obese, yes I am, for anxiety and depression, getting off them soon.


Depression meds directly attack how the body responds to brain commands and how your brain perceives physical stimuli. Not getting a boner when looking at sexy anime succubus, and not getting one when physically stimulating the wand, are the first two signs that the meds are doing their job. "antidepressants" are "anti male function".


Good. I don't like being male and dealing with the male libido is the most tiresome shit ever. I wish I were flat down there like a barbie doll. The testicles and penis are such a sensitive and cumbersome organ, and require constant adjustment. Not to mention the risk of injury.


Meds must be killing you. Know that with the lost of libido comes the loss of health…

Also if you are obese, well… you are likely to have a special sensitivity against carbs.
>you cannot take just one thing, but the entire of your mind and body as a whole, to cure even a tiny issue.
Visit the healthcare section at endchan, if you do care some more.


pituitary looks like a tiny brain nutsack from that angle


it's because it's been filled with fluoride

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