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For the other fags here, what is your reasoning for not embracing the gay lifestyle and dating/fucking men? I believe I'm bisexual but I have even less desire to be with a man than I do for succubi. I do indulge in the porn, but other than that I can't get over how pointless gay sex/relationships seem, and most guys aren't even attractive to me (trap fag). What I find interesting though is that my decision is often misinterpreted as me being a self hating gay or having internalized homophobia, which isn't the case. It made me realize that one of the advantages of being a straight wizard is that people more or less can accept that a man can choose not to chase succubi, but refusing to fuck men as a homo is almost always seen as something more harmful.
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Just because gays have more sex it doesn't mean they think more about sex. If anything, it's the opposite. Learn to read, succubus worshipping straggot.


I don't like faggots.

I don't like the way they look. I don't like the way they talk. I don't like their interests. I don't like their style. I don't like their thoughts or political aspirations. I don't like their ideology. I don't want to know how they feel. I don't want to know about their sick fetish. I don't want anything to do with you disgusting little creatures.

Now, get the fuck off my board.


oh booho
I don't like you either so I guess you also have to leave.


t. compulsively spams gay pornography on /b/


Projecting much


File: 1656431940652.png (571.14 KB, 609x611, 609:611, a757a86be9c51bba04afc9b7b2….png) ImgOps iqdb

When the faggots consume plastics and GMOs that turn them gay homosexualist faggots, they think it's all natural and not because they're human guinea pigs.

Have fun playing your Nintendo switch and being a faggot.


I like what I like. If you find yourself seething about it, that's on you I'm afraid.


Oh cool I’m on /v/ I guess


Why would someome feel the need to edit this pic and add 2 fingers in there, I don't get it.


The hate for faggots really doesn't make any sense on a forum that is blatantly anti female. Why would the men who are attracted to other men (yet still vocel) be an issue as opposed to the men who have an innate attraction and weakness for succubi? I understand that my sexual preferences are of no value or importance, therefore it matters not in relation to others preferences as well, its all bullshit and no reason to be up at arms about it one way or another. Its disappointing to see others act this way because playing into the us vs them game in regards to sexuality in a place where the goal is avoid sex at all cost is top tier normie/crab shit if I've ever seen it.

"Me good cause I like puss puss, you bad cause like shit stick!" The irony of thinking like this on a place like wizchan.


Look, we aren't the ones that are constantly spamming gay porn everywhere and making a thread about gay homosexualist fetish.

You disgusting little man.


>I understand that my sexual preferences are of no value or importance
why make posts about it then


Wizchan is a male dominated space, so when you fruits come here you very blatantly threaten to start trying to fuck men here. It makes us wary of joining any social forum here lest you try to get in our pants. So fuck off, if being gay isn't important to you then shut the fuck up about it.


Its no different than discussing video games or some other unimportant activity. Its fun/interesting to discuss, but still isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


Okay well video games are an activity that does not break the rules of the site to actually perform. There's nothing to talk about in regards to sexuality other than sex. It's the same thing when some /r9k/ reject comes here and starts talking about succubi. If you wanna talk about sexual preference you can post porn all day in the fap thread or /b/.


They're NPCs. /pol/ say gay bad so they also say gay bad.
I you feel so triggered go bitch in the fap thread then instead. It's far more explicit, hypocrites.


File: 1656445629219.jpg (252.24 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1642489444158.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> There's nothing to talk about in regards to sexuality other than sex.

No the specific purpose of this thread is to get an idea of the unique reasons why a gay/bi man would choose to be a wizard and the consequences that come with that in a society that worships gay sex like a religion. I could see if we were discussing how to use enema bulbs or how to deepthroat a banana, but the actual purpose of the thread is very reasonable and in line with the vibe of the forum, avoiding sex and the reasons for doing so.

The irony of it is that by hating fags you're basically expressing your own reverence for your own sexual preference for succubi. "These guys are okay because they only like succubi, you're not because you like men!" I had to grow out of that too, somehow I thought I was less of a fag because I like traps instead of burly manly men, but in the end its all the same bullshit, and nothing is sillier than to me than thinking you're more or less than someone else based n what makes your dick hard.


File: 1656446862369.jpeg (28.12 KB, 300x295, 60:59, 8050E0A8-A4F5-4DB2-A848-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I find succubi sexy and you cannot shame me for that you scum sucking nigger


I suspect they're all failed normies given how they subscribe to chauvinist ideals that are only relevant if trying to climb male social hierarchies. I don't see why one would so concerned with people's fap habits unless trying to prove something.
Play retard games win retard prizes


nobody cares stop shoving your sexuality in our faces


File: 1656454765735.png (23.37 KB, 114x114, 1:1, 9D510346-709F-48C2-AB73-06….png) ImgOps iqdb

You started it.


read the OP retard


I've read it, now what.


File: 1656484277886.jpg (82.03 KB, 400x435, 80:87, 1656476616262.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


homosexual virgins are the biggest crabs
You hate straight men and succubi, you're the worst type of inncel. You can't disregard succubi because you're in direct competition with them and they steal the men you're attracted to.


File: 1656498159754.jpg (129.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 165874624_2183264331809904….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lmao these copes are getting unreal.
One moment we're promiscuous predatory sluts the next we're bitter sex deprived crabs.
I can see why you're jealous though.
Our sexuality exists indepently of succubi. Barring the one in a million exceptional case, our celibacy is guaranteed to be voluntary. For you straights on the other hand, there's no escpaing the sour grapes probability. Always having doubt thrown at your volcel identity, tough shit. Meanwhile, our attraction acts as a seal of legitimacy.
Like it or not, by nature, homos will always constitute the elite of this website. And all you can do is seethe about it.


File: 1656505257658.jpg (144.94 KB, 1708x1139, 1708:1139, incredulous cat cum glass.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Our sexuality exists indepently of succubi.
this is twink and femboy-exclusionary

>Barring the one in a million exceptional case, our celibacy is guaranteed to be voluntary.

what did he mean by this?


File: 1656513010896.png (58.63 KB, 261x365, 261:365, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is monkeypox gonna be AIDs 2.0?


You're not a volcel. Gays simply can't be volcel
Their own degenerate nature makes them lust after men including other virgin males while hating and resenting succubi. Reminder that you're part of the population with the most sexual partners and stds on average, you are dying to have sex, it's in your gay nature so
All gays who post here are sexually repressed crabs who will try to fuck each other if they had the opportunity
You even wear the fact that you want to fuck other wizards as if it was a badge of honor, you already show you're unstable and delusional like most gay people


File: 1656524512116.jpg (85.53 KB, 420x358, 210:179, 135434635.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>this is twink and femboy-exclusionary
Still beautiful men.
>what did he mean by this?
Like if you're a vegetable or elephant man tier or something like that.
Humor me, what makes my celibacy less voluntary than yours?


Even on an anonymous imageboard where sex is shunned and shouldn't be a topic, the normalfags out themselves and open threads about their unique sexuality. Kill yourselves nobody cares if you want to fuck men, you're cancer to this site and everywhere you go.


File: 1656527699824.jpg (28.27 KB, 496x361, 496:361, 9187a7b771e668ad82c0306f09….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Show some respect to your superiors, less I will permanently brand you a crab by virtue of my natural truwiz status.


fuck off FREAKS


I'm almost certain most imageboards are moderated by trannies/gay.


File: 1656528651973.png (12.38 KB, 200x297, 200:297, df72c1efa97fda441e0bb28a9e….png) ImgOps iqdb

We couldn't have you hysteric straightoids in charge of running critical infrastucture, could we now?
Just look at how you've been acting ITT, how embarrassing.



File: 1656547819217.png (453.11 KB, 502x500, 251:250, 1654460152339.png) ImgOps iqdb

yawn come back when your gay "crabs" aren't 18 year old youngshits whose balls barely have dropped


and jews



I've read this very recently, guess we found it from the same place


File: 1656700264144.jpg (68.67 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1_Freddie-Mercury.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes its a good read, a look into how insanely sex obsessed and reckless parts of the gay community were even in the face of a deadly virus ripping through their friends and lovers. The way it describes some groups of gay men who were parading around with multiple stds and still being promiscuous as all hell without a care in the world. I know some would say they got what they deserved, but to me its still pretty sad overall to go out like that all because you love having gay man butt sex. It had to be a nightmare in those early days waking up and being deathly ill all of a sudden, even more so if you were closeted and sick and knew the people around you would find out about your secret lifestyle in the worst way possible ("btw I love men and am about to die lol"). I can't say fear of aids has been my primary reason for choosing not to have sex with men, but once I learned about the connection between aids and homosexuality it was like the final nail in an already buried coffin.


why does this thread keep being made so often? not a single wiz (outside the designated wanking thread) cares what entices you or not.
sell fag merch during pride parade season.
also this.




The main point of this website is talking about sexuality. The concept of wizardry itself is defined by sexuality, and you can plainly see that it is the most common topic


>The main point of this website is talking about sexuality. The concept of wizardry itself is defined by sexuality,
Is not having sex a sexuality? In which case wouldn't we all be wiz-sexual here and therefore labels like straight and gay not apply?


File: 1656724282276.jpg (175.17 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1629531414828.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Its like the mgtow conundrum, people expect them to never talk about succubi, but overall the lifestyle is about the benefits of not engaging with succubi, more or less, so of course they will talk about succubi. Here its inevitable that there will be quite a bit of talk about sex because our unique but shared experience is how we relate to a sex obsessed world as people who don't have any and maybe even embrace that fact.


File: 1656741123039.jpg (34.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, gay pres.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

penises are just aesthetically better than vaginas


yeah thats why ppl draw and scribble dicks. vaginas are weird. penises stick out proud with visible structure, nothing complicated or confusing, an honest organ


File: 1656765339268.jpg (33.25 KB, 720x568, 90:71, 288375.10500000004_1569816….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this thread gay as hell


It absolutely could be defined like that

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