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I have noticed that many times with my family members:
whenever my mom seats with my aunt or any of her female friends they start backstabbing other people and can spend hours and hours talking about nothing other than other people and sharing all their secrets, news, and even insulting them and would go to say things behind their backs that I would never imagine they could say 5/100 of it in heir faces, When family members meet and females sit together in a special room, they start doing this, and I just start to wonder about how empty their lives must be, if the only thing they talk about is other people and their private secrets. personally, when texting people online I usually talk to them about vidya or computers.


That’s just a succubus thing. They exist on gossip.


A lot of men do it as well, especially gymbros and lgbt types


That's mostly a female thing, they live for that shit.
Some estrogenated men behave the same way but by and large it's usually succubi pulling that shit.

Working with them is truly eye opening they despise one another deeply but will smile to their faces.


My family was exactly the same (mother and sister). Literally 6 hours every night talking like that. I know now they must be bitching about me since i dont talk to them anymore, it is a bit scary. Males usually dont do it much at all afaik


When I was like I don't know 12 or 13 the local church had us go through this program to prepare us for a decisions as to whether we thought the church was a load of crap or if we wanted to be confirmed. One of the things that blew my mind was when they handed out an assignment that we were not to talk about other people behind their backs for a week.

I was like
>wait what do people really live like that
cuz I'm just autistically honest. and yeah boys had easily as much problem avoiding constant gossip as the succubi.

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