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I am wondering if anyone here suffers from gaming/internet addictions? any ideas on how to scale back on those?


Delete everything that entertains you and make it difficult for you to access those things, abstain.
If that doesn't work consider amputation


It's not an addiction. It's just that whatever you think you should be doing because your mom or dad or society says is important - just ain't that important to you. You just don't care about it, so much so that you'd rather endlessly scroll mindlessly than do it.

There's nothing wrong with your brain or habits. You just looked around and saw that there was nothing close to the bang-for-your-buck of the Internet. Scrolling for 30 minutes is more worthwhile than forcing yourself to read a book you don't care about or look for opportunities to be a wageslave for someone else or lift weights for the first time in your life so you can gain the approval of people you despise.

It's not an addiction, everything else just sucks.


I agree with this poster , I see no reason to do anything else really. Everything feels pointless and meaningless to me.


not having an income really hurts, but i guess technically i could find an online job if i tried hard enough. it's just not fun. i'd rather have fun on the internet. real life stuff is tedious.


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File: 1664254344420.jpg (22.77 KB, 320x265, 64:53, vuVqLGtm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We're not living in tribes and in contact with nature anymore, society is an artificial construction and to live in society is to be behaving artificially.
And thus you do what you brain doesn't want to do, but since the brain is malleable you can just adjust it to live perfectly in this artificial construction.


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good post, but as usual with these threads, the op wants to be fed mundane advices and self-help rubbish. stuff he already knows but it's more about being told to do it by some authoritative figure.


Gaming is fine since it is a solitary hobby, do it as much as you like.

Browsing the internet on the other hand can kill your mind and soul if you do it too much. Practice moderation in this and you'll be fine. I pretty much only use the internet to get things I want like books, movies and anime or to read wikipedia articles or to listen to music on youtube (I have youtube comments disabled thanks to some add-on.) I come here to post and talk with people for a little but that's it. There is nothing worth going on on the net if you ask me. Image boards and social media are cancer. People are cancer. Avoid them if you can.


I wish I was gaming addicted again, I cant stand a single new game, have not been excited for a new game for many years


I don't wish I was addicted but damn I'd be happy if I could still enjoy videogames as much as I did as a teenager. I keep replaying some of the old stuff but almost all the enthuasiasm and emotions are gone.


This is what i do but i'll go weeks, even months, where i get addicted to forums. I need someone to BTFO out of me so i'll run away again.


>I cant stand a single new game

Almost all modern games are dogshit.

PUBG is the most braindead dog shit game there is and it gets an average of 200,000 players a day. This is what normies love. Dogshit battleroyale games that have no depth whatsoever.



I thought that one had been dying since like 2020, the success of battle royale games is a mystery to me.
By the way, anyone remembers DayZ?


DayZ was the first and last game I got baited into buying cause streamer clips looked fun. Then I bought it and realized it’s empty as fuck and you need to walk 3 hours just to see another player. And yeah I don’t get why BR games became the king either. Though I think gacha has/will became the dominant genre.


I've played Dayz since like 2013. First I played Dayz Mod in 2013, now I'm playing Dayz Standalone.

I have thousands of hours in this game. Though, I don't play Dayz that much. The new update coming out will significantly fix the cars in the game, so they will be worth fixing up and stashing away in the woods.

If you want to play, we can. I play on a vanilla European server despite living in Canada. We can make a base together or just stash crates in the woods together, stashing loot and making a camp with crates or barrels stashed in some bushes or in some rocks.


>the success of battle royale games is a mystery to me.

The *popularity* of that particular subgenre is somewhat of a mystery, why it's a success is because many of those games are f2p and have some sort of dopamine feeds and microtransactions.


File: 1664677686743.png (1.63 MB, 1917x1077, 639:359, kaiki is interested.png) ImgOps iqdb

You've piqued my interest, maybe I'll reinstall. Would I just join your server and head to coordinates?


they're still working on it? didn't one of the creators leave a few months after the standalone version was for sale?


Dayz Surviving

I took a couple pics of my work. I built some gardens and I started farming pumpkins and peppers. I also made some crates and stashed some crates in the woods.

I left a crate near my garden so random people that stumble upon my garden can replant and water the seeds, since I left seeds in the crate.

I basically have unlimited food with the garden, but I need to dry out the peppers and pumpkins so I can store them long-term.



Add me to play Dayz

If anyone wants to play Dayz with me, add me on Discord: DayzZombie#2811

I'm only creating discord to play Dayz with wizards that have mics.


File: 1664892930804.jpeg (50.71 KB, 492x647, 492:647, D999D1B8-1D72-43CD-9C8F-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>that have mics


lol die



Someone please add me on Discord to play Dayz

Nobody has added me yet on Discord to play Dayz… Please have a mic and send me a friend request so we can survive together and piss off normies.

Discord: DayzZombie#2811


sent ;)


It's pick up and play nature basically. When you die you just hit rematch and 60 seconds later you're back in the game. There's little to no consquences to dying and they attached grinding systems on top to make players think they're achieving something now.

Most modern games are super refined skinner boxes that reward you for playing them and hope you will stick around to do unfun things so you can unlock novelty items you can use to do other unfun things. It's sad that it works much better than making a game fun and complete out the box. It takes the male drive to succeed and to achieve goals and subverts it into unlocking gold skins for your fictional weapons. It's really dystopian.


Dayz Update

Dayz update just came out and the servers wiped. Anybody want to play it with me?

I was playing for awhile already and I already have a car fixed up and stashed in the woods. I could come drive down to the coast and pick you up.

You must have a mic though and be able to make a Discord.


>You must have a mic though and be able to make a Discord


try to make friendlies in game anon, but people tend to shoot first and talk later so good luck on that.
I always consider dayz to be a very slow battle royale as long as you don't fall in love with gear and take it easy it is a nice game

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