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I suggest to wizardchan making a videogame together, what do you all think about it? That's a great idea


First of all, this is wizchan, not "wizardchan".

Second of all, stop making threads for your stupid brainfart ideas.

Third of all, go back to 4chan.


qim banned from 4chan


i dont have enough energy and motivation to lead a game development project with other wizards
maybe we should just make a gitlab repository and go from there
i hate unity though


Lots of shit threads lately.



Tell me older wizards, was wizardchan better than it's successor wizchan? I was still on SA and 4chan when it was still alive.


I remember in 2013 it was just tfw no girlfriend pepe feel and wojak threads. Thats why they banned those in wizchan it was all over the place.


how about a game where you have to stay volcel using wizard magick and defeat hordes of succubus demoness stacies trying to force you into sex?


File: 1655514575788.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Euthanasia Clinic Tycoon


Thought of a game concept, add to it if you wish. Sorta came to me on a walk yesterday.
Imagine a game that starts off like a farming sim, sorta like Stardew valley. You can fish, farm, upgrade the house, yadda yadda. and for a while there is seemingly no plot. Like that's the point of the game, and the game is self aware. There is no plot, you're just here to farm and fish.
Like, you farm, fish, etc, and that's it.
You can interact with people. They're all friendly enough but it's all very surface level.
And then after a while the people stop being quite as friendly. They start asking what you want instead of how you are. They start saying things like, "you understand?" And "something you need?" Instead of "beautiful day!" And "how are you?"
And then you find out they had meetings and parties and didn't tell you. And then you run into them and they are having a good time and then things get weird and it's obvious you're not welcome.
No matter the gifts or talking to people and being friendly you do.


It was just 4chan /r9k/. To me, the best era was the first two or three years of wizchan after wizardchan died. Maybe only because it was new and exciting to me.
>I was still on SA
Something Awful? In like 2014?


I guess it would be a visual novel like Katawa Shoujo or Everlasting Summer.
So it would be written in Ren'Py.


Pissjug Juggler

Alternate between pulling the left and right triggers (or by pressing LMB/RMB) to balance your precious resevoir of piss on a knife's edge


i like it. not sure how to build something like that collaboratively, to learn all this it's probably worthwhile making something very simple for starters


>It was just 4chan /r9k/.
You mean like old /r9k/? Sounds rad.

>Something Awful? In like 2014?

I was more on 4chan by that point, I dropped off SA around 2009? 2008? 10 maybe? Not quite sure when, but it was definitely at the moment when SJW mods came into power. Then I came back to SA in 2015-2016 after the "mods knew" drama when, temporarily, SA returned to it's edgy self.


This is probably the most reasonable. Then you could create branching paths and split up work, and it would be very simple for newbies.

The main difficulty, and it was a difficulty when this was last brought up years ago, is how to deal with people who "don't like others encroaching on their creative vision" and it just descends into infighting.

The last time this was done, there was one poster who, now that I'm writing this had to have been a fed. He kept insisting it basically be a VN about shooting people up/wizterrorism, etc.. He was so insistent about it that it destroyed everyone's will to work on it and the project died.


File: 1656349984709.jpg (329.41 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, nitori.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if you thought carefully about the graphics primitives you could probably implement a visual novel engine in <1000 lines of c, then people would be free to do what they like at the level of the interpreter. the main complexity is what an image is because it could just be a bitmap, but it could also be an animated mesh or something else with shaders applied, so the interpreter needs to dispatch on the type of image regardless of what it is


trying to build not only a game but the engine is a great way to not finish neither

but your estimate sounds about right, i made a simple one with its own interpreted language as a beginning project to learn programming and it was under 900


This is good. Also you should be able to customize the color of the urine and other aspects like how long its been in the jug, what kind of jug it was made for (milk, water, juice etc), what you drank to give this particular jug of piss its taste and texture, and once those devices that allow the user to smell odors from the internet are commonplace, the player will get to smell the piss and it would vary depending on the customizable options I just described


This seems like a great idea. If I remember correctly, Everlasting Summer itself was a sort of collaborative project on 2ch


File: 1657950503763.jpg (150.85 KB, 1294x465, 1294:465, Wizard - I sometimes obser….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tell us some script for it.
I think it would only be great if you people actually were successful at outliving every single wizard misery away from your path. Then you'd know how to inspire future generations through a game

This is whatever we like to call it and you can bath in whalecrap
we shall put here as much as mods let us do
what makes you think we are not also there?

then leave. This might be cleaner

Blender is far better. But the point is drive, never try things without it…

Not sex, but mana draining you, while also lots of normies slaves as zombies try to eat your brain while throwing you excrement and trying to deceit you into dubious paths.
-Also as long as you progress, you find some other wizards who reward you if you actually get to solve their hardships (which depends on your magic level)

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