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File: 1656156004892.jpg (146.27 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, jew.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Any Jewish Wizards here⁇

I was raised into some Ultra-Orthodox family. I had little to no exposure to sex or sexuality for the first 15 years of my life or so. Have not even started masturbating until the age of 16. while I am no longer a jew by religion. but I still hold some disgust towards the idea of sex and sexuality.
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there is no reason to be so fixated on it 70 years after the fact. there were far worse mass murder campaigns in other parts of the world since then and we never hear shit about them by comparison. you hear about the holocaust all the fucking time because jews are neurotic whiny little faggots and possess a media monopoly (among others). i also question how deliberate this "holocaust" was or who holds the lion's share of the blame for it. germany couldnt even feed its own citizens by the end of the war. by the way, three million germans died AFTER the war formally ended in a genocide that was very much deliberate. why arent you a bleeding heart for dozens of millions of gentiles, huh? have a good cry about all of them if you feel like being consistent at any point.


can anyone give me a quick rundown on the bogdanoff twins


It's "not logical" to object to equating a few thousand incidental civilian deaths to the intentional and systematic extermination of 12 million+ people? Are you serious?


File: 1661036226912.jpg (118.18 KB, 881x531, 881:531, Nonant-le-Pin-pow-camp (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Almost everything involving the "holocaust" has been completely fabricated and lied about.

All information relating to it has been fabricated and distorted to a degree unrecognizable to what actually happened.

What's more horrible is the genocide of 3 million Germans after WW2, which were put in camps by the Allies and starved to death.


conspiratards: "i dont like that x is being used and exploited by people i hate for profit or to carry on an agenda, therefore x is not real"

works with any terrorist attack or mass shooting, climate change, covid, you name it


>conspiratards: "i dont like that x is being used and exploited by people i hate for profit or to carry on an agenda, therefore x is not real"

I'm sure everything ever reported has been 100% accurate and in no way used to push an agenda.


>This is basically saying that Hitler was an incompetent lying patsy and all the records by the Nazis about the holocaust are 100% fabrications.
There are no records from the Nazis about the holocaust. People make the claim that they used the german word for "uprooting" as a codeword for genocide but there's no evidence for this.
And Hitler definitely never made any claim that he was genociding Jews. The only Nazis who confessed to genocide were the ones in the Nuremburg trials whose confessions were extracted via torture.


you are a dumbass and you should consider ceasing to breathe. you are a normalfag dragging down the few people that deserve to live by allowing your stupid ass to be manipulated by a torrent of a media monopoly. you are worse than the jews if you arent one yourself.


>all the records by the Nazis
maybe investigate what youre talking about for 3 fucking seconds before opening your mouth, this is fucking embarrassing.


and you aren't being manipulated? lmao, people like you eat up uncritically whatever "alternative" sources will put out. whenever i read the comment sections of these sites it's the same torrent of contrarian shite, the same opinions on the same subjects, and when someone has a slightly different opinion they get a deluge of vitriolic responses. heaven forbid you disagree with the "alt" consensus on topics like the ones i mentioned.

no? that is not what I implied at all, on the contrary. you can simultaneously believe that the holocaust is real, to keep using that example, and that it was exploited and still is for profit and political purposes.


you're the retard who needs to compartmentalize and reduce everything down to neat little categories to make sense of it all. not giving a shit about jews starving 70 years ago doesnt mean i believe that gay alien vampires are raping your mom and dog. you have to pull nonsense out of your ass because your gaylocaust whinging is indefensible on its own.


File: 1661158927027.mp4 (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Give me all the money.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1661165867856.jpg (208.83 KB, 602x762, 301:381, Assyrians BTOFoing the jew….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The holocaust was the narrative jews used to justify the destruction of Germany by the allies, the demonization of right wing politics and the sanctification of jews. It has nothing to do with concentration camps or that some jews died in the war. As the central piece in the post-WW2 new world order, it was instrumental in the creation of the of left's new religion where whiteness became the original sin, Hitler the Devil, right-wing politics demonic, racism the greatest evil, jews the gods and the destruction of Western culture the ultimate redemption.
It was a very clever way to enslave an entire group of people without them even noticing.
Some jews died in WW2. Some jews (rightfully, just like US Japanese were) were held in camps in WW2. Some jews starved in camps in WW2. Jews were not gassed by the millions. There were no 'extermination camps'. There was no systematic effort to exterminate all jews by the Germans. There was no 6 gorillion. Jews in camps had typhus and camps were de-loused with Zyklon B just like people, ships, and warehouses were all over the world.
The Germans were blockaded and starving. Therefore their prisoners starved as well. The combination of typhus and starvation due to the blockade and 24/7 nationwide bombings cutting supply lines and crippling the nation resulted in a lot of prisoners dying. In order to decrease the rate of typhus infection the bodies of the dead were burned, just as the allies did when they captured the camps. The concentration camps and deaths of some jews (likely around 300,000 maximum) was real. The 'holocaust' is an event GREATLY exaggerated in order to increase jew political power and their ability to manipulate others to their benefit post-WW2.
yes, hitler was too soft and didn't want to kill anyone which is why all the jews were given a chance to peacefully move to israel or the usa (where 6 million ended up). once settled in their new host countries the jews went full scorched earth and sent their bolshevik rapists and murderers into eastern europe and germany to genocide the germans (reduced from formerly 120 million to about 40 million nowadays).
the jews won and the winner writes history and the jews then demonized hitler despite him being a really good guy, quite the opposite of the screaming angry hollywood stereotype invented by jews.
That's a photo of mental asylum patients. Notice the monkey phenotype ears. It's typical of retards. Also, mental patients usually lose all apettite due to prescribed opiate drugs, which explains why these retards are pencil thin, yet have enough energy to stand up and pose for the camera. Some are even gesturing wildly.
The genocide of jews in WW2 is a fabricated story. All jews perished more than 2000 years ago at the hands of canaanites who appropriated the "jew" label. The so-called "jew" population (ie. the canaanite population) actually grew between the 1936 census and the 1946 census.
Holocaust means "complete death", it's yet another word appropriated by canaanites, just like "semite" and "jew". "Semites" are all people from the Levant, not just jews or canaanites.
Jews got what they deserved for being devil worshippers 2000 years ago. And canaanites will meet the same end soon.


File: 1661166793973.png (160.64 KB, 370x631, 370:631, jew.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


>The holocaust was the narrative jews used to justify the destruction of Germany by the allies
hardly anyone cared or knew as the war was going on
didnt read the rest


Christianity is a guilt based religion though


Catholicism isn't Christianity, no matter what your kiddy diddling priest says


I believe swarmfront was real. No one really took this seriously back then, we were all retarded teens drawing retarded swastikas badly. Now you get people frothing at the mouth with schizo babbling all because OP said he was a Jew, look at the faggots replying blaming "censorship" for why they're neonazis now. It's I started going on wizchan even less and less over the years, not even a place where everyone is assumed to be a lonely outcast virgin male hated for things they can't control is safe.


>hated for things they can't control
Jews can control whether they are zionists or not, so I would like to hear from some anti-zionist Jewish wizards reasons why they don't support Israel


Why would any jew not support the state specifically created for them to live in?
>muh palestinians
Oh boohoo, Americans live on the graves of millions of natives and seldom do they have to do anything more than pay lip service when they go to a casino.


>giving ethnic minority legal right to swindle tards and geriatrics out of their pensions is mere "lip service"
you are astoundingly unintelligent.


>Oh boohoo, Americans live on the graves of millions of natives
You are making a comparison between this and Israeli Jews killing millions of native Arabs?


wizchan is a place for jewish wizards
it is time to recognize this officially


Let the tards be swindled.

I am yes. Or we could make the comparison to Liberia if you'd like.


Could you describe the policies Israel is currently pursuing in the genocide of Palestinians and why you support each one? There's a lot of history to cover so the historical rationale for your racial hatred will naturally come up, but we will address the history in detail in future posts


I don't care that idiots are willingly giving their money to native scams. What I am saying is that it's a very poor comparison to make with the occupation of Palestine because natives have been granted a tremendous privilege that basically prints free money for them in reparation.


File: 1661712555381.jpg (71.12 KB, 1024x955, 1024:955, ECG.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Jesus was white, Christianity is the religion of the white man, non whites will not go to heaven even if they were good Christians, because otherwise Paradise will be Globohomo-multicultural/ethnic place.

I do not give a shit about what revisionists shit you spite, your religion is a middle eastern-dessert religion that is alien to us.
Allelujah! Europeans are completely worthless cattle who need the rule of Semites to be directed to anything worthwhile!
European goyim have nothing outside of Abraham, nothing to look for outside of ancient Judaea, there is nothing in Europe of value that isn't of Judaean origin.
Deus vult, my fellow Crusaders!
Remember, Europe is worth nothing, you have nothing outside of "true Christianity:tm:, no possible existence outside of Abrahamic mythos.
Why are you even bothering speaking an Indo-European language and haven't switched to the more appropriate Aramaic or ancient Hebrew?
Your European ancestors were animals, worthless without the light of Abraham and Judaea, your real home.
Worthless cattle, I'm glad you and your progeny get what you deserve, especially since you'll get to see your Christianity upgraded to the current progressive golem software that began replacing it after the industrial revolution.
There is nothing in Europe outside of Abraham and his descendants of value, you cannot have Europe outside of Abrahamic mythos.
Ancient Europeans were worthless, animals, barbaric, that are worth nothing without the cult spread by Saul Al Tarsi (peace be upon him)!

Abraham was from Iraq
Jesus was from Palestine
Moses was Egyptian
Danie was from Iran
Peter was from Lebanon
Augustine, Origin, and tertulian were North africans.
Your holyland is in the Middle East.
Isaac and Ishmael's children are the Jews and other semitoid Levants.
Your God spoke Hebrew/Aramaic.
Noah's arc landed on Mt. Ararat.
Non of the places I mentioned are white or belong to european civilization.
and so on.
>Absolutely none of the framework was created by humans.
It absolutely was. The development of Christianity took place in MENA and thus within the minds and hearts of MENA men.

>bc sand niggers invented that myth.

Same with Christianity
>No other religion claims it's framework was divinely inspired
Literally every religion does this, and Islam ESPECIALLY does this.
>You're implying brown people forced "their" religion on the white man. HA!
Christianity was forced onto most Europeans. Read history
> Thousands of religions have tried to force themselves on the white man.
2 religions have done this. Islam and Christianity. "Thousands"?? Sweet god, talk about a disgustingly disingenious lie.
> Only one has succeeded via wiping out the rest
Admitting to Christianity being forced on the native Europeans? lol
>and it succeeded because it is truth and the white man seeks out truth
Must be why the white man abandoned Christcuckery in favor of Atheism and Naturalism and Evolution


there was an image circulating on 4chan back in 2014-2016, it was a huge wall of text detailing tactics on how to misdirect/take over a forum, allegedly used by stormfags. i'd not be surprised if it really happened.


lel progs are bigger conspiracy theorists than conservatives


File: 1661721890363.png (641.18 KB, 948x1114, 474:557, nahzees.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally some real journalism


progressivism is when you don't want annoying wignat derailing threads with spambot-tier crap >>293118 >>293119


You are a cringe commie. You have no right to bash pagans.


I look forward to reading the moderate case for supporting an apartheid state, let's hear it (we are about to witness a real political operator)


(((pagans))) are a kike subversion plot to neuter the White cause by rendering White Europeans who are proud of their heritage into a subject of mockery
pagans and communists are two sides of the same Jewish coin.

>supporting an (((apartheid))) state


>For decades, the Zionist Federation and Jewish Board of Deputies in South Africa honoured men such as Percy Yutar, who prosecuted Nelson Mandela for sabotage and conspiracy against the state in 1963 and sent him to jail for life (in the event, he served 27 years).

>Yutar went on to become attorney general of the Orange Free State and then of the Transvaal. He was elected president of Johannesburg's largest orthodox synagogue.

>In 1976, Israel invited the South African prime minister, John Vorster - a former Nazi sympathiser and a commander of the fascist Ossewabrandwag that sided with Hitler - to make a state visit.

>Israel's prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, hailed the South African premier as a force for freedom

>At a state banquet, Rabin toasted "the ideals shared by Israel and South Africa: the hopes for justice and peaceful coexistence".

>Liel, who headed the Israeli foreign ministry's South Africa desk in the 80s, says that the Israeli security establishment came to believe that the Jewish state may not have survived without the relationship with the Afrikaners.

>Per capita, South African Jews were reputedly the most financially supportive Zionists abroad

now watch me as i'm going to dump this list of pastebins no one will click and bitchute videos no one will watch

am i doing this right?


>am i doing this right?
Personally I don't hold it against people as Israel is the exception to every rule, and as this thread shows that drives people to insanity. Our fellow wizards who made and initially replied to this thread likely aren't even Jewish, they were just LARPing as Jews to make some political point they can't even articulate


File: 1662042879319.jpg (973.27 KB, 1080x941, 1080:941, JQ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jew means Judean and is a made up word which does not show up in the first 11 books of the Bible. Its a word that refer to location. Just like American, Russian, Indian.
Judea was a multi racial province under Roman rule.
The people we call Jews are Edomites/Canaanites, they are NOT the people of the Bible. They had the old testament cultrually, and they perverted it into Phariseeism, and later Judaism when they wrote the Talmud.
The people of the Bible, the Israelites, are the same people as the people we call Europeans/Whites/Aryan.
“Wherefore they desired his permission to build them a Gymnasium at Jerusalem. And when he had given them leave, they also hid the circumcision of their genitals, that even when they were naked they might appear to be Greeks.”
-Flavius Josephus, Antiquities 12.241
100 proofs ancient israelites were white:









Stop coping, Christianity is a brown religion.


File: 1662163993226-0.png (33.03 KB, 751x400, 751:400, google.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1662163993226-1.jpg (16.88 KB, 414x276, 3:2, kuro.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Google employees have protested their company's $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government and military called Project Nimbus, which aims to profile and silence pro-Palestine voices within the company and around the world.
>The contract explicitly prevents Google from shutting down its services in the event of employee protest, military conflict, or further Israeli human rights violations. Protests organized by No Tech For Apartheid will take place outside Google offices across New York, San Francisco, and Seattle next week on September 8 after 800 Google employees signed a petition over concerns about misuse of Nimbus AI for surveillance.

>Ariel Koren, a former Google employee, asserted that the internal Jewish Google group "Jewglers" had created a toxic work environment by silencing anti-Israel content within the community's internal platforms.

>Further, she accused Jewglers and Google of "weaponizing" diversity to silence Palestinians, Muslims as well as supporters of Palestinians. Koren cited an apology from Google to Jewglers over its concern over a donation to Movement for Black Lives, which had posted anti-Israel content.
>According to The Forward, Jewglers was also concerned about the lack of commitment to fighting antisemitism, and when Google agreed to donate to counter-antisemitism NGOs, Koren and her small faction of about 28 anti-Zionist Jews opposed the charity.
>"Working at Google was always my dream job, until I learned about Project Nimbus," said an anonymous Palestinian Google employee in one of about a dozen testimonies collected by Jewish Diaspora for Tech. "I always thought that when I worked at Google, I’d be quick to answer when people asked me where I work. But now that I work here, I try my best to avoid mentioning Google."
>"I shared an internal fundraiser in a Google-wide Forum. I was told that the phrase "Support Palestine" was offensive," claimed another employee.

>Documents reported on by The Intercept show that through Project Nimbus, Google will provide AI surveillance tools to Israel. Nimbus training documents emphasize “the ‘faces, facial landmarks, emotions’-detection capabilities of Google’s Cloud Vision API.” In one Nimbus webinar, a Google engineer confirmed to an Israeli customer that it would be possible to “process data through Nimbus in order to determine if someone is lying”. The tools provided by Nimbus have the potential to expand Israel’s pattern of surveillance, racial profiling, and other forms of AI-assisted human rights violations despite Alphabet’s knowledge that it is contracting with a military actively carrying out war crimes, while those who have created the software have no say in how it is used.



Jews are pretty cool


And the only reason you care about Palestine is because you are some Mudslim shitskin?


I could say that everyone who is against Israel could be a friend


All the better for storing his jew gold


File: 1662660129092.png (464.99 KB, 651x893, 651:893, 1662657131955408.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1663455756270.png (963.31 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, poster1.png) ImgOps iqdb

because they think that they are allowed, lol. It is sort of a fit in tactic, like remember the first invader zim episode.


The historical watershed moment after which there was no going back was when Stormfront started banning their own users for using the word "nigger" since wall-to-wall niggerposting made them look like retards. Thus, all the retards from Stormfront who couldn't spend five minutes trying not to look like retards on SF went to the next-most-famous site notable for users composing entire posts out of nothing but the word "nigger." 4chan. Therefore imageboards have all the posters who were too retarded for Stormfront. But there are additional bonuses! Since most of the boards on 4chan actually had local board rules, which rules were enforced, and which meant that calling Stan Lee a filthy kike in literally every thread about comic books (Marvel or DC, didn't matter) on /co/ would get some of these retards a 3 day vacation from posting. It didn't help that moot at the time had elevated his black friend to site modhood and Redwood treated stormfags as a legitimate problem rather than a contemptible invasion the way Snacks and others had historically. Having just been banned by Stormfront for reasons they should have known but refused to learn from, and then from most discussions on a site they did not understand and refused to assimilate into, they began to develop an insular Diasporic culture legitimized on a basis of perpetual exile, persecution and victimhood, banned from over 200 websites and perpetually aggrieved at all of them.
These retards always argue that there is a non-specific history of censorship from "all other websites" / "social media," but it's never a case of having been a poster for years on a site when a rug was pulled out from under them, excepting the cases of bans from Reddit, SomethingAwful, StormFront, and 4chan. Most of them will try to point to Reddit as the central source of normal society, but the reality is that Reddit was still running /coontown/ and God knows how many other subs when moot was trying to contain the stormdrain. There was/is a frequent category error in these ex-redditors mistaking 4chan's anger at "Reddit" as though it was not a generalized loathing of Reddit users and their mannerisms and was instead directed at the policies, organization and administration of Reddit, similar to their own butthurt at eviction from Reddit on the part of Reddit landlords. It is frequently the case that those who were not stormfags but who joined the stormfag diaspora were native Redditors whose impulse is to make imageboards closer to their happy fond funtimes in Reddit's racist spaces in that lost golden age, but Reddit's elimination of said sites actually LAGGED most imageboard-native efforts at stamping out this shit. It's a sign of how new these faggots are that they so often can't wrap their heads aroud their Reddit subs' history of having received immigrant waves who were banned from 4chan during intermittent enforcement waves. It is true though that 4chan management was always and will always be hilariously ineffectual at managing or directing anything at all, Reddit's trannies were actually technically competent people with fewer extra chromosomes than you'd have found running 4 or 7 at the time.


This schizo unironically spammed dead boards w/ 2 posters per day with his shit.


Circumsision is sexual abuse so Jews can't be wizards.


True, especially undeniable when the rabbi sucks the dick


ir you sucked on booba and you weren't born through c-section you can't be a wizard.
if you locked eyes with a succubus or swallowed their air droplets you can't be a wizard.


>their motherland Khazar / Ottoman Turkish Empire
Don't throw your dirty fucking laundry at others, they only came to the Ottoman Empire after the Spanish went and threw them all out of their country.

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