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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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I live in the equator but I never leave my house and the windows don't let in much sunlight. I receive zero direct sunlight daily although the sun is bright enough to provide dim illumination when there is no artificial lighting.


the people who have to consciously manage their sunlight expose (to increase it) like 60 degrees or farther. norway and the arctic circle. you, if fair skinned, probably have to manage staying unburned more often than getting more sun light. good luck


I've heard it's important to let sunlight enter the iris for dopamine production. in North American Clines you need about 30 minutes a day for adequate vitamin D. You need Vit D for mood and other important functions


Joe Rogan just posted his IQ score publicly. He's 127 and apparently this is enough to join mensa. I'm envious


For MENSA the minimum accepted score on the Stanford–Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148 and 130 in the Wechsler tests (WAIS, WISC).


Who the hell cares? IQ tests are a total meme. What does MENSA even do?


Why does pointing out a blatant lie imply I care about MENSA? I'm not a part of it. I'm too smart for that. My IQ is 400.


maybe they're lowering standards for publicity or I got the memo wrong. But for a meathead MMA turned talk show host to score that high impressed me. This is the guy who got popular shilling Soma to millenials and now vaguely straddles the based/redpilled line

stop watching communist twitch streamers who get their talking points from wikipedia articles. It is a very significant life predictor and everybody in psychology or neuro knows that


This is ironically a very low IQ post.


I don't watch twitch because I'm not fucking retarded.
>It is a very significant life predictor
It's a very significant life predictor, but there's a thousand of them out there at the same level of significance. People act like they're big boys for having 110 IQ without even realizing that there's hundreds of millions of people out there with that same IQ, who are functionally braindead and incapable of thinking for themselves or carrying out basic tasks.


Is there any other psychometric variable found to date with .4 predictive power? Any?


What the fuck is this shit.

I'm doing a query on MS Access for college homework. I design the select query, clicking on the tables (so no mistyping), click the correct things on the table, run the query, and try to filter it for 0. First of all, there's no 0 field in one of my columns, but there IS in the actual tables. Where did it go!? What the hell!? I didn't even design this stupid thing! Also, there's a syntax error because there's no operator. Now I'm asking, why is there an operator needed? I'm not comparing anything?! Fucking broken piece of shit.

Also it's <3 hours till it's due. I'm not even sad, just very angry at this shit. Some at myself for procrastinating and some at the stupid program. I'm gonna do the bare fucking minimum for this assignment and barely pass this stupid class. I don't want to deal with this shitty program any more. Jesus.


You had every chance to use a FaOSS alternative. Now you pay the price, literally and figuratively.

I hope this post went through, this distro doesn't support my monitor. Any day now.


Sorry for the low IQ question, but what does ".4 predictive power" mean?


correlation coefficient. A score of 1 is 100% correlation. A score of .4 is 40% correlation. I can't remember the specifics for IQ but believe it was found to be in that range


I've seen a vtuber get 120+ iq score from an online mensa test live on stream. IQ threads from 4chans usually have more than a dozen posts claiming to have 120-130+ iq. My score are usually above 120 too. Maybe online tests aren't accurate but I think getting 120 iq points isn't as special as it used to be anymore.


Amazon reviews should be sorted by tax bracket.


Can't help but agree. It's also likely that vtuber was practicing their ass off to artificially raise the value past natural levels which is a real thing. I talked with some dropout neet alcoholic once who was claiming his IQ was 140 based off these online tests, and I couldn't help but wonder what good it actually did him if he was going to do nothing with it


My mom is in the hospital. I’m fairly certain she has pericarditis because of the vaccine


the idea that high iq's are always doing a lot in the world and inventing is bad logic, just because some people are both high iq and inventive doesn't mean all high iq people are


i bought the electronics circuit simulator, CRUMB, on steam. has a lot of issues and bugs that make it hard for me to tinker and play around with things to learn on my own. not recommended for now, feels like beta software. it doesnt feel like a game and theres no electronics thread so im posting about it here.


I've wanted something like that. I could probably make it myself.


Lol. Find something SPICE based, like Multisim (which is shitty and makes my ass burn, but in some cases is acceptable). I remember qucs, but it's in maintenance mode and it's a whole problem to even compile it in distros where qt4 is dropped. Maybe you could compile it in vm and then wrap in appimage, but I never bothered.


I hope she's alright, but you do realise people would get ill before the covid vaccines were created right. Isn't that particular side effect mostly diagnosed in younger men anyway?
Speaking of which, are antivaxers still obsessively compiling articles about random folks dying like it somehow proves their point?


i don't know enough about circuits and electrical design to use multisim. ive only done some basic arduino shit in real life so CRUMBS seemed useful for tinkering and learning on my own through experimentation, much faster than doing it by hand. it's just new and buggy is all, i hope. oddly enough the only schooling and education (beyond high school) has been electrical theory or whatever when they teach you about ohm's law and all the components and how to read circuits, too much time has elapsed without using that information though (never used it for my job) and so i can't say i've retained ANY of it. i guess it was more like the stuff you 'learn' in traditional schooling, crude memorization of facts and formulas and not actual learning.


If you really want to learn something go read textbook. I'm not native English user, so I (often) read books in native language, but people in google suggest that Van Valkenburg is a good and reliable author. Go for network analysis first, I think.


File: 1669745355948.png (119.24 KB, 1072x662, 536:331, Screenshot 2022-11-29 1204….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've found Tinkercad fun to use, with the admission that I know less than nothing about circuits.


I'm finally getting around to making my room an actual nice place to live. I got a better desk and chair and soon I will get a bed for my mattress to go on. Trying to keep trash from piling up more successfully than I have in the past. Trying to vacuum from time to time and wash my sheets. I think after the bed, all I will need is a side table, second trash can, and some houseplants. If I am ambitious I will get a ceiling mount for my TV and put it over my bed.

I realize most people do this naturally from childhood but I guess I've just always been too depressed until now. I am still depressed but I am making progress even if it is slow.


File: 1669748903296.jpg (4.04 MB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, 7456345674.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sometimes i think people who avatarfag do not have a personality. it is really wierd when i find two people who avatar fag with the same avatar. Like they are the same personality? cause they use the same avatar. I think it is so strage, when you see two people use the same avatar. really weird feeling I get. Like matrix(the 1999 movie) or the two people are NPC or something.

Especaly to avatars that are a little bit less popular.
Like lain(serial experiment) is very popular anime, thus it is not special to see multiple lain avatarfags, same with asuka from evangelion, or link from zelda. Same with pepe or wojak avatarfags, etc. These are popular avatarfags. Nothing special.

But for example, megumi from knosuba, Nanachi(from made in abyss), can be webm about animals doing cute things, Noa Himesaka etc. less popular media. these avatarfags, when I see 2 of these people and they are not the same after som investigation on the archive, I get NPC/Matrix/weird vibe.

Am I alone in these feelings?



The gains on the flynn effect are on the lowest g scoring subtests. Look up Michael Woodley's critique of it if you want more

I'm personally inclined to think people are just using unrepresentative internet tests or practicing to boost scoring


Konosuba and Made in Abyss are both very popular, I haven't heard of Noa before but it's probably just because I don't watch dogshit anime.
You have to understand that despite there being literally billions of people on the internet everyday now, the amount of actual "culture" being actively produced is very very little and almost everybody just watches the same shit. Every once in a while you might see a wizard dig around obscure old shit on the net or have a very rare hobby, hence he is aware of and "attached" to such a "culture", such behaviour is almost non-existent among normalfags, so their knowledge is only limited to the small amount of culture that is produced during their lives and mass broadcasted.


File: 1669774433995.png (989.93 KB, 1458x967, 1458:967, e6f0327c33c2c52e997be6aa74….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Man who posts Gensokyans on imageboards does post any and all, from fearies to Oni of old Hell.
>Boy who posts Gensokyans on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and probably some place else, does only post Marisa and Reimu
-Kubi Hige, Observations On the River Dialup, 3 Reiwa

When you walk in to your aunt's house (uninvited like a truwiz) and she serves you tea in her Gromit mug and seats you under her Felix The Cat clock, do you ask for lore and history of Gromit? Of Felix? If you do, she will know their names, where they are from, but no more. She sees the cute, the cool, the nostalgic, and enjoys those things for what she sees in them, not what she knows about them. Aunty is simple like it. Man on Meta's InstaTwit sees picture of art of Reimu and contributes his own. He knows Reimu's name, her games, and her best friend, but no more. He enjoys her cute smile and wishes to share the happy feeling with someone else who has shown they too enjoy the Miko's art. He is simple like that.

Do not assume ignorance or malice in these people. They casually contribute to the pool of nice things when around those who enjoy it. If someone new comes to imageboard and does post Lain, he does so as a wave and shake of the hand, a sign of peace. He will find something in time that he is interested in, and he will learn much of that. When he does, he will post such in hopes of sharing the wonders of it with fellows who accepted him even when all he knew was the surface.


File: 1669775042382.jpg (3.7 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 111111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sorry, I do not think you understand what I mean. My rant(maybe this is wrong word, I am not angry… just "lounge talk") has nothing to do with what the person says or internet culture. Only with the images that person is posting/avatarfaging with. I do have understand for your confusing, as my english was not very good.

i am just ranting about: I am on a general thread. I get familiar with the people(the avatargas).
Then when I browse the chans, I see a person with that avatar as image and get spooky feeling of that person is the person from the general thread I was posting in. I go to archive and try to find proof that that person I stumbled upon when browsing the chans was the person from the general thread and find out it was not the same person. One can easily dismis people who post avatar of popular images, but if it is not a popular image/character it should be the same person who you "happen to stumble upon" and the person who posted the same image in the general thread. And when you find out it is not the case, …atleast for me, I get spooked.


you guys have any idea on cleaning out inflamed gums? I'm trying swishing with vodka and coconut oil currently


Most gum inflammation is a case of bacterial infection so you're right to us Vodka. What does the coconut oil do? I'm not familiar with it but have you checked that it doesn't have a probiotic effect, and that its interaction with your teeth isn't preventing the vodka from getting deep in to the root of your gums?

I haven't brushed in over a 15 years but my gums are fine if not for a few day-long flare ups a year. I chew gum, drink alcohol, and don't smoke, and that seems to be good enough for me. I'm a big meat eater too. If you brush, how often do you replace your weapon of choice? The plastic on bristles isn't at all antimicrobial, so bad bacteria and disease can grow on the brush head. You may be forcing diseases deep in to your teeth when you go to clean them! Please consider soaking it in alcohol if not replacing it entirely.

If you want a good passive scrub, I'd recommend chewing gum, especially something like mastic gum that is benign and antimicrobial. A wall of dead bacteria and degraded gum membrane can protect the living stuff, so a good deep massage in conjunction with alcohol will help. I've chewed mastic gum while drinking whiskey and felt tingles deep down along my teeth so something must have been dying in there. Many bad bacteria can grow better in dry environments than a human's good bacteria can, so keeping a moist mouth is important too.


cinnamon oil for any mouth and throat problems, it's like bacterial napalm


That sounds like it would feel like napalm too, jesus. Do you gargle it or just brush it on your teeth?


i just unscrew the cap and suck the oil thats stuck underneath it. it isnt much. if throat hurts ill gargle it, but usually just swish it around mouth. doesnt burn any worse than listerine and quickly your saliva dillutes it into something that tastes like big red chewing gum. doesnt seem to cause any problems, though swallowing the swish sometimes triggers heartburn if i recently ate and my stomach is full, so probably best to spit it out


Try getting a water flosser and listerine original or a knockoff of the original listerine. Use a stannous floride toothpaste like crest gum detoxify. If you have tartar buildup along the gums you will need to clean it off with one of those metal hook things. It's best to see a professional for this because you might scratch your teeth if you do it without training.


Short term:
Floss with a drop of tea tree oil on the floss. Put the drop on then pinch it and move it across the floss. I used to do this when I had diseased gums, probably made the difference between losing teeth and not. I used to have different pain in my mouth every day, very mobile teeth that felt insecure when I yelled, but I still have them all today. I started really taking care of my periodontal disease when it hurt my jaw joint to talk.
Probably not a big deal with such a small amount, but try not to swallow the tea tree oil, spit it out.
Long term:
Eat paleo.


Short term do a chlorohexidine treatment (mouth wash you can buy at pharmacy). Buy "soft-picks" to use everyday in addition to flossing everyday. Brush twice or even a quick brush after every meal


The Wizard Who Doesn't Want To Go To Work Tomorrow


Alcohol is terrible for your mouth. It is fine in very small quantities but enough of it will dry out your mouth, creating an environment that allows bacteria to thrive on the surface of your teeth and gums.

If you are having gum pain then swish around with warm saltwater for temporary relief. Floss regularly to provide a more permanent solution to the pain.


one minute it's novembre, the next, decembre…


>Isn't that particular side effect mostly diagnosed in younger men anyway?

I always suspected that it had more to do with physical activity, not age. Young males are typically more physically active than anyone else. She is a physical trainer who works out nearly every day. She is in far better shape than me.

Anyway, it wasn't pericarditis but rather a pericardial effusion. They drained the fluid and there was no pus in it (I actually got a chance to look at it) so she will likely be fine. She is still in the hospital while she recovers from the procedure. Hopefully, they'll let her go tomorrow.


thought it was still the long september


i sat outside today watching a stray cat. it walked around, sat down like a guard keeping watch, and the sudenly it ran into the woods. a short while later it returned to the street with an old shoe hanging from its mouth. it hauled the shoe off to the other side of the road and then started eating from it. i wonder what was inside it


Endless scroll implemented on HotNewHipHop. Impossible to get past a few days results. At least with archive.org, I could go to other tab, then return and slightly go up and then down. The app is also completely useless. Even greedy Sankaku Channel has an option to turn on pagination.


Feral cats do some very raccoony stuff. They can eat almost anything and if hungry enough will eat the flowers out of a garden.

Hahaha good

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