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A "Shut-in Compound" where highly vetted shut-ins that are actually good people live together communally and the goal is to make money online together. Benefits:
>super cheap living like <$200 a month which also means we qualify for maximum EBT/etc so to many of us thats like living like kings
>forced frens
>collab on awesome projects (games etc, i code good)
>micro-living (some people like this, my current room is only 10x10 foot)
Many of us are simply not welcome in the normie-business-sphere regardless of any skills we possess. I have proven I can make money coding countless times yet I am still not welcome because I can't drive and can't talk to people.


I've made cryptocurrencies that made me money. Games that made me money. Websites that made me money. A Telegram Cryptocurrency Price Bot Service that made me money. I am skilled yet completely unhirable because normies block me from participating. There MUST be others like me. We can skip the normies and form our own business.


Unlike traditional businesses you don't "have" to do anything, except pay your share of the living expenses. If you feel like helping for 1 day on something then want to go do your own thing for literally 2 weeks, nobody would care.


go away


Nothing wrong w/ frens.


It'll just be another clique, another special club. It'll be a haven for failed normalfags like yourself who are quite functional except for the fact that, as you say, normalfags don't like the cut of your jib.

It goes without saying that one would need social skills and the ability to manage interpersonal relationships in order to be welcome in your "Shut-in" commune.


There's nothing stopping you from making your own business, outside of laziness


>Forced friends and community

Fuck that , I hate all the people


it seems cool but it probably wouldnt work because a lot of people here have different sorts of problems that might not mesh together well


>wizcommune 2022

What happens if someone just refuses to pay and refuses to leave?


also since the nature of wizchan is largely comprised of people that "dont like succubi" there's bound to be sexual tension between certain types of people which would undoubtably cause drama


yes. antisocial people arent going to collectivize. it is just society vs you vs me vs et cetera wizards.


I already have a passive income online through crypto staking.

I stake 6 figures, which nets me like $1,000 a month after taxes and inflation.

I'm really in need of a NEET compound, maybe a small room with a bed, desk and place to store stuff.


>What happens if someone just refuses to pay and refuses to leave?


File: 1652198351497.gif (171.07 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1420415135733.gif) ImgOps iqdb

that spelling of the word belies the fact that you're an outsider who posts frogs on twitter and 4chan


Nothing wrong w/ posting frogs on 4 chan and twitter. Frogs can make people happy, can make friends (online).


why don't you go make "frens" on discord? :)
wizchan 2022


Go back to turtle wow, doofus.


this boogeyman really makes no sense.


already had this idea with NEETcubes

we would fabricate 3m^3 living cubes both to live in and also to sell to make money

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