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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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I have rediscovered a great joy from my childhood: peeing in the shower. Sirs this is truly a momentous day.



Obviously, I don't think anybody here is remotely comparable, but I wonder who the real hermit is. I would suspect that we wouldn't ever hear about him, no? Also, I recall a video about a man living by himself in a very remote part of Japan, although maybe faggots blindly idealize Japan and getting documented by some jewtube nigger ruins his chances? I think the jewtumor had also been aided into reaching him by a guide. Unsure if the guide had been a regular guest and therefore had/has nullified this hermit's record.



Phones get obsolete so far. After buying a z fold 3 for a while, I can't use the old phone without noticing stuttering


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File: 1662847972997-2.png (51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, download (13).png) ImgOps iqdb

Found a cool waifu generator
Pics are examples of waifus generated



File: 1662848583015-0.jpg (62.24 KB, 400x400, 1:1, afc5f7c1a405de58e61a145c93….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1662848583015-1.jpg (58.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8e6f9756fb13d7a92a29e867fb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1662848583015-2.jpg (81.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fb101764e04b20247dbac9c8be….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty fun


How did dinosaurs have sex? I bet they had some massive wieners.

A brontosaurus vagina was probably big enough to used as a sleeping bag.


File: 1662856393871-0.jpg (569.57 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_7310d1wm-2520056533.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1662856393871-1.jpg (179.74 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, 10208712925_28fef60c12_b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is a crocodile weiner. This thing is just sitting inside of them, hard at all times, ready to go at a moment's notice.

Dinosaurs probably had big wieners like this. I guess it is actually a cloaca, but that doesn't make it look any less like a penis.

Crocodiles also do some sort of roll to penetrate, and penetration lasts for a very short moment. Makes me wonder if big dinosaurs had to go to the water to have sex. I would imagine it would be pretty painful for any create that size to roll on their back.


The dinosaurs went extinct because the earth didn't had enough water


if u try to imagine ur a god of a world then ur creating the world in ur head and all the people in it so if you then wanna be a useful god then the people in it also need to suffer and have it bad and be in pain so that you can then come and save them but also you want that they worship you so that you feel really good when ur imagining it so you strike the imaginary characters with a lot of pains and suffering and then u look if theyll still worship you and if they do ull come and save them and if they call u gay then u kill em and u let the worshippers live


File: 1662923689968.jpg (30.27 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1662923439008741.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why does Zeus strike dead trees and old succubi at crossroads with lightning while letting the destruction of his temples go unpunished?



I don’t normally go to McDonald’s but I took my brother
They have some monopoly thing I’ve heard of before
I peeled them off and got instant vouchers for like 3 free burgers, a free wrap, and a free muffin.
Fast food gods trying to make me an addict


File: 1663015708758.jpg (485.27 KB, 1080x2400, 9:20, Screenshot_20220912-164631….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

which one of you is this


always end up scraping my finger on the grater when im scraping ginger or zest. same fucking spot every time. it has become a permanent sore spot and makes typing on the keyboard unpleasant. i am cursed


Took a swig from a bottle of 99% isopropyl thinking it was spring water. Tastes like how earwax smells. Using apple whiskey to rinse the chemicals out and the whiskey isn't burning my mouth like usual. Isopropyl must have burned everything away. Will I ever taste again?


Wizards don’t do shootings. Crabs and normans do.




rip ethereum you were cool i will miss the gamerbux


>how do i <problem with software program>
>top result reddit
>nothing but HILARIOUS jokes and puns as responses


i have given that shithole so many chances from the google results. the odds of getting a non-answer are very high. so many times, the top comment is just some faggot being snarky and it was always over something technical instead of political or otherwise divisive or subjective. in my experience, just asking retards on imageboards is far more likely to yield a relevant answer.


Why does google think reddit is a good site for tech questions? At least StackOverflow is of a Q&A format. Reddit is not. An increasing number of hackers are saying google is useless or at least becoming useless. The fucking web man…on the rare occasion you do find a page or forum with good info, bookmark it ASAP. You will (probably) never find it again via google.


it probably attracts a lot of clicks and higher priority in searches due to its popularity. sometimes stack has been similar to reddit (albeit maybe a little less snark), but i forgot that it has also been overall better than retarddit. i just used it today or yesterday too lol. in the past i'd just fuck off to yandex after 20 minutes or more of jewgle, but now i just use jewgle for 1 minute then fuck off. sometimes i still dont find the answer, but usually between that and imageboards i do. redditors are fucking idiots and i hope they all develop cancer.


I come here every day, but I can never find anything I want to post on. Same with the anti-crawl thread. Sad.


If ya'll haven't learned about this yet, you can put a minus sign in front of a search to omit that.

Example: <tech question> -reddit


yeah but that's mostly an afterthough. i abuse -pinterest, -facebook, and -imgur for google image searches however since none of those fucking sites even load correctly for me. at least reddit loads, and it always seems like the answer to the problem will be there… but no, fucking never. i am tempted to just add a url redirect thing to all my google searches to automatically append -reddit


*reply deleted*
*reply deleted*
*reply deleted*
^also very common on reddit


I think it is because a lot of people specifically put reddit at the end of their search query so they can get a result that doesn't seem to be an ad.


check out the extension ublacklist


I'm the same way most of the time. I thought my urges would go away by the time I hit my 30s as most people describe the whole excessive masturbation thing being mostly for teenagers or college aged individuals. Nope, it's been quite the opposite and now I do it probably 3x as much as I did when I was young. I can't even function on a task if I don't masturbate first. But at least I'm super motivated once I do at least until another hour goes by.


Yep, based off my experience it is dick function that is affected, not your overall horniness level. If anything I got more horny as I aged, but I no longer get those rock hard erections that makes my dick so stiff that it hurts. That only happens if I haven't jerked it for a few days and my testosterone is high from working out.


bugs in my computer hardware


Being short is such a huge personal problem that they have a thread pinned to prevent suicide


Not even poverty or homeless need a dedicated suicide prevention thread


I don't remember it being that much of a problem back in the 00s. I mean, it didn't help but suicide?


i had this happen to me once, it was freaky, i was trying to get him to follow the mouse cursor and leave but i think i had to push the screen to manipulate his movements - that or i just squished him and hes sitting at the bottom of my monitor out of view


What does it mean to feel pleasure, is there a physical sensation or what?


it's how you feel when you see a reply to your post.


I installed a smart switch for my fan today, and man, did that force me to learn ab out electricity and how fast and how shitty electrical installations were in the past.

The old fan switch only had two wires connected to it. I learned one was line (from the power company) and load (going to the fan). All the switch did was limit the amount of power going from line to load. Anyway, I turned off the power to the room via the circuit breaker and tried to install the new switch, but I kept getting shocked whenever I tried to connect the load wire to the grounded switch. I thought I may have turned off the wrong circuit, so I flipped the main breaker. Was still getting shocked. Then I thought, why the hell am I getting voltage from the LOAD side? So I broke out the multimeter and started measuring voltages. Nothing from the line wire, but 120V from load. Then the lightbulb went off in my head and I realized what was going on. There was nowhere for the electricity to go from the fan since the fan wasn't grounded or connected to neutral. That thing was just charged up with 120V, ready to shock the fuck out of me whenever I completed the circuit. Maybe I would not have gotten shocked if I left the fan on when I flipped the circuit breaker, but that seems to go against common sense. Anyway, I left the multimeter connected and watched the voltage drop until it was safe to work with.

The new smart switch requires connections to line, load, ground, and neutral so nothing should be charged with electricity in the event of a power failure. It is crazy how with old shit they just let high voltage sit in the appliance if the power went out. No wonder everything had so many warnings in the past, they used to straight up ignore safety.


painting is really hard, i know why people get a million paint colors now. its not difficult to mix or match but its tedious and slow. the reward from painting is such a slow and delayed process it's almost punishing. there is so little stopping you from splashing the dirty paint water or smudging paint or scraping random shit onto the canvas to get an immediate sense of pleasure. people that can sit down and do this shit without ruining their own paintings out of boredom are bound for greatness. you need zero compulsivity and almost to be meditating throughout the whole process. i clearly do not have the patience to do normal paintings. i always thought shitty abstract and messy or loose paintings were just lazy and maybe that is still true but the chaos is also fun in a way


reminds me of the great fruit fly battle i was having for months… until i realized it was all the garbage in my room allowing them to breed. maybe do like the frogman says and clean your room


have you guys found any completely new interests that aren't related to what you already like?

i feel like everything i enjoy currently is somehow related to everything i found interesting as a child. i can't think of anything that i like now that wasn't interesting when i was younger. really just cooking is all ic an think of actually.


I started brewing some alcohol and found that it was quite enjoyable to go through the process, especially planning the recipes. Although I also like cooking in general so that might not count.


I think this is related to staying inside all day.

It is hard to truly change your interests if you live an isolated lifestyle.


yes i try basically anything and everything. tried comics again recently but got bored when i realized that only 1% of it is readable, and even true hardcore hobbyists will say things like "only read issues 1-18 and ignore the rest" and things like this. well how am i supposed to waste a whole day reading comics when this is the kind of state they're in? reading Grant Morison's Doom Patrol line takes about 2-3 days, then you're just done, and everything on either side of that (non-morison doom patrol) is just liquid shite. then you're back with nothing to do.

I've watched basically every major american film released after the 60's from every genre, i've watched every shonen anime worth seeing (if you watch anime for reasons other than seeing muscular men beat the fuck out of each other then you're a weird faggot), i watched all of the major TV series like Sopranos and Simpsons seasons 1-8, i taught myself lots of gambling games and an online friend showed me how to play mahjong, i can speedrun Ninja Gaiden on the xbox and i have several level 60 characters in world of warcraft, etc etc. i could keep going. when i dropped out of high school, the first thing i did was download a "every john wayne movie" torrent and i watched them all.

the only things i can't really get into is SRPG's and RTS', i think i'm too old. Incorrect placement of units is just punished so hard and so fast and i never make any noticeable skill improvements. I did beat Devil Survivor Overclocked, though.

i'm really running out of stuff to do now because ive consumed pretty much every piece of media that even slightly interests me. Right now, i'm playing all 3 Borderlands games at the same time. when i'm done playing them, i'm scared to think of the emptiness that will follow. I have no plans for afterwards. nothing is on my radar. suicidal thoughts are going to swarm me all day.


This isn’t necessarily new as I did enjoy as a kid but I haven’t actually done it since then is going to amusement parks. I actually really riding different rollercoasters it’s a pretty fun experience where for a couple minutes you get to forget about all your problems and just enjoy a ride. It’s actually a pretty cheap hobby too the biggest expense is gas as a season pass to Cedar Fair or Six Flags is only 150$, I bought mine halfway through this year and have already gone around 10 times plus since most of us are autists or have other health problems we actually get to skip all the normies in line it’s awesome


File: 1664164633721.jpg (272.3 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Fa9r5GNaUAcBcAu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Federally-regulated cellular service provider is likely to shut off my outgoing services within the next 6 minutes.


Good. I almost had several gamer moments in front of innocent children all week because I had to buy a burner phone for 2FA and other BULL SHIT and I don't really want to huck objects at the heads of innocent children over it.

I actually dove back in to the dumpster to get it back out and smack it repeatedly on the side of the dumpster because it wouldn't break, and then it started ringing, so I threw it as hard as I could at the end of the dumpster and tried to throw all sorts of horrible slop on it so nobody would hear and I was jumping up and down yelling at a fucking dumpter. Thank fucking God there were niggers everywhere or else that would have been unusual and awkward.


thank god for free voip phone/sms services


yeah im so fucking bored of everything now. i look back and i see brief peaks of entertainment and novelty separated by vast expanses of boredom and porn

after a certain point you have to entertain yourself with creativity and imagination because other ppl cant create content fast enough. but it is difficult

i will have to get back into reading books. it is impossible to ever fully read everything out there even if 90% of it is uninteresting it would still take decades. this truth has kspt me going because when i inevitably finally reach the absolute lowest mental state from this boredom i can settle down and get comfy and embrace it and escape into the world of books

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