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How NEETS contribute to society:
-consume little due to low spending power, hence they have smaller carbon footprints
-leaving opportunities for others by being out of the rat race
-not contributing in harmful, exploitative industries like big tech, big oil, big military
-likely won't breed which brings more misery to this world

What else?


I don't contribute anything and I enjoy it. I owe nothing to society, the only people I care about is my family and that's it. I don't need to justify to myself or others how morally clean or useful I am to a society that always treated me like some freak.

Why would anyone here care about contributing to normals in any way?


Society is the enemy


neetbux/foodstamps (food benefit) spreading the wealth around


You're right. Neets DO NOT contribute to society at all. They can literally dissapear and no one would notice. The "importance of contributing to society" is a joke made up by normies to keep you enslaved to their system.
A self sufficient neet is the highest form of living.



i think what you said is pretty based but that reasoning is also why third world countries are always chaotic too (only my family matters fuck society i dont care what goes on outside)


Government is malicious. Draining resources from it is a contribution to society. Paying taxes is the opposite, it perpetuates oppression.



so? I think thats pretty based us neets need help and fuck wage bitches


Even if I had the option to contribute, I'd choose not to do it. People aren't worth your time and help. I can't describe how much I despise this slave mentality with 'being useful' to the community and such, it is just hypocrite bullshit. Nobody works or contributes because they want to be useful or because they are good people, people contribute to society because they get paid for it in return.

People are egoists, everyone wants what is best for him and his immediate family. 3rd world countries are hellholes for entirely different reasons.


How's your dad, Jamal? Have you seen him since last millennium



I legit see everyone as my enemy and I try to not contribute anything to society.I hate traditions, religion and morals of country I live in, and try to help destruction of it in some ways.I don’t think I will live to see it happening of everything but I really want to see the destruction of morals, religion and traditions of t*rkey.


I pay a quick visit every day a few web sites and websites
to read articles, but this webpage offers feature based articles.


Polfags can't be wizardly, they can't understand that there is no value in work at all. They are okay with wageslaving as long as their employer is some white Übermensch and not a jew or gay or black guy. Slave ideology.

Damn, that must suck. I feel bad for you.
I agree with you completely: traditions, religions and mainstream morals aren't worth anything. Anyone who defends them HERE of all places should really ask himself the question: am I on the right website?


pretty good thanks for paying for my benefits


It depends on what you mean by work. My brother has said something similar, that nobody has to work. Even without the consolidated economy, people would have to work. In fact, they would probably have to work harder than they do now. Think subsistence farming. I would say this work is wizardly and has tangible value.


based and wizpilled


Meant work of any kind. Wizards would be perfect for a Mad Max type post-apocalyptic world where you take whatever you need from the ruins and others. Let the cattle work and produce, and we will take all the good stuff in the end.


Most "wizards" can't even look strangers in the eye. In an anarchy scenario they're going to be the sheep, not the wolves.


You exactly proved why wizards would be better off in a world where social norms and expectations don't matter. Having good social skills and shooting someone are completely different things.

We would be better if in a world like that, trust me. The sheer fact that we are used to solitude and don't feel much empathy for others would be huge advantages in a post-apocalyptic world. In a world where luck and fighting determines everything we would be doing pretty well, unlike living in a society where you are expected to obey normalfag laws, customs and norms.


Becoming a sheep is rather optimistic since even that requires a degree of will and skill. Most likely the overwhelming majority of us will simply die.


Why do you care about contribution to society?


Single-handed providing views 24/7, thus, milking money from corp's marketing budget to many based men support their family and their passion.


Maybe, I would be a scavenger, doing stealth hunting and collecting stuff at night, avoiding people and staying in my subsoil base. Anyway, aside lone wolfing being hard, it's not a problem when you can defend yourself.


Yes, if you ask me it is much more deluded to assume that autist/schizoid wiz types like us could just norm it up and become part of a society that actively seeks to mock and harm people like us.

I don't trust all the "success" wizzies on this site with university degrees and well-paying jobs and whatnot. Because if you can blend in that much and that well then you must have social skills and some instinct for socialization, which wizhermits like me lack. Even if I was capable of doing it I'd not do it, simply because I hate people.

So a Metro Exodus type world for me, please.

This. There are much better alternatives for people like us in a world like that. We could just steal or go hunting gatherer etc. We could actually defend ourserlves and could play on equal terms with normals. As long as you can walk and raise your hand to use a knife or gun you'd be fine.

Much more wiz-friendly than this over-protected society we live in with all its normal laws and customs. Preventing us from using violence while still allowing us to be abused verbally and harassed/mocked by normal herds. Fuck civilization.


University degrees dont require socialisation at all. Some do, but some don't. I think it's possible for some jobs to be done with only some sort of zombie socialisation. For a whlie i had a job where i only communicated via email and it was only a few hours a week, but this is obviously extremely rare, and i still could barely cope with it.


>University degrees dont require socialisation at all. Some do, but some don't.
Rather most do, but not all.

Still don't trust uniwizards and those who work some high status job.



I've been spending a lot of the money I accrued over the course of my non-NEET life back in to the economy. In my own drop in the bucket way, I'm helping to fund jobs and production.


I don't care about anyone, family included, I actually don't like my family. My mother and sister can die for all I care


In times past we were poet-warriors, priests, shamans, etc. But the modern world has no soul


That is only self-delusion, no? I mean if you are really exceptional in a superior way then you would be an artist or intellectual, regardless of what system you were born into. And you can be a monk or priest even nowadays if that's what you want.

Face it, we may be more educated, creative or intelligent than many others but we are either too lazy, unmotivated or too asocial/anti-social to reap the benefits of our talents. We are the people who can't live in community. We aren't Superman material, we are outside the social hierarchy or if forced to interact with others then on the bottom in that case.

In times past we would have been beggars, outlaws, wanderers, literal "wizards" who would have been burned alive for being weird or plain old lunatics. We would have been the hanged man type because I am sure in stricter societies we wouldn't have lived past the age of 20.


Worthless cuck

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