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Why are there so many people filled with so much hatred for other people they have never met who have never done anything to them? Why do they not see anything wrong with being in this state or desire to change?


Almost everyone gets to feel they belong to a superior group in at least 1 category, and then they make that their entire identity and revel in that sense of superiority, hating those beneath them, and those who hinder their full superior potential


You'll have to be more specific than that OP.


>Why are there so many people filled with so much hatred for other people
>Why do they not see anything wrong with being in this state or desire to change?
Ask a racist why he's a racist. Ask an anti-Semite why he read the Torah. THey'll give you reasons.


Fear. Really. Everyone is afraid of everyone basically. So they develop a misanthropic attitude to humanity generally. Also, everyone was hurt at one point in their life most likely, especially males. That is why men are naturally more aggressive. Everyone is afraid of being hurt again or being bullied so they adopt the 'strike first' mentality. You start to hate people you don't even know or meet simply because they remind you of people that hurt you in the past.

It is a self-defense mechanism. >>290519 is also true.


Ultimately always this. Every emotion we throw outward is born for self-serving reasons.
As the biology is blind, if you make no effort to work to guide these kind of feelings into productive territories, you'll probably think it makes sense to have them and live a miserable existence. Utterly self-sabotaging.


File: 1654867460672.gif (323.5 KB, 498x278, 249:139, wut.gif) ImgOps iqdb

a tribe encountering another tribe will be wary, but that isn't hatred, that's justified suspicion. when people are put in a state of constant encounter, i.e. at the level of cities or nations, that drives them mad and natural suspicion becomes abstract hatred. to the degree this hatred is manipulated (either to enhance or nullify it) in the service of power is only a function of this initial abstraction. i don't think it's that complicated


File: 1654867711792.jpg (333.65 KB, 2100x2700, 7:9, 88167ed815ea739bfd3b2a2199….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"The political enemy need not be morally evil or aesthetically ugly… But he is, nevertheless, the other, the stranger" - Carl Schmitt, "The Concept of the Political".


>aesthetically ugly

according to black pill crabs that is what directs all hatred


Plenty of the most powerful people in history are and have been ugly.


aristocracy and monarchy was created to preserve the genes of the germanic barbarian chads who brought down rome, so that chad jocks would keep ruling and block the rise of smart talented but ugly commoners


Hate is available to the human mind when it’s in a state of low energy. This is what I believe from experience of depression - sitting there trying to run through positive thoughts or motivation and none of it works. Anger however is available and arouses energy towards something,

I also think hate and anger are easier to communicate on the internet. Happiness and contentment seems harder even with video. In text and image hate and anger seems easier to activate, it’s more internal in people. Given the fact people are easily manipulated while angry and forces are also trying to manipulate people, the technological bias is probably stronger. A beautiful landscape is the air, the aroma, the senses - anger just required social judgements.

If you’re smarter than me you could probably research more in to Frankfurt school people who argued about modern thought becoming anti-human in its distorted ideas of reason, material comparisons, and media. I’m too dumb for it.


I literally only feel it for normie scum I pass everyday. Wierdly enough I never feel it for people who kill me in warcraft world pvp, just when they are 80 and I’m low


The real question is why don't you start being the actual thing making others smash their brains about instead of constantly questioning an illogical world with no grasp possible.

They see nothing wrong because no one punished them properly.


It really sucks. Sites like 4chan and Reddit are terrible because people are extremely racist or portray traits of toxic masculinity and just want to put each other down.


have you even talked to anybody?
every normalfag i know has the brain of a worker ant and complains about overtime laws existing. if democracy truly existed, then every normalfag would vote to live at work and sleep on cots in the stock room so that they don't have to "waste their time" going home and relaxing.

i see absolutely nothing to like about anybody.

even on wizchan, half the people here think eating steak and doing pushups cures schizophrenia, and they worship normalfags and envy the worker ant brain and regret not being able to happily live and breathe Walmart, too.
best case scenario, image board posters have shit taste and think succubi screaming and making dog noises in shrilly japanese voices is the pinnacle of comedy.

why wouldn't you hate everybody? A majority of human beings internationally think killing animals is funny. they're evil sado-masochists who consume diarrhea with a smile.


File: 1658099618384.png (693.91 KB, 968x1221, 88:111, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

sorry im not scared of trannies or normalfags. especially these days in a middle class area, all the normalfags wouldn't want to risk damaging their $200-$700 crossbody bags and other misc nigger accessories. so they've become very non-threatening.


you may wanna log off for good if you think leddit is racist or is "toxically masculine"


It's just that easy to dehumanize people online


Hate and disdain carried without wasting a single bit of emotional energy for it is ideal. Intellectually-based standards + emotionally-based self-fulfillment.

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