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What youtube channels do you recommend?

I am looking for channels to watch


YouTube has everything from baby sensory videos to guides on how to build a suitcase nuke. Please describe what kind of things you're interested in.


i am asking what channels you like i am not looking for anything specific


What channels do YOU like? Why do you like them? Why should we tell you if you haven't begun to tell us?

You sound like someone paid $2.40/h to ask people their favourite channels on behalf of a Chinese advertising firm.



for the longest time, the only app i used was youtube. ive stayed away for quite sometime because i got invested in other online circles but i recently went back on youtube and i felt like i was sucked down a blackhole. all it did was highlight my depression, how i was yearning to return to simpler time, similar feel u get when playing a game solo then look around and realizing your life is actively deteriorating before your eyes.


Sometimes they're Russian


I'm surprised this channel has fairly little views with the production quality.


because its clickbait garbage you normie faggot



Lemmino is top tier


Nah it's pretty good


Crazy how much the view counts vary. Most of his videos barely get 5 digit views, but some get comfortably into the 6 figures and he even has a video with 2 million views. I guess that's what happens on channels that have to mostly rely on the recommendation algorithm instead of subscribers.


baumgartner restoration is a very pretentious fart sniffer but the videos are interesting to see how a damaged painting gets restored. the editing is really nice. it is cool to see how the physical aspect of art is conserved throughout time. to me it might as well become obsolete once digitized, i dont see the point in it honestly. still want to know more about the business and logistics side of art restoration. like who pays for this shit, how much do they pay, how is art stored and transported, who does the lab tests for the pigments, glues, and varnishes, and so on



That is correct. It is not dissimilar to 3b1b in its level of quality i would say. Though it is of an absolutely different topic. 3b1b is a channel only about math and sometimes physics.


File: 1662061813601.webm (17.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Idiocracy - Ow My Balls!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Almost every single video thumbnail on youtube's frontpage is photoshopped. Even things that don't need to be photoshopped. Why?


there's addons that replace the thumbnail with stuff liike the middle of the video or even a random point. recommend getting one of those. the one i use also gets replaces the spelling so it's sentence case without annoying caps



what are those addons called?


Second Thought.



"Clickbait Remover for Youtube"
I also recommend "SponsorBlock"



kill(ss)ing asuka

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