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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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My stubborn self finally decided to buy an ankle brace after experiencing chronic ankle pain for about a year now. Was one of those lace-up braces. The pain was almost completely gone after sleeping with the brace for one night.

I guess it is time to start taking injuries more seriously now that I am getting older.


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lol butthurt


styrofoam boards work great and they're cheap


she killed herself right after this. lmao but not lmao


And now it's picking up really quickly.


Prices are insane right now. Just came back from groceries and 50 bucks can't buy shit now. Meat and fruit prices are through the roof.


Damn this show about bobba fett is garbage. Why did you do this Disney?


I admit, I don't get Star Wars. It's shit, absolute shit. It's silly in all the wrong ways. The villains are pathetic, heroes are bland and one-dimensional. I'm not trying to be offensive, just my honest opinion. I can understand if you were a kid in the 70s and becoming a fan when that stuff was coming out but I don't understand the appeal for younger generations.

I see SW fans talking how bad the new movies are and every time I wonder wtf they're talking about. The older ones were just as bad. I feel like SW fans can understand why SW is garbage when it's about the new stuff but somehow become blind when talking about the original trilogy. Even as a kid I remember finding it unappealing.

Why you like SW in the first place? Tell me the secret, I must be missing something. I like a lot of shitty movies myself like most Alien flicks and Starship Troopers but I don't see the appeal of SW at all.


They are dumb action movies and that's it. I agree with you.
Star Trek is worse. Peak kitsch.


TNG star trek was nothing like star wars.


A vitamin B complex multivitamin fixed all of my hangover problems.

If you get a tingly feeling in your face and limbs after drinking then taking a vitamin B complex multivitamin may help.


I like the lore and world building, but it is just sadly executed badly. Jedi are like Buddhist-influenced sci-fi monk wizards with the freedom to travel the stars, often living in solitude alone on a forested planet, with the power to live completely alone, high above plebs.

>The older ones were just as bad.

I disagree, I'm not saying any of them are high quality but the quality still collapsed catastrophically


Spent the afternoon dozing off in a half awake half asleep state, had some pleasant dreams and that weird phantom limbs phenomenon where you move but can't see yourself moving. This one always amazes me.


>Jedi are like Buddhist-influenced sci-fi monk wizards with the freedom to travel the stars

Your description sounds so much better than the actual movies. Sounds like they should make a movie more about that and less about jedis that fuck up, goofy villains and pewpew guns.


Oh yeah, I enjoy the weird experiences that come from that, even if they're sometimes a little creepy. I woke up at 4 am today and immediately tried to go back to sleep while trying to recall what I'd dreamed, then I heard some knocking on my bedroom's door and woke up. It felt very real and I'm not sure if it wasn't, but it makes no sense that my mom would randomly do that.

Some days ago I felt a light tap on my back that awoke me, then I felt my bed sheet be slightly pulled from the front.


How can anyone not like SW? It is beyond me. These are the types of movies that are entertaining for both kids and adults for different reasons.
Take back what you said!

The new sequel trilogy I watched recently and I think they were unoriginal and had nothing particularly new about them, that is why they were meh for the most part for me except for The Last Jedi which I enjoyed the most from the new 3 movies. I just didn't feel the coherence or continuity between the movies of the new trilogy, I don't know how to say it, it felt like they just made things up as they went along instead of planning things out carefully beforehand. That and they tried to please fans of the Original Trilogy way too much. I liked the prequels better than the sequels.

But my point is, how can you not like it? They have lightsaber battles, space battles, and the whole epic feeling about them. Personally I like the video games and spin offs like books and comics better than the main movie story line. The spin offs had much darker tones at times. Talking about pre-Disney reboot things like KOTOR 2.

I like the lore and world building better than the main movies too. There are some good SW books out there. I'd argue SW is best when it comes to spin offs, at least pre-disney spin offs.


File: 1654620532946.png (2.42 MB, 1490x2580, 149:258, stormtrooper_PNG9.png) ImgOps iqdb

Believe me I would love to enjoy it, the more stuff you like the more stuff there are for escapism and there are tons of SW media out there. I'm not trying to dislike it but it's like I said, heroes are one-dimensional, villains are goofy and the laser guns and sabers are just ridiculous.

I tell you this but at the same time I like a lot of stuff that has the same problems and perhaps are even worse, so that shouldn't be a problem. I really enjoy a lot of old zombie movies that are worse than SW in several aspecs but for some reason I prefer the overall atmosphere so I can have fun with those. I also enjoy Mr. Vampire movies which are equally lighthearted and absurd. I think it's mostly the flavor I don't find appealing, the space opera aspec of it. >>290354 described it in a much more fascinating way than how the movies feel to me. If the movies were more about sci-fi monk wizards being monk wizards I guess I could like it better, but all movies are centered around whiny jedi bitches or jedi that fuck up.

I guess in my case if you're going to tell a hero's journey tale I prefer something like The Lord of the Rings, which I enjoy it a lot. I've tried to like SW but the setting just doesn't do it for me. I do enjoy how storm troopers look though. My brother enjoy the SW franchise and we talked about it a few times. He told me to play the first Knights of the Old Republic and I did. It was mostly OK but not nearly enough to start enjoying the universe.


File: 1654635909245-0.png (2.77 MB, 1296x968, 162:121, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1654635909245-1.png (1.95 MB, 1600x566, 800:283, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1654635909245-2.png (5.29 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

something about the printed designs on double edge razor blade packaging reminds me of the past, maybe the 1950s? but these are all completely modern products. the typography and color choices are usually simple and pretty. i guess when all razor blades are functionally identical this is the only way you can differentiate your product. if i was a millionaire with tons of space i'd probably collect these


Well, Lord of the Rings was in many ways subversive of the hero's journey. When Frodo leaves the Shire, Farmer Maggot sends him off with respect and identifies him as the leader of the group, but when he returns, Maggot tries to regard him as the leader but eventually turns to literally every other hobbit in the group; you can palpably see that his respect for Frodo has diminished in direct response to Frodo's trauma-driven placidity. Star Wars is, intentionally, much closer to the Campbellian archetype, and it seems likely that your tastes just run in a more subversive direction.


The only enjoyable Star Wars media I have ever experienced was Battlefront 1/2 (original). I played 2 online more than both Halo games. I beat KOTOR1 a couple times and thought the overall story was dumb as fuck. The game was also incredibly buggy. The worst bug I recall was getting stuck in a spacesuit in a part that I shouldn't have even been in one. The suit prevented me from using any skills, so combat was basically guaranteed death. I lost so much progress from this bug that I never even considered playing the sequel.


There are several journeys in Lord of the Rings, I guess Aragorn would be the closest to the more traditional path but you have the tropes peppered through out all the characters. Gandalf literally falls in an abyss and goes through death and resurrection but he's also a mentor and helper for other characters. It's all in there somewhere.


File: 1654637778224.jpg (449.5 KB, 750x748, 375:374, 1578842139945.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

feather > astra blues > astra greens > shark > derby > bluebird > supermax (all factual)


Are you talking about your shaving experience or you're just judging the packages aesthetic?


>Are you talking about your shaving experience
yeah, specifically sharpness i guess, but the most aesthetic one is obviously shark


You use safety razors? I always see them at stores and wonder if it's actually better than disposable ones.


Not him, but they're super cheap, last a long time, and in my experience shave better overall.


File: 1654685348643.gif (1.54 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 271486425_660236815005915_….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I was thinking about how much intelligence and confidence are codependent. Like an anxious person probably performs worse on a test than someone more confident, and failing will spiral further and of course lower confidence even more.
The confident person on the other hand reinforces their intelligence by performing better, even if they would perform badly, I doubt their confidence would decrease as much as the other way around.
So basically I'm thinking that confidence should be learned first before anything, I'm guessing how many children get told their are dumb when in reality they are lacking confidence to put the pieces in their brain together, or something.


confidence or the lack of it, in this academic context, is either a reflection of your ignorance or your intelligence and knowledge, and this is reinforced by people.
You can be highly confident but dumb and ignorant and fail.
More often than not confidence has little to do with success, in practical terms.


>More often than not confidence has little to do with success, in practical terms.
I think I disagree, yes confidence without intelligence won't work either. Still you can be the smartest person to live but lack the confidence to take actions that may lead to success. You can present an idea to stop world-hunger in a few years, if you don't seem confident while doing so people would get biased and skeptical before you finished explaining.
False confidence is something that breaks easily anyway, but confidence in itself helps you push on after you fail I believe. You could argue that the knowledge to know when to continue is part of intelligence itself probably.


File: 1654687045996.png (1.8 MB, 1240x1240, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i use them for dry shaving my balls lol. for that purpose, a single pack of feathers has lasted me probably over a decade now. before that when i had a job i used it like a normal person on my face. double edge safety razors seem sketchy at first but they are dead simple and effective. you can resharpen the blades if you want to go full frugal. the shaver, the blades, and sharpeners are all made of metal which is nice to have durable products not hunks of plastic


File: 1654694177538.jpg (140.74 KB, 508x761, 508:761, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I always see them at stores and wonder if it's actually better than disposable ones.
the main difference is there's no flex in the handle, so you have to shape it to the contours of your face manually, it can produce better or worse results accordingly. it's up to you if you wanna try it

today i would probably just get a straight razor, although it looks like it would take a few years of use to recoup the initial cost for a nice one, but you'd never have to buy blades again

that's pretty brave


I think I'll get a safety razor. My main problem with disposable ones is you have to shave every 3 days or so, otherwise the hair gets too long and it clogs the damn thing. I end up putting more time trying to remove the hairs stuck between the blades than anything else. I'm watching people using safety razors on YT and there's no way to clog them or for the hair to get stuck. We'll see. I'll try it myself and report back. I'm also going to use >>290383 standards and see if I can get feather or astra, but I have to check what's available around me first.

>straight razor

Now that looks interesting, but then you also need a sharpening stone and a leather strop thingie and I have very limited space. Seems like there's more maintenance involved with those than I'm willing to give.


i found it incredibly difficult to the point where i gave up, so expect your face to get all cut up


i got the merkur 34c. there really is nothing special about it, it simply works, any similar thing will probably work just as good. but i'll recommend it as a starting point for you to look at stuff


File: 1654706278820.png (740.13 KB, 1224x632, 153:79, Untitled-2.png) ImgOps iqdb


Well I'm back wizzies. Got this safety razor at a variety store close by for literally one solitary buck. Didn't have a label or anything, just the name of the store in a blister package. Only info on the back is it's made in India. Couldn't find any of the good razors mentioned by >>290383, the only one they had was Gillette Wilkinson so I got that. I had a week old beard so long enough to clog a disposable razor. I'm happy to inform this is not an issue with a safety razor. There aren't blades closely aligned together for hair to get stuck anywhere. So that's good.

There were a few problems though. First, this thing is a lot more slippery than a disposable razor. It's all metal and my hands were wet. The fact the handle is 7cm (2.7 in) doesn't help at all. Very short indeed and I was struggling to have a good grip on this thing, but that's what you get when you go for the cheapest of the cheap. This could use a longer handle, maybe 10cm (4 inches) would be best.

As for the shaving process itself, this was the very first time using one of those, I had no idea how to go about it. I watched a quick yt video and that was it. Used some shaving cream and got to it. My main problem was getting the angles right. It's tricky at first by not rocket science, you just have to experiment with it. The funny thing is I found safety razors too safe! There's a guard on them just under the blade that doesn't allow you to to make wide angles so you won't cut yourself. There were places where I did feel like trying wider angles but the safety guard on the safety razor won't allow it. I guess it really works because I didn't cut myself at all. I did get a small rash close to my adam's apple but that happens sometimes with disposable razors as well so I'm not blaming on the safety razor.

Like >>290427 said it just works. In fact I found it worked better than disposable ones for 2 main reasons: It doesn't clog when shaving long hair and for a lazy person like myself this is a must. The other reason is those razors are sharp as hell, man, Gillette doesn't fuck around with sharpness on their razor blades, way sharper than their shitty disposable ones, I'm impressed. I really like the result. By the end there I was already comfortable with it.

I'm such a noob with these, it's actually the first time I saw a razor blade upclose. Somehow I always thought they were rigid but nope, these are paper thin and you can actually bend them quite easily. Don't know why I thought otherwise.

Pic related you can see the result of a single pass, feels pretty good. I reduced the colors on my face there because I don't want half of my face in hd on the internet, but you can see the safety razor pretty well at least. This is probably the bottom of the barrel as far as quality goes but even this one does the job well. I'll continue to use it and if my first impression holds up I'll actually get a decent one. Maybe a merkur 34c like that wiz suggested.

Welp, that was that. And it all began with >>290378 casually posting razor blades. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Sorry about the blog posting but this is the first time I actually go out and purchase something solely based on something someone posted on wizchan. Blog's over.


Yeah well if you want deep and complex characters then watch Bergman movies or something artsy, these are made for entertainment.
>heroes are one-dimensional, villains are goofy
SW Universe focuses on dualism and a strong opposition between Good and Evil.
>the laser guns and sabers are just ridiculous

>Kotor 1

> I beat KOTOR1 a couple times
You guys are missing out, seriously. Kotor 1 is overrated as hell as it is basically another redemption story yet again, just like in the movies. Well it is set in a much more interesting period than the movies, though. But Kotor II is what you want and what SW movies should be like. I encourage you to try it or to watch a playthrough of it. It is so different from the feeling of Kotor1 and the movies, it is dark and philosophical and less black n white in its thinking than other SW media.


File: 1654717346243.jpg (677.77 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

glad you liked it

>The fact the handle is 7cm (2.7 in) doesn't help at all. Very short indeed and I was struggling to have a good grip on this thing, but that's what you get when you go for the cheapest of the cheap.

it differs but generally they are shorter than disposables, it's likely to keep the weight closer to the head and to use less leverage. i'm guessing the grip was slippery from the plating applied afterwards, but as the other wiz suggested something like a merkur will just have the knurling cut directly into the stainless steel

>The funny thing is I found safety razors too safe! There's a guard on them just under the blade that doesn't allow you to to make wide angles so you won't cut yourself. There were places where I did feel like trying wider angles but the safety guard on the safety razor won't allow it.

the guard along the bottom is a closed comb, if you want more of the blade exposed you could get an open comb


Warhammer 40k can beat Star Wars


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try playing it and see how it goes.


Hm, I didn't know about open and closed combs. Well I'll get used to the one I got and we'll see. I'll be trying different blades as well just for the fun of it.


I've been listening to EAS of various countries. It got far more interesting than I thought.

Here's the U.S..


South Korea's sounds like a dial-up modem. I shit you not, this is their actual EAS.


This is Italy's. It legit sounds like a dubstep sample.


Germany sounds like the beginning of an 8bit boss fight when the cartridge glitched out.


Chile sounds like something from the Earthbound soundfont.


Israel's is proper scary, but the most frightening of all, the one that feels just unsettlingly horrifying is…


1939 Poland.



was this a small sample that was looped incorrectly? the sudden stop and starting at various points seems unintentional


I have a very dark confession to make. I've lost my anal virginity to a young female nurse when she injected a huge enema into my ass because I had been constipated for weeks. It was a huge metal tube, longer than the average dildo, I was basically raped by the medical mafia. I haven't been the same since, not only did they anally raped me, but the nurse saw my penis, yes a succubus saw me naked and penetrated my ass with a metal tube. They've stole my anal virginity, they've stole my powers, I'm virtually gay now.>>290709

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