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Can Internet be fixed? Can a bit of its old charm be taken back? Or is already done for?

Even imageboards seem to be in decay
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will you allow racism and antisemitism?


the internet can be fixed with my imageboard idea, it's nandemoarichan (it means no rules in japanese) so it will revive the old wild web!


you are welcoming cp spammers


got it?


you can't have no rules unless you are a private community with a whitelist of posters or something, if you just say "welcome all! there are no rules here!" you will just get retards who take that as an invitation to be annoying and shitty and destroy the website with spam and low quality posting






this. plus now that the internet is a battlefield there will be algorithm pretending to be assholes to ruin every place there is. heh digital invasion of simulated demons, programmed to depressed the people using the products of the competition.


Why are they so obsessed with ruining every schizo guys bread and circus?
Doesn't seem very wise


File: 1683092281820.jpg (97.44 KB, 600x433, 600:433, lets_face_it.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

On my site we'll have an AI filter posts before they are made, so instead of bans, which demotivate posters who are just trying to have fun, it will filter a post.
It will filter files that would induce negative emotion (pictures of poop, videos of violence, etc) or that contains outside culture (pepe, doge, wojak, etc) or nudity (just to prevent 'p).
Accepted file types with be jpg, png, apng, and WebM. If I invent my own lossless image format by then, I'll use it instead of accepting png. It will filter text that AI thinks is posted in bad faith, like trolling, and if I add boards with topics, it will filter offtopic posts.


Vermins play a very important ecological role. Without them, we're fucked. You think your city is full of trash now?


Your post was kindof reddit.
>Without them, we're fucked.
This is incorrect.


Sometimes I do wish we experience full ecological collapse, just to see people who think nature is irrelevant get fucked and die.


shut up tree hugger


We already exhumed most of the living being, I guess we'll just start eating each other after the collapse.


Talk about the internet and old charm. You can find it on the news, multiple sources say that they were planning to delete old youtube videos. They walked it back and edited this blog, but they were planning to delete a lot of good internet history. They would've gone ahead if a few media websites didn't notice it and start pumping out articles.


good thing we can just eat bugs


I'd like to update this and say, I no longer play on creating this kind of site: Imageboards are good enough, I guess.


I'd like to update this and say, I plan on creating this again. I'm going to make it a desktop app. Not only will it not be available for iOS or Android, it won't be available for MacOS or Windows either. We're going GNU only this round.


I want this, I'd like it if everything had a time limit on the internet of, say, 3-5 years. Part of the reason I post on imageboards is because it's ethereal.


File: 1694460577039.png (841.3 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 420.png) ImgOps iqdb

blaze on, retard B^]


>Bullshit. Normies on the internet will have more compassion towards a dog than to that asocial creep (wiz)
Because dogs are more docile and do as the normies say. Sit, fetch, that sort of thing.


Yahoo actually went and did that. They delete your account (first they delete your emails and warn you) if it's been inactive for at least a year. I had a 20 year old Yahoo account and I lost every single fucking email because of these stupid fucks. They're so pea brained that instead of deleting the large attachments first, they delete absolutely everything, even the text-only emails.


Apparently there is a subculture all about capturing that old feel of the internet by making personal websites and moving away from core normie sites.


The internet is a product of its populace. Perhaps AI can replace this after a while, but idk.


They got the reason right, but refused to accept it.
>it was just nerdy white dudes

It's not about aesthetics, the appearance of the sites is a consequence. This "subculture" amounts to nothing.


Your comentary doesn't really add anything to the discussion other than you pointing out that you are a racist.

You missed most of the point of the post you are responding to, the video within, and the thread in general.
Your rebuttal is to a self constructed strawman.
Ultimately the retarded ponyfag and XD Randumb cat have a more substantive and nuanced take then your dismissive quips.


Not only racist, but also sexist and anti-normie. Race only wouldn't solve it, but would already be a great deal.


File: 1700359832098.webm (1.9 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Memories.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not going to bother with the video but how are zoomers who weren't there at the time going to capture "that feeling" if they've never felt it in the first place?

00s internet and geek culture are fixed in time and space, it cannot be recaptured, the conditions which formed it do not exist anymore.

it's normalfag fucking zoomer.


>Not to mention the succubus he had sex with in high school.
Only in the show. He's a virgin in the manga


Normie is a term that has been used since the fucking 80s.
I would know since I was fucking there you poser.


File: 1704437902017.jpg (79.07 KB, 722x595, 722:595, 1660188053046798.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i get what you mean, back in the day it felt like the internet was much deeper/diverse with 10's of thousands of search results and tons of communities spread across so many individual forums and most of them felt like they were thriving with activity. felt like you could learn or discover anything on the web.
now every thing is consolidated and controlled
>search engines just repeat the same results with different titles a lead to the same pages or websites
>most of the communities are consolidated to the same 5 or 6 websites that are heavily monitored by the company, host, and web providers and curated to keep things monetizable.
>most of those communities are rotted out by lack of meaningful contribution latter kicking, its damn near impossible to start a new community that has is "free range" and has meaningful contribution with out having to eventually forsake one or the other to stop the place from becoming infested with Machiavellian weirdos or to lower the bar to keep it alive while inevitably losing both.
>can't learn shit anymore unless you pay for it and even then its hard to find good, reliable, and intuitive resources that aren't heavily limited by lack of funding, trying to appeal to a broader audience that just wants to see cool stuff and act like their learning with out wanting to see or hear in depth about how the shit actually works, is removed by hosts for being "dangerouse information" aka (some customer of theirs or they themselves wanted it gone so they could charge for it, or the government wanted it gone.)
>not to mention all the algorithms tracking you and and hacking your brain to forcibly feed you shit you don't want and with holding shit you actually wanna see because its not profitable or not 'what other people who looked at the same thing' looked at.


been thinking about this and wondering how it would be possible to do it. it seems like it would be expensive to create and join not to mention make sure its not vulnerable and doesn't get ripped apart by the gov or cooperate entities.


You weren't even born.


Tor private sites exist
As time has gone on though I really don’t care about the internet. People aren’t using tor and freenet because they don’t have anything to say. What they want is entertainment from large, fast, social networks. If there was some forbidden knowledge making things better they would be using tor or freenet, but people don’t.


Always has been. Tor never was a project to "the people" since glowies need crowd to camouflage against other glowies.


And how would you have a decentralised anonymous web service immune to feds? You can moderate your content on your site, if it was important you could pre-moderate posts so csam never made it out the post queue. But they don’t, because people want instant gratification, and what they have to say is nothing much worth the hassle. The idea of a decentralised anonymous internet is just used as a synonym for “the internet in a way I like it”.


>Can Internet be fixed?
By making webpages inaccessible from smartphones.>>292790


>memes today are all on tiktok
the life cycles of these "memes" is less than two weeks, they're more akin to short lived trends. They don't have any sticking power.


I hate everything being consolidated on Discord. The most recent example is Rogue Trader. I pre-ordered and had no idea how to activate my game or get the code because I had no email. I had to look around for information and everywhere just said "Join the Owlcat discord server!". I found my throwaway, joined and had to dig through pins in every channel to find the community post telling you exactly how to do so. I later had to use the server again to find out how to get past a number of bugs because forums just do not exist anymore.


I fucking hate discord.


Imageboard died when they become cool and people went there to take themselves seriously, instead of having fun.

First via Project Chanology, then via the Alt Right.


>I had no email
It sounds like you're an idiot using the internet in a non-modern way then getting surprised when you are facing difficulties
Discord isn't even bad, you're just a old cunt who doesn't want to learn new tech and tools.


same I hate Discord because is full of trannies, zoomers, and normalniggers and actual degenerates.


ive seen modders and hackers do that - ie have everything centralised in some shitty discord server; faqs, readme, download links etc. sad to see an actual development studio do that.


File: 1705579723226.jpg (36.28 KB, 500x338, 250:169, tumblr_o9i61ryV2b1s73tqio1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think the Internet changed forever after Tiktok has been invented, Everyone's brain now has been fried by short span attention, and everyone's humor is self aware and contains meta elements and everyone thinks they're funny and the repetitive ness of the same memes and overusing them is what killed memes, Internet is a fucking hellhole now everyone makes fun of everyone if you try a slight bit to do something you'll get mocked to oblivion. Yeah we're fucked


>I think the Internet changed forever after Tiktok has been invented
tiktok is just vine, which had its own predecessor I don't even know the name of. Are you really gonna try and tell me people had high attention spans in the early 2000s lolsorandumb culture?


There was vine before.

100%. We had a longer attention span than gen Z, which is remarkable considering how short our millenial attention spans were already.


it's better for the masses to be spoonfed entertainment while comatose on the couch looking at their phones

tiktok is just this generation's <entertaining technology>

you had cards and other gambling, newspapers, radio, pictures (television), big screens (movie theatres), cable/satellite television, internet, social media, tiktok

people were just as fucking retarded 15 years ago with facebook, their entire life was spent on that site. my fucking grandma was on there playing farmville. they had news, they talk to each other, they played games. it was like boomer roblox

tiktok isn't even as impressive honestly as early facebook, but it does seem more addictive and i guess that's all that matters


I knew it was gonna get bad but fuck dude. It came much faster and turned out worse than expected.
He also fucked in the light novel, best version of "Welcome To The NHK" IMHO
>sorry you got filtered dude
Haven't seen someone use the filtered meme in so long. Actually got nostalgic. Wtf.

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