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>be born in the year 1996
> in between phase between skinny TVs and fat CRT computers used windows XP in school
> was in kindergarten during 9/11 remember all the adults crying while walking me home from school
I've been digging around the internet archives and looking at TV and ads in the VHS collection going all the way back to the 80s. Things seemed so good then…. can anyone older explain to me in detail what those times between the 90s and early 2000s where like ? the 85-99 period seemed really peaceful considering the type of TV that was on…what happened ?

Pic unrelated.


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i guess what im trying to ask is what was it like ? esp for outcasts who lived at that time, i want to know why hyper sexualization and consumerism seemed to be at an all time high ? it seemed like a hardcore pro consumerism and sex culture back then even more than today.


im old, i was an adult in 1990s. you would of hated it. there was no: i will just hide on line, back then. No instant community of people to talk to who are just like you.
tv was like 30 channels, no internet to really speak of, want weird videos/comics , be ready to drive far to some weird store.
Were people friendlier, yes cause most interaction was in person, and people realized if you started trouble you d likely be beat up.
People were also a lot more moral and religious, albeit in a Fakey Way. so your way to tune out would brand you _______ and stigma would follow you around, dont care? you would if all your interaction is in person.

wasnt fun. i dont miss it.




File: 1659816903568.jpg (5.44 KB, 259x194, 259:194, stalin happy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It brings me great joy to see these nostalgia delusions shattered.


You thought this decade was peak moralfaggotry? Try the 90s, when everything had to be censored because "think of the children!" DnD and video games were gateways to Satan, etc etc.

Obviously nerds were beaten up and ostracized rather than provisionally accepted or seen as a trend to use as a way to stand out back then. What community there was was much smaller and more localized, and made much more limited if you didn't have 56k. A protowiz would just read a lot of books.


Albeit it is a bit derailing, but still relevant.
I'm so baffled by the moronic retardation of the americans, of their delusion as if they are the center of the world. Somehow they view the "9/11" as an age defining event, when it was not that much important or tragic. These brainrot monkeys were oblivious of struggles of the rest of the world, until it came flying down on their "shopping center". Truly ironic. And even then these retards sperged out like little kids and started the invasion into iraq and aghanistan, which was an utter failure in pacifyin the region.
Indeed, burgerpeople are a special kind of retards.


I was a kid in the 90s and all of my love for the 90s comes from the love of being a child, not because of the time period. I don't think many nostalgiafags understand this. Hell, it took me a while to understand it too.

Thinking back, there doesn't seem to be anything about that decade that made the world even remotely friendly to the wizardly type.


it sucked i had barely any games to play and i didn't have internet for any of the 90s. you had to physically go to a store and look at a selection of boxed games. consoles and games were expensive too. tv was dogshit i basically watched discovery channel and cartoon network, that's it. most of the air time was advertisements and everyone hated it. want to watch a movie? you had to get ready and again physically go somewhere. or buy a physical copy, but then you needed a dvd player for good quality.. something break? had to look through phonebook and call random services asking if they could fix it. need to know something? have to go visit the library. everything needed batteries or gasoline to function. tons of people smoked in public still. cash money, checks, checkbooks. everything was super inconvenient compared to now


> need to know something? have to go visit the library.


i forget about this one sometimes. yea, dont know somethin, there was no, just type in in search and find it in 2 seconds. you could spend YEARS tryin to solve some question, or track some weird shit down. or you just never solved it.

i do kinda miss infomercials tho


293126, 293120
I'm with these guys, imagine trying to set up a basic team fortress quake game compared to the newest version. bet it sucked from a technical neet perspective.

let me enter the full ATA string into the modem so I can play age of emp- 10mb patch required
forgot to clean the trackball
no external usb 3 drives
extra processor for backwards compability
insufficient base memory
faulty copper cables means no freebies from andrew on wow
now a retard like me can just snap in the ram, gpu, 3-4 mouse clicks and I'm playing diablo 3 and the best part? no need to interact with crabs


I was born in 1996, holy fuck im 26 y/o already…

Anyway, to answer the question, the internet was mostly for middle class nerds so things were quirky and fun, think 4chan in 2005 or so.

Programming and IT shit was the same, you had to be a hardcore nerd to get in, same with a lot of hobbies, normals were repulsed by programming, the internet, manga and anime and you were immediately labeled as a weirdo if you liked anything else than partying and getting drunk every day or participate in retarded politics.

The videogames industry wasn't pozzed, yes even in those years it was full of normalfags, but they didn't really influenced the games with retarded ideologies (except very special cases like 9/1).

I think the end was when the smartphone entered the picture with the first IPhone, every normalfag suddenly realized that technology could be fun and everyone having massive access to the internet with a device designed for literally retarded people that required no technical knowledge to use flooded the internet with equally retarded people, and then normies realized that they could get popular either doing stupid for attention (males) or whoring themselves on the internet (females) and they decided to fill the internet with that crap.


That retarded shit only happened on the worst country on earth (The US) anywhere else the 90's were actually fun and probably the best decade of the last 40 years.


File: 1659887859656.jpg (135.76 KB, 1228x868, 307:217, 45074e70b39032f3c3188f31a0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

things are just getting more convenient/easier, but at the same time more retarded

people back in the day had more passion when makeing something, now people just poop out something. Back in that day, people had high IQ, and doing anything took time. Now, low IQ and fast doing anything.

"IDIOCRACY Opening Scene (2006) Mike Judge"


>Rwandan genocide
>Sanctions in Iraq
>Gang warfare in Latin America
You only think the 90's were good because you were just a dumb child back then. There was never a nice time to be alive, each era is just as bad as the other for most of the world


and the balkans, and russia…


File: 1659898815010.jpg (50.49 KB, 404x614, 202:307, 90's bowie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was born in 1991 and vaguely remember the late 90s. i also started paying attention to politics pretty early because bush stole the election.

the things i most remember pop culturlly are shit like pokemon being new, electronica like fatboy slim and moby, and dial up internet


Do you remember Eurodance?


yeah shit like im blue and barbie succubus were big one hit wonders


nananananana nana na nana…


You're correct but you think that's a bad thing. Many of those things would have prevented our society becoming so sick. How many people here would have healthier lives if they didn't have the internet to fall back on constantly? How much better would mental health be if people were forced to interact with others not text on a screen? It might not suit you but it's healthier than what kids have today.

Most of that was marketing by the companies themselves. Getting on main stream media brings you a lot of eyes. Companies like Rockstar hired marketers to rabble rouse and get people to buy their game through controversy. It wasn't a big deal at all in reality.

I never watched horror movies as a child. I watch a lot of 90's horror movies now. 90's is the end of the practical era and the start of the digital era. People pine for something more real in a world of fakery. 90's has it's issues and fuck adults wearing Ghostbusters t shirts but it's not just nostalgia for being a child.

Setting up old computers did suck, but your world didn't revolve around them back then. A few hours of quake a week was a treat. It felt special to play unlike now with 10,000 steam games you don't care about.

AOL is the start of cheap internet and it begins in the early 90s. Budget PCs became a thing then.

Weebs are dumb. Anime was mainstream in the 80s. Transformers was the biggest toy of the year. Before that Battle of the planets was huge. DBZ, Sailor moon, Pokemon and the list never ends. Manga wasn't as common but it wasn't rare in comic book circles. You were born 40 years too late to say normalfags didn't like anime back then.

The video game industry was pozzed. You can go back and see feminist rants in 90's video game magazines on archive.org if you don't believe me.

iphone is post Eternal Summer and AOL. Do you even remember AOL keywords?


I don't care if Rwanda kills themselves. Don't live in Latin America and Iraq isn't my problem. A good time to be alive is relative and now the problems you mention are knowing on our doors due to mass immigration. We didn't risk latin gang violence when there wasn't any latin gangs living among us.

>Bush stole the election
2 more weeks!

Techno music from gay bars got branded EuroX.


Normalfags did not like anime until the mid to late 2000s tops. Transformers is not Gundam. I'll concede that Pokemon was the closest thing to a mainstream anime in the 90s, but much like with a Saturday morning cartoon you were expected to grow out of watching it after age 10 or so. In fact, adults being interested in cartoons past a certain age was considered abhorrent and weird until the mid to late 2000s, unless they had some excuse like being part of the industry.

Also why would a wiz born in 96 remember AOL keywords? AOL became irrelevant in the early 2000s.


>If I ignore all the things that prove me wrong I'm right!
Shall we include Speed racer, Astroboy and Robotech or do you want to ignore those too?

Anime WAS mainstream in the exact same time slots. Transformers did extremely well.

Adult animation existed before family guy. Simpsons started in the 80s and was a world wide mega star. So you're wrong again. Animation was not strictly for kids both on TV and going to the cinema to see a Disney movie. Adult animations were being made all the time like Wizards or Fits the cat.

AOL key words were the normalfag way of using the internet through the 90s. It disproves the "only smart nerds had the internet" when everyone got AOL Discs through the door.

I lived through the 90s and remember them clearly. The revisionist we waz nerds shit is just a cope. Instead of accepting you joined the internet after normalfags you need to make excuses for why YOUR early experiences are part of the good era while everyone else's isn't.


>Adult animation existed before family guy. Simpsons started in the 80
Remember that Bugs Bunny/Merry Melodies and Tom & Jerry were adult animation. They had, for the time, mostly adult humor and were overly violent. They were shown before adult-themed films in theatres. When broadcast on television they were often chopped up for a more general audience. The adult themes are even carried over to modern iterations.

Yeah kids liked them, but the target demographic was adults.


Defining your generation by the musicians and celebrities who were popular at the time has got to be one of the top 400 most normalfag things I've seen on my web browser.

Think of what was invented in your time, what laws changed, who was at war, which discoveries and technologies came about. Going "uuuh the 90s were when David Bowie had a crazy haircut" is both stupid and dumb, and a little bit Reddit. Of all things to talk and feel about, not only is it a person, but someone who was force fed onto you by corporate media oligarchs.


None of those things are relevant to most people's lives. We've spent the last 20 years at war with sand niggers and it means nothing to any one in the civilized world. It's an abstract concept most are never going to interact with. While David Bowie songs on the radio are something most people will have experiences with.

Everything you mention is autistic to the degree of non-functionality. It doesn't matter how laws change or what was invested unless it effected you directly. Which almost none of what you listed did.

I'm all for weening people away from media and getting them in the real world but the real world IS music you hear playing around you much more than it is some nigger inventing peanut butter powered helicopters you're never going to sit in.


Anime wasn't really mainstream before 2002 or so, yeah it was available and known, but it was also true that for the vast majority of people you were a fucking freak if you watched anime (except turbo normie shit like Pokemon, Sailor Moon or Captain Tsubasa that aired on normal TV)

If you watched more anime than that you were indeed an outcast, if you also read manga or managed to get into the very few translated VN's at the time you HAD to be a wizard.

Now all that shit is extremely mainstream, literally everyone watches anime and reads manga and you can find eroge on steam, normalfags completely conquered the entire hobby extremely fast, and being honest the industry (both japanese and western) helped with that because they love money of course.


>I don't care if Rwanda kills themselves. Don't live in Latin America and Iraq isn't my problem

lol. typical american


when did you get on the internet? because if you weren't there during the 80s hacker researcher vs drm wars then you too joined with the rest of the normalfags, they invented the demo. wtf is this trial internet? (I know what those are) crabol merely copied the 80s when they would drive around in vans dropping off software discs at random locations.

80s made their own isp and now a decade later normaol comes along trying to capitalize on it, no respect for those 80s guys.
90s gen are a bunch of computers users, they're not computer hobbyists


>If I continue to ignore all the popular animes children watched in the last century than I can make my argument
>Pokemon came out in 1996 but being the biggest craze of the century which sold more games in the first 2 years than any other general doesn't count. Pokemon's peak popularity isn't popular enough to count as anime being main stream

Not America you little brown faggot. No one cares about sub humans killing each other. Not even other sub humans.


>Not America you little brown faggot. No one cares about sub humans killing each other. Not even other sub humans.
lol. Americans sure are retarded enough to think that there are them and the whole other word as separate entities. Your faggotry led to the "9/11", led to the current crysis.
You are so pathetic that you don't even have a proper nation, instead of that you have a cocktail of shit and piss or "white" and "brown" as you cocksuckers name it. lol


<stupid american
>I'm not american
<stupid american
This poster is an AI.


nice tourist arrows


File: 1660058744523.jpg (17.23 KB, 200x200, 1:1, schlafkatze_wein.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Born in early 90s, got my fair share of suffering, then it was 2010, got fast internet - discovered all the media of 80s, 90s, 00s - consumed it - now suffering again. I'm a low functioning retard, maybe I would have suffered in all eras without something to consume to forget.
That's it, even if all people of the world wanted it, they couldn't reproduce the Zeitgeist, because it's Zeitgeist stuff. Gone, forever. I see people enjoy new stuff, being hyped about new stuff. So I can't really tell if "my" stuff was better than theirs. Of course, there are objective criteria, but it's hard to compare if you had a stash of quality stuff, from the pioneer era of media. Now it's just hard to find something new - maybe there isn't for me, but that's my problem. Simple as. But I discovered drinking.


As a technology matures it becomes less interesting. People know what works and gets the most success so they naturally align with it. The access to CGI and "We just need 10 episodes for netflix not a movie script" has destroyed so much creativity. Video games have become so large no one can influence anything for the better once the game production is in motion. And if even 1 small thing fails it snowballs into development hell.

And lets not forget how fast stuff moves now. Hype never stops. Biggest game of the year is forgotten in a month and hype for the next game starts immediately. There's no time for something to brew and mature, it has to be broken and speedrun DAY ONE and everything put on the wiki. Everything is now a slaughter house to be cut up for hype cutlets and that's it.

He can't explain why you should care about people you don't know exist. Which you shouldn't. Your local community matters, getting your car repaired matters, your pets matter. Some fatherless bastard starving in a country no one's heard of and even his parents didn't bother to name is no concern of any one but the vultures.


You see, the thing is that the world you and i live in is not a mish-mash of independent states and communities. On the contrary every thing is veru much intertwined with one another so the constant war in the middle east, as an example i have provided, led both to the cheap oil prices at that time and "anti-terrorism war" with its rampant intrusion into your private life. Of course i wasn't trying to make one view this problem solely from "moralistic" point of you. Come on, i don't think you are that retarded to be swayed by such a pseudo-argument.


>Come on, i don't think you are that retarded to be swayed by such a pseudo-argument.
Moralistic thinking is not only how most people think but on this very website there are constant appeals to morality like the vegan or the antinatalists talking about reducing suffering etc. I'm not validating moral thinking, but you gave too big a benefit of the doubt.


how is interacting with "crabs" bad in nerd spaces like games or tech? strange sentence


there's a lot of underage tourists here who try to fit in by calling everything crab, you'll have to excuse them as they are looking for their next "schizocore" lolcow


I was born at the end of the 80s and the 90s were the only time in my life were the world seemed to be somewhat normal and I felt optimistic about the future.

The Cold War had just ended. There were no terror attacks. No obsession with surveillance and control. No feminism. None of all the gender stuff.

>>293111 >>293116
In my country it was the least moralistic decade. There was heavy censorship, but games and movies could be easily imported from other countries.

I didn't have internet or video games, but books and movies felt more enjoyable at that time. Buying things in stores or from mail catalogues wasn't that much of a hassle and made everything feel more special.

In the 2000s politicians started being obsessed with Islamic terror and school shootings and started turning this country into a police state. Steam made it harder to get uncensored games because now they could patch them into censored versions through the internet. At some point some politicians wanted to make the possession of violent games a criminal offense (though they didn't get it through). I got into problems with my school and the police because being a loser was seem as being a terror threat.

In the 2010s we had the refugee crisis and feminism becoming increasingly more dominant. More laws to limit free speech and control the internet.

In the last years everything started falling apart completely. The media have become completely unhinged. Our language is getting changed drastically to make it less offensive to feminists. People get raided regularly for offending politicians.
There are constant demonstrations all the time. The economy is crashing.

The 90s were a paradise compared to now.


I was born in 1989. The 90s were unironically one of the best decades ever, not only for me, but most people will tell you how the 80s and 90s were the best decades. The 90s had everything, great music, great tv shows, gaming had soul, there was a nice balance between technology use and human interaction, great race relations, some of the best movies came out in the 90s. Things started going downhill in the early 00s.


It wasn't so much that normies hated anime back then, it was just that you -literally- couldn't access it unless you were an adult with know how and resources. You didn't get teenage shonen, there was nothing edgy like deathnote or attack on titan on VCR or on TV, or things like Stein's Gate aimed at an older audience. You got literal kids shows like Pokemon and Sailor Moon playing on public TV. It was in the early 00s that people started realizing more adult anime existed, and kids all at once wanted to get their hands on it because it was grimdark and edgy.

Anime was traded through taped copies through anime clubs in big cities, or in the late 90s they networked online. In big centers like New York this was easy, but if you lived in bumfuck nowhere it was impossible. How are you going to watch anime if you live in rural Minnesota and don't have internet at your house yet?

Computers weren't cheap like they are now, what you spend on a top of the line gaming PC now is what you spent on getting something just capable of doing the internet back then. It was only 98/99 where normies started getting online, and even then they were dabbling their feet. Every second household in the 90s that had a computer was still using something like a Commodore 64, and got frustrated doing even basic things with the thing.

I do think that the 90s and early 00s were the apotheosis of civilization though. Unironically people were starting to drag themselves out of the social problems that the boomers had fallen into like high divorce rates, and then '07 came along with the Iphone and social media and we all became addicted to the internet.


…you could buy anime from video stores in the 80s. Manga entertainment, which became Crunchy roll founded in London in the late 80s. They would dub and sell anime VHS, which means it was already beyond tape trading at that point. Do people forget the VHS boom of the 80's had multiple super popular Japanese media? Kung fu movies were a primary reason to buy a VCR at the time and the UK started to censor Japanese weaponry to try to limit them. TMNT was renamed Hero turtles and they had to make episodes where Mikey didn't use his weapons on screen or could edit it out easily for the UK market. It's why the second live action movie mostly avoids weapons being used.

The 90's wasn't a time of "getting out from the boomers". Millenials were latch key kids because Gen X and late boomers barely raised their kids for the most part. America had race riots fucking up cities and divorce rates were lower because there was less marriage in general.

Commodore as a company barely existed in the US let alone every second computer owner being a commodore. There's a great documentary about Commodore's history and why it failed after dominating Europe for so long. They hired a scalped a bunch of IBM employees thinking it would help them expand into the US which IBM and Apple controlled. But the guy's they got were vultures and brought in all their friends to fuck around and even hold back projects. The guy in charge of manufacturing decided to build a factory where his mistress lived so he could fuck her despite there being no reason for Commodore to need one there and no domestic market in the location.

The 90's has some great perks to it but it's pure bullshit to ignore everything we face today comes from the 80-90s. Faggotry became main stream acceptable in the 90s after all the pity party over aids in the 80s.


Have you tried not being a nigger? These aren't normal wizard experiences. They're nigger experiences.


>Manga entertainment, which became Crunchy roll founded in London in the late 80s. They would dub and sell anime VHS, which means it was already beyond tape trading at that point.
That wasn't available everywhere, I had to go outside my part of London to even find them. Most of the time I got them from my cousin.


Is your part of london all niggers and pakis and you couldn't find it there?

Akira was in the cinema in 1990. There were commercial anime magazines in the early 80s and dubbed series airing on TV long before that.

The idiots saying anime only became popular in the 00s have on rose tinted glasses to feel SUPER SPECIAL WEEABOO. Rather than a guy watching cartoons from another country. It was cheaper to dub anime than it was to create entire new series, so anime like power rangers was every where.


Technology in the 90s and 2000s was really fucking shit tbh. I.e. the state of the art in music listening for a long time was cassette tapes. You would take your little cassette tape. Pop it into your Sony 'walkman' and you were away my friend! And the headphones you used got this spectacular experience? Total shit. Later on the music industry started pushing these newer things called "CDs" for music. CDs made it easier to skip tracks and were more reliable. They were also easier to protect with DRM. IDK what the storage capacity of a CD is vs a tape because in data archiving they actually still use tapes for long term storage. So it must not be as shit as it seems.

Anyway, eventually we had these things called 'diskmans' that were portable CD players. Can you imagine? All the kiddos would get together at lunch and swap CDs. Listening to their smash mouths and their brittney tunes. Diskmans were expensive though. Hence only the rich kids had them. I must admit that I couldn't afford one. I had to get on my knees and do some very wizardly things indeed to get access to one. I am convinced the mods would know of such things. But as I continue: the next revolution in portable music players was kind of ground breaking.

APPLE entered the game and started to tear shit up. IDK which ipod came first but soon enough everyone had them. I would say they changed the entire music industry because IPODS operated on mp3s and actual files. This was the era of Limewire, mother fucker. The start of widespread piracy by just about everyone. It basically caused the music industry and others to develop new business models like streaming. They didn't want to have to offer people this shit but they thought that if they made a solution that was better and easier than piracy then they might actually be able to make some money from their content.

To this day the best music player that has probably ever been made was the ipod classic. It's the best for several reasons:
1. It boots instantly so you don't have to keep it on.
2. It's battery lasts about a day.
3. It has over 100 GBs of storage.
4. It's UI is simple, elegant, and beautiful. There is no bullshit to distract you.

On an ipod classic there is nothing to get in the way of listening to music. You don't have to leave it on like with a phone which means you can make the battery last a fucking week if you want to. Simply put: this is the best portable music player made, full stop. But apple stopped making it? Why? Well in their mind their iphone already does everything that a classic can and any sales of the classic might cannibalize sales of the iphone. It was also probably starting to fall behind in sales compared to their newer products. So supporting it would have had little benefit for them. STILL have my classic though. It's fucking amazing.

By the way: the early days of the internet had many interesting forums and websites. There was a huge emphasis on free speech and creative expression because being able to do that online was new. People understood that a technology like the Internet has amazing disruptive potential for all of humanity. It puts information in the hands of anyone. Back then nobody knew how big the internet was going to be but they knew what it already allowed was important. So there was a sense that it needed to be protected. To a large extent: I'm not sure this effort was successful when you look at the sad state of todays web. It's basically just a handful of popular websites. But it wasn't back then.


>Is your part of london all niggers and pakis and you couldn't find it there?
It was a dangerous part of London if that's what you're asking. But my cousin lived in a similarly or even more deadly part of London. Lots more niggers if you insist on knowing.

>Akira was in the cinema in 1990.

I'm guessing limited screenings at cinemas like Prince Charles and such. Anime movies were still limited screenings until relatively recently unless they were like Studio Ghibli films or a giant franchise like Pokemon.

>There were commercial anime magazines in the early 80s

Specialist magazines my man, you're giving the impression that everybody around was a nerd/geek and was wired into this. This isn't true of every anon. Not everybody lived were you lived or had the internet at the time.


And that's London. What about New Zealand in a small city of 50,000 people?

People project the experience of large population centers in Europe and the States onto the 90s at large. The world wasn't like it is now, where everything just gets released everywhere at once with a giant global release. Here it was legitimately a 3-5 year gap for many technologies being common and for things like anime, it was legit the mid 00s before you broke above shonen

>Commodore as a company barely existed in the US let alone every second computer owner being a commodore.

I said LIKE a commodore. As in, a late 80s computer still running DOS and running from the command line. My sister was still using a DOS computer in the early 00s in her bedroom.

Even in the 00s the rural/urban divide in the States itself was much more pronounced, in the 90s it still a sharp divide.


I don't think people even remember how disconnected from the global arena we were before readily available broadband internet.


it's ruined so many things, the heterogeneous masses of the globe all consooming the same lowest common denominator shit, the rise of the universal brown man, etc

entropy has just increased to the point where free energy has gotten too hard to find. instead of compartmentalization, specialization, etc, we get one giant field of simple, dissipated energy, with which very little work can be done.



50,000 people is not small. That's a fucking lot of people.

Commodore never had a foot hold in America, it tried and failed due to IBM dominance and sabotage. Your small inbred community might have had a few of them but that's the exception not the rule.

Commodore and DOS are totally different. It's like saying a gameboy is like a DS because they're both handhelds.


That's a little bit of an exaggeration, but for sure Commodore got squeezed out of the home PC market once PCs and Macs started rolling out. The Vic 20 and 64 were particularly popular among early home PCs that weren't as completely nerdy as a PET or something that old.

I was always a bit bummed the Amiga didn't catch on more since it was a comparatively impressive A/V and gaming platform, but oh well. Kind of hard for a specialty / gaming computer to compete with the sheer quantity of business machines and Apple's similar strategy of selling to schools, libraries, and commercial uses like layout where had trouble not being stodgy.


You retarded nigger faggot, I was only a kid and barely got a look at my sister's computer. I just remembered it

>Was manufactured in the mid- 80s

>Had a CLI
>Ran games on cartridges and required console commands to start them.

I asked the old boy about it and he said it wasn't a commodore 64, I only used the comparison because that's a computer from the era I'm familiar with. I'm not even fucking American either, I'm from New Zealand. I don't give a fuck if Commodore never got a foothold in the States or not.


File: 1664762930602.webm (4.49 MB, 1138x640, 569:320, Bison Dollars.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>before readily available broadband internet.
This really needs to be emphasised. I don't know if people really remember that now that they're so dependant on their always online anywhere smartphones.


This nigger was so poor he couldn't afford the tape player for his vic 20 where it took a half hour to play the tape all the way to the end to load his favorite game at the end of the tape, and then the thing would be like
and then mom calls you for dinner and dad is simply fuming at your faggot probably cross dressing ass running the tv like electricity is for free or something


Taking road trips used to actually take a lot more planning. We had to buy a map at the store and actually make notes of where we were going. People had to actually navigate themselves.

I'm so pissed off that there are so many people who still can't use the godsend that is GPS. People just don't have the patience for the slightest thing. Every one of these assholes have the ability to use their brains, but at every turn their attention span cuts themselves off at the knees. Makes you wonder how they read maps.


I only look at the GPS if I'm bored or curious what the elevation is. I think I used it once or twice to get a sense for where I was after being lost. I don't have one anymore and it makes literally no difference.

I don't want to mess with that stuff while I'm trying to drive. I have an atlas (which I also rarely use unless I take a very wrong turn or don't have wifi to go look at internet maps to see how things are laid out). And I have a little piece of paper with the relevant exits or landmarks on it to remind me as I go, since obviously I'm going to look at a map first unless the idea is to get lost and see what's over here.

I rarely go backpacking, but even then, you kind of have to stop and figure out where you are once in a while and plan around where you can get more water. Who wants to worry about charging a phone or whatever on top of that when you can just look at a map?


You sound like a tranny


>Think of what was invented in your time, what laws changed, who was at war, which discoveries and technologies came about
Who the hell would want to talk about boring shit like that?


The "back in my day" complaining is ubiquitous with human civilization.
Everybody complains about the technological limitations of their time, what laws changed, who was at war, which discoveries and technologies came about. At least here in the south of the US. Nobody can shut up about how hard they had it.


Transformers Armada was the second animated transformers media after the generation one show and it literally was an anime you doofus.

Optimus prime's japanese name is Convoy btw


Time doesn't move like it used. Todays kids are complete aliens to their grandparents. There's teenage rebellion and there's being raised by strangers to have polar opposite ideals to what the rest of your family has. Technology has replaced parenting and community in general. It's like saying you had a misquito bite you so you know how it feels to be shot in the same spot.

I'm not like those OTHER people fags always ignore mainstream animes like that. They can't admit battle of the planets, transformers, robotech and other series were extremely popular. Animation was expensive so reusing Japanese media with new audio saved a fortune for companies. They did that and made animes popular depending on how you look at dubs.


File: 1666117862313.jpg (113.42 KB, 1300x832, 25:16, photo-e1558101578196.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is more my experience of the 90s than >>293111, and I'm also in Europe (as I can tell you are). Maybe it's a US vs Europe thing.

There's something dreamy, ethereal, and sincere about a lot of movies from that time - American Beauty, Donnie Darko, that vibe. The anti-terrorist security state shattered it all.


How can we ever compare times based on our experiences when we are always changing biologically? Were times better on the 90s? Well for me perhaps because I was a happy kid with nice family. I can't look at it clearly because my senses and memory are untrustworthy


I was born in '91 and I have to agree with those posts that put down the 90's. The sweet memories I have of them, thinking about it objectively, are because I was a kid, kids enjoy everything, even kids being born in the 2010s and 2020s now are enjoying current culture. It really was nostalgia.

The games and the anime were great tho. But the times themselves? Nah, it was because we were kids, society was shit too, I was bullied to hell and I hated it. Dropped out of school and changed schools several times also. It wasn't any friendlier to antisocial people.

The internet was better too, but that was because normalfags weren't in it yet, nothing specifically wonderful about the 90's themselves either.

Come to think of it, society was shit if not shittier as it required you to do more irl chores and relate to people more, which I already hated.


I find myself watching this video of proof of how much better things were before I was born.

I can't believe people believe Pinker's lie about things getting better.


You’re a total retard. What in this video makes you to think 90’s were better? Seriously society were always terrible


>You’re a total retard.

No, you're the retard.


You dumb niggers understand that this video is from the 80s?


>What in this video makes you to think 90’s were better?
Have you been in a 7/11 at 3 in the morning? Whenever I have to go to a gas station at an ungodly hour you basically flip a d3 about whether you're going to endanger your life or get harrassed by a cop or absolutely no one is there.
Yes, but close enough, whatever man.


No blacks.


lmao this, dumbfuck retvrn guys are fantasizing about the most idiotic childish shit


>Yes, but close enough, whatever man.
The 90s and the 80s aren't the same decade you zoomer nigger.

>Have you been in a 7/11 at 3 in the morning? Whenever I have to go to a gas station at an ungodly hour you basically flip a d3 about whether you're going to endanger your life or get harrassed by a cop or absolutely no one is there.

You think this was better simply because it was the 90s? Do you even remember how violent some areas were during the 90s? What am I saying? Of course you don't because you're a zoomer nigger extrapolating from times you weren't around in.

I liked the 90s, I loved the 00s but returning to the early and mid 90s would be hell on the average nerd unless they already had their nerd group at school or something.


Calm down.


I was a kid in a safe middle class suburb.
The internet was still at web 1.0. Basic static web pages. No dynamic content. No always on instant gratification streaming media you kids take for granted. Most of what we did on the computer was still offline. For first half of 90s my dad got pirated games on floppy disk from friends. I played Doom and Duke Nukem a lot. I explored random games on shareware discs. By the latter half of the 90s my older brother who was actually good with tech had made online social connections with pirates to get anything he wanted basically.

We had high speed internet (not dialup). So my brother pirated so much stuff. Then the ISPs started experimenting throttling. It was big issue of the day back then. At one point somer providers had wide open bandwidth even. Of course this was 20 years ago so by todays standards downloading a movie in a few hours is horrendous. Back then it was glorious.

I explored internet chat rooms. I was connecting to random people around the world. I type hello and ask basic questions about who they are, where they're from in basic plain text. THere was no social media profiles, no preconceived identities about users. I'm a pretty autistic dumass so many people were quite mean to me. Others were nice. By mid to late 90s I situated on my forums that I lurked all the time. I started doing proto-refresh/scroll habit. Constantly checking the board index for new posts/comments.

Some of those forums still exist today and are still active.
I'm pretty sure I still remmeber my passwords but I can't show my face there anymore as a wizard. Must be like coming back as some ghoulish underworld creature. Like smeagol into gollum or something. Some screennames I've breadcrumb traced to find their current day social media profiles. Oh how far they've gone in life.

Of course you young ones all heard of how the internet wasn't all that time consuming back then. This true and applied to me as well. I still had to go outside. I was an acquaintance to a loser group at school. A bottom feeder among bottom feeders. I spent time loitering around the neighbhorhood with them. It was actually kind of nice at the time.

The cable subsciprtion here was about 60-70 channels but realistically less than half were watchable. That's where I discovered Star Trek and Stargate and all the shlocky 90s sci-fi. I loved it. By todays standards those random 90s sci-fi shows would never make it to production.

Gas was so cheap in the 90s. My parents would pack us all into the van and go on road trips. We had to plan out on paper map. Then follow it meticiulously or end up in bumfuck shit hole where even the cops don't stop at stop signs. You didn't know what was there until you got there. There was no looking it up online. You sort of knew there was some attraction to see. Didn't know how it was until the car rolled up.

Nobody from around the neighbor was on social media. No such thing existed of course. I supposed kids these days an follow all your real life friends and even random people from school. When I crushed on a g rl I saw her at school and that was it. I suppose kids today have her insta, tiktok, onlyfans, or whatever.

As we neared our later teen years. This phase when everyone is practicing adult responsbilities. I couldn't keep up. I was stunted at the middle school level of development. So my peers left me in the dust. By 2000s had come around I retreated full blown into sitting in my room spending all my time on my main forums.

I made friends with guys who worked in California in the tech companies. One guy sent me games and PC hardware from his company. I got sent a GPU that was so good my PC didn't even support it. Years later my dad bought me a CPU and mobo upgrades so I could use it. I was on another gaming forum where I got stuff from game developers there. It's how I got my legit retail CD copy of Half-Life. You must understand nobody had to buy/pay for any games back then. There was no pay-to-play, DLC, whatever hypermonetization you guys have today. I was born into piracy. That's all I ever knew.

For I while my dad paid a few bucks month to access an online gaming service to play networked games. My dad was a bit of a gamer too. He found himself in a clan where they owned noobs together. (Do kids even know that internet word anymore? Clan?) They ranked at the top of the scoreboards. Maybe it's like an early version of your gaming Discord.

Internet discourse is so different now. Everybody shouts into virtual public spaces trying grab a little piece of the global attention economy. There's very little that is social about the modern medium. Everybodys trying to posture themselves for show because there's millions of other eyes watching you interact with your interlocutor. It's a popularity contest. A giant global sparring arena.

Cmon! YEAH! BTFO that nerd!
10000 uplikes for you!

It's like watching even more retard versions of televised political debates. People are giving their stump speech. Not caring about what the other person is saying. It's about making a show of it.

The old internet was people just talking to each other with no audience watching on. Yeah there was anonymity to hide behind so assholes were everywhere. But once you dug down to proper socialization it was fine. It was so much more like real life talking to people, looking back at it now. Where as back then you were considered a fucking nerd for using internet to socialize.

Generally the politics talk online wasn't a central focus unless you sought it out. I think most people avoided it. Forum mods/admins tended to create separate threads for people who wanted to do their butthurt slap fights in there. In this modern day it is the bread and butter of social plaforms.

It's a myth that the old internet was about upholding free speech. You kids today would fucking hate the old internet. People were civil to each other. Communities self moderated (in addition to having admin/moderators). It wasn't some free for all where you could say anything you wanted. Good communities had rules that were enforced. Don't be an asshole or you'd get run out of the community. You treated each other like you would a person in real life. Couldn't be running your mouth because "free speech!".

The "free speech" of the internet meant if you didn't want to follow the rules then fuck off. Find another or make your own forum where you liked those rules. Same thing still applies today. Don't like the rules then fuck off to your own plaform. Don't fucking cry about it like a bitch. Certainly don't act like your human rights are being oppressed. What fucking retardation.

There wasn't as much psychological effects as social media. If you got into an argument online then you were just two guys who disagreed. End of story. Today it's like you're doing it on a big paltform where the world can watch. You're trying to actually *win* an argument. Trying to make a public display for an audience. There's something at stake. You're trying to win actual internet points. Which reminds me of how we used to joke about internet points. Today there's literal scores attached to you as in followers, likes, karma, retweets. All that social graph bullshit. Fucking tech bro ghouls hijacked psychology to fuck with our brains. For the sake of their engagement metrics. To add another dollar to their billionaire coffers.

Back then the forum admins were just people making a board so we could post messages. Simple.


You sound like a boomer



Probably cause you're so used to hearing zoomer larps.


Do words have no meanings to zoomers or something?


Zoomer vocabulary is retarded. They just use the same template. "Mid" is now a word.


Is that bad?



Boomers are usually naive retards. They never talk about the niggers infesting their cities or anything controversial, only controlled talking points.

Yeah, your suburb was 99% white, that is why it was safe. You don't talk about the literal nigger ghettos that are filled with trash and weird looking creatures that will harass you for money.

You also don't talk about the censorship and controlled political landscape of modern social media. It's all tightly controlled so "progressivism"/wokism can flourish and their ideas and ideals can be propagated to the soft heads of the youth. These social platforms literally exist to brainwash people and make money for corporations.

The reason the "social media" of the past was fun and entertaining was because Jews/liberals/faggot retards didn't have a reason to try to propagandize it or control the conversation because it was mostly irrelevant in terms of the number of people using the internet and those forums.


>Refers to millennials as boomers
>/pol/tard talk about "safety"
>imagines all millennials lived in the suburbs
>ignores the talk about how streamlined and controlled social media by millennial anons because dogshit zoomer needs to give his worthless take

You should kill yourself.


“ whereas an open computer conference begins with a small number of well-informed and highly interested participants, it soon attracts others. That's all right; it's supposed to attract others. Where else would you get new ideas? But soon it attracts too many, far too many, and some of them are not only ignorant but aggressively misinformed. Dilution takes place. Arguments replace discussions. Tempers are frayed. The result is that while computer conferencing began by saving time, it starts to eat up all the time it saved and more. Communications come from dozens of sources. Much of it is redundant. Some of it is stupid. The user spends more and more time dealing with irrelevancies. One day the user wakes up, decides the initial euphoria was spurious, and logs off, never to return. This is known as burnout, and it's apparently quite common.”


>The reason the "social media" of the past was fun and entertaining was
You sound like a boomer.


it's hard to imagine that there are in fact people this stupid


Brazil monkey detected



You were 4 at the end of the 90s and 14 at the end of the 2000s. You currently use slang such as pozzed.

You were like 10 when the first iPhone came out?

And are talking about how "every normalfag suddenly realized technology could be fun" then.

Don't talk about things you don't know about and are getting the context well after the fact.



I agree that everything kept getting worse in a rapid fashion after 2010 but your timeline is not really accurate.

Attention whoring succubi already entered the internet before the first smartphone came out, they were on MySpace and on MSN during that time for example and that was around 2005, it just wasn't such a huge part of their lives as it is now and even on 4chan there were attention whoring threads made by succubi back then. That was the start of the mess we have now, even the whole egirl faggotry is almost the same thing as the 2005 MySpace emo succubi who had shitloads of pictures on their profiles with colored hair and tons of makeup while behaving in sexually suggestive ways to get the attention of simps.

There were already loads of AOL chatrooms in the mid 90s full of 4chan tier trolling and humor but definitely no succubi that's true.

The real problem is that they kept making the internet more and more normie conform in a slow process and that leads us the the cesspool we are in now, it was an inevitable process and smartphones just accelerated it.


>Attention whoring succubi already entered the internet before the first smartphone came out, they were on MySpace and on MSN during that time for example and that was around 2005, it just wasn't such a huge part of their lives as it is now and even on 4chan there were attention whoring threads made by succubi back then. That was the start of the mess we have now, even the whole egirl faggotry is almost the same thing as the 2005 MySpace emo succubi who had shitloads of pictures on their profiles with colored hair and tons of makeup while behaving in sexually suggestive ways to get the attention of simps.

Firstly, "simps"?

Secondly, you're using a modern lens to view this shit through and you're getting things backwards. I know this is wizchan, but those attention-seeking succubi are not the same type of attention-seeking whores of today. Depending on what part of the internet you were on they usually low status succubi, be it nerds, scene, emo or whatever. They were more "authentic" for the lack of a better word because having a few followers on the internet didn't really mean jack shit outside of the internet or even outside of the niche they were from. succubi with higher social capital didn't have much to gain in these places because of high effort (learning to use computers) and low returns.

When smartphones appeared and corps started streamlining the internet, it made easier for retards to get online and be online 24/7 (and obliterating the line between the internet and real life) that meant instead of e-whores with localised gravitational pulls you now have God Queens with travelling space-distorting gravitational pull.


It's not a direct line from myspace emos to "egirls", like it's not a not direct from geeks to modern day "geeks". It's popular people wearing the skins of conquered subcultures.


>The real problem is that they kept making the internet more and more normie conform in a slow process and that leads us the the cesspool we are in now, it was an inevitable process and smartphones just accelerated it
its not inevitable, if anything its inevitable that the tides will turn and we will win this battle. the internet is fundamentally structured in our favor, it is not native ground to the normalscum.

>It's a myth that the old internet was about upholding free speech
of course it wasnt. the cultural implications of the internet werent thought out then acted upon by everyone who happened to own a computer, a new culture has to develop naturally. with a small group of people a culture can change quickly, but more people means more inertia to that change. just because normalfags flooded the internet and seemingly undid what was created before them people think that the internet is dead forever, but there was a reason the internet became so special to begin with, and i dont think the original inhabitants being super special people plays as big of a role as people think it does.


the old internt had no succubi, it was such a joke that anytime you were in a chatroom and someone claimed to be one it was probably some fat bearded guy pretending.

Its not that there were people going on about free speech back then, but it was more freer, and people had a more libertarian attitude and ethic to the whole cyber space thing


Gen Z is horrifyingly stupid.


>Yesterday, the websites hosted at z-lib.org, b-ok.org, and 3lib.net began displaying a message stating that the service was seized by the US DOJ and the Postal Inspection Service,

>The USTR (United States Trade Representative) has recently launched an investigation on the platform, causing social media platforms where users promoted Z-Library to be more cautious with what is allowed.

>As reported by TorrentFreak last week, TikTok decided to block hashtags related to Z-Library, reportedly responding to copyright holder's complaints.

>"Reducing user discoverability of content that violates our Community Guidelines is of paramount importance," stated TikTok.

>"Accordingly, TikTok proactively blocks search results for terms that violate our Community Guidelines, including terms that relate to counterfeit goods […]. We also recently blocked search results for #zlibrary while our team assesses content associated with that hashtag."

Gen Z retards had z-lib trending on tiktok.

This is why we can never go back, this is why the modern internet sucks, because Gen Z "nerds" are cut from a completely different cloth to earlier nerds.


I don’t know if I can claim it’s just gen-z because strictly speaking I’m gen-z and I’m 24. But you’re correct that there is a fundamentally different way people perceive the internet now. When I was a little kid my parents always told me shit like never give out personal info and never meet up in the internet. Fast forward fifteen years and not only do all my ten year old cousins use TikTok and give out every detail of their lives over it and Twitter, instagram, etc. but even my parents who taught me pretty good internet safety fall pretty to it themselves. The internet illiteracy went back into swing not because these kids had no internet but because they always have it. It’s so normalized that the thought would never occur to them to try and hide a torrent site, while my parents couldn’t tell you what a torrent is.



>its not inevitable, if anything its inevitable that the tides will turn and we will win this battle. the internet is fundamentally structured in our favor, it is not native ground to the normalscum.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, the trends are going towards an even more sterile internet controlled by just a few big corporations, it's most likely gonna get dumbed down even more to make it more accessible to normies.

As I wrote, it was the beginning and I do see a lot of similarities, impulsive BPD type succubi whoring for attention from nerdy types which I referred to as "simps" because they provided them with attention and validation while getting absolutely nothing in return. The egirls succubi we have today are also not that high on the status ladder and their fans are still men who are low status as well, it's all just happening on a very big scale now and they are able to make a profit and can delude themselves into thinking they are great irl when they go to twitch con or some other faggy convention which is all a result of the commercialization of gaming and so forth but without that they'd have to resort to making attention whoring threads on imageboards and similar things.

What changed is the rise of actual popular succubi on the internet such as model types and fit succubi who make huge money with OF and IG model deals and they entered way later, I agree with that and these succubi are high status even without their little internet persona in contrast to egirls who could never stop their larping without fading away eventually.

My point was that the notion of no succubi on the internet before the smartphone came up is just wrong because there were attention whores on the internet before that, even on the old 4chan and the main reason they used the internet was to get attention from losers but I agree that the succubi back then weren't larping as much because not even gaming was really popular among normies.


Felt nostalgic reading this, they said things like "the internet is dangerous" and now we have a shitload of boomers oversharing on facebook while their children are online all day. This shows that some dystopian tech predictions might actually happen in the future because most people just do what's popular, can't wait for them to get brain implants.


> because there were attention whores on the internet before that, even on the old 4chan
This is true, and to put it in context. Old /b/ if a succubus posted her face with shoe on head, or nudes, they got a -chan name and got referenced for weeks or months. Some would be referenced on ign forums or whatever, and the internet was small enough they didn’t get doxxed constantly. One succ would get a month of attention, now there’s thousands posting to Reddit maybe getting 3 comments. So it was always there, but small.

In 2003 onwards I knew some succubi my age online, I can think of 3 succubi who were femanons - often drawfags. 2000+ different from the 90s proper. Something awful had succubi in the mainstream internet culture sphere early on. Most were just assumed to be men unless they said otherwise - I guess that’s changed.

I would say old internet was hostile to succubi, but it was more dismissive. I can’t remember aggression on forums for example with succubi, nowhere near the hatred and sexually charged abuse now. The sexual dynamic has ruined a lot of things as you say.


Femanons like boxxy would most likely just be another succubus on a long list of egirls nowadays that no one would give a fuck about as much, she didn't even have to talk about anything sexual to get attention back in those days which is crazy to think about now. Everything is so oversaturated with attention whores now you can find a shitload of succubi like her on any public discord server. The only ones that stand out have either done something pornographic or they used their 80 female IQ to play the simp game in a smarter way. Sometimes I wonder if this faggotry could get any worse or if it gets old even for normies standards at some point.


>Femanons like boxxy would most likely just be another succubus on a long list of egirls nowadays that no one would give a fuck about as much,
You (almost definitely) wouldn't get a femanon/internet personality/-chan succubus like boxxy in this day and age. You wouldn't get most of the internet personalities of the web 2.0(?) era today. I don't think many people realize how unique and fragile the conditions for the old internet (and geek culture) were.

>she didn't even have to talk about anything sexual to get attention back in those days which is crazy to think about now.

That's not a positive development.

>Sometimes I wonder if this faggotry could get any worse or if it gets old even for normies standards at some point.

You have to remember that normalfags were "above" this sort of behaviour. Remember in the 00s and late 90s meeting people off the internet was seen as a sad thing to do, to the point that it was a plot device in TV shows and films?


It’s weird how everyone thinks imageboard culture was always this aggressive and full of shitty people. It really wasn’t, the internet has degenerated in to a hostile shithole. People got mad, flamed, whatever… but this soulless modern internet is like watching homeless heroin addicts fighting. It’s so disheartening how there’s hundreds of millions of people online who have spent their entire conscious world in this modern internet.


the only thing that a boxxy like character today couldnt do, is become so famous, due to so many competing personalities. boxxy, crackychan basically paved the way for the modern egirl, so no shit they won't be famous for being cheap fascimilies of the real thing, but they can easily get validation, even if they don't post sexually. now a days you can probably find thirty succubi in any trendy town who spiritually are with boxxy. what notoriety from something now so ubiquitous.


I was born in the early 90s. i barely remember anything.


yeah like in the end, if they're always like this, then. Who the fuck are they even nice to.. ever?
but the whole soul sucking reddit hugbox circlejerk is even dumber.
I'd rather speak with someone who is authentic and toxic, than inauthentic just babbling nonsense so I won't hate them..


dont people come to shitty anonymous websites to blow of steam and then maintain face on non-anonymous websites? if i said niggerfaggot jewkike on my non anonymous social media i would have negative consequences if they find my powerlevel


you can find subject matter experts with their posts to common Q/A questions archived on leddit. get off the main subs and don't engage in casual chatter and it's a pretty good site


Thank you for not being a pretentious faggot and calling yourself a "90s kid"


True 90s wizkids were born in 2001


I guess the real y2k kids are millennials too


Keyword. They're surface-level copies of copies of an algamation of several internet personalities. Xerox'd to the point where the most of finer details don't exist anymore.

The vast, VAST, majority of them aren't genuine in whatever bullshit they're peddling or claiming to be.

And I'm not just talking -chan succubi, I'm talking internet personalities as a collective. No Lowtax (RIP), no moot, no Maddox, no AVGN, no boxxy, etc will (almost) never appear again.

Modern internet personalities now have the sole goal of making as much money or gaining followers as possible while have the veener of genuine interest.


Ecelebs are more famous than ever what are you saying.


>no internet to really speak of

they had in the 90s
I think BBS was from the 80s. This was mainly in universitys. If you were in a university in USA or west europe. then proto internet existed.
I got internet in 2006, and I have spoked to old people who used the internet in the 90s. Fallout 1 for example had internet, so I dont get it why you people say internet did not exist in the 90s. In Sweden for example BBS was huge in the 90s and did exist I think in the 80s. Mostly only 20 year old people who had university IT stuff, through. do no know what you are talking about.

image board are from textboards, which was from BBS.
WHY YOU NOT TALK ABOUT BBS of 80s and 90S????? I did use BBS, in the 10s, but nothing special. There exist a BBS in my country with like 10 people who are super GAY, like 30 to 60 year old people who do not let you join there GAY group if you are like super SPECIAL or some shit.

Also why dose wizardchan textboard not work?


The textboard was wiped that one time Wizchan went down, and the admin is too lazy to put it back up.


Not him, but *read* his post with context from the reply chain.

You no longer have internet personalities in the style of the old web 2.0 days, i.e. people who had passion or were doing this shit for fun, now you have dudebros and onlyfans whores as internet personalities.


Thats objectively false, there are great personalities, great skills, and they broadcast. Eceleb culture is way better now.


>objectively false
Holy shit zoomer. If you think legitimately think that then I'm glad the death of subculture and authenticity happened on your watch.


Oh no authentic parasocial relationships with strangers were better in some past. Boo hoo. Real retard.


>objectively better
I think that's a objectively retarded opinion.


Oh fucking come on, this has got to be bait. There's no fucking way anyone is this delusional.


If it were bait why respond?

Where chanawhores laid the way, egirls cary the torch.


He's probably sends egirls money.

You really don't understand what is being talked about.


Yes, I do. Im glad that era of chanwhores is ovsr and every fat ugly succubus is one


>sends money to egirls
Wizchan 22


We're gonna be saying "wizchan 2023" soon playa


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I don’t like to think about how long I’ve been here. I think it’s been almost a decade


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you mean the bot already spent more that 5-6 years here?


fuck it


The things you talk about still exist, it's the platforms that's changed. You can't say RIP VHS, why is no one making no new movies when they're making endless streaming garbage. The mediums changed and you didn't keep up so you miss out on Nu internet culture. I think those platforms suck too so you'll never seen me on tiktok or discord but that's where the current fluid internet is while we sit on the frozen internet long forgotten.


From what I experienced the internet still felt slow 480p YouTube videos playing n64, GameCube and other stuff until around 13 then Facebook got popular Social media made me so suicidal seeing all the normies on Facebook with 600 friends none of which they knew I’d imagine just one time meet ups. I just deleted my Facebook started to drift into the abyss become a neet after jobs falling out through. Undiagnosed aspie. I tried to go back into instagram but it links me friends from my school instantly made me feel like shit comparing life so I refuse to use social media


been happening since before internet communities read Society of Spectactle, you are just nostalgic for the fascimiles of your own golden period.


social media has proven that the internet should have remained the realm of nerds or at least the bare minimum of enthusiasts. the accessibility of smartphones enabled normals to ruin everything they touch, and we are now seeing the results


I was born '91 as well. I can remember the Windows 95 era of computing, Doom and Duke Nukem 3D very distinctly. Those games became a formative part of my identity. I got introduced to VHS anime at a very young age. Watched Ranma 1/2 movies and didn't become trans somehow.

My family rented movies all of the time and every year there were new and amazing cartoons on TV.


it must suck to be introduced to video games so young


Not really. I got to experience a period of popular culture and computer history that many people my age did not. I was killing demons when kids my age were watching Care Bears. Probably a big part of why I am a wizard now if I am being honest. To remove those memories would make me someone completely different.


What? Why?


It wasn't really peaceful, but after 2000 America became a fascist country. At the time, if you were an adult, there were notes that this happened, and then you were expected to memory hole it and laugh at the funny man on TV, as the spectacles began to repeat and everything looked duller and duller.

People were told this was just themselves, that they were getting old, and told to internalize changes that were created for them by social engineers. But, much has changed since 2000, and a lot of it was at the top level and not immediately apparent. According to the mainstream narrative, history ended and the usual song and dance suggested nothing can ever move. But, on some level, this plan has been the plan for a long time. The difference was in the past it was easier to keep your head down. After 2020, there is no more keeping your head down, and the people should not have kept their heads down at all. They should have fought, and they didn't. A few were trying, but anything stopping the plan in motion was annihilated before it could grow. Those in on the plan marched in lockstep and now they advance.

Media is an indicator of what ideas the rulers wanted people to see, more than a genuine window into the culture. If you go further back, to television and film in the 1960s, the world was a much more sedate place than it was during the 1980s and 1990s. That was a bigger shift than what happened in 2000 as far as media. In the past, media could not just completely brainwash the kids, but Reagan convinced everyone history had ended for then and nothing is real. The culture of the 80s was really sickening when you look back at it, and it was new and weird. Lots of things were still experimental yet nothing was really new. It was the first round of MKULTRA-inspired social engineering rolling out to the general public. If you pick up on what this is, you can see in retrospect the influence of social engineers in constructing much of what we considered "organic" in the past 40 years. I can't explain it all, but increasingly the world of old was replaced with a manufactured, consensual reality, and the intellectuals all had reasons to carry along this mission and never fight it. No intellectual understanding would be permitted to become general, and anything disruptive was stamped out ruthlessly.

One other thing is that during the 1990s, liberal capitalism was doing its victory lap and no one had any other ideas. The shit they got away with during the 1990s wouldn't sell any more. They actually believed that they were going to become gods and eugenics was everywhere. Now they pulled the trigger, but mass disgust is such that they have to be sneaker and nastier about how they push it. In the 1990s, it was just in your face and liberalism gloated about how they would kill us, because no one had any idea other than it. All of that of course was funneled towards creating the fascist revival we're living in today. Underneath the ideological narrative though is something altogether different, and a lot of planning went into the mechanisms of how the world would be depopulated and turned into a living Hell. I can tell you that the rulers are supremely confident that they won't be stopped. The last chance to stop them was during the 1990s and the people had no fight in them, and an unwillingness to even consider an idea inimical to eugenics. For the rest of this century, there can be nothing but depopulation and total fear. Everything from 1980-2000 was designed to set that up, starting with changes to early childhood and what was standard. There were parents and teachers who were afraid of what was built, but nothing could stop what had been set in motion.

Personally the only good thing about the 1990s was the video games, and even they were actually pretty shit. Overpriced and generally short, but there were a few games that were built around genuine replay value. I hated life during that time, being a teenager. I would much rather be coming out of school-hell today because there are prospects, however dim, that you can find something if you figured out what this is. It's worse economically, but the prior generation only survived because they could NEET and live off accumulated wealth. That's all being taken back as we speak, and people will out of necessity need to do something, or they die. The bad thing is that eugenics is stronger than ever and its death cult is on the march.
There was never actually a good time in human history, and there never will be. If anything good happens, it is far removed from us and this time, and whatever good you're going to find in this world is grim and always under attack. You can't dare share any shred of happiness with normals - they destroy it on sight because they want everyone to be screaming Nazis like them.
If there is one good thing about the future, no one will ever have faith in the institutions again, so all we need to do is remind everyone we can that the institutions must be abandoned, no matter what. Two different worlds, different class different rules. There is no more pretending on that, and I hated going along with the lie that you could have a free society. I won't lie, there really isn't much for us and with depopulation and the death cult there won't be much worth living for. You will be happier without the lie that anything can be better, though. So long as the hatred for the institutions remains, that is worth living for. Never again should these people be allowed to insinuate anything, and in the long term, they will fail and die, by their own logic and thinking no less. They created this nightmare for us, and it will devour them all in the end. Only the monsters will thrive, and that is really how it was meant to be - we don't have to lie any more. My dream is that future generations hate everything the rulers of this era did to us, remember what this was, and never ever allow it to happen again. We would have to go to great lengths, but in the very long term, the ugliness of humanity will be too evident and we will have hidden whatever good we could take from the world for long enough. The meek truly will inherit the world, and when they do they will not be meek and it will be a reckoning more terrible than any before.

It's more that kids were more comfortable with rough material, although young kids were supposed to be sheltered from media except super safe traditional stuff. The cartoons started as shorts / propaganda leading into the feature presentation, and at this time the theater was where you watched any moving pictures since TV had yet to proliferate. So, the cartoons were made for a wide audience. The good cartoons today still throw in jokes that adults would get - Animaniacs was famous for that. Back then of course, "kids media" was not really a thing. Kids were expected to become familiar with the adult world, rather than live in an arrested childhood and their life following a prescribed course. Typically you had young childhood, then after the age of reason you started to see the adult world and would increasingly take on obligations of such. In a world where most of the people were selected to die, the people would be infantilized more and more.


I guess people were "nicer" as long as you were normal, but before internet became widespread people weren't nearly as tolerant as they are now. If you were a 'weirdo' like us (and I can assure you'd be considered a weirdo back then) then you'd be ostracized, mocked or even hurt, if you lived in a small community then you'd become that guy who lives over there and best case scenario people would just avoid you, now you may be saying "great, I don't like dealing with people" but remember back then there weren't as many government handouts (at least where I live) and it was pretty much impossible to work from home so you'd be 100% forced to get a job, in some place, with some coworkers, and it really sucks to work with a bunch of normalfags if you are the "weird" guy. Not to mention if you wanted to get a record, book, game, movie or whatever piece of media that weren't the most popular crap is was much harder, and tv was garbage, as it has always been.
The sweet spot for me was probably late 90s - 2007, when internet got widespread and before it was taken over by norms are their iPhones, it had thousands of communities with people who were really passionate about their hobbies, piracy wasn't as persecuted as it is right now and of course it wasn't full of normgroids that'd try to silence you and call you a fascist as soon as you have a slightly different opinion, just to score internet points.


Piracy is persecuted today? Is this a UK thing? Not in America it's not.


Please excuse my ESL, I don't mean persecuted in the way you get thrown in jail for it, I mean sites get taken down all the time and they actually try to enforce some of the anti-piracy laws.


Ah, no worries mate, thanks for clarifying. I agree with that, people who release pirated works tend to be Russian or Post Block countries


File: 1678764347255.jpg (342.49 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, design era.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there were basically two sides to the 90s. the early depressing 90s with nirvana and grunge. and the bright tech boom late 90s with spice succubi and boy bands


why everything look soulless now


Because your generation lacks imagination? Literally right now you've grabbed a trending word to use in your post. And I don't understand why zoomer vocabulary is so limited.


File: 1678803270215.jpg (30.13 KB, 754x754, 1:1, EntzgzNVEAAsJVT.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate the stupid "minimalist" design that's used nowadays, only good thing about it is how easy it is to parody


Shut the fuck you fucking idiot. We have control over nothing and is not our fault that past generations sucked so much to let things get this bad.
>Hehehehe you're using trendy words
Yes, just like you using the term zoomer.
>t. zoomer


I've loved the flat and minimalist design ever since it started coming out, the stuff before it looks like shit


as a 1988 kid, i remember it being a huge deal when our school macs were replaced by macs with mouses


Get a load of this stupid faggot. Sure, it's everyone else's fault. You can't do anything.


File: 1678813275991.png (327.7 KB, 1000x342, 500:171, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

which are you referring to? fashion, UI, or the globohomo art style? it sounds like the guy you were replying to was specifically referring to globohomo


Everything looks the same and like it's made for children. It's all dumbed down modern bullshit with no soul just like most of modern architecture.

>You thought this decade was peak moralfaggotry? Try the 90s, when everything had to be censored because "think of the children!" DnD and video games were gateways to Satan, etc etc.

This is not even a bad thing when you look at how fucked up todays mainstream media is and how it keeps getting worse, especially when it comes to pornography and violence. Protecting children from porn and gore is not moralfaggotry but common sense which we see less and less.


The Gulf War, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC Bombing, and Columbine amongst other things I can't name happened within that timespan, so you're lying to yourself if you want to say it was somehow more peaceful back then. Plus the 80s and 90s were the peak of sleazing, car crash daytime television.


idk considering all the enemies America has faced in its history, it seems surreal now that the Big Bad of the 1990s, the Hitler of pop culture in The Simpsons, South Park, Animaniacs, Hot Shots was Saddaam Hussein's Iraq.

In Mighty Ducks II the Big Bad competition isn't the USSR anymore it's Iceland.


File: 1680154318782.gif (1.09 MB, 496x498, 248:249, vietnam-horror.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Bad vibes, this gives me cartoonfag flashbacks.


Certainly not more peaceful, but there was a different cultural vibe still running off things like the collapse of the soviet union, taking down the berlin wall, all the usual federal reserve money printing that fueled all that but still kind of in recovery mode from stagflation rather than the doubling down on collapse that we're seeing now, etc. And depending on how much TV you had, maybe ruby ridge and the rest was something in the papers or on headline news on the radio and thereby not as real.

The psychological make-up of a nation is a very important factor even if it seems like a bunch of meaningless words and papering over of reality.


File: 1680409617502.png (85.69 KB, 1000x743, 1000:743, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Certainly not more peaceful,

I was about to argue against this, but then I remembered culture and geopolitics aside, the 1990s is when crime peaked in the USA, far higher than today. And crime is the type of violence that most affects the daily lives of regular people.

Crime had been rising since the 1960s and peaked in the 1990s and then started going dramatically down. So even if it is high in absolute terms, there is more optimism if the trend is in the right direction. While crime is far lower today, but trending upward so it creates more anxiety and apprehension.


crime peaked in the inner cities, white suburbs were still homogenous and insulated against the chaos.


It was way down even in NYC prior to Israel's 9/11 towers given Guliani's debateably draconian policies. Country-wide charts just don't tell the story about such a large and varied country. Can you believe NYC was even kind of as white as you see in old stereotype movies (saturday night fever, for instance)? It looks like a 3rd world city now just from demographic shift alone, and of course mismanagement and covid have only made things worse in the meanwhile.

Not a whole lot of crime to speak of in my small home town before or after, although higher population density, cultural decay, and the influx of drugs (both illicit and the culture of popping pharma pills) have definitely not been helping the trend. What has been helpful except for skyrocketing cost of living has been a degree of white flight from NYC as boomers want somewhere nicer to retire. I predict shady times ahead for that once small sleepy town.


>born at the absolute peak of violence


The "Americans" you're referring to are the politicians and puppet masters who caused these events, not the American people. The invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan was not for 'pacifying' the region, that was an excuse. Most modern Americans don't even discuss 9/11 anymore, but it was a big deal when it happened, sure.


Just wondering if you're a Millennial who actually lived through as a tween or teen how the average burger reacted to 9/11 and the years after


Even Ron Paul voted for the Afghan War, although after reading this, I still give him some credit on it



I get it, the U.S. is awful. JFC, start talking about how awful your country is already if you want to be relevant.


>Most modern Americans don't even discuss 9/11 anymore

I noticed that 9/11 doesn't mean shit to zoomers and no one talks about it because it's Islamophobia or something similar


PNAC (Project for a New American Century, i.e. trostkyite neocons + israel) pulled off 9/11 to be the "new pearl harbor" they needed to motivate the US back in to more wars in the middle east to promote the Yinon Plan for Greater Israel. It was merely designed to be traumatic, not to make sense or be pro- or anti-islam. Obviously people who weren't alive to be traumatized by it are going to miss out on the panic response and only think it was dumb and in the past.

It was dumb and it is in the past. They're better off thinking about how it morphed into ISIS and the arc of destabilization that started in Morocco and was supposed to end in Syria before being able to go to war again Iran for israel. But that got shut down when Russia was not willing to give up its warm water port there and instead let the neocons self destruct with the population replacement project they kicked off after taking out Lybia. Fortunately, this was brought to a detante of sorts after the trump administration threw up some roadblocks to the neocon agenda. That's what they should be focused on as the world leans back toward coming undone as team biden puts all the old feckless hacks back in place to shamble onwards into aimless global chaos.


These days Iraq and Afghanistan are lumped together as the two post-911 wars. But at the time being against the Afghan War meant you hated America, and loved the guys who just bombed us. And the Taliban actually did harbor Al Qaeda. I'm not saying the war was handled right or was even necessary. But that was the reality of living through it. Even Ron Paul voted for the war.

Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11, which was in fact a secular nationalist enemy of Al Qaeda, was much more controversial. While it is sometimes also remembered now as "everyone" being for it. In fact the majority of Democrats in the House voted against it.

They might have both ended up being stupid wars in the end. But when you lump it together, you have no idea what it was like actually living through the times.

It was widely seen that the Taliban had directly attacked American civilians. Even if it was in an indirect way by harboring Osama and refusing to turn him over.

I'm amazed to have lived to an age where the Afghan war is seen by both sides to be a bad imperialist war. But it's not really from a sudden growth in pacifism, but from focusing on the new targets of the times.


>I'm amazed to have lived to an age where the Afghan war is seen by both sides to be a bad imperialist war.
I'm amazed to have lived to an age of seeing the media suck republican dick during the Afghan and Iraq war to outright publicizing naked propaganda against Trump. And still, all this time, no mention of raising taxes.



Note: This isn't specifically replying to this post, or the anon, but more on the general anime topic.

I think the point is that while there were a few anime shows on TV (some more in places like Latin America and Europe), the popularity of the style/medium wasn't as much of a conscious consideration to most folks. Sure, you had a few titles that got popular but the average person would have considered them just part of the overall Saturday morning animation/cartoon category. Especially considering there were alot of action shows that looked similarin the 80s. Besides the toyetic titles, other anime that aired or saw a release on VHS for a general audience would have been adaptions of classic novels, fairy tales, or little kids shows like the ones that were on Nickalodeon (e.g. Maple Town, those shows about koalas).

Even for non-anime shows that had some or most episodes animated in Japan, there were certain things a studio needed to follow (character sheets, ways of animating movement and lip flaps, etc). Sometimes there's a few glimpses where you can tell it was animated in Japan. Impact frames tend to be one of them. Otherwise other episodes were handled by other studios from other places.

Of course a few individuals realized there was a certain distinction of these cartoons with similar traits. All of this was gradual, of course. A few knew Star Blazers, Speed Racer, Battlefield the Plantes, and Kimba were anime back in the 70s. That number slightly increased with fanzines and certain companies actually releasing VHS of OVAs and certain episodes of TV shows by the late 80s and early 90s.

The combination of the existing rising of the popularity of anime, the internet, companies dubbing/subbing more titles, Toonami specifically catering a a block that had mostly anime titles, and the Pokémon craze made it where more folks were aware of anime as a distinct style.


>In B4 Reeeee
Back in the early 2000s the internet was full of teenage succubi with digital cameras. It wasn't difficult to get tit pics from stupid succubi back then the same way it isn't now. Insecure teenage succubi always have and always will want validation from older boys and many internet teenagers took advantage of it then and probably do now. Yahoo chat rooms, Livejournal, Myspace were all full of these succubi able to be exploited by even the nerdiest guy if he tried his luck. Internet prostitution and marketing has changed but I suspect the core 'dumb teenage succubus shows boob photos' pipe line is well and good if you were willing to engage in platforms they're on (Tiktok maybe? I don't know. I'm not looking because it's fucking stupid for a wizard to do that shit).

You sound like a succubus.

The hostility to succubi in nerd spaces has always been there and always will because of the fundamental conflict in how they approach a topic.

>I play football because I enjoy the game of football

>She plays football because she enjoys the social aspect of the team

These 2 ideas totally conflict with each other and they're universal in all hobbies. succubi will happily turn up to chat and never play the game, while men turn up for the game and that requires them to chat. succubi using your hobby for validation waters down the game and causes distractions from it so smart men will always be hostile to females in their hobby if they're not trying to fuck them.

It kind of was, but there was more depth in the hostility. Star trek nerds would reply to essays with real anger and bitterness but they actually answered each other. Now it's "tl;dr lol fag". It's people screaming at each other because they're in a hurry to reply to something else.

You are the problem. You see Image boards as a place to be 'evil you' instead of a place to discuss topics. You put your functional content else where and your non-fuctional content on here so one becomes a censored but useful place and the other an uncensored(ish) place and full of shit. Which leads more and more people into the censored realms as there's nothing worth reading outside of those now.


None of those people were genuine either. Maddox was a complete faggot, AVGN was just a character and Boxxy was making 30 second dumb acting videos teenage retards obsessed over. It's no less fake now than it was then. It's more profitable now but no less fake.

Internet took off in the mid 90s with AOL. Why have people forgot the dotcom bubble? Or how many 90's TV shows like WWF were advertising their websites on the show? By 1998 internet was 100% mainstream and by 2005 it was social media (web 3.0 I suppose).

He's probably right in terms of quality content. There's more good content now than ever before, but the problem is finding it. Steam's library never shrinks but it's considered awful now despite still having all the greats. Better production and video quality improve your e celeb media, but finding the good creators is now much much harder. So he's not entirely wrong that things ARE better, they're also worse.

Again also true. We're in the graveyards asking why no ones alive here. Everything is now on social media and discord which are platforms we don't use. So we miss out on current trends until they trickle down to us and then we think they're lame because we're not stupid teenagers on /b/ any more. If you saw Boxxy today you'd think she was a stupid cunt and everyone was simping for her (I thought the same back then, egirls were annoying). So context matters.

Games were a treat back then. You would play 1-2 hours and then go back to doing other things. None of this open world 50 hours of empty field bullshit we have now.

You post like it's a bad thing people had to adapt to a wider society. There's schools in the UK promoting kids wear fursuits to "Express their gender identity". I cannot tell you how fucked up things are now and it's all because weirdos were encouraged to 'bee yourself XD' instead of being forced to keep their guro fetish to themselves and not be encouraged.

Depends where you live.
UK never had grunge, that was a USA thing. In the UK we had "Brit pop" which was metrosexual fags and Oasis singing about going to the park to play football and rich succubi pretending to be poor for a kick.

Zoomers lack vocabulary because they don't use language. They're always watching screens and don't communicate with others like we did growing up. They are developing autism through nurturing flaws.

You forgot the IRA stuff and the LA riots. Things are never peaceful, you just don't pay as much attention to current events.


The problem here is it's only recording what's actually reported to the police and then the police keeping track of it. Today a lot of crime is swept under the rug or not reported at all. It's always possible to cook the books and it depends on your location as to how crime rises.

Lets take an ethnic group we will called Niggers. They're violent, stupid and very criminal. Now Niggers mostly live in a place we will call London. That's Nigger town, all the Niggers live there. But I live in Faggot town, where no Niggers live so there's very little crime. Now Niggers start moving to Faggot town. The crime rate in Faggot town sky rockets because Niggers are committing endless crimes. Nigger town has a slightly lower crime rate because there's less Niggers there. Faggot town has a much higher crime rate because it's full of Niggers now. But Faggot town punishes Niggers better so there's less repeat offenders, which makes the total crime rate go DOWN overall. But for me living in Faggot town.. Well I'm less safe, there's more crime and I feel more endangered. But your chat doesn't tell us about Nigger Town or Faggot town. It just says crimes gone down.

>If I don't know I'm eating beef am I still a vegetarian


If anything crime was easier to cover up in the 90s, now there are cameras and computers and phones everywhere. Back in the 90s it was just word of mouth and a pen on paper.


don't worry, AI generation and photo manipulation will make it so visual and audio evidence is worthless again.


I'm sure modern social media accelerates the 'naive succubi getting exploited' pipeline because it's all even more accessible than the old social networks and there are apps like snapchat that make it easy to hide stuff. There's way more young people publicly on the internet than back in the days of MySpace and I'm sure there's sick fucks trying to take advatage of that.

>succubi will happily turn up to chat and never play the game, while men turn up for the game and that requires them to chat. succubi using your hobby for validation waters down the game and causes distractions from it so smart men will always be hostile to females in their hobby if they're not trying to fuck them.

This is also the same case with succubi who act like they are nazis or hardcore anarchists or some other niche male dominated thing, their motivation is always to get special attention in a male dominated space.


The naive thing is a total lie. 14 year olds know exactly what they're doing when they act that way. They're aware their developing body can get them attention and they will try and rope in older guys by using make up and dressing older than they should be. It always bugs me when "youtuber grooming fans!" and it's some 15 year old sending nudes. At 15 you used to have a full time job and be expected to help run the household after leaving school a year previous. There has become a weird denial that teenagers are neither children not adults. I fucking hate children being exploited but so much of the conversation around it is "When I was 15 I sent a youtuber nudes and he's a SICK PEDO FUCK FOR LETTING ME!" Famous people all through out history have banged willing and eager teenage succubi. The digital era hasn't change that and it's frustrating you can't have an honest conversation about digital whores trying to ruin dude's lives because they took the bait waved in their face.

I also think the internet spaces we go on are full of pedos now which is a pretty serious issue and I don't know any real solutions. They're using VPNs so they can't be removed with banning, and they're willing to spend all day spamming their shit. So "lol teh boxxy" is now "omg 5 year old loli feet is my fetish" and it drives away a lot of decent people.

The internet in general has warped sexual things so far beyond normal. Now teenagers are eternal children while actual children seem free game to abuse in any way you wish. Like WTF? You can castrate yourself pre-puberty but if you chase someone when you're 15 you're a child and totally innocent of all wrong doing because Twitter convinced you getting what you asked for is you being a victim.


File: 1681360621056.gif (1.41 MB, 498x364, 249:182, sonic-x-tails-and-amy-high….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>If I don't know I'm eating beef am I still a vegetarian

Usually people didnt avoid watching Japanese animation because of where it was from (unless it was a senile grandpa who has PTSD from WWII or someone who wanted to support the American animation industry, idk).

I'm not saying all of those anime titles (Kimba, Speed Racer, BotP/Gatchaman, Star Blazers, Robotech, Maple Town, Voltron, etc) AREN'T considered anime because Joe Shmo the janitor couldn't tell the difference between them and any other cartoons back in 1987. Just that most folks werent as aware of it.

Like I said, anime was around back In the 80s and early 90s (more prominent shonen/shojo titles in Latin American/Euro countries). However, not everyone knew it was Japanese of origin. Obviously those in the animation industry would have known more. Most folks, especially young kids hyped up on cereal, didn't pay attention to the credits.

What I'm trying to say is that the POPULARITY of the medium, as in people actively seeking out animation made in Japan, was rising by the 80s and 90s.

Nowadays, most teens and adults would look at pic related and generally understand that it's an anime; its from Japan. Though admittedly it's thanks to being able to Google stuff, nowadays.

I do wonder how it would have went if European/French comics had gotten as popular. Yeah, some like Asterix and TinTin are popular but most don't know of their origin.


The original Brady Bunch parents made a 2002 film.

Damn a lot more seemed to happen each decade of the 20th century compared to the 21st.

just think 9/11 to now 2001-2023, 22 years is equal from 1928 to 1950. or 1968 to 1990.


That's because culture wasn't completely dead yet.


Well a lot happened between 1928 and 1950, but you wouldn't have wanted to live through it


that was actually good though. it required you to find party members and make friends.


die normal



I feel that this is just because we lived through it, and we don't have a school telling us what events to pay attention to in history.

We have reached the point where zoomers talk about 2010s nostalgia that I cannot relate to at all. I try to jerk off to some new "childhood ruining" rule 34 and I have no idea who the fuck any of these characters are.



If you were a terminally online computer nerd back then those things were just part of life and would seem effortless to you.

Patches weren't also that big of a deal back then because devs didn't release unfinished games. Also, not all servers updated at the same time so if you didn't have time to download the new patch, you would just play on a server that is running the same version as you.


nah I lived through the 90s, and looking backward definitely seems like more happened than looking forward.

like compare rebooting a 1990 show in 2005. to rebooting a 2008 show in 2023. 2008 feels a lot closer.


nostalgia works on a 20 year cycle, its why you see in fashion and zoomers being obsessed with whats called the y2k aesthetic based off fashion from the late 90s and early 2000s.

2010s nostalgia wont fully bloom until the 2030s


>It's no less fake now than it was then. It's more profitable now but no less fake.

It is 100% more fake now. Things which used to be done for pure enjoyment or for the love of the game are now done for profit incentive.

2010s nostalgia won't emerge, or emerge as anything distinct because a lot of it is nostalgia (of nostalgia) for past decades.


I have to agree with >>302021 as decade culture drastically died with rise of social media and everyone starting to use the internet along with smartphones. Digitizing our lives to relive whatever we want when we want at a massive scale. If you ask me on a personal basis I'd say that the whole "decade culture" died in the mid 2000s. Maybe 2005 give or take to be almost exact.


>It is 100% more fake now. Things which used to be done for pure enjoyment or for the love of the game are now done for profit incentive.
It is almost the definition of fake really, things used to be done organically and now it's all done with machine like calculation to get as much traffic as possible and creators just produce content according to algorithms. Some creators don't even care about the shit they do and they just produce what's popular like it's a script they have to go through. I also wonder how many twitch streamers actually enjoy gaming and how many of them just used the convenience of webcam streaming to put on an act.


File: 1683168545597.png (818.44 KB, 1070x1164, 535:582, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


If they make a reboot in the future where he goes back to today's time his mother would be a huge when shes younger and he'd end up fucking her or some shit like that.


A huge slut is what I tried to type like a retard


The key question is if he could stop the parkinsons.




They really couldn't do a reboot because there isn't anything analogous to skateboarding or rock and roll that they could use to make him look cool because of being from the future. Everything cool about today's future relies on computers and technology which would make it infinitely lamer if they try to insert him taking back an iphone or something as a plot line.


i just watched back to the future today for the first time, and his mother was already basically a horny slut goblin when she was younger. if he didn't know she was his mother, say she had a different name or something, he no doubt would have been in trouble


I wonder what would they stop at when rebooting classics that do not need remakes.


also, i just realized after watching that movie… this is the basic idea behind rick and morty. doc and marty, rick and morty. old scientist guy, crazy adventures. rick and morty is obviously just more fantastical since it is a cartoon


Modern American media gets a lot easier to ignore when you learn that it's all just referencing 1980s pop culture.
>crazy adventures
Smoking pot and vomiting isn't an adventure


>omg rick and morty is back to the future
Wow, zoomers really are fucking retarded aren't they? It was literally a Back to the Future parody in the beginning like 15+ years ago before it got changed to Rick and Morty. You niggers somehow shortened collective memory.


I was born in 86. Am I the oldest person on wizchan if I don't count the guy who keeps saying he's 70? Seems like I never see anyone beyond early 30s.


It's real strange that the internet seems to be devoid of anyone over 30. Like what happened to all the older users that used to populate forums back in the 00s?


It's no secret where they are. I have two siblings around my age. They use instant messaging apps to stay in touch with friends and colleagues and don't use any form of anonymous interacting online, except maybe reporting a bug every blue moon in a game's page on steam. Virtually all their friends have Instagram for example, you can find them there, though often the accounts are set on private.

I should've made myself clearer, when I said I never see anyone beyond early 30s I meant on imageboards.


That's normalniggers, what happened to the oddballs that populated forums back in the days? I distinctly remember there being many 30+ users online back when forums were still populated.


I'm one year younger than you.

They are playing MMOs.


Be sure to let us know why you leave, if you do, elder wiz


I'm one year younger than you

80s gang represent



we re out here, we usually hide or just dont mention our age cause dont want to hear, Wow you re Old

and these places get old , conversations repetitive, and most of us just move on, i only glance at tis site now


I think people are so nostalgic for this time because it was the last time society actually felt normal.


I mean actually living in it, after enjoying the tech of the 20s would suck. Like I like looking at Archive.org and usenet and seeing the 90s internet, and going wow it was surprisingly developed. Or even having some nostalgia about reading the 90s web in the 00s. It wasn't so far away back then. But yeah if that was my only internet I'd go insane from boredom.

also with my cheapass family, i was on dial up until 2007


File: 1683640535193.png (459.8 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, hbtrghtr.png) ImgOps iqdb

The world ended in 2012


>But yeah if that was my only internet I'd go insane from boredom.

it was so fuckin borin. you couldnt live online even if you wanted. if you were one of us you d be out just out of boredom.

now people like us we just hide on line. best example to me of one of us meltin down back in 1990s. was te Bjork stalker dude, i seriously believe dude was just super bored


i mean it was more text-based. but you could have had a community like wizchan in the 90s. i dont think the images and vids are what defines it. some people already lived their whole life in forums by then.


that's just the Millenials finishing their College "education" the eugenics program for BBC started almost as soon as 2001


Curious how identity politics ramps up after the 2008 crash and the occupy movement got dismantled.

I did not have a clue that geekdom would be irreparably damaged in the process.


All I know is that every anime in that time period was this in a nutshell.


One common denominator for those two things is the rise of chicago-style Saul Alinksy communist street agitation (aka "community organization) under the Obama regime and the rest of the Chicago crowd that swept in with him. To be fair, something similar would have likely happened under Hillary "Little Red" Clinton, also of Chicago ilk (and jewish-italian mafia heritage), so I'm not saying it's all the fault of one magic negro.

In the case of occupy, you saw the use of the RAND Corporation's Delphi Method with the call and response thing to stymie any kind of conversation while installing foreign ideas into groups to make said groups think that they had originated the ideas. Remember all these old hippie era communists from academia were out in force repeating this, as that's what they were taught at the time, and is how e.g. the UN systematically took over local school board. Obama famously also used it early on to try to get various congressional leaders to focus group their way into the policies his team wanted them to promote.

As for identity politics, this again is classically Alinskyite. If you havne't read his short and easy book, "Rules for Radicals" then you should. You might think like
>duh but this is so obvious
and that's the point: it has to be easy enough for the useful idiots to carry out so that marxist revolution seems to "just happen" on its own as if everybody has always been on the same page about the need for change and what pre-existing structures must be deposed in order to secure power for the new regime.


just every shonen… and it is not like today's shonen is different


Please don't post again.


Too late. btw, if you'd like to learn more about the Delphi Method and how the UN used it to take over local school boards, check out, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" by Charlotte Iserbyt.

Julian Huxley (of transhumanism fame, and brother of aldous) setting up UNESCO just wasn't enough to control the children in order to re-engineer the future.


>You sound like a succubus.
This is the 3rd or 4th time I've been accused of being a succubus in the last year, yet I'm one of the few legitimate old ass wizard users of the site. Your succ detectors have broken, it didn't happen for years before this.
I clearly said
>I would say old internet was hostile to succubi, but it was more dismissive.
Which is exactly in line what you've asserted.


File: 1684144522823-0.jpg (851.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tweet-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1684144522823-1.jpg (494.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tweet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1684144522823-2.jpg (801.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tweet-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They were shamed off the public internet.


yeah i figured it wasn't as great as nostalgiafags made it out to be. i'd be fine in the 90s and would haved liked to see the early internet. if i could live perpetually in an era on loop it would be 1995-2013. just before things got too corporate. hell i'd even extend it to 2016 to watch indie games become a little more popular. I don't necessarily hate the physical era i'm in but i utterly despise the internet era we are in.

I never thought the 80s were cool either. 90s are fine because i kind of see it as still 'modern' in a way. like setting up for the 2000s. So for a wizard i think my loop era (mid to late 90s to early 2010s) are the most comfy era to live in.


Man, this just made me think of how fucked the modern world is.

Like humans evolved without mirrors. No one gave a fuck about what they looked like, they just existed. Imagine how different your life would be if you never looked in a mirror or had a single photo taken of you. You would be completely grounded in reality.

Now someone that you will never interact with in your life can influence your opinion of yourself. Complete fabrications sway people's emotions and behaviors. None of this shit matters. So wild.


That reminds me of the anthropologists who took pictures of some tribe people who didn’t even know about cameras and then showed them to them. They were deeply disturbed at seeing themselves and wished they had never done so.


File: 1688224759597.gif (459.07 KB, 728x408, 91:51, 1648733347025441.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Like humans evolved without mirrors. No one gave a fuck about what they looked like, they just existed. Imagine how different your life would be if you never looked in a mirror or had a single photo taken of you. You would be completely grounded in reality.
Finds like the Egtved succubus or Otzi suggest otherwise, not to mention nomadic or tribal dress. The later religious strictures on clothing also make more sense if the surrounding populations had flamboyant drip



it always existed obviously, but was never as bad as it is right now.


File: 1688509305482.jpg (141.88 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, Screen_Shot_2022_10_03_at_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Now someone that you will never interact with in your life can influence your opinion of yourself. Complete fabrications sway people's emotions and behaviors. None of this shit matters. So wild.

I still see all this moaning about how young succubi are affected by "unrealistic body image issues" but nobody ever seems to bring up that males a just as plagued by this shit now. I saw someone pointing out in that streamer 'Dream's face reveal that he kept noticeably angling his head to show off his jaw line. Pretty hilarious. I don't remember even the biggest normie males being this obsessed with their looks when i was at school. The modern internet has turned an entire generation into neurotic messes.


Another proof that modernity is a burden, life must have been simpler and more pleasant when you could barely see your reflection in the lake you would wash yourself in. Every new thing just adds unecessarry complexity and problems.

This, all I keep seeing is norwood reaper, small dick energy, jawline stuff and I've seen many zoomer guys bully each other for looks like gossipy succubi. This whole shallow snapchat tinder era is complete cancer and switched the male dynamic up completely. You can't watch anything without a guy getting bullied for his looks, you could literally just make a cooking video and people will end up messing with you because of your looks and it's also so many guys doing it too, it's completely gay.

It's also mainstream as well and men have to suck it up but somehow we all have to endure some lesbian cunts wrath because she's not a pretty succubus. These fucked up dykes even make ugly female characters in video games now just because they are butthurt while they are the same cunts that bully guys online for having perfectly normal penis sizes, their sexual experiences and looks etc.

All this superficial shallow bullshit pisses me off because these cunts present so many double standards when it comes to men. Men just have to swallow the blackpill and live with it but the mainstream tries to make us feel oh so sorry for succubi all the time and as soon as someone points out that a old succubus looks less appealing than a young one they make a whole global affair out of it.


File: 1688559668369.gif (2.76 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1678329886171.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Kill yourself zoomer.

The archetypal nerd erased from existence. It must be schizophrenic to be an outcast as a zoomer when even being a virgin is a label used by normalfags who need to be more unique.


People can see their reflection in water.


Understand the difference between barely and none please. Looking at yourself in a lake is different from looking into a clear mirror, the lights and focus etc. It must have been quite different when these natural reflections were the only thing that would show what you look like.


good thread bump


uuuuuuuuuuuu soulja boy up in dat ho watch me crank it watch me roll

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