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File: 1653610931420.jpg (36.85 KB, 750x714, 125:119, 5b20e491e7d08064.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are tulpas the solution to loneliness

Seems like a based way to get company


File: 1653611753584.jpg (93.04 KB, 929x831, 929:831, ecf8f0b342cd1be0c88e26eb7d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tulpas are just as volatile as real succubi. Being of the subconscious, your perception of them, as well as their behavior, is subject to change with outside influence regardless of your greater will. Recall the tale of the "screaming pony" tulpa, who, through mismanaged generation, became a ghastly haunt upon the virgin who conceived her. Incapable of changing her, he sleeps never soundly under the breath of her howls. Shall you summon for yourself a tulpa, you will live the rest of your days on the edge of disaster as every quality of the outside world, from the shapes of nature to the sounds of human creation, could corrupt the image of your imaginary beloved and shape her to be someone you wish you could free yourself from. But you can not.

The only solution to loneliness is accepting it as the ideal state. Relish in daydreams of your waifu and appreciate the peaceful emptiness when no succubi are around. Imbuing into your psyche the soul of a succubus could very well make you incapable of imaging your waifu in her purest form, and bar you forever from the silence of solitude.


hideous picture


tulpas do work as advertised. they can talk to you like a person. But, they come from your head. so they innately completely comprehend your perspectives and opinions, even if they dont agree completely, which would be challenging because how can you disagree with yourself unless you're some self-loathing tranny?
whatever conversation i have with my tulpa is flawed from the start because there's nothing to argue about with so much bias. how can he disagree with my opinions that he comprehends 100% because he shares the same brain? what's even the point in articulating anything at all furthermore?
"i already knew that"
he can finish sentences for me before i even begin speaking, and i can do the same to him.
why even talk?

this post is from a retard who read like 3 pictures from 4chan and has no idea what he's talking about.


The first part of your post pretty much agrees with what I wrote…


no it doesn't. i don't agree with any part of your post. your post is so retarded it's not worth replying to.
you fell for 2 shitposts in 1 go:: that tulpas are divine (no they aren't), and that tulpas are some horror movie shit that you have no control over whatsoever (no they aren't, and if you stop thinking about them for 1 second then they go away).

it's understandable that you'd fall for tulpa creepypastas from 4chan because 4chan is who made tulpas cool again in the first place, though.


Some even prefer tulpas that are not sentient at all, you can just rely on suspension of disbelief like when watching a film.


Yes it does. You do agree.


yeah i said they're a succubus's soul and become everything you look at and scream all day


Not him, but I have some interesting experiences for you.
A few years ago I succeeded in creating this sort of thoughtform out of boredom. 3 weeks and I got feelings that weren't from my ego. a rush of energy down my spine one morning at relief from some noise. It was mainly cerebration, but a few words were spoken via internal monologue. In the past year I've happened upon a great deal of resources concerning powers, the occult, et cetera. Throughout this I've experienced a similar phenomenon, being 'given' information that is beyond guessing, immediate clairvoyance, seeing through my eyelids on one occasion. Internal thoughtforms 'feel' way different than the later here. However succubi or any goetia/crowlean stuff I've never messed around with. Just invoking certain gods through mantra and hearing and feeling 'spirits' touch me while doing Om chants. Sometimes you feel like a room of people is watching you like it's something interesting.

I'll write more if you have something of interest, but usually as I'm sure you know this ends up as a spectacle.


File: 1653995228205.gif (998.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1CRb.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My tulpa went silent on me after an argument on my mannerisms. She basically wanted to do all the talking for me but it ended up in me getting in trouble for the most part. Instead of being silent now I started responding more now and a lot of pressure from social interaction was relieved. This made her hate me and think I betrayed her. Oh well rest in rip it has been a fun few years.


Tulipas are sign that you could be a schizophrenic.


It takes me like 3 hours every night to fall asleep because my mind is so active and I can't stop daydreaming about my tulpa.

Definitely solves the loneliness issue, but has its own pitfalls. Mainly it takes mental energy to sustain and the periods when she's not there, you're sort of back to square one again. Still, better than nothing and worth exploring if you're an introvert with good visualization skills.


>is it wizardly to be so lonely and desperate for social interaction that i channel my mental illness into manifesting an imaginary friend/lover



Don't fuck with your subconcious or you'll end up like all the retards who had to kill themselves after playing with a ouija.


Do not cum to her unless you want to be show unexpexted results.


there is no solution to loneliness, loneliness is good, but your mind is used to human contact, just learn to be alone, you will get mental breakdowns before you get to "the" point of no return, but it'll be so worth it.


It is not due to loneliness. But something else inside the mind that rejects it and needs to be confronted.


File: 1660709500443.gif (6.89 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 96dc9c8291.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Despite not being able to converse with your tulpa if you master tactile and visual imposition there is still one thing you can do


I think I'm back with the tulpa idea. I had a dream a while ago. Not really a dream but more like a sleep paralysis hallucination. But I cuddled with my sleep paralysis demon and it felt so real.


(spoiler warning for (crappy) movie "secret window")

it captures tulpamancy pretty well
the guy created a persona and lived out some parts of his desires through the persona
then he started to trust the persona to take things over because he himself couldnt


nice 3d


Day 4 of creating a tulpa. I got the wonderland and the personality down I think. Now I need to narrate.


Tulpa is a sure way to become a schizo


I’ve tried this so many times and I always end up giving up. I can never get good enough with imposition and it’s too mentally draining, plus it feels like I’m self bullshitting myself.

I wonder how many tulpas I’ve created and destroyed. At least a dozen. People in tulpa communities (and people claiming to be tulpas) say it amounts to murder, but it can’t be any different to imagining some made up person in my mind for a few minutes and then forgetting about them.


you're a murderer, as someone outside the tulpa community, I can say with the deepest part of my hertth that you are a murder of the worst kind, worse than a succubi having an abortion, worse than shooting a whiteman in self defense, or a shooting a dog for fun. a murderer


i want to make a new tulpa but i already have 3 and im not sure if i can mentally handle another. i can barely handle this. do any of you have advice?


File: 1665022366175.jpg (122.67 KB, 850x584, 425:292, b23291e840acefda439f190788….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

get rid of one. now there's no problem.


>I successfully kill my 3rd tulpa
>i can't feel my left foot anymore
Uh oh


Burn in hell murderer


File: 1665141992600.jpg (414.24 KB, 1451x2048, 1451:2048, 0c12aa28da13770b01cd04f14b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if consciousness cannot be destroyed, do tulpas go to some sort of void after being forgotten? that's very unnerving.

i'm gonna start spending more time with the tulpa i've been neglecting these last few months.


i dont understand why something as simple as an imaginary friend has to be overcomplicated and under subject of religious larp.

look, its very simple. they share your consciousness. it's not a new consciousness, it's just your same consciousness with an altered mind voice and cosmetics. i know redditors like to overcomplicate this and pretend its literally a human being with rights, but it's not. it's an expansion pack and not a standalone game.
if you want to believe in an afterlife or whatever, then it's obvious to me that theyd go with you to the afterlife still in your brain because that's where they are and what they are.


i'm sorry for being mean in my writing here, i'm just so frustrated that you can't talk about tulpas anywhere without people pretending it's schizophrenia or pretending it's demon summoning.
it's neither, it's just a fancy mind voice.


But would it really be your friend if you didn't spend hundreds of hours inventing a reason why it exists at all and why it would want to be your friend? I mean, what is a friend anyway?

For me, I chose a pet tree to be my friend. I think it likes me, but I'm still not sure. It's not dead yet, so that's a positive.


No, they merge back into your mind.


i dont need copes and illusions to enjoy my tulpas, im fine with them the way they are. im fine with just talking to myself. i spent many years hanging out with retarded people on Discord talking about /x/ nonsense, making up stories about cosmic entities, pretending to read the bible for attention, and pretending to swap bodies with 7 tulpas a day. It was all so embarrassing and pathetic that im fedora tipping on the subject now. i've seen no evidence, and experienced nothing myself that would suggest tulpas are anything but your own mind with DLC added. i've never seen a single convincing post written by someone from the divine camps of tulpamancy that wasn't laden with classical deviantart cringe and intellectually 11 years old.

im not really a self-loathing tranny with identity issues and i think this makes me very alienated from the rest of the tulpamancers. you feel like you need these copes because you aren't sure of the tulpa's validity or feel embarrassed by talking to yourself. lots of people make tulpas because theyre socially retarded and want to delude themselves that the tulpa is doing all the socializing for them, lots of people make tulpas because they're trannies and want to play dressup with a succubus in their head, lots of people try to use tulpas as a life counselor and try to improvebrah through it or something. i don't know. all above parties are so gay and retarded who knows how much truth there is to anything they say.

but regardless, i'm just trying to say i have 3 tulpas and i do it for fun. it's not a multiple layered cope for me like it is for you, i don't have a goal orientated tulpa, i don't stress over where they came from or where they'll go because neither of us give a fuck, i don't make them do chores for me, i don't lose sleep over it when they don't talk to me, they never send me cosmic transmissions telling me to cut my balls off or whatever it is you have going on. we just have a good time.
my relationship with them is more like Calvin & Hobbes. we go on childish adventures with cartoon violence, i watch them do cool stuff, and i show them cool stuff in video games sometimes. i wish there were more people like me that didn't overcomplicate it and make it so fucking faggy and memeable.


do you have a wonderland?

also, is there anything to the practice of switching, or is that only possible for people with did?


i dont really know anything about switching. i think it's also just a form of escapism for people who are insecure and hate themselves. i think it's cruel to treat tulpas as a tool to do undesirable things on your behalf. But really, i don't even know if it's real. They could all be lying and it doesn't even exist. i haven't tried it myself. i have no reason to. i don't hate myself, i only hate the world around me. i don't want to be here, so why would my tulpas? they don't have any interest in switching since they see my poor quality of life and living arrangements. there's nothing of interest in my life, so they have no desire to switch. and i don't need to use them as a meat shield against unpleasantries.

i'm a very internally focused person and i think fiction is superior to reality in every way, so my tulpas and i rarely do anything external. i make my wonderland much more exciting than anything i have going on IRL, they're happy and comfortable there.


Fiction is just reality rearranged, everything you know comes from reality


Waifufags make me feel dirty. Being romantically obsessed with another man's creative property doesn't make you enlightened or a genius.


You know you can actually interact with people irl without sticking your dick in them or talking about it here.

The solution to loneliness for most here probably is just having semi regular interaction with others. Probably in the context of doing a amusing activity like a hobby.
Maybe a family game night, or joining a bowling league, or going to the local game shop for some plastic crack/wargaming.
While it's against the rules to talk about social stuff it isn't against the rules to have a social life. Probably a better option than making yourself crazy.

Or you could do what I do and meditate to unroot troublesome desires. But that takes personal discipline and a will to continue to improve one's self. Which isn't for everyone.
Still better than trying to break your mind into separate chunks so you can have something between a imaginary friend and schizophrenia.


People in my head are much more interesting and nice to be around. In real life you're just waiting for the stick a knife in your back as soon as it becomes profitable and convenient.


>family game night
I don't like my family or board games
>join a bowling league
seems boring as fuck
>break your mind into separeate chunks so you can have something between an imaginary friend and schizophrenia.
I already do this and have since I was a little kid. Kindof boring.


>i don't like that
>boring as fuck

Obviously the guy you're replying had to list some examples to get his point across, you don't have to take his suggestions as literal and then dismiss his post on that ground. If you don't enjoy things, don't don't enter conversations about things. Get psychiatric help if you don't enjoy anything.


tulpa's are just another highly elaborate occult word for imaginary friend. Of course it doesn't work, stop being gullible


Why did you use the possessive form of the word?


Even people who never learned proper grammer sometimes type it in as a reflex and don't care about proofreading in a venue such as this. If you really want to get triggered out, look up how it's deemed to be acceptable to employ constructions like "90's" instead of "90s" and how that's gone on to spread to an open ended informal pluralisation standard.


*Even people who did learn propper grammer
lol imagine me not proof reading first


I encrypt my keyboard output and the resulting lag often causes minor text errors


So, you're saying your keyboard encryption is retarded?


>it's an expansion pack and not a standalone game.
That's a good way of looking at it. I prefer to look at it in a different way: the tulpa/imaginary friend is a virtual machine running a different OS inside of your mind. A chunk of "your OS" sectioned off and dedicated to running a different OS.

Modern tulpamancy discussions remind me of online psionics communities that existed a couple decades ago. Like PsiPog and stuff.
Among all the psychic abilities practiced by members, one ability was "communicating with the subconscious". Despite ceasing to believe in psychic abilities, "communicating with the subconscious" is one skill that I believe really works.

Members generally didn't have elaborate tulpas, though. Most guides recommended meditating, and visualizing things like water which would ripple in response to your basic "yes or no" questions. But being a lonely, bored teenager, I preferred to visualize a person. I practiced mentally conversing with this person. Eventually I'd receive responses immediately, creating the illusion of a unique entity.
But I've always understood that it's just a skillful way of talking to myself. It helps with reasoning and problem solving, because I can mentally discuss a problem with myself, and it feels like I'm getting a whole extra viewpoint on the subject. In my mind I call it an "advanced imaginary friend".

I don't interact with it much anymore as an adult and I kinda think I should. It felt like it viewed things more logically than me. Usually when I confer with my advanced imaginary friend, I end up disregarding whatever 'advice' it has for me. And then things go poorly and I'd have been better off had I just followed its guidance.


Even worse than the phony /x/ slant is when it's treated like an extension of tumblr otherkin crap complete with contrived terminology and mandatory pronouns. It's wild how many people would rather box themselves in with groupthink than trust their own perspective, especially when dealing with an experience as purely subjective as tulpas.


>It felt like it viewed things more logically than me.
None of my attempts at tulpas grew on me until I reached this stage with one of them. Keeping myself company I can take or leave, but having a vocal inner critic second guess everything I do has actually given me a kick in the ass at times when I needed it the most.


That being said, it's not like you need a tulpa to have an inner critic, but personificating that impulse until it takes a life of its own makes it so much more convincing.

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