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Leaving society behind and becoming a buddhist monk in a monastery sounds like the ideal life for wizards


No, fuck other people.

Fuck Monks and their gay little monastery clique.


Yeah but then you have to have compassion for the suffering of norms. Monks are normalfags in disguise.


Meditation is just getting high off oxygen.
The "manosphere" is just roided up monkery, and you can't change my mind.


You'd have to wake up early every day though, I wouldn't like that.


Religions always tempt you with the promise of leaving behind society. But okay you leave mainstream society…to join a smaller and more authoritarian community? Living in a monastery isn't what you think it is. It is like joining the military or living in prison. No more anime, no more masturbation, no more lazing around daydreaming, no more video games. You will be forced to work around in the garden or in the kitchen some boring job or you will be sent to do errands and to beg money/food. In your spare time you will be forced to be around others all the time, eating together, socializing, praying, meditating. Not to mention you have to be obedient to your superiors all the time.

Nah, just live the NEET-Hermit life if you can. Eat delicious food, listen to good music, watch entertainment, read interesting books and stories, masturbate and enjoy life in your solitude. Inner peace falls to pieces when confronted with pleasure and worldly happiness. Asceticism is a cope for losers, learn it already.


schizoid techno hermit is the only way to live


its good for people who don't know what they want, better than a hedonistic life. But not the ideal either imo.


Monasteries have their little society of their own. Don't be fooled thinking that monks are like wizards, a lot of them are normies who want to become monks for the social boost or to become "gurus".


I feel like people who say this are just looking for escapism, most people I've known who expressed anything neutral to positive to buddhist monks are people without much or any meditation practice. If you wanted to meditate more, do that, but why is a monk lifestyle seen as desirable? I've known collegues to act like going on a multi week buddhist retreat is only real if it takes place out of country. I was dumbfounded, as if out city doesnt have a Zen and a Normal Buddhist (?) monastary or whatever


I like the idea of living alone with a group of men, we could have lots of sex shaming talks while espousing wizardly beliefs and give each other head fulls of knowledge and ancient wisdom


it would be cool to join one of those shaolin orders where they do extreme physical conditioning and martial arts. i think having goals like that and accomplishing hard tasks would be fulfilling.


why not start doing hard tasks that you plan out?



unironically better being a wagie


I get the feeling that a lot of people who make these kinds of comments are foreigners with a romanticized perception of what being a Buddhist monk is actually like. Do you like the idea of rote memorizing books or washing metal rice bowls with your bare hands? On the other hand, religion as a form of escapism from a degenerate modern society is perfectly understandable and appealing. We need a little asceticism in life.


It seems very difficult unless you are a citizen of an asian country and speak the language. You're not going to get a residence permit for china/japan/etc just to be a hermit. In other countries I dont see how you'll be financially supported to live in such a community. If someone has resources to show the contrary then please share


Yeah it’s hard without true belief, but there are differences too. Some you will have an arhat teacher who can’t be questioned barking orders at you so you’re rushing, some you’ll be repeating the same word from scripture for weeks. Living right by the morality standards is step 1 before meditation and deep study. You have to take part in devotional and community based action. But I visited a monastery where it was middle aged dudes were cutting down trees with a chainsaw, who then stopped to talk with me, and they were hard working but laid back. But some places are going to be telling you to work hard and not waste this human life,

But there’s plenty of western Buddhists who did spend years as monastics and didn’t have bad words, Stephen batchelor famously became a Tibetan monk for a decade. You just have to be able to work hard really, wizzies wanting to escape in to the culture and are willing to just flow with the religion and cosmology will be ok. If you go and say “I like it here” then that’s enough. Reading scripture and washing river bowls isn’t that bad if you have the peaceful inclination.

Now depressed dysfunctional wizzies might struggle, culture change fixes some depression lulls in energy, motivation, or malaise but for some it does little. The environment, community, cultural artifice surrounding, may replace a lack of motivation for some - but the extent it will drag you along … eh. Some cultures will do that, but often where monasticism is a requirement for young men for a couple years.

It’s worth trying it if you’re out of ideas and have the energy, lots of variation.


We should just start a cult. Older wizards like me can train young apprentices in the ways of the wizard.


>Older wizards like me can train young apprentices in the ways of the wizard
Is that what they call it these days?


I already live on tofu


Go for it. Society is artificial anyway, why not have some fun?


Let's flee from hell and reconstruct hell elsewhere. But at least it will be our hell!


I've always wondered if Satan feels like God in Hell, because he rules it, or if he feels something else.

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