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File: 1659796600840.jpg (327.32 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shapiro.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>be born in the year 1996
> in between phase between skinny TVs and fat CRT computers used windows XP in school
> was in kindergarten during 9/11 remember all the adults crying while walking me home from school
I've been digging around the internet archives and looking at TV and ads in the VHS collection going all the way back to the 80s. Things seemed so good then…. can anyone older explain to me in detail what those times between the 90s and early 2000s where like ? the 85-99 period seemed really peaceful considering the type of TV that was on…what happened ?

Pic unrelated.


File: 1659797846940.png (906.44 KB, 1276x480, 319:120, higu.png) ImgOps iqdb

i guess what im trying to ask is what was it like ? esp for outcasts who lived at that time, i want to know why hyper sexualization and consumerism seemed to be at an all time high ? it seemed like a hardcore pro consumerism and sex culture back then even more than today.


im old, i was an adult in 1990s. you would of hated it. there was no: i will just hide on line, back then. No instant community of people to talk to who are just like you.
tv was like 30 channels, no internet to really speak of, want weird videos/comics , be ready to drive far to some weird store.
Were people friendlier, yes cause most interaction was in person, and people realized if you started trouble you d likely be beat up.
People were also a lot more moral and religious, albeit in a Fakey Way. so your way to tune out would brand you _______ and stigma would follow you around, dont care? you would if all your interaction is in person.

wasnt fun. i dont miss it.




File: 1659816903568.jpg (5.44 KB, 259x194, 259:194, stalin happy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It brings me great joy to see these nostalgia delusions shattered.


You thought this decade was peak moralfaggotry? Try the 90s, when everything had to be censored because "think of the children!" DnD and video games were gateways to Satan, etc etc.

Obviously nerds were beaten up and ostracized rather than provisionally accepted or seen as a trend to use as a way to stand out back then. What community there was was much smaller and more localized, and made much more limited if you didn't have 56k. A protowiz would just read a lot of books.


Albeit it is a bit derailing, but still relevant.
I'm so baffled by the moronic retardation of the americans, of their delusion as if they are the center of the world. Somehow they view the "9/11" as an age defining event, when it was not that much important or tragic. These brainrot monkeys were oblivious of struggles of the rest of the world, until it came flying down on their "shopping center". Truly ironic. And even then these retards sperged out like little kids and started the invasion into iraq and aghanistan, which was an utter failure in pacifyin the region.
Indeed, burgerpeople are a special kind of retards.


I was a kid in the 90s and all of my love for the 90s comes from the love of being a child, not because of the time period. I don't think many nostalgiafags understand this. Hell, it took me a while to understand it too.

Thinking back, there doesn't seem to be anything about that decade that made the world even remotely friendly to the wizardly type.


it sucked i had barely any games to play and i didn't have internet for any of the 90s. you had to physically go to a store and look at a selection of boxed games. consoles and games were expensive too. tv was dogshit i basically watched discovery channel and cartoon network, that's it. most of the air time was advertisements and everyone hated it. want to watch a movie? you had to get ready and again physically go somewhere. or buy a physical copy, but then you needed a dvd player for good quality.. something break? had to look through phonebook and call random services asking if they could fix it. need to know something? have to go visit the library. everything needed batteries or gasoline to function. tons of people smoked in public still. cash money, checks, checkbooks. everything was super inconvenient compared to now


> need to know something? have to go visit the library.


i forget about this one sometimes. yea, dont know somethin, there was no, just type in in search and find it in 2 seconds. you could spend YEARS tryin to solve some question, or track some weird shit down. or you just never solved it.

i do kinda miss infomercials tho


293126, 293120
I'm with these guys, imagine trying to set up a basic team fortress quake game compared to the newest version. bet it sucked from a technical neet perspective.

let me enter the full ATA string into the modem so I can play age of emp- 10mb patch required
forgot to clean the trackball
no external usb 3 drives
extra processor for backwards compability
insufficient base memory
faulty copper cables means no freebies from andrew on wow
now a retard like me can just snap in the ram, gpu, 3-4 mouse clicks and I'm playing diablo 3 and the best part? no need to interact with crabs


I was born in 1996, holy fuck im 26 y/o already…

Anyway, to answer the question, the internet was mostly for middle class nerds so things were quirky and fun, think 4chan in 2005 or so.

Programming and IT shit was the same, you had to be a hardcore nerd to get in, same with a lot of hobbies, normals were repulsed by programming, the internet, manga and anime and you were immediately labeled as a weirdo if you liked anything else than partying and getting drunk every day or participate in retarded politics.

The videogames industry wasn't pozzed, yes even in those years it was full of normalfags, but they didn't really influenced the games with retarded ideologies (except very special cases like 9/1).

I think the end was when the smartphone entered the picture with the first IPhone, every normalfag suddenly realized that technology could be fun and everyone having massive access to the internet with a device designed for literally retarded people that required no technical knowledge to use flooded the internet with equally retarded people, and then normies realized that they could get popular either doing stupid for attention (males) or whoring themselves on the internet (females) and they decided to fill the internet with that crap.


That retarded shit only happened on the worst country on earth (The US) anywhere else the 90's were actually fun and probably the best decade of the last 40 years.


File: 1659887859656.jpg (135.76 KB, 1228x868, 307:217, 45074e70b39032f3c3188f31a0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

things are just getting more convenient/easier, but at the same time more retarded

people back in the day had more passion when makeing something, now people just poop out something. Back in that day, people had high IQ, and doing anything took time. Now, low IQ and fast doing anything.

"IDIOCRACY Opening Scene (2006) Mike Judge"


>Rwandan genocide
>Sanctions in Iraq
>Gang warfare in Latin America
You only think the 90's were good because you were just a dumb child back then. There was never a nice time to be alive, each era is just as bad as the other for most of the world


and the balkans, and russia…


File: 1659898815010.jpg (50.49 KB, 404x614, 202:307, 90's bowie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was born in 1991 and vaguely remember the late 90s. i also started paying attention to politics pretty early because bush stole the election.

the things i most remember pop culturlly are shit like pokemon being new, electronica like fatboy slim and moby, and dial up internet


Do you remember Eurodance?


yeah shit like im blue and barbie succubus were big one hit wonders


nananananana nana na nana…


You're correct but you think that's a bad thing. Many of those things would have prevented our society becoming so sick. How many people here would have healthier lives if they didn't have the internet to fall back on constantly? How much better would mental health be if people were forced to interact with others not text on a screen? It might not suit you but it's healthier than what kids have today.

Most of that was marketing by the companies themselves. Getting on main stream media brings you a lot of eyes. Companies like Rockstar hired marketers to rabble rouse and get people to buy their game through controversy. It wasn't a big deal at all in reality.

I never watched horror movies as a child. I watch a lot of 90's horror movies now. 90's is the end of the practical era and the start of the digital era. People pine for something more real in a world of fakery. 90's has it's issues and fuck adults wearing Ghostbusters t shirts but it's not just nostalgia for being a child.

Setting up old computers did suck, but your world didn't revolve around them back then. A few hours of quake a week was a treat. It felt special to play unlike now with 10,000 steam games you don't care about.

AOL is the start of cheap internet and it begins in the early 90s. Budget PCs became a thing then.

Weebs are dumb. Anime was mainstream in the 80s. Transformers was the biggest toy of the year. Before that Battle of the planets was huge. DBZ, Sailor moon, Pokemon and the list never ends. Manga wasn't as common but it wasn't rare in comic book circles. You were born 40 years too late to say normalfags didn't like anime back then.

The video game industry was pozzed. You can go back and see feminist rants in 90's video game magazines on archive.org if you don't believe me.

iphone is post Eternal Summer and AOL. Do you even remember AOL keywords?


I don't care if Rwanda kills themselves. Don't live in Latin America and Iraq isn't my problem. A good time to be alive is relative and now the problems you mention are knowing on our doors due to mass immigration. We didn't risk latin gang violence when there wasn't any latin gangs living among us.

>Bush stole the election
2 more weeks!

Techno music from gay bars got branded EuroX.


Normalfags did not like anime until the mid to late 2000s tops. Transformers is not Gundam. I'll concede that Pokemon was the closest thing to a mainstream anime in the 90s, but much like with a Saturday morning cartoon you were expected to grow out of watching it after age 10 or so. In fact, adults being interested in cartoons past a certain age was considered abhorrent and weird until the mid to late 2000s, unless they had some excuse like being part of the industry.

Also why would a wiz born in 96 remember AOL keywords? AOL became irrelevant in the early 2000s.


>If I ignore all the things that prove me wrong I'm right!
Shall we include Speed racer, Astroboy and Robotech or do you want to ignore those too?

Anime WAS mainstream in the exact same time slots. Transformers did extremely well.

Adult animation existed before family guy. Simpsons started in the 80s and was a world wide mega star. So you're wrong again. Animation was not strictly for kids both on TV and going to the cinema to see a Disney movie. Adult animations were being made all the time like Wizards or Fits the cat.

AOL key words were the normalfag way of using the internet through the 90s. It disproves the "only smart nerds had the internet" when everyone got AOL Discs through the door.

I lived through the 90s and remember them clearly. The revisionist we waz nerds shit is just a cope. Instead of accepting you joined the internet after normalfags you need to make excuses for why YOUR early experiences are part of the good era while everyone else's isn't.


>Adult animation existed before family guy. Simpsons started in the 80
Remember that Bugs Bunny/Merry Melodies and Tom & Jerry were adult animation. They had, for the time, mostly adult humor and were overly violent. They were shown before adult-themed films in theatres. When broadcast on television they were often chopped up for a more general audience. The adult themes are even carried over to modern iterations.

Yeah kids liked them, but the target demographic was adults.


Defining your generation by the musicians and celebrities who were popular at the time has got to be one of the top 400 most normalfag things I've seen on my web browser.

Think of what was invented in your time, what laws changed, who was at war, which discoveries and technologies came about. Going "uuuh the 90s were when David Bowie had a crazy haircut" is both stupid and dumb, and a little bit Reddit. Of all things to talk and feel about, not only is it a person, but someone who was force fed onto you by corporate media oligarchs.


None of those things are relevant to most people's lives. We've spent the last 20 years at war with sand niggers and it means nothing to any one in the civilized world. It's an abstract concept most are never going to interact with. While David Bowie songs on the radio are something most people will have experiences with.

Everything you mention is autistic to the degree of non-functionality. It doesn't matter how laws change or what was invested unless it effected you directly. Which almost none of what you listed did.

I'm all for weening people away from media and getting them in the real world but the real world IS music you hear playing around you much more than it is some nigger inventing peanut butter powered helicopters you're never going to sit in.


Anime wasn't really mainstream before 2002 or so, yeah it was available and known, but it was also true that for the vast majority of people you were a fucking freak if you watched anime (except turbo normie shit like Pokemon, Sailor Moon or Captain Tsubasa that aired on normal TV)

If you watched more anime than that you were indeed an outcast, if you also read manga or managed to get into the very few translated VN's at the time you HAD to be a wizard.

Now all that shit is extremely mainstream, literally everyone watches anime and reads manga and you can find eroge on steam, normalfags completely conquered the entire hobby extremely fast, and being honest the industry (both japanese and western) helped with that because they love money of course.


>I don't care if Rwanda kills themselves. Don't live in Latin America and Iraq isn't my problem

lol. typical american


when did you get on the internet? because if you weren't there during the 80s hacker researcher vs drm wars then you too joined with the rest of the normalfags, they invented the demo. wtf is this trial internet? (I know what those are) crabol merely copied the 80s when they would drive around in vans dropping off software discs at random locations.

80s made their own isp and now a decade later normaol comes along trying to capitalize on it, no respect for those 80s guys.
90s gen are a bunch of computers users, they're not computer hobbyists


>If I continue to ignore all the popular animes children watched in the last century than I can make my argument
>Pokemon came out in 1996 but being the biggest craze of the century which sold more games in the first 2 years than any other general doesn't count. Pokemon's peak popularity isn't popular enough to count as anime being main stream

Not America you little brown faggot. No one cares about sub humans killing each other. Not even other sub humans.


>Not America you little brown faggot. No one cares about sub humans killing each other. Not even other sub humans.
lol. Americans sure are retarded enough to think that there are them and the whole other word as separate entities. Your faggotry led to the "9/11", led to the current crysis.
You are so pathetic that you don't even have a proper nation, instead of that you have a cocktail of shit and piss or "white" and "brown" as you cocksuckers name it. lol


<stupid american
>I'm not american
<stupid american
This poster is an AI.


nice tourist arrows


File: 1660058744523.jpg (17.23 KB, 200x200, 1:1, schlafkatze_wein.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Born in early 90s, got my fair share of suffering, then it was 2010, got fast internet - discovered all the media of 80s, 90s, 00s - consumed it - now suffering again. I'm a low functioning retard, maybe I would have suffered in all eras without something to consume to forget.
That's it, even if all people of the world wanted it, they couldn't reproduce the Zeitgeist, because it's Zeitgeist stuff. Gone, forever. I see people enjoy new stuff, being hyped about new stuff. So I can't really tell if "my" stuff was better than theirs. Of course, there are objective criteria, but it's hard to compare if you had a stash of quality stuff, from the pioneer era of media. Now it's just hard to find something new - maybe there isn't for me, but that's my problem. Simple as. But I discovered drinking.


As a technology matures it becomes less interesting. People know what works and gets the most success so they naturally align with it. The access to CGI and "We just need 10 episodes for netflix not a movie script" has destroyed so much creativity. Video games have become so large no one can influence anything for the better once the game production is in motion. And if even 1 small thing fails it snowballs into development hell.

And lets not forget how fast stuff moves now. Hype never stops. Biggest game of the year is forgotten in a month and hype for the next game starts immediately. There's no time for something to brew and mature, it has to be broken and speedrun DAY ONE and everything put on the wiki. Everything is now a slaughter house to be cut up for hype cutlets and that's it.

He can't explain why you should care about people you don't know exist. Which you shouldn't. Your local community matters, getting your car repaired matters, your pets matter. Some fatherless bastard starving in a country no one's heard of and even his parents didn't bother to name is no concern of any one but the vultures.


You see, the thing is that the world you and i live in is not a mish-mash of independent states and communities. On the contrary every thing is veru much intertwined with one another so the constant war in the middle east, as an example i have provided, led both to the cheap oil prices at that time and "anti-terrorism war" with its rampant intrusion into your private life. Of course i wasn't trying to make one view this problem solely from "moralistic" point of you. Come on, i don't think you are that retarded to be swayed by such a pseudo-argument.


>Come on, i don't think you are that retarded to be swayed by such a pseudo-argument.
Moralistic thinking is not only how most people think but on this very website there are constant appeals to morality like the vegan or the antinatalists talking about reducing suffering etc. I'm not validating moral thinking, but you gave too big a benefit of the doubt.


how is interacting with "crabs" bad in nerd spaces like games or tech? strange sentence


there's a lot of underage tourists here who try to fit in by calling everything crab, you'll have to excuse them as they are looking for their next "schizocore" lolcow

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