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Why is chasing the next high, thrill or feeling a bad thing for you guys. Normal people live their lives and then they die. So why are they to be ashamed of themselves for living life the only way they knew how to?


cuz this is a forum for people that never got laid. not exactly full of thrill seekers…


I kill CIA niggers for fun, it's a great thrill.


i miss being naive. i don't like the world.


he doesnt seem so nice


what do you mean 'next high, thrill or feeling'? you mean constant experimenting and trying new things, drugs, life experiences?

that shit is tiring. my brain isnt wired to constantly be doing new things. i dont have the money to blow on constantly trying new foods and drinks and drugs


I simp for chinese lesbeans


You are confused. There is no thrill for us


If by thrill you mean sex, then even Bobby Shmurda and Vince McMahon proclaimed that their promiscuous experience led to negative mental consequences in succubi. And Alex Jones bragged about being promiscuous, yet confessed that some succubi in his teens got pregnant from him and got abortions.


File: 1658775658916.png (115.62 KB, 860x921, 860:921, mother of meme.png) ImgOps iqdb

Normies apparent joy or success is usually a façade. I once started acting as truly believing it out of pure disgust, to only prove myself how deeply true such a disgusting reality has always been.


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