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Internet back then:
>Hundreds of forums, chats, websites and different communities with their own character
>Every day new content, new stories, new people
Internet now:
>Three or four sites all repeating the same memes, jokes and content. Big imageboards are dead, small communities dissapeared, no fansites anymore
>The same people, the same low quality content, nobody wants to do anything

When everything went SO wrong. Is like a NIGHTMARE.


Intellectual property + anti-CP laws. All uncontrolled sites are shut down by the government.


CP is weaponized by the glowies to get rid of whatever sites and people they find inconvenient.



Schizo term, schizo ideia.


so facts are simply schizo? it's already been proven that the government engages in mass surveillance of its popultion. and anybody who is mildly tech savvy is well aware of how much data the few big tech companies that rule the world have on all of us. if you even use the internet and a device then you have almost no privacy from them.


nah, back then everything was Anime and Japan worship, now is kind of like that but with niggers and politics.


>Hundreds of forums, chats, websites and different communities with their own character
Reminds me of the ideas in Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language. Essentially the same idea, but in human settlements: each community being logically separated from the rest and developing it's own identity.
Of course, you could say that was originally the case. A few hundred years ago it was still the case, though on a different scale. There were different cultures, some of them very small like for example the yaqui indians, some very large like the han chinese, but all with their own character. Today that's almost nonexistent, as even cultures that have managed to keep some of their identity are being integrated into the globalized culture, wear their clothes and have a smartphone.
As much as I dislike it, and as much as it seems a regrettable loss of diversity (actual cultural diversity and not interracialization of globalized culture) is nothing but the natural course of things.


there are plenty of small community fan sites and niche forums, what kept them alive is banning crab politics.
yea hacker conferences have been saying that for decades, what else is new. can you post some examples linking surveillance to "glowies" spamming club penguin?


>there are plenty of small community fan sites and niche forums
Ok, post 2 fansites and 2 small forums.


no way jose, that's how madcuck leads crabs to this site. modding communities (not moddb or nexus) hacker researchers, basically computer hobbyists are still around but their hobby filters out computer users (everybody else on the internet)


>There are plenty of sites around there!
>Ok show some
>No I can't because excuses

Don't claim bullshit you can't even backup.


still not telling, you are doomed to lurking crabchan and politics


Noooo please!!!! How you dare to do this to me!!! You can't let me here alone!!! Without anybody else to talk!!!! How can't you be so evil for not let others enjoy the knowledge!!! You're punishing everyone be letting us here with the normies!!! Nooooo evilness!!! Don't do this please!!!



You're not wrong but I have the sneaking feeling that you're a zoomer.


If you know where and how to look you can still find anything and everything on the internet.


From a wizzard's perspective, the main barrier is the social connections required to find them, much like quitting weed because you're too autistic to find and interact with a new dealer or go-between. On the other side of the equation is that if you're that isolated then you might be able to invest the time necessary to lurk your way in to some kind of online community that feels right and then get a tip or an invite to something even more toward your interests.


That's enough for a thing


the golden of internet is long dead. theres this moto that says don't be sad because its over but be happy because it happened, FUCK THAT. we want old internet and we want it now!


how was old internet back then, can you describe me?


the internet started as reddit and ended as reddit. when the internet 1st began, for most normies the web just meant AOL and the walled garden inside AOL. And there were various AOL hometowns on any hobbies and topics. Then there was a wild west period of the internet, where all the forums were independantly hosted and you found it through google. And then there was a consolidation period, and we're back to the AOL hometown walled garden again. where you discuss your niche hobbies in a subsection of a few megasites like reddit.


The 'old internet' still exists, and the mainstream normie sites act as normie containment. It's easier than ever to technically operate a website, and there is probably a lot more small blogs than there ever were, not proportionally, mind you, but in mass. The nature of the internet being a network means we can always just leave the walled garden, and here we are, a small niche website.

I get that it's popular to complain about the state of things, but have you ever wondered if it's not the internet, its you? Go play an ARG, join a forum, etc.


But its a zero-sum game, all the people talking about topic X on Reddit or even a chan like here, aren't talking about it on X forum. Maybe you think that's a good thing, quality over quantity. But quantity is the air communities breathe to survive.


How is it a zero-sum game? I disagree that quantity is an important quality, the most important internet communities to me, are niche, slow, and high quality.


while one can participate in multiple communities for topic X, in general the vast majority of people will just stick with the 1st thing they find. normie containment if you will. But it means the forums aren't getting those members.

its a zero-sum competition for members


It would be zero-sum if people were only able to sign up for one site. Just because a majority do only sign up for one, means it must be at least slightly more than zero-sum, no?


You have nothing to hide. It is a small price to pay for safety


Everything is on discord




It doesn't sound crazy to me. I'm not saying the FBI is actually posting CP on sites, but they'll only bring charges against sites they dislike.
You could go post child porn on Twitter, and it might stay up for a day or a week or indefinitely, but the odds that this will lead to Twitter being sued are zero.
Meanwhile, if it's a smaller or sketchier forum like some of the altchans, then the govt. will be much more willing to use this shit against the site.


I can tell you they control any major distributor and can figure out who is posting homemade stuff and co-opt them. It's not hard to figure out who the pedos are if they're dumb enough to post on the internet or share their wares with anyone else in the know. It takes only three people in a conspiracy for one of them to have an incentive to squeal, and keeping a conspiracy of two intact is difficult in this day and age.

That said CP isn't the reason the internet was censored. It's the endgame of the pornography social engineering project, what they insinuate is the ultimate fate of every addict in an attempt to destroy people as much as possible. The chilling effect comes from finding people mired in desperation for some reason or another, and convincing them to do terrible things to make the internet or any other social environment unlivable. You can motivate a degen with very little, while the honest and decent are always fearful of being shouted down or destroyed. They insisted that the internet is for porn until they made it true, like men were really eager to seek out what was obviously a trap to mark them as losers. Only by lockstep rejection are men convinced that porn is all they will ever know, and that's how the cycle of exploitation continues. I've seen it intensify over the years with ever-increasing depravity and efforts to drain money from single men. Anything that was relatively wholesome and healthy is either destroyed or put behind an expensive paywall and screening process. The internet porn is designed to steer users towards the most degenerate shit, and section off the "good stuff" to create the appearance of scarcity and exclusivity. There is of course an elite strata of whores and a whole game that ordinary people do not have access to - they are paid prostitutes but they choose their clients from a shortlist. This has always been a thing in high politics - the pimps and madams in Washington are basically of the elite themselves, because they can't be seen with low-rate whores. Too much distrust. Now there's a whole game of secret parties and orgies in Washington.


Much of the censorship though is much more banal - by seeding the environment with a sufficient fear, ordinary people get the hint that they better keep their head down. Then you seed the algorithm to shovel shit in front of anyone's face if they want to search for useful information, and depreciate search engines which were understood to be a useful method of retrieving information that assembles knowledge. Break up all networks that dissent from pre-arranged echo chambers and make any idea that is not authorized by an influencer or thought leader suspect in of itself. If you say something that doesn't conform to any echo chamber, it is dismissed as "insane" or "retarded" because of conditioning to follow influencers and those who are trained liars. It's getting worse every year.


What a boring person you are.


Internet culture ate itself. There was a rise of a new public sphere based around consuming/mocking sincere communities for entertainment, combining with the growing pseudo-anonymous social media with massive audiences.
Imageboards degenerated internet culture enough that by the time the real world and internet fully unified, the masses of Normans weren’t that different from internet culture.
Also there was limited entertainment, there was no constant pervasive video entertainment in the background. image hosting was even frustrating - mid to late 2000s Reddit top voted image posts would be hosted on sites that had view limits, so the comments would be all posting mirrors - 4chan was legitimately weird in it’s heavy use of images vs occasional forum threads. waiting to torrent shit, even voice chat was limited and paid for.
The temptation of easy and constant multimedia wasn’t there, so this modern malaise of constantly consuming and shitposting didn’t exist in the same way by limitation.


>here was a rise of a new public sphere based around consuming/mocking sincere communities for entertainment
Agree. "Ironic" shitposters are one of the worst groups on the Internet and you don't want them in any community.


Any community that act like retard will bring real retards since they will feel at home. "Ironic" shitposters are the ones acting like retards.


Fuck you Sayaka, you did everything wrong and Kyoko was too good for you character development my fucking ass

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