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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



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Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established
blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog?
I'm not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
I'm thinking about setting up my own but I'm not sure where to begin. Do
you have any tips or suggestions? Thank you


Most VPS providers have one-click install options for WordPress sites which have thousands of blog templates


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wizardchan is now forever the proud sponsor of the male mage emoji


File: 1651083075754.png (252.6 KB, 594x632, 297:316, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb




>witch is taken by hag.codes


the hell is that site


File: 1651096742611.png (504.5 KB, 835x623, 835:623, 225982243.png) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to Wizchan, enjoy your stay.


It's funny, for about 5 months now I've been sleeping on the floor. Not directly on the floor, I arranged a couple of blankets on top of eachother and folded a nice and thick cotton bed sheet around them in a way everything stay in place. I can just roll it up like a camping bed and store inside a drawer during the day.

Never gave it much thought until just now so I gave it an internet search. Not surprisingly, apparently a few years ago there was a fad on YT on a bunch o people making videos about sleeping on the floor and the amazing health benefits it has. Bunch of clickbait garbage and nonsense of course, but browsing through the results I didn't see a video talking about one undeniable benefit it has. I have so much space now on my bedroom. It's a very small room so the bed took most of the space out, barely any space for a chair. Now I have space to walk around in circles and stretch out, it's great.

It's also a lot easier to clean the room now, having one less piece of furniture in the way.


I’ve been becoming psychotic again lately I need to start being more mindful before I end up with another hospital stay


I have slept on the floor for 2 weeks and I noticed that I had no issues with getting up early during that time. I met on the internet someone who has been sleeping on the floor for 7 years but stopped when he got married. Maybe I will try it again one day, but for now I really like my bed.


I sort of angrily told a customer to get off their phone today (petrol station). I was really hostile about it and felt I should apologise when he came in to pay. Fortunately he didnt seem very fazed, just kinda suprised and taken aback by my attitude when i spoke to him.

One half of this job is ok (cleaning and restocking). The other half involves interacting with customers that i hate 90% of and pressing 2 buttons on a touch screen cash register. This is hell and im going insane. Today's little outburst is showing the cracks starting to form and one day soon i might start screaming at customers for incredibly minor things.


is it really dangerous? honest question, i dont drive


File: 1651184311389.mp4 (17.81 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 711.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

change your ways or this is your fate


If this was just audio I'd think the clerk was Mr. Chris-Chan. Same mannerisms, voice, and reasoning skills.


Well, he's just honest really, it is all garbage.


he's not wrong or dishonest, but it's not worth being right either


I’m watching Leon the professional. Is there supposed to be a weird sexual tension, or did wizchan ruin me?


No sexual tension between any of the characters. Showing the teen succubus acting erotically to entertain herself was just directed to show that she comes from a broken home and is culturally distant from Leon, and it was probably a ploy to attract viewers like me.


seniority affords you nothing on an anonymous imageboard


Are you a sociopathic aspergers autistic adhd schizoid wizoid? didn't think so, normie.


some dickwipe stole my violin


>Is there supposed to be a weird sexual tension, or did wizchan ruin me?

It's directed by Luc Besson.


This is hilarious


odysee is a youtube alternative site. im planning on cloning youtube channel to this site and stealing their money basically. there a ton of youtube channels that dont even host original content so i think this is totally fair game

will see how profitable it is


landlord gave me a luxury sedan and a 10lb salami. I don't have a driver's license and I'm off preserved food. Troubling…!


Why is your landlord casually giving you a car?


He bought it from a scrapyard to adapt as a UTV for an outdoor business, but after looking at it inside and out decided that it's impractical for the field but still a really road-worthy vehicle. I work at the business part time and offerred to work it off but he said I can just have it.


File: 1651430403248.jpeg (120.55 KB, 800x749, 800:749, 0f169aa272b7c2a9c91b6ed0f….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I keep waking up in the night with a sharp pain on the bottom of my tongue. It happens when I'm deep in sleep. I feel around and there's no way it could have been from me as I really have to stretch my tongue to get the painful parts to my teeth and even then biting would just make a sore area much larger than the small knicks I'm feeling. I'm pretty sure it's one of the rats or mice that own the house. I know they climb on me and have been after my crunchies for a while. The bagel I had on my desk just inches away from my sleeping face was chewed up overnight. I'm not going to put it past them trying to get in to my warm wizard body but I don't know why they'd be so bold as to eat me alive from the inside out. Maybe they smell something tasty on my tongue. Maybe they're trying to warn me. I'll record my sleep tonight and see which fat rat is snacking on my palette. If it's spiders I'm just killing myself right then and there.


File: 1651433915174.png (671.16 KB, 760x596, 190:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>spiderkissed, the chosen of arachne


Does anyone know a good site like myanimelist or imdb but for video games?


I wouldn't doubt that I'll be able to finish those videos I challenged myself to do. Obviously, I had doubts I could do it. Still, if I'm able to finish a majority of videos, even half, by the end of May, I'd be happy. Sometimes, I find it hard to study or do anything, even on my days off. I'll just stare at my phone. It's not like I even want to do anything that day. I don't want to game or anything, just relax. By the end of the year, I still want to learn a lot more about security, networking, and operating systems. It's a lot to learn though. I won't feel complete or decently smart without knowing more. I feel so ill-educated in so many things.


File: 1651482772672.jpeg (2.22 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 498469B1-3EFF-4CC8-A067-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

May 2022. How are we feeling?


File: 1651483905143.jpg (13.52 KB, 312x296, 39:37, k842773.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It could always be worse


feel physically unwell
but the mind is okay


I want to sniff that flower


So you are scared of spiders dumping their eggs in your mouth but not of city rat full of toxins taking a little bite ?


i remember once waking up to seeing a cockroach.. and i spent the next week bugproofing my room. duct taping every tiny gap or entrance into the room and installing mesh covers over the air ventination, blocking the door gaps underneath, adding foam around window

id lose my mind if i ever saw a rat in my room


I was thinking about the film "To Have and Have Not" again. In particular, how Walter Brennan's Eddie character made the whole movie for me. They establish early on that the question "Have you ever been stung by a dead bee?" is something of a shit test or shibboleth, as every character who doesn't get Eddie's issues treats the question matter-of-factly or with outright derision. However, every character who plays along with is usually the 'good' character.

Over time, I've come to love this film, and I can't solidly put my finger on to why. I think it mainly has to do with Eddie's character, but also the subtlety of everything. Everything is obvious, but nothing is overt. The good characters are simply understanding, and nothing more. There's humility, and it's not contradictorily pointed out.

Thank you for reading my review.


Interesting, thanks wiz.



new tamers12345 in a few hours


seems we are up to regular posting speed now that the weekend party is over for all """wizards"""


thanks for the insight /b/ spammer. fuck off now thanks.


Hope it was worth it, got "lucky"?


This wizard's carefree days are over.

For those of you still coasting by on the will and love of your family, on the bux of neetdom or investments of crypto, watching anime and getting in to fights over the internet… Treasure these times, as they will eventually come to and end. Keep doing what makes you happy and follow the path of least resistance as you float down the lazy river of blissfull male melencholly, but just make sure to remember these good times, and to every now and then try to make some new good memories. Some day, memories will be all you have. That's just the way of life. You can try to escape it by pursuing new excitement around the clock, or you can embrace it and live in peaceful passivity as the days grow shorter until they stop appearing at all. When a tidal wave comes to sink your ship and a blue curtain of certain death is cast upon the horizon… Will you senselessly flail and grasp at bubbles of hope only to die too tired to dream? Or will you close you eyes and let your life flash before you while the warmth of the ocean carries you to your own personal heaven?


This NEET is on vacation for a week, living alone at the coast. Abundance of my fav foods. It's like paradise.


what happened, my good man?


Got this stuck in my head.


Been there done that and now I'm at the end of my rope, looking back I enjoyed next to none of it. It was all meaningless fluff in the end.


Is it just me or has there been a lot more traffic recently? What happened?


Cheers wizzie.


new animal i saw


maybe someone made a video about wizchan again


how my favourite wizzas being doin?
coming here less and less, just stopping by to say hi


man i fucking hate how scientific standards and publications are paywalled. i can't even articulate how pissed off it makes me and im not a scientist or anything, i just occasionally want to read about things. it seems offensive to all to place knowledge behind barriers



find the DOI of the paper and use it to search on >>289031


I brought an HD598 headset nearly a decade ago and it is still going strong. I did have to replace the earpads a few years ago, though.


Started exercising again at my home gym. I alternate between using an elliptical and a biking machine each for 30 minutes. I then do 4 sets of easy intuitive weight-lifting with dumbbells. Watching myself get visibly more in shape before my eyes makes me feel really good. Re-sculpting a healthy masculine appearance will be really good for my confidence as well. I've also been growing out my beard since I have always had a personal suspicion that any amount of shaving either damages your facial hair follicles or destroys them by pulling out hairs. I'm not really obsessive over being masculine since I've always been more of a cerebral person, but I'm feeling good.


Wish I knew how to replace the earpads on mine, they've been slowly becoming gross and uncomfy the past few years..


I went outside for a moment at 5 PM today. It was a nice day, and it got me thinking how I wanted to stay outside. That later turned to how absolutely empty everything is. In our society, it's roads and a bunch of shops. In the immediate, small amounts of wilderness near me, it's just woods. There isn't much else but trees and a few uninteresting plants that would serve no purpose to a human these days. Nothing to eat, if you catch my drift. I guess there are really no actual wilderness places that people can connect to like a river that was used by some Native Americans to trap fish was. Or near that river was a mountain full of rhyolite that could be used to fashion tools. wilderness places have become boring and sameish while we've made this place where yes, we can get whatever we want everywhere, but it's spread out, privatized, and foreign to multiple (non-existant) peoples/groups. The human world has become stretched and painted gray. The wilderness around us holds no meaning. It just exists. Also there's nothing to do in the wilderness other than walk, but I guess it's all boring. It's always been boring if you're getting that idea too. At least we have tons of media, games, and other distractions.



File: 1652017323781.png (1.52 MB, 1814x936, 907:468, NREL-2022-01.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is my favorite chart. i remember first seeing it almost 10 years ago. they keep updating it and stuff just keeps becoming more efficient, it's so cool to check back on it and visually see some method had a breakthrough


I apologize if this comes off as cynical, because it is nice to look at some sort of progress in this world, but what do those numbers pragmatically mean? Does getting to 56% solar cell efficiency mean some sort of energy production breakthrough? Wouldn't a better chart be to look at "Joules produced at equitorial equinox solar noon peak per $ production cost"?




File: 1652026111518.png (540.61 KB, 750x500, 3:2, americanDystopia.png) ImgOps iqdb

Out of all the dystopias that past authors imagined, they never thought to simply look around at the one we already made.


File: 1652029643440.png (1.05 MB, 838x560, 419:280, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder what it's like working in these areas (not really)


Can't tell if the guy filming is a troll or just retarded.



Went to the nearest big shopping centre the other day (or mall as you yanks call it) for new shoes and wagecuck pants. The plethora of redundant "trendy" clothe stores that all stock the same shit, the average person looks like shit, The 'attractive' succs with 4 layers of makeup smeared across their face look like shit, the /fit/ fags covered in tats looked like shit, caught my reflection in something for minute and i looked like shit, the elderly limping through at a snails pace, looking like that dude in robocop that gets covered in acid. Everything about it was absurdly grotesque. Almost like looking in a funhouse mirror. Desperate, sweaty people of every race, creed and age vibrating into each other in a place that looks like a large scale public toilet. I know these observations are trite as fuck but i haven't had to go anywhere like that since before the pandemic started so it felt particularly overwhelming. I can't even imagine how your average person would enjoy it.


Those pics are from the 80's when shit was "good" it's way worse now.



do you know a good pdf viewer? firefox doesn't display pdfs properly for me and when i google about this no one else seems to have the problem


Sumatra PDF


File: 1652054339714.jpg (244.52 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 94e39f299be7a6bafe1df0d560….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>gn*me slavery
mupdf and mutool
>what year is it

the choice is yours, but only one is right




don't be evil




I believe i have diabetes.

Foam in urine. Dry mouth. Gallbladder was removed. Family from mother's side has a history of diabetes. Nausea and filling hunger and full at the same time.

I'm not overweight.

I'll try to see a dr as soon as possible


are you properly hydrated?


File: 1652073341735.jpg (1.32 MB, 1435x1197, 205:171, 573261e2-b648-4ce2-8e11-86….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

starting to believe all fast food burgers are made out of bug meat
burger king and mcdonalds being the biggest offenders


posting about health on wizchan is always a mistake. it's begging for some smartass to tell you to sleep over burning charcoal and stare at the sun to magically cure whatever you suffer from


Welcome to the club.



How much water should i be taking? I've been eating a lot of salt.


what climate are you in, what physical activity are you engaged in, how much water/salt are you consuming? the only way your body can remove excess sodium is by the kidneys excreting salty water which you piss out. if you consume too much salt and dont increase water intake proportionately, you are in the literal sense dehydrating yourself


Sleeping on hot coals and solar gazing is what got the human race out of caves.


Concrete hell full of parking lots. I don't think this is the right way to do things. Get rid of the cars and you free up so much space. No cars, no parking lots and less roads. Less traffic too. Most importantly, more land for wilderness. More green.


reminds me of early 2000s internet browsing with all the ads on the left/right sides of pages


the whole (you will eat ze bugs) is a BS meme. instead i think in the USA they will just make us eat the brazilian beef/ultra low quality beef that will fuck us up with cancer and make males grow breasts. its over for us meateaters unless we buy organic.

just seafoodmaxx


have you ever had beyond burgers? Try a double beyond burger


It's funny because in Brazil people say all the high quality meat produced here is sold abroad and the shitty, low quality product is sold locally. Now, I had burgers in the US and I do have them here and they mostly taste the same. Truth is there's an international standard to produce and commercialize meat and everybody is following the same rules, so everything everywhere must taste mostly the same, unless you're eating at some really shady places.


im switching to eating doner



This place is a knock-off of wizardchan.


Is this a Donner party joke, or does it have some other meaning?
Home made beef is usually the best.


doner as in doner kebab i assume


File: 1652220416808.gif (1.94 MB, 366x278, 183:139, 1652180038889.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Doner kebab although not on a shish but its in a pita with lettuce tomato onions aka lamb gyro


The older I get, the more I appreciate being alive and existing. How short life truly is. And beautiful at the same time.

If you are an egoist you really have no reason to hate life. All life-denying comes from the community oriented thinking of moralism, with its not stepping on other people's toes and all that. If you love yourself and live for yourself then life can be breath-takingly amazing.


And here's a guy who never heard of chronic pain or illnesses of any kind.. or poverty. Or anything really. Never had to foot his own bills, either. Completely insulated and clueless.

You're incredibly ignorant about the world, that's why you came up with that ridiculously silly conclusion. With all due respect anon, you're not the ultimate individualist, you're just an idiot.


>if you love life then you never faced true hardship (unlike me)

But the bad parts are necessary in life too. Otherwise you would get bored of the good parts and things in life. If you could isolate yourself completely and live for your hobbies all day then eventually you would get bored of them. But not just your hobbies, you'd tire of life generally too. A mix of discomfort/suffering/struggle and peace/pleasure is what makes life good.


You completely missed what I actually contested in your post. You're an idiot anon. But that's a good thing I suppose.


No, I didn't? You argued literally that one can't love life unless he is deluded.

And that itself proves you yourself are deluded and full of sour grapes.


perfectly describes me. living like a king, i love life. fuck hardship i like being insulated


aloe is such a fucking troll lol

tried eating a big ass leaf. it's bitter and rubberlike, difficult to chew because it's so slippery. and as you chew it it turns into lube. incredibly silly plant


try chewing on a cactus next


I'm more than a year late to this piece of news but yeah. This guy pulled the only cosplay I'll ever remember, just read he passed last year. I read in a article just now that he posted about body positivity and stuff like that on his twitter. Fuck, if he only stopped that nonsense and lost the weight instead he would probably be alive right now.


Bastards at the self-storage place overlocked my unit due to "unpaid bills" which I guess is some sort of codeword for they want my money. My doujin.. my wizarding doll… all my retro vidya.. My anime figs!!! LOCKED UP!!!!


Picking locks is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


File: 1652420989449.jpg (998.43 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20220512_154042.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

do you have a suggestion?

this was half the aloe leaf i ate. the thing was like 30 inches long absolute madness


Yeah I have a kit and have done a few locks and doors before but the locks on storage units are special two-sided and unccuttable. They need to be crushed with a proprietary hydraulic tool


How about paying the bill and hauling your stuff out of there? You don't even need to money, if you have access to a credit card use that and then don't pay the bank. If you have zero money and will have zero money in the future there's nothing they can do.


Sponsorblock is a good addon for youtube. I thought it was a pain submitting my own segments, but I actually enjoy doing it now that other people's submissions have saved me hours of watching bullshit filler on youtube.


>the thing was like 30 inches long absolute madness

You slut


File: 1652473299989.png (10.58 KB, 781x302, 781:302, mal_acc.png) ImgOps iqdb

About a year ago I talked about some guy wanting to purchase my MAL account just because it was old. I was going through my mail just now and found his message again and decided to check his account. Judging by the empty watch history and last login date, the person gave up on anime just a month later after sending me the message. Guess I saved him some money, it was not going to be a lasting interest anyway.



Right below the aloe is the bitterness that you're tasting. To properly consume it, you need to get the actual aloe without the bitter part of the plant. I dunno, just look it up. Shouldn't be too hard.


Why would anyone what to buy a MAL account?


Someone left a comment on my profile and deleted it before I ever saw it once. That's the full extent of my communications on MAL. I need to add something like double the anime, but it just seems like an epeen yardstick and so I neglect it.


According to the messenger's own words
>I'm hoping to start something in the community and would like to buy an aged account.

I find very cool to look back on my list, I keep a very detailed log in there with exact dates, notes and scores for everything. It's over 12 years of my life in a list in many ways.

I do get messages every once in a while because I write reviews for a lot of obscure manga and people want to know where I read it or how to find certain things. One particular manga got an anime adaptation sometime ago and suddenly I got 3 messages because of the manga review I wrote for it like 4 years ago. All of them wanted to know where to find the manga because they wanted to read as well.


Or he bought someone else's account and abandoned his old one.


for the same reason people pretend to be oldfags on imageboards, old regdates supposedly give you creds


File: 1652605106823.gif (44.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 6mdDUqj.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>watch some videos
>eat snacks
>read a little
>look at the time
>5 in the morning
how is this possible man


time flies when you’re having fun


i feel that it goes by faster at night regardless


BL🔴🔴D M🔴🔴N


Not even sleeping with a blanbket anymore, just a cloth wrapped around my eyes


>Google is adding a feature to Chrome’s autofill system called Virtual Card Numbers, which will let you hide your credit or debit card number while making purchases on the web. Google says the feature will help make it easy to securely buy things on sites that don't support options like Google or Apple Pay.

ok this is kinda cool. i spent weeks completing the registration process for privacy cards. this basically is the same thing without any hassle…

now i guess the issue is whether or not youre ok giving google all your purchase data


man electricity is nuts. modern magic. i have been spending hours every day just reading about things. i would like to be able to understand circuit diagrams and simple circuit boards at a glance


How to enjoy life?
>inb4 drugs


video games


Anime and >>289321, and that about covers everything, really. There's nothing else, if you don't enjoy either of those things you're done.
I hear some people like horrible stuff listening to music and reading books, but those people are just crazy, don't let them fool you.
Shut up.


File: 1652796072423.jpg (144.09 KB, 670x1024, 335:512, 1652543412486.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>try to download a picture from search in 2022
>5 of them are .webp files instead of jpg
gotta hate this new internet


I wish there was a browser setting that would just automatically convert downloaded images into jpg/png/gif, or maybe tech companies need to stop being lazy and add webp support to their programs


webp is annoying man. so many folders on my computer are infected with random webp images


This makes your browser tell websites that you do not support webp, but it will only work with "nice" servers, it goes without saying that google is not one of them.

This lets you download images as png/jpg, however you have to use the extension button and it does not override the regular save button as webextensions are not allowed to do that.

There is also this for batch converting webps, for some reason you have to drop the files into its folder when it is already running as it does not convert files already present when it starts.


File: 1652809372435.png (244.25 KB, 703x845, 703:845, 1234.png) ImgOps iqdb

Had to share the elevator with a succubus today. Her hair was so greased together it looked like a single lump of horns. She had terminal halitosis that could melt a Lich, I barely made it out alive. Her outfit was made of 4 different pajamas parts and it all smelled like cat piss and bird caca. There was so much grime on her glasses I don't know how she could see anything.

I know there are people here who doubt witches exist but sometimes I'm not so sure.


could just be a drug addict


It wasn't so bad as that. She didn't look like a homeless drunk or addict, more like an incredibly lazy neet in a nonclinical stage of self-neglect.


Make it so that webps open in paint. You can use that to export it into a jpg


that's hanging a bucket under the car to fix an oil leak


use bing for images


half way into may and it's already unbearably hot. and yet there are people who enjoy it, as if we did not experience "unprecedented" heat waves and droughts every year for the last decade.


fucking windows real-time protection. is there a way to turn it off so it stays off? whenever it turns on, i immediately notice a delay in my pc's responsiveness. i click something and nothing happens, or i type and no text is appearing, then suddenly all my inputs get slammed together

i wish you could disable this with a powershell script or something. i don't know of a way aside from manually doing it. it stays off for like 8 hours so it's not a big deal, but everytime i have to turn it off i get annoyed


File: 1652911519366.jpeg (143.05 KB, 1419x703, 1419:703, security4.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Disables the RTP until reboot
"Tamper Protection" restores user-defined entries to their factory state on restart, so we must disable TP with this key (create anything that's not present in your registry)

Unless it's been patched out. If it has, you can probably make one of those portable registry entry things and have it execute un startup


This is also present in my BIOS. But most likely it means detection of actual tampering with the physical parts. He should give that a shot if it just happens to be an option.


ive probably tried that in the past because i have that entry added and set to 1 already. so i know it doesn't work, but next time it real time monitoring is active i will check if it switches to 0


I just realized I look like an adult now, already in my mid twenties. Still can't grow a proper beard, but I've already fully matured. Few years ago I looked much younger. Guess I lost all sense of time.




File: 1653005227337.jpg (664.25 KB, 927x1190, 927:1190, 1519f67b66bc5836c40658b930….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

test image


Ratmin, you smell like shit


That's rude


One thing I can look forward to when I wake up is what kind of food I’m gonna have in the morning, it could be anything


I've no appetite for the past week or so. Just don't feel like eating. I hope this is not a bout of depression coming in.


I read that you can get food scented sprays that will make you hungry


so many things in life can be solved by knowing the vocabulary, the right terms for things, what words to google. like each industry has created thousand of new word and terms for things. you need to solve a problem but you don't know how to word the problem, and if you word it correctly the solutions jump out at you because people have solved this problem decades ago. i see it all the time as i learn new subjects. frequently i have problems describing mechanical fittings, how to connect various things together, brackets, fasteners, mounting systems. what's worse is you can often solve a problem using any number of different approaches so you use X and it works, but not as good as Y and maybe even more expensive, but you simply didn't know about Y. i feel like knowledge and vocabulary around various subjects could be organized better to faciliate self-learning and allow people to explore all these things on their own, not sure how to do it exactly though


We are in the third largest spike of covid cases right now since the pandemic began, but looking around you wouldn't know it. Everyone has dropped mask mandates and almost no one wears them anymore. I guess after a certain point people just get tired of it. I wonder how bad it would have to get before people go back to trying to do something about it.


File: 1653135851728.png (107.39 KB, 753x356, 753:356, yht43.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Banned for being a troll


I know in the end all activities are just a waste of time but shitting ibs has to be the lowest one yet. Why do you do it wiz?


*shoots 3-day postban gun*


time to slow to a crawl…


I wonder where everyone goes on weekends, I just sit here refreshing wizchan and playing games and watching youtube


only good thing is that you know the posts coming in now are from real wizards, not those fake ones


>I just sit here refreshing wizchan and playing games and watching youtube
That's everybody. Also what games?



Sonic Mania? I liked that one.


yea its fun


I really think it’s because people actually stay home when they are sick with covid.


I think people have realized:
1 - To have an actual influence, you REALLY have to close shit down.
2 - If you REALLY close shit down, then you will kill your economy.
3 - If the 'cure' kills your economy, the disease has to be really, REALLY bad.
It didn't help that covid essentially turned out to be a thinly veiled scam that was only propped up with massive amounts of propaganda.


well it's fucking annoying and shady and no one trusts government agencies anymore. you cant just force people to care about the shit


Even Bill Gates says now it's just a like a flu and it's only a risk to old people. I would attach the video but i assume the oppressive VPN ban is still active on wizchan for media


I got myself permabanned from 4kids for pretending I'm under 18. I'm in my mid 30s, but I've had my fill of dealing with unironically retarded kids on that shithole


>In a landmark first, scientists have grown plants in lunar soil using samples collected during the Apollo missions to the moon. This is the first time plants have been sprouted and grown on Earth in soil from another celestial body.
how did this take 50+ years


They didnt just grow a plant on lunar soil, they added nutrients and water and such to make it similar to Earth soil. Perhaps the technology to give sterile soil nutrients like nitrate and such was hard/impossible 50 years ago


i think it is more bureaucratic slog. in the article i just noticed it says the request for lunar soils samples was initially made 18 years ago. jesus christ that is older than avg wizkid


Plants didn't exist before 1995



File: 1653278781891.png (192.89 KB, 413x178, 413:178, lizard.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Bengal monitor lizard raped in Maharashtra, 4 arrested

>The Maharashtra forest authorities have arrested four hunters for allegedly raping a bengal monitor lizard in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve. The forest officials came to know about the incident when they checked the mobile phone of the accused.



File: 1653347937946.jpg (6.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My hair is falling out, shedding
Just great, always had good hair
nobody in my family is balding, especially at my age
And he I am
I dunno if it's because of smoking, stress I experienced 2-3 months ago, some other health related issue or is it because I'm actually balding
I have low t and can't even grow a beard in my mid 20s. It's also falling out. I have no other choice but to shave my head and seek medical help. I don't want to fight to save it if it's due to genetics (too expensive and time consuming) but if it's health related then and temporal I have to do something.


all good wizards have white hair or bald heads and a beard


As much as I think LaVey is very meh, he inspired some pretty fucked up and elaborate acts so I'm glad he used objectivism well (and out of context but fuck objectivism)


File: 1653421185710.jpg (91.07 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Stages-of-Male-Pattern-Bal….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If it's thining out in a pattern like any of these then it's just a genetic thing and you don't need to worry about it.


It's actually thinning like this. And I'm not a female, obviously.


File: 1653444692467.jpg (371.99 KB, 1411x743, 1411:743, female-baldness-washington….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


type O+M stage 1.5 for me


Bout to buy a $230 enterprise drive for $90. Lets see if this is a scam.


I am wondering if this board is full of bots or people just make such little effort with their comments that they barely make any sense


the world doesn't revolve around you



This is much better..


If this forum was full of bots, the amount of content and the quality of the board would probably both improve.

I'm glad there aren't any bots on this board.


There is undeniable evidence that advertisement bots or at the very least people pretending to be bots post here.


File: 1653486310732.gif (257.8 KB, 220x220, 1:1, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

picked up 2 oz of weed let's see how long this lasts




File: 1653505304893.jpg (241.96 KB, 1000x663, 1000:663, 1218973185033.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like my depression is reaching new heights. I hate my fucking job and life and pretty much everybody I have to interact with. Nobody ever did and ever will give a shit about me and as soon as somebody, even my own family, actually contacts me it's always to leech off me in some form. Why are we playing this stupid game pretending to all be nice to each other when it's completely obvious we live in a world of pure egoism?


We are cursed


Sore throat, muscle pain, fatigue and now I have a high enough fever I can't concentrate at all. My mind keep getting offtrack like I'm about to start dreaming.



Next time you'll think twice about snacking on ghost peppers


File: 1653534115705.jpg (5.5 KB, 197x255, 197:255, brbgoing2gensokyo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here like the whole "hunting to find lost media" thing? Well, if so…I have something for you!

Here (https://file.io/05aHo7AnJQ2s because this place doesn't recognize ogg type files) is a song I really, really like. It makes me feel like I'm drifting away into the stars, and I always wondered if there was more of this song out there. I have attached it here. I'd really _really_ like to know where this came from. Here's what I know about it:

1 - I'm pretty sure I got it from a list on a Touhou wiki.
2 - It's part of the OST to a Touhou fangame, but I have no idea which one. I think it _might_ have been some sort of sports fangame? I think it _might_ (much less sure about this one) have been a soccer Touhou fangame??? I thiiiink (much much much less sure) it might have been a Patchouli-theme?
3 - The filename is pretty close to the original, but might be slightly different–the file type is probably different because I got on a whole sperged-out RMS kick converting all of my music to OGG.
4 - I wouldn't be surprised if this was more than a decade ago now.

If anyone has any ideas of what I could do to find out where the hell this came from, I'd appreciate it.


This file has been deleted. According to the Touhou wiki (https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Fangames#Sports), there are two soccer games.

Soccer 2 OST:


If it's from Touhou Soccer 1, not the expansion, you'll not find it on Youtube. I found a file on Moriya Shrine that has both the expansion and original game, so it'll probably have the complete sound track in the files if the (standalone) expansion has a different sound track.


So if you can't find it from the link, you'll have to download the game itself and maybe look through the files for the sound track.


Being a teacher must be so depressing. I hated school from elementary to high school. I can't imagine being trapped there again. I hate the idea of going back as well as having to deal with the crap from the other side. Grading homework instead of doing homework, teaching something instead of learning something, standing on your feet all day instead of sitting all day, etc. To top that off, you have to teach the same subjects while you stagnate academically and financially. Worst of all for the job, you have to deal with the broken education system and broken kids. If you do find kids you like, you'll see them for four years and then they'll graduate. It' like being stuck in an eternal hell where people move on and you stay in the same place. The kids you teach will eventually be out in the world while you're still stuck in school. The people you knew from school when you were a student will be somewhere else while you're still at your school (or some other school).


What a slave mindset to have. Your life is yours to live in the manner that most pleases you. If being a wage slave doesn't please you then you should search for other options such as the neet life. Sacrificing your mental health for the sake of a job is putting the cart before the horse imo.


I've thought a lot about how I should have become a teacher. Its what everyone was always pushing me towards with my useless knowledge. But I rejected it for the reasons you mentioned.

Some of the things you mentioned might not be so bad for me. Like if I love the topic, maybe I can talk about it on repeat forever.

The standing part, is a physical aspect I haven't thought much about. But yeah it would suck. Every teaching moment, you're on your feet.

idk I wish I could have experimented in trying out teaching for a week, and see if I could do it, rather than have to invest 6 years of education and then find I suck


why does every cringe mobile game ad always have to be about how powerful a character/characters are?

like i've never seen a mobile game ad about a calm platormer or mediocrity


thats only because of the cure. honestly there should not even be a cure you either get a vaccine or you suffer and enjoy your big hospital bill ;)


>Why are we playing this stupid game pretending to all be nice to each other when it's completely obvious we live in a world of pure egoism?
Because the masses of idiots need to feel good about themselves to be able to produce/consume and to do stuff society demands from them. The best slave is the happy slave.


S-l-a-v-e. Why can't some people just live for themselves?


I realize that driving, brings out the worst of true human nature, pure egoism, in the same way anon internet boards do. Its semi-anonymous and you feel invincible in a ton of metal. And so you see raw humanity unconstrained by social pressure.



I could see teaching as viable under these conditions:

1. It was considered just teaching about a subject and filling a student's brain with knowledge for the good of everyone
2. It was paid very well
3. The education system was mostly fixed. Less disrespect to teachers, more pay, less eyes on a teacher's personal life. I say that last one because the thought of doing something adult-like, like getting drunk, going to bars, or personal hobby stuff that's outside the norm, in my opinion, shouldn't be counted against how good a teacher is. Especially for wizards who are just not normal in a conventional sense.
4. Teachers take a lot less shit from kids and parents. I say this again because there are troubled kids who need help and dickhole parents. For the kids, either the teacher needs to be skilled in solving these problems or kids like that should have outside help that coordinate with the teachers. For dickhole adults, teachers shouldn't have to tolerate that shit.
5. Teachers can sit the fuck down

With that, I wouldn't think teachers as being stagnant, but just doing a regular, well paid job or are already at a point in their career where they're at the top of their game. Teachers would get the respect and humanity they deserve and don't have to suffer from parents or administrators. This is not very detailed, but I don't have the knowledge or patience to get into it with one post. This also isn't mentioning how screwed up teaching is throughout the board. Babysitting elementary schoolers, getting shit pay unless you're a college professor, who, probably is dedicated to his own work to not teach as well. It's all just a shitshow. Also I'm sure teacher assistants are exploited as well as substitutes. No proof on that right now. I just didn't have the interest before making this post. I'll probably look into it now though.



Sincere thanks for some hard leads. I have searched through Youtube before, and I'm guessing I already saw the Soccer 2 OST and therefore got really disheartened, but I hope to get to somewhere with better internet soon to try out the soundtrack files from your second link there.


why is this post still up?



File: 1653666550823.jpeg (47.54 KB, 590x939, 590:939, 3b3f325a85d122f4924908fd2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Accidentally swigged from the pisbottle again


disgusting (if true)


it keeps you healthy


cute pic

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